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Zoweh's Exploring More Podcast is an invitation to conversations committed to sharing our discoveries of the wild and wonderful Kingdom of God… how it works, who we are in it, and the Love and Life that is constantly pursuing us. The Kingdom of God isn’t easy nor is everything in our story good—there are predators and parasites in the spiritual realm, another kingdom, the kingdom of darkness that exists and violently opposes our discovering and becoming more. Exploring More is hosted by Michael Thompson, produced by Zoweh, and recorded in Durham, NC.


Preparing Your Heart
Preparing your heart for an encounter with Jesus is a pertinent thing to do, because Jesus Changes our lives.  In this Episode of Exploring More Michael Thompson, and SJ Jennings talk about how they practice rhythms of solitude, quiet, and presence to prepare their hearts to hear from the trinity.   With the Heart of a Warrior Encounter coming up this weekend, Michael and SJ encourage men to get into a rhythm of slowing down and listening.  How, why, and the effects, of practicing slowing down and getting away with God in your own life.  Are you comfortable with the quiet?  Do you want to hear from the Lord? Dive into these questions with Michael, and SJ to explore more of what’s in it for a man, who can slow down, and find a walk in the rhythms of grace, in this episode of the Exploring More Podcast. Connect with the Zoweh team by sending an email to
43:17 4/23/24
Women Talking about Men
Hearing what women think about generational masculinity is a perspective that is incredibly important. In this Episode of Exploring More Michael Thompson, his wife Robin Thompson, and his friend Sherry Jennings, talk about what they are hopeful for in the work of redeeming generational masculinity for the healing of men, women, marriages, and families.  They tell stories of hurt and hope. How men have let down, and not rose to the occasion of treating a feminine heart with curiosity, kindness, and strength, as well as sharing how the continued healing of men around them has had a beautiful effect in their lives.  Hear and share this incredibly important perspective of why it is so important for a man to get his heart back, to his work, and walk with God. Jump in with Michael, Robin, and Sherry to explore more of how the freedom of a mans heart can positively effect the world, women, marriages and their families, in this episode of the Exploring More Podcast. Connect with the Zoweh team by sending an email to
44:21 4/16/24
SPECIAL EDITION: What will you do with your Kingdom? ft. Jim Ramos
On this special edition of The Exploring More podcast we are featuring an episode of the Men in the Arena podcast with Jim Ramos. Jim had Michael onto his show to talk all things King Me, Kingdom, and moving forward! Here’s what he had to say about the episode: ‘Every man has a kingdom. Not every king rules well. If you ever feel powerless at work or home, wonder how to become the hero in your life story, or just want to make sure you're wielding the power God has given you well, this episode is for you. In this week's interview, author Michael Thompson joins Jim Ramos to discuss his book, "King Me: Loving and Leading in a Wounding World" and help you reclaim the heroism, power and authority God made you to wield.’ Jump into this engaging conversation between Michael and Jim in this episode of the Exploring More Podcast! Connect with the Zoweh team by sending an email to
65:00 4/9/24
The Impact of Spending Time with God
Getting away with God is something that we love to talk about.  Extended time alone with God has lead to some of the most important life change and experiences in Michael and SJ’s lives. In this Episode of Exploring More Michael Thompson, and his friend SJ Jennings, talk about the impact of spending time alone with God, in relation with Redeeming Generational Masculinity.  They answer the questions, ‘what is the vision God has given us?’  ‘How does a mens retreat impact generational masculinity, for the healing of men, women, and marriages?’ ‘How does our training with God play into our daily lives?’.  Hear about the importance of putting in the effort to fight for time away with God so that you can show up, in your life, as the man God has created you to be.  Is this your desire for life? Michael & SJ explore more of how the heart can change by taking extended time away with God in this episode of the Exploring More Podcast.   Connect with the Zoweh team by sending an email to
40:54 4/2/24
Stories of Encounter
Story is one of the most important piece of a mans life.  In this Episode of Exploring More Michael Thompson, and his friend Josh Overton, watch, react, and respond to stories of men having encounters with God, and why they want that for their friends, families, and marriages.  They tell stories and talk about their own hearts, and how God has met them in similar spaces that these men are talking about.  Hear invitations into mission, God encounters, life change, and transformation.   Learn about the impact of taking a weekend away, and hearing from God.  Do you want to access life changing encounters with Jesus? Michael & Josh dig into how the Heart of a Warrior is all about setting the table for a meeting between you, and God.  Hear more on this episode of the Exploring More Podcast. Connect with the Zoweh team by sending an email to
44:31 3/26/24
The Anniversary of King Me
In this Episode of Exploring More Michael Thompson, and his friend SJ Jennings, celebrate the one year anniversary of Michael’s newest book, King Me!  They tell stories, talk about their own hearts, and how this book continues to effect Michael differently than even 6 months ago.   Learn about the dynamics of walking with Jesus to bring this message into book form, and then how Jesus will continue to use the same message to come after our hearts newly every day. Hear reviews and responses to King Me from the people who have been effected by this book. Do you want to dig into a new way of living? Michael & SJ dive into how King Me is all about a way of living with Jesus in this episode of the Exploring More Podcast. Connect with the Zoweh team by sending an email to
46:01 3/19/24
The R.G.M. Conversations: Warriors
Redeeming Generation Masculinity is an exciting thing for men in the Warrior stage. In this Episode of Exploring More hear Michael Thompson, author of King Me, and his friends Josh Overton, and Caleb Richwine, explore the Warrior stage from a Kingdom perspective. Learn about the desires and awakenings that are discovered by a man in the warrior stage of his masculine journey. The orientation that is available, with Jesus, for a man in his 20s & 30s is life changing when you start to see the bigger picture. Do you want to know more? Dig in deeper with Michael and friends in this episode of Exploring More. Connect with the Zoweh team by sending an email to 
47:11 3/12/24
The R.G.M. Conversations: Kings
Loving and leading well in a wounding world is the key focus for a King. This is exactly why Michael Thompson authored the book, King Me, and exactly why he and his friends Scott Jennings, Keith Daniel, and Josh Overton, explore the King’s role from a Kingdom perspective in this conversation. Learn about the recovering, healing, and deployment that is available for a man in the King stage of his masculine journey. You have some reign and rule over your ‘small k’ kingdom, will you use it to love and lead well? Dig in deeper with Michael and friends in this episode of Exploring More. Connect with the Zoweh team by sending an email to 
40:53 3/5/24
The R.G.M. Conversations: Elder-Sage
Retirement is not a license to become a recluse. Rather, an exit from the regular workforce becomes an entrance into a valuable phase of life where Elder Sages can contribute meaningfully to others. Michael Thompson, Tom Benner, and Jim McCauley explore the Elder Sage role from a Kingdom perspective. Learn what the presence, purpose, and posture of an Elder Sage brings to relationships in this episode of Exploring More.   Connect with the Zoweh team by sending an email to
45:51 2/27/24
The R.G.M. Conversations: Overview
Michael and SJ discuss the concept of redeeming generational masculinity and why Zoweh wants to focus on this for 2024. Healthy masculinity comes from oriented men who take their responsibility to love and lead humbly. Transmitting healthy masculinity from the older generations to younger generations takes intentionality. The Elder Sage Initiative invites the elders to continue their intimate heart-healing journey with God while engaging the next generations (Kings, Warriors, and Explorers) to walk more intimately with God.   Connect with the Zoweh team at
41:06 2/20/24
Valentine's Day Q&A
On this special Valentine's Day edition of Exploring More, Michael and SJ field questions about love and marriage. The Greeks used words for love like eros, agape, and koinonia. How do these words apply to the love one has for a spouse? Additionally, the book and topic of "The 5 Love Languages" surfaces and how it might intersect with the False Self. Join the discussion on learning to love as the Holy Trinity intended.   Share your stories, questions, and comments with the Zoweh team at
45:57 2/13/24
Rebellion - Part 2
Jesus' First Coming broke through the barriers of darkness and ignited His revolution against the enemy of our souls. In doing so, He was crucified as a rebel. Yet His death brought life and freedom. As souls are set free, they seek to set others free. Redeeming generational masculinity invites oriented men who can guide younger men to wield their power and authority as Jesus intended. Join Michael and SJ as they discuss the importance and need of the Elder-Sage Initiative.   Connect with the Zoweh team -
48:11 2/1/24
Rebellion - Part 1
Unjust conditions, masses of people who are fed up, and a reformer with a vision and a glimmer of hope provide the key ingredients in the recipe for rebellion. Michael and SJ delve into the concept of rebellion - reformers willing to take a stand against oppression that echoes through the annals of history. As Zoweh rebels against the kingdom of darkness, we shine the light on the connection between the physical and spiritual realms in the ongoing battle for the hearts of men, women, and all they hold dear.   Share your thoughts with the Zoweh team at
28:57 1/24/24
Honoring Martin Luther King Jr.
The enemy of God's Kingdom wants to keep us divided, but God calls us to Reconciliation and Unity under Christ. The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. understood and pursued this in his work. Our Zoweh founders, Michael Thompson and Keith Daniel, discuss the impact of the King's life and work, the parallels between Martin Luther and Martin Luther King Jr., and a current course offered by Keith titled CDR - Christianity Deconstructs Racism.   Peace comes by understanding and understanding by conversation. Join the conversation by sending an email to
49:16 1/17/24
Word of the Year - Part 2
In this second part of the Word of the Year series, Michael and SJ journey through the Word of the Year devotional fully walking through Days 1 thru 7. In the process, Michael shares his word of the year which brings forth the topics of forgiveness, grief, and refinement. We invite you to join the journey with the 7-day Word of the Year devotional available on the YouVersion Bible App.   Share your Word of the Year and your stories with the team at
32:59 1/9/24
Word of the Year - Part 1
What if God has a banner, an anthem to sing over your heart this year? When my kids were young, I would sing songs to them as they fell asleep. Over their early years, certain songs became their own personal anthems - ones they chose over and over or ones that welled up in my heart in the closing moments of the day. Imagine God singing the verse you land on today over you as you move throughout this year. May it become a sweet song of his particular kindness for your heart over this mile marker in your story. Join Michael Thompson and SJ Jennings for part 1 of this conversation on The Exploring More Podcast, as they invite us to journey with God to uncover this anthem for our heart! Pick up your FREE COPY of the Word of the Year Devotional here or start a reading plan on YouVersion's Bble app here.
37:51 1/6/24
BONUS CONTENT: A Conversation with Brian Tome
Inaugurating the Kings Row Podcast, Michael Thompson engages in a compelling dialogue with Brian Tome, the pastor of Crossroads Church in Ohio, leader of Man Camp, and author of The Five Marks of a Man. Together, they delve into the profound realm of identity and exploring the image men hold of Jesus. Brian emphasizes the significance of Brotherhood, Man Camp, and discipling men on making and developing friendships. This transformative conversation ranges from the misunderstood toughness of Jesus to the crucial need for men to operate from a foundation of strength rather than succumbing to performance-based faith. Men must be ready for battle for themselves and their families.
51:27 1/5/24
The Best Gift to Give
Delight is the anticipation of preparing a gift and then watching the recipient open and express surprise and gratitude. Gifts have the power to invite both the giver and the recipient into a shared Presence of Joy. Michael and SJ take a trip down memory lane sharing some of their favorite Christmas gifts from childhood. Now as parents of adults, they remember some of the gifts given to their kids and the impact the gifts had. What about you? What was your favorite Christmas gift?   Share your stories with the Zoweh Team -
36:51 12/22/23
Belonging - Part 2
During the Christmas season, we consider God's message and his gift, Emmanuel, God with us! His appearing and his coming declares to us our worth and to let us know that we Belong! The pain of Rejection can be felt more acutely during the holidays; God provides a way to escape the crushing weight of isolation and separation. Learn how Michael and Greg cultivate Belonging through time and connection with family, friends, and Zoweh allies.   Connect with the Zoweh Team at
34:21 12/13/23
Belonging - Part 1
Belonging is a key ingredient of love, and yet most of the time belonging ends up in the conditional category. One can feel "I belong acts a certain way, one looks or dresses in a particular manner, or one talks like the group." How can we shift from "I belong if" to "I belong because"? Michael and Greg explore the idea of belonging and how Zoweh creates resources and spaces to cultivate belonging.   Connect with the Zoweh team at
32:28 12/7/23
Healing the Wound - Part 2
The kingdoms of light and darkness that battle over our hearts have to follow the rules set up in God's universe. Michael and SJ discuss the legality of these terms and the algebra equation of wounds, vows, and agreements. Learn how invite God to help you solve the equation and restore freedom in your heart.   Connect with the Zoweh team at
36:41 11/29/23
Healing the Wound - Part 1
The first step to healing is to identify the wound. Relational and spiritual wounds are tricky because the symptoms often do not match the underlying cause and could go for years without being treated. Furthermore, we are not likely to rush to the Emergency Room of a spiritual doctor as we would rush to a medical doctor if we had a physical ailment. Join Michael and SJ as they delve into where wounds come from and how to identify the False Self agreements that are made in response.   Do you need resources for healing emotional and spiritual wounds? Connect with our team at
30:38 11/21/23
Getting Your Heart Back - Part 2
No matter how we parse or define the heart, we recognize the critical function of the heart in governing our thoughts and actions. Why does the Bible say that we must guard our heart? Who could break into our heart and what damage could possibly be done? Can we escape having a wicked heart? Is it even possible to be pure in heart? Michael and SJ discuss the importance of guarding the heart and how it's possible to have a new heart that is yielded to God.   Connect with the Zoweh team at
33:31 11/9/23
Getting Your Heart Back - Part 1
Getting your heart back begs the question, "Where did it go?" Although we are born with a wandering, wayward heart, once Jesus takes residence and breathes in new life, we are transformed. Is the heart still wicked after Jesus has transformed it? Join Michael and SJ as they explore the concept of the heart as described in Scripture and how God is in the heart renovation business to ensure we can partner with Him in His Kingdom.   Connect with the Zoweh team at
36:21 10/28/23
Next Steps: Walking With God - Part 2
Haste makes waste including wounding relationships. Discover the benefits of slowing down - creating a gap between the stimulus and the response. Taking time to ask the question, "God, what's going on here?" allows for discernment and deliberate decision making. Join Michael and SJ as they unpack the Do's and Don'ts after a mountain top weekend encounter experience.   Connect with the Zoweh team at
50:54 10/17/23
Next Steps: Walking With God - Part 1
To share or not to share, that is the question. Whether 'tis nobler after a "Major Encounter with the Lord" to share emphatically with thy family, or to take a different approach and thereby experience wins via Practicing the Presence of God and Patient Endurance. Join Michael and SJ as they tackle the challenges of Re-Entry to the Home Front after a weekend Encounter.   Connect with the Zoweh team at
38:04 10/12/23
Kindness and Strength - Part 3
Kindness begets kindness. Michael and Robin explore both fiction and real-life stories where kindness is a central theme or plays a significant role. As we begin to notice and experience kindness, we can discover ways to employ kindness in situations where it may be difficult such as kindness to self and kindness to enemies. Imagine a world where the default trait is kindness to diffuse anger, to encourage the downtrodden, and to loving confront wrong choices.   Connect with the Zoweh Team at
52:30 9/26/23
Kindness and Strength - Part 2
Showing kindness is easy when people are kind to you. Kindness shown in an adversarial environment exhibits "next level" Kingdom grace and strength. Extending kindness to self, especially one's younger wounded self, may be the greatest challenge to overcome in this Kingdom journey. How does the pursuit of kindness land on your heart?   Join the discussion and share with the Zoweh team -
41:23 9/6/23
Kindness and Strength - Part 1
Who or what do you associate with kindness? Would strength be a word that you initially choose to pair with kindness? Join Michael and SJ as they explore how the meaning of kindness has deepened an understanding of the fruits of the Spirit, helped to process emotions and self-talk, and open the doors for honesty and clarity.   Connect with the Zoweh team at
28:23 8/25/23
Dangerous Encounters - Part 2
Discouragement and disappointment can invade one's heart when something doesn't go well. And yet...the provocation could usher in a Dangerous Encounter with God. Sometimes a disruptive whistle blowing event is needed to get our attention so we will talk to God. Are you willing to take a time-out to quiet your heart and mind to dialogue with Him? Join Michael, SJ and Caleb as they discuss stories of learning to collaborate with God.   Connect with the Zoweh team at
33:49 8/18/23