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We sit down and talk with celebrity guitar players, musicians and industry insiders, who share their backstory, as well as what makes them tick. If you love guitar, music, personal development & meaningful life lessons, then stick around… you’re in the right place.


Ludovic Naud, Dead Horse One: ORIGINS OF SHOEGAZING
☕️Buy me a coffee: 😳 🎶The 3 Biggest Mistakes Musicians, Composers & Songwriters Make When Trying to Get Your Music Licensed & Placed: Ludovic Naud Interview: Growing up in a rural town in France, interesting story on the origins of the Shoegazing genre, hilarious touring stories including a man with legit horns on his head, dealing with a major accident that put him out of commission for 3 months, the music scene (and Coronavirus) in France, Iceland, dark music, being a parent, and more. LOVELY guy: Ludovic is the bass player and lead singer of Dead Horse One, one of the top French shoegazing bands. Over the last 8 years, they’ve self-released and self-promoted 3 LPs and 2 EP’s - all amazing records. They’ve toured extensively throughout Europe
62:21 6/5/24
☕️Buy me a coffee: 😳 🎶The 3 Biggest Mistakes Musicians, Composers & Songwriters Make When Trying to Get Your Music Licensed & Placed: Tiffany Pollack Interview: One of THE coolest guests we’ve had on the show, Tiffany shares some intimate stories: How she reunited with her biological family at age 25 after being adopted as a child… rising up and out of a 5-year abusive relationship, becoming a mortuary and being visited by the spirit of one of her clients… her role in the real life version of “The Pharmacist”... playing with Russell Batiste (from The Funky Meters)... singing tips for non-singers, confidence, resilience and more. Awesome energy! Tiffany began singing and writing songs at a young age, in her native New Orleans. Today, she fronts Tiffany Pollack and Co. her own band, touring regionally and performing her own music. An incredibly talented and passionate singer, Tiffany has recorded one LP with Eric Johanson, “Blues In My Blood.” The record earned several awards including one for best Blues/Rock LP, as well as Best Female Vocalist. Expect big things from Tiffany - she’s incredibly talented, full of passion, and resilient
62:29 5/29/24
☕️Buy me a coffee: 😳 🎶The 3 Biggest Mistakes Musicians, Composers & Songwriters Make When Trying to Get Your Music Licensed & Placed: On this Patrick Sweany Interview: Patrick shares his journey into music and the challenges he faced in breaking through… the importance of being true to yourself and the impact of meeting and learning from blues legends like Robert Junior Lockwood. The value of live performances and the experience gained from playing gigs and open mic nights… his move to Nashville, and the inspiration behind his song 'Them Shoes' from the album 'Every Hour Is A Dollar Gone'. The challenges of trying to make a name for himself in a competitive Nashville music scene and the difficulties he faced in finding work and being accepted by the local musicians. He also opens up about low points and dark periods in his life and how he navigated through them. The conversation ends with a discussion about personal growth and the importance of letting go of anger, and the toughest decision Patrick has had to make, which he struggles to answer. The significance of admitting mistakes and the importance of being open-minded. Patrick reflects on the changes in his personality over the last 10 years, particularly in becoming less confrontational and more open-minded.  Patrick’s an awesome blues guitarist, singer, songwriter & artist originally from Ohio and currently living in Nashville. If you’re a blues fan, especially of the old school guitar approach where the guitar exists to create harmony, soulful fills and solos, with great tube breakup, then you’ll love Patrick. He also uses his voice as an instrument to help create the overall vibe and feeling in the songs, as opposed to just “singing.” He’s kind of like Muddy Waters or Howlin’ Wolf in his approach. I first got turned on to Patrick when I heard his song “Them Shoes” - I think… in either a movie or television show. I immediately downloaded the song and listened to it about 50 times over the next week - it’s awesome. Since 1999, Pat’s released 12 LPs and an EP  
146:20 5/25/24
Ryan Cook, Ace Frehley: ON GRATITUDE & DREAMING BIG!
☕️Buy me a coffee: 😳 🎶The 3 Biggest Mistakes Musicians, Composers & Songwriters Make When Trying to Get Your Music Licensed & Placed: Ryan Cook Interview: Benefits of working in the music industry before he was a musician, great story about Desmond Child moving him to LA, visualization, first guitar, why it’s easy to be nice, hard work, meeting his heroes, why achieving his dreams has made him so grateful, more. High energy! Ryan signed his first record deal with his band Hair of the Dog, toured worldwide and released 3 LPs. He also plays with Thee Rock N’ Roll Residency, Big Rock Show, Skid Row (sub), and has been playing with Gene Simmons since 2016, and now Ace Frehley
119:09 5/22/24
☕️Buy me a coffee: 😳 🎶The 3 Biggest Mistakes Musicians, Composers & Songwriters Make When Trying to Get Your Music Licensed & Placed: On this Tyler Armstrong Interview: His upbringing in Springfield, Illinois and his transitioning from baseball to music… early experiences in sessions and the challenges the band has faced in the music industry, recent success & opening for Blackberry Smoke. Reaching out to bands for opportunities, the importance of authenticity in music, the dynamics of rock music, the meaning behind specific songs, value of authenticity and being true to oneself, the impact of personal experiences on songwriting. Spirituality and how it has influenced his life, including his unique perspective on how he views God and the role of sacrifice in his life. A review of his main guitars, his hobbies outside of music, including fishing and being a fan of Illinois Fighting Illini basketball. He expresses gratitude for the supportive community in his life and offers words of wisdom to live life to the fullest Tyler is the primary songwriter and guitar player for the band FEEL. FEEL is an up and coming band and I can assure you, this band will be making waves very soon, and I wanted to turn all my listeners on to them. If you like old school rock and roll, with a unique style that includes blues, rock, some jazz, great long jams, and lots of break up on tube amps, you will LOVE these guys. FEEL has an EP out called Live in St Petersburg, made right down the road from me at Jannus Live St. Pete, Florida. I was also lucky enough to get a sneak preview of some of the band’s new tracks and all I can say is we’re all in store for great music as they continue releasing new music moving forward.  
133:46 5/18/24
☕️Buy me a coffee: 😳 🎶The 3 Biggest Mistakes Musicians, Composers & Songwriters Make When Trying to Get Your Music Licensed & Placed: Doyle Dykes Interview: Doyle’s relationship with God and the church and how it impacted him throughout his life… loads of true stories about what some might call serendipity, but what others call divine intervention… A major medical hurdle he had to overcome which nearly destroyed his music career, top 3 musical experiences, playing with Chet Atkins, Duane Eddy and Eric Johnson… his 47 year marriage, Glen Campbell, a lesson learned at the drive in, Guitar Poor & more. LOVELY guy, great convo, incredibly sincere in his beliefs: World-renowned finger picker Doyle Dykes is equally adept on acoustic or electric. He’s played w Tommy Emmanuel, Chet Atkins, Duane Eddy, Merle Travis, Les Paul, John Fogerty, Vince Gill & Others. Doyle grew up in gospel music and has since toured all over the world playing gospel, country, blues, jazz and other genres. He’s also a member of the International Country Gospel Music Association Hall of Fame, and a 2-time ICGMA Instrumentalist of the Year winner. He’s the author of Lights of Marfa
140:47 5/15/24
Audley Freed, Cry of Love: WHAT IT'S LIKE TO WRITE 2 #1 HITS
☕️ Buy me a coffee: 🎧 Discover How to Get Your Music Licensed & Placed in TV, Movies, Video Games & Streaming Services: On this Audley Freed Interview: Audley Freed on the 4 year effort it took to get Cry of Love up and running, playing with Warren Haynes / Gov’t Mule, Greg Allman, Black Crowes, Jimmy Page, Sheryl Crow, Dave Grohl, John Paul Jones, Johnny Hallyday, Leslie West, Don Was… dealing with the loss of his parents, work ethic, unconditional love, gardening, being a better listener and why we’re all a work in progress. Incredibly honest, kind guy - amazing player Audley’s written 2 #1 Billboard hits with his first band, Cry of Love, and has also been a successful side man over the last 30 years, recording and touring with The Black Crowes, Jimmy Page, Joe Perry, Gov’t Mule, Johnny Hallyday, Brian May & others… and has co-written songs recorded by Gov’t Mule, Train, Chris Robinson & others… and has been a touring & recording member of Sheryl Crow’s band for several years now. He’s been named as one of the top 100 guitarists in several different magazines
102:20 5/8/24
☕️Buy me a coffee: 😳 🎶The 3 Biggest Mistakes Musicians, Composers & Songwriters Make When Trying to Get Your Music Licensed & Placed: On this Andy McKee Interview: His early years as a musician, his experiences playing with Prince, and his approach to songwriting and alternate tunings…. the emotional expression he finds in acoustic guitar music, his approach to playing guitar in altered tunings and the challenges and rewards it brings. He also talks about the inspiration behind his song 'For My Father' and the emotional connection it has with his audience. Andy shares his experiences touring with Eric Johnson and Dream Theater, as well as his involvement in the Michael Hedges documentary… balancing his music career and family life, and his struggle with social media. McKee also mentions his signature guitar models and his love for video game music… the importance of staying true to yourself as a musician, biggest change in his personality over the years, and more. Lovely, sincere guy, great convo! Originally from Topeka, Kansas… Andy’s an awesome finger style guitar player - he’s released 7 LPs and 2EPs, and he’s also played on records by Josh Groban, Lee Ritenour, and he hosts a lot of guitar workshops. He initially became well-known when a few of his videos blew up on YouTube back in the early 2000’s, including his song Drifting - which has over 60 Million views. And at one time, the top 3 videos on YT were all Andy McKee’s. This opened doors for Andy to play literally thousands of concerts all over the world, sharing the stage with artists like Prince, Eric Johnson & Dream Theater. Andy has a new finger style “supergroup” LP out featuring himself, Calum Graham and Trevor Gordon Hall. The band, and the LP are called Tripliciti  
78:43 5/4/24
☕️ Buy me a coffee: 🎧 Discover How to Get Your Music Licensed & Placed in TV, Movies, Video Games & Streaming Services: Caleb Quaye Interview: His new movie, A Voice Louder Than Rock, leaving school at 15... dealing with anger and chaos spurred on by his dad, who abandoned the family when Caleb was only 12… how he met Elton John, what Joan Armatrading told Caleb 40 years later, crazy session with Harry Nilsson, losing the Elton gig and the downward spiral that occurred afterwards, reuniting with his father, finding God & happy endings for everyone Caleb Quaye was Elton John’s guitarist early on, touring & playing on Empty Sky, Elton John, Tumbleweed Connection, Madman Across the Water, Rock of the Westies, Captain Fantastic & the Brown Dirt Cowboy, Blue Moves, Live in Central Park NY. Caleb was also a successful side man, who played or toured w Billy Nicholls, Harry Nilsson, Al Kooper, Long John Baldry, Pete Townshend, Lou Reed, Shawn Phillips, Hall & Oates, Peter Criss, Dusty Springfield, others
101:31 5/1/24
Nir Z - Genesis, Chris Cornell: IS GIVING 100% WORTH IT?
☕️Buy me a coffee: 🎧 Discover How to Get Your Music Licensed & Placed in TV, Movies, Video Games & Streaming Services: On this Nir Z Interview: Moving from Israel to NYC and then to Nashville, and the challenges of adjusting to the cultural differences of each… working with Genesis, Chris Cornell, Tom Bukovac, Alana Davis… growing up in Israel, giving 100%, acceptance and being yourself. Great guy, very sincere  Nir Z is a 2-time winner of the Nashville Music Row drummer of the year award, and a successful lifetime session player in Israel, New York, and Nashville. He’s played or toured with John Mayer, Chris Cornell, Genesis, John Oates, Blake Shelton, Trace Adkins, Jason Mraz, Billy Squier and others PHOTO BY RICHARD ELLIOTT HOYNES
117:25 4/24/24
☕️Buy me a coffee: 🎧 Discover How to Get Your Music Licensed & Placed in TV, Movies, Video Games & Streaming Services: On this Sei Nakauchi Pelletier Interview, Sei, a recording artist and music licensing expert, shares his journey in the music industry and his experience in film composing. He discusses the turning point in his career that occurred during a solo trip to Japan, which inspired him to start a new musical project influenced by film. Sei emphasizes the importance of understanding the psychology of working in film composing and offers insights on effective communication in the industry, his approach to composing and storytelling in music, the importance of pacing and editing in his creative process, his perspective on the language of music and film, the challenges of interpreting emotions and cultural nuances in different languages, getting gigs and building relationships… his thoughts on handling rejection and pitching, emphasizing the importance of trust in collaboration, great advice for newbies in music licensing, and loads more cool stuff Sei is a Montreal-based composer and recording artist also known for his work as a film and television composer, a field in which he’s been working in for the last 15 years. He is also a founding member and the primary songwriter and arranger of the Japanese psychedelic experimental surf & art-rock band TEKE::TEKE. He’s also collaborated with several artists as a producer, arranger, and as a touring musician. Sei is tri-lingual and has scored over two-dozen movies in Japanese, French, and English. I met Sei initially when he was a guest here on Everyone Loves Guitar a while back… and we had a great conversation which you can find on the Everyone Loves Guitar YT Channel or on our audio podcast. Today, I wanted to have him back to specifically discuss his experience in music licensing for both the Everyone Loves Guitar audience and for our Music Licensing Profits YT Channel and podcast, as well
82:32 4/20/24
☕️Buy me a coffee: 🎧 Discover How to Get Your Music Licensed & Placed in TV, Movies, Video Games & Streaming Services: On this Miles Okazaki Interview: Using guitar to overcome shyness, moving from a small town in Washington state to NYC, performing well under pressure and the benefit of working with mentors… working with Stanley Turrentine, John Zorn, Steve Coleman… dealing with divorce and some other low points, cooking, being of service to others, self-care, and why his pastry game is pretty good. Great work ethic, passionate musician Miles Okazaki is a NYC based guitarist whose main focus is on rhythmic concepts for improvisation, composition, and music theory. As a sideman, he’s played with artists like Kenny Barron, John Zorn, Stanley Turrentine, Dan Weiss, Steve Coleman & Five Elements, and others. Miles has also released 5 LPs of original compositions and a 6-LP recording of the complete compositions of Thelonious Monk for solo guitar, called Work. His most recent LP is The Sky Below
118:05 4/17/24
☕️Buy me a coffee: 🎧 Discover How to Get Your Music Licensed & Placed in TV, Movies, Video Games & Streaming Services: On this Steve Bell interview, Steve shares his journey from being a musician in clubs to becoming a successful solo artist. He discusses receiving the Order of Canada, the impact of his father's work as a prison chaplain & lessons learned from his experiences in the prison environment and how they shaped his perspective on forgiveness and empathy. He also talks about the pivotal moment when he decided to step out on his own and pursue a career as a solo artist. The importance of being open to the universe and listening to the whispers of God, moving into the “wisdom years,” and realizing every moment is sacred and enchanted. How he and his partner er built Signpost Music… the emotional experience that inspired the song 'Moon Over Birkenau' and the transformative power of spending time in nature. Steve reflects on the magic of flow in musical performances and shares some of his most memorable musical experiences… the importance of humility and gratitude, treating others with kindness and respect, and learning from difficult times. Unexpected turns in his life, the toughest decisions he's had to make, and the importance of setting boundaries in relationships. He shares the best advice he's ever received, which is to make peace with powerlessness, becoming more settled and less anxious, and loads more very cool and sincere wisdom Steve is a Winnipeg-based singer-songwriter who’s released 22 LPs over a 34-year career, with independent sales exceeding 400K units. Add 4 concert videos, 5 songbooks, recorded masterclasses & more than 3,000 live shows, and you have a massive body of work. Steve’s mostly known as a faith-inspired singer-songwriter, who is also an exceptional finger-style guitarist. Steve’s won 2 JUNO awards, numerous Western Canadian Music and Covenant awards, and a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal. In 2021 he was recognized with the Order of Manitoba, and in 2022 he was inducted into the Order of Canada, which is an prestigious service award given to people whose service helped shaped Canadian society, and whose compassion has united communities. Steve’s most recent LP is an instrumental, called No Words, which came out in 2023. Steve lives with his wife, Nanci, in Winnipeg Manitoba
129:54 4/13/24
☕️Buy me a coffee: 🎧 Discover How to Get Your Music Licensed & Placed in TV, Movies, Video Games & Streaming Services: On this Boz Boorer Interview: Stories about playing with Morrissey, Adam Ant, David Bowie, Joan Armatrading, working with Mick Ronson, some great lessons for musicians, fave amps & axes, childhood memories, spreading himself too thin, and more. Super cool guy, incredibly humble Boz Boorer is an English guitarist, multi-instrumentalist & producer most well known for his work as co-writer, guitarist and musical director with Morrissey (since 1992). He’s also a solo artist (5 LPs), founder of The Polecats, and has been a sideman with Adam Ant, David Bowie, Joan Armatrading, Jools Holland, Edwyn Collins & others. He also runs his own label, NV Records, has a successful record store in Camden Lock, and a Studio in Portugal
62:01 4/10/24
Mike Dimkic - The Cult, Bad Religion: STEVE JONES FINALLY PAID HIM BACK
☕️Buy me a coffee: 🎧 Discover How to Get Your Music Licensed & Placed in TV, Movies, Video Games & Streaming Services: On this Mike Dimkic Interview, Mike talks about growing up with a single mother who worked for Teen Magazine and was exposed to various music genres, and influenced his love for music. He also discusses the impact of divorce on his childhood & his father’s past as a successful UCLA athlete… how he connected with Steve Jones from the Sex Pistols, his early influences and the impact of punk rock, joining Steve Jones' band and the challenges they faced… the significance of life-changing events and how they shape a person… advice to aspiring musicians… how he connected with The Cult, and touring with Metallica… working in a shoe store full-time… feeling stagnant in The Cult and discovering Bad Religion, his audition for Bad Religion & the initial challenges of learning Bad Religion's songs… how growth as a guitar player in Bad Religion and the enjoyment he finds in playing music with the band. Lessons learned from getting older and the importance of appreciating the present moment… changes in his personality over the years and the importance of being less concerned with others' opinions. He emphasizes the value of experiences over material possessions and the joy he finds in playing music Since 2013, Mike’s been the guitarist with one of the biggest selling punk rock bands ever, Bad Religion. Mike started his career playing in California Punk bands. After connecting with Steve Jones from the Sex Pistols, he opened with Steve for The Cult. The Cult then asked Mike to join them as rhythm guitarist in 1993, and he was with them for 20 years. He also played on Suckerpunch’s self-titled LP. Mike’s a competitive cyclist and a former competitive long-distance runner
179:16 4/6/24
☕️Buy me a coffee: 🎧 Discover How to Get Your Music Licensed & Placed in TV, Movies, Video Games & Streaming Services: On this JP Soars Interview: Tons of cool stories about growing up in rural Arkansas in an economically difficult situation, moving to South Florida and developing survival skills along the way… Being a band leader vs. being a side man, how JP put his last LP together from scratch, in 5 days (Let Go Of The Reins, which debuted at #7 on Blues Charts)... feeling overwhelmed and having to handle negative repercussions in a very real and dramatic way self-awareness, humility, The Netherlands & New Orleans, model trains, shark teeth, happiness and joy. 100% Real, cool stories: 1st place winner and Albert King Award for best guitarist of the Blues Foundation’s International Blues Challenge in Memphis, TN, J.P. Soars has toured extensively, releasing 6 LPs. One of them, Southbound I-95, won him a Blues Blast Award for best Blues Rock Album Photo by Marilyn Stringer /
107:25 4/3/24
Chris Simmons - Leon Russell, Paul Thorn: ALMOST DIED AT 19
☕️Buy me a coffee: 🎧 Discover How to Get Your Music Licensed & Placed in TV, Movies, Video Games & Streaming Services: On this Chris Simmons Interview: Chris talks about his career, finding satisfaction in work, taking responsibility for personal growth, recognizing personal control, not trying to control others, giving and receiving grace  Chris, a blues guitarist, shares his journey from growing up in Alabama to playing with the Paul Thorne Band and touring with Leon Russell. He discovered his passion for the guitar at a young age and knew he wanted to play professionally. After playing in cover bands and his own original band, he made the move to Austin and later to LA. The opportunity to audition for Leon Russell changed his life, and he spent five years on the road with him, opening for artists like Elton John. This experience taught him professionalism and songwriting skills. Chris talks about being let go from Leon's band, receiving Freddie King’s guitar as a gift from Leon, joining Paul Thorn's band, and more Chris discusses the power of music and live performances, overcoming dark periods in life, finding gratitude and perspective, the process of creating guitar solos, unforgettable moments in life, personal hobbies, lessons from his parents, finding joy and satisfaction in life, and more Photo by Larry O. Gay  
118:54 3/30/24
☕️Buy me a coffee: 🎧 Discover How to Get Your Music Licensed & Placed in TV, Movies, Video Games & Streaming Services: Rik Emmett Interview: How Rik got started in the music business, Triumph’s first gig, a scary record company transaction and why Rik ultimately left Triumph - and a moving story behind why the band members made up, years later… playing the US Festival (250,000 people), playing with George Benson, Steve Morse, Steve Vai… favorite songs he wrote, best decision he ever made, mellowing, and what happens when you get 8 free guitar lessons. Really cool and very sincere guy, first class all the way  Rick was the guitarist, vocalist and primary songwriter for Triumph. While Rik was with the band, Triumph released 7 Platinum and 10 Gold LPs in Canada. In 1988, Rik left Triumph to focus on a solo career and has since released 20 studio & live LPs Gene Steinman Photography
96:57 3/27/24
Jim Wilson - Mother Superior, Motor Sister, Rollins Band: ROLLINS TAUGHT ME A LOT
☕️Buy me a coffee: 🎧 Discover How to Get Your Music Licensed & Placed in TV, Movies, Video Games & Streaming Services: On this Jim Wilson Interview, Jim talks about growing up in Delaware and MOVING to Los Angeles to pursue music. Stories about working at Tower Records and his encounters with Michael Jackson… the challenges and successes of forming and growing Mother Superior… putting out their first record independently… working with Henry Rollins, recording over 100 songs with him, and the takeaways from touring with Henry. We took a deep dive into specific songs like 'Illuminations,' 'Wounded Animal,' 'Pain,' & 'Mama,' Jim shares insights into his songwriting process and the inspirations behind his lyrics. Recording with George Clinton, playing in Japan, and working with Sparks and Daniel Lanois. Jim emphasizes the importance of patience and pacing in his career and the influence of his parents on his musical journey, lessons learned from getting older, and more. AWESOME and fun convo, with a very sincere artist Jim Wilson’s a founding member of the hard rock & blues band Mother Superior. The band released 10 LPs between 1993 & 2008. In 1999, Jim and the other members of Mother Superior were asked by Henry Rollins to back him up, and they became the 2nd incarnation of the Rollins Band. From 2000 to 2002, the band released 3 studio & 2 live LPs and one LP filled with Black Flag songs, which was recorded for charity. In 2015, Jim, along with Scott Ian from Anthrax and Scott’s wife, Pearl Aday (Meatloaf’s daughter) started a band called Motor Sister. The band released 2 LPs’, Ride (which had 12 covers of Mother Superior songs) and an LP of all originals called Get Off. Jim’s also been Daniel Lanois’ bassist and vocalist since 2002… in the late 2000’s he toured and recorded with Sparks, and Emmylou Harris. Jim also co-writes and records with Pearl Aday on her 3 solo LPs, and has a solo LP of his own, called Now Playing, which he made with Phil Jones.  Jim’s written songs and played on recordings for artists including Alice Cooper, Meat Loaf, George Clinton, Iggy Pop, and Lemmy. And as if that’s not enough, Jim also hosts 2 online radio shows called The Vinyl Shelf & Radio Rewind. Jim’s an OUTSTANDING talent in all areas - guitar, writing, singing, and arranging  
114:13 3/23/24
☕️Buy me a coffee: 🎧 Discover How to Get Your Music Licensed & Placed in TV, Movies, Video Games & Streaming Services: Paul Jackson Jr Interview.: This one’s emotional: Paul’s first recording as a session player was with Lenny White, and the stories only get better from here: Working with George Benson, Patrice Rushen, Wah Wah Watson, Quincy Jones, Herbie Hancock, Stanley Clarke, George Duke, BB King, Billy Preston, Stan Getz, Aretha Franklin, Joe Williams, Ray Parker Jr., Whitney Houston, Arturo Sandoval… Paul’s top 3 sessions & top 3 live performances, growing up in South Central LA and the incredible support and sacrifices his parents made for him, favorite guitars... dealing with the loss of his mom & others close to him… Disneyland, Richard Pryor, stupidity, and loads more. A TON of fun, love, and interesting stories all wrapped into one awesome conversation Paul Jackson, Jr. has been a first-call LA session guitarist for over 40 years. He’s played on LPs by Herbie Hancock, George Benson, Lenny White, BB King, Sonny Rollins, Billy Preston, Joe Sample, Lamont Dozier, The Jacksons, Jose Feliciano, Stan Getz, Aretha Franklin, Boz Scaggs, Freddie Hubbard, Alphonse Mouzon, Ella Fitzgerald. Michael Jackson (Thriller, Bad), Ray Parker Jr., Larry Graham, Herb Alpert, The Temptations, Ramsey Lewis, Chicago, Michael McDonald, Stanley Clarke, Earl Klugh, Isley Brothers, Quincy Jones, Elton John, Marcus Miller, Ray Charles, Abe Laboriel, George Duke, and literally HUNDREDS of others… and he has 10 solo LPs of his own   
91:58 3/20/24
☕️Buy me a coffee: 🎧 Discover How to Get Your Music Licensed & Placed in TV, Movies, Video Games & Streaming Services: On this Russ Ballard interview: An early secret to success Paul McCartney shared with him… why, sometimes you need medication… how he was a different person after he came out of his depression… coming out of his depression and into a blissful life… writing songs with Roger Daltrey… a terrible childhood accident which led him to having 10 operations over 3 years… getting a reading by a faith healer that turned out to be effective… his early musical journey, his experiences writing songs for other artists, and the impact of his songs on the music industry. A terrible story about losing a close friend… Russ shares stories about his time with the band Argent, his approach to songwriting, and the challenges he faced with burnout and depression. He also talks about the importance of discipline in songwriting and the changes he has witnessed in the music industry over the years… maintaining a positive outlook on life and the power of breathing and meditation. Russ discusses various topics, including his commitment to daily activities, the story behind his unique guitar, the impact of childhood experiences, the challenges of health issues, the complexity of love, and the evolution of personality. He also shares funny and embarrassing moments on stage, the importance of humor, the significance of passion and emotional connection in music and the importance of thoughtful questions. TONS of amazing and fun stories, and awesome life journeys. LOADS of fun, and positive vibes. Russ is the best!
168:25 3/16/24
Kevin Chown - Cosmosquad, Tarja Turunen: OVERCAME A MAJOR HEALTH SCARE
☕️Buy me a coffee: 🎧 Discover How to Get Your Music Licensed & Placed in TV, Movies, Video Games & Streaming Services: Kevin Chown Interview: Growing up the youngest of 4 in a musical family... playing with Jeff Kollman, Chuck Berry, Tony MacAlpine, Ted Nugent… overcoming a major health issue and using this as a springboard for a better life helping himself and others… dog training, carpentry, how challenges redefine you, Escanaba, and more. TOTALLY sincere, great convo with a great guy Kevin Chown is a bass player most known for his work with best selling Finnish vocalist Tarja Turunen, funk/rock/fusion quartet Chad Smith's Bombastic Meatbats, and progressive metal bands Edwin Dare and Artension. He is currently a member of the instrumental groups Cosmosquad and Der Elefant as well as L.A. blues rockers Bleeding Harp, and has performed and recorded with artists including Paul Gilbert, Sebastian Bach, Uncle Kracker, Chuck Berry, Ted Nugent, Tony MacAlpine, Jeff Kollman, and Tiles. He’s also released 3 solo EP’s
114:42 3/13/24
Michael Rubin - King Falcon: LOST FRIEND TO HEROIN AT 15
☕️Buy me a coffee: 🎧 Discover How to Get Your Music Licensed & Placed in TV, Movies, Video Games & Streaming Services: On this Michael Rubin interview, Mike discusses how he started playing guitar, the formation of King Falcon, and their experiences playing at South by Southwest and NAMM. Rubin also talks about the making of the 'When the Party's Over' video and how it helped them secure a record deal. He shares the inspiration behind some of their songs and the importance of staying true to oneself in the face of adversity…. his 1957 Stratocaster and the sentimental value it holds for him,  growing up in Whitestone, Queens, and the car culture that influenced his love for guitars. Michael discusses the challenges of navigating the music business today, particularly the pressure to be active on social media. He then dives into his vintage guitar collection, including his go-to guitars and the rarity of certain models. Finally, he shares his passion for vintage guitars and the joy of sharing them with others. Also, guitar theft, his favorite albums, life-changing events, self-reflection, hobbies, tough decisions, taking risks, and his happiest moment. Super cool, and extremely bright, you’ll be hearing more from Michael, for sure  Michael is the primary songwriter, vocalist and guitarist of the NYC rock trio, King Falcon. The band recently released their first LP called King Falcon  
80:56 3/9/24
Chris Tapp - The Cold Stares: A WARRIOR WHO NEVER GAVE UP
☕️Buy me a coffee: 🎧 Discover How to Get Your Music Licensed & Placed in TV, Movies, Video Games & Streaming Services: Chris Tapp Interview: WOW, to say Chris is the real deal is an understatement. Incredibly moving stories about putting the band together and overcoming some totally unnecessary legal bullshit… learning he was adopted, discovering a terrible family tragedy and dealing with a family suicide, surviving cancer, becoming an endorsed Fender artist, not giving up, going for it, living in gratitude, and tons of cool stuff. Chris is a warrior, and you NEED to listen to this - it is inspiring on so many different levels Chris Tapp is the singer, guitarist and songwriter for The Cold Stares, a fantastic blues rock band with a fast-growing following. They’ve released 4 LPs & have 3 new ones coming out this year.
119:17 3/6/24
Jose de Castro: TOURING SPAIN AT 16!
☕️Buy me a coffee: 🎧 Discover How to Get Your Music Licensed & Placed in TV, Movies, Video Games & Streaming Services: On this Jose de Castro Interview: Breaking into the session scene in Madrid at a young age, touring throughout Spain at 16, why he always plays Fender Strats, how he developed his incredible right-hand technique, being a dad, running, trying to find balance between work and play, and his changing priorities over time. Incredible player, very humble A top session player in Spain, Jose de Castro is an incredible artist in his own right, with 5 studio & 2 live LPs of his own. He’s also played with top musicians like Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert, Simon Phillips, Reb Beach, Guthrie Govan & Rob Marcello.
42:16 2/28/24
Jay Emmons, The Glorious Sons: THERE WAS NO HESITATION☕️Buy me a coffee: 🎧 Discover How to Get Your Music Licensed & Placed in TV, Movies, Video Games & Streaming Services: In this Jay Emmons Interview, the Glorious Sons guitarist shares his journey in the music industry and the challenges the band faced in the early days. He discusses his transition from being a singer to focusing on playing guitar and singing backups. Jay also talks about the dynamics of being in a band with his brother and the importance of maintaining a good relationship. He shares his favorite Glorious Sons songs, the experiences of opening for the Rolling Stones, his love for his family and the joy he finds in watching his daughter grow up & touring with the Rolling Stones  Jay co-founded The Glorious Sons in 2011, and his brother Brett joined up shortly after, as the lead singer. The band plays good old-fashioned high-energy bar room rock and roll. They’re from Kingston, Ontario Canada and since 2013, they’ve released 1 EP and 4 LPs including their latest record, Glory. The band’s toured Canada, Europe and the states, and have had 13 singles in the Canadian Top 10 charts, including 4 #1’s. And if you want a good introduction to the band, check out Sawed Off Shotgun, which is a heavy song lyrically but a fun song, musically… as is Speed of Light off the new album, Glory.   
42:26 2/24/24
☕️Buy me a coffee: 🎧 Discover How to Get Your Music Licensed & Placed in TV, Movies, Video Games & Streaming Services: On this Lou Pardini Interview: Moving to LA and working his way up, working with Billy Preston, Stevie Wonder, John Patitucci, Elton John & Leon Russell… overcoming a terrible family tragedy… his first written song winning a Grammy for Smokey Robinson, moving to Nashville, having the confidence to do music, the drive for his work ethic, fame vs. desire to make music - and the difference in long-term personal growth, “The Great Disappearing Act,” and why Lou’s “Still trying to figure it all out.” Total first class act, in every way possible and a deeply talented musician who gives 110% all the time The oldest of 6 brothers & a successful session player for 4 decades, Lou’s been the keyboardist & co-vocalist of Chicago since 2010. He’s also a prolific songwriter who’s written a No. 1 Billboard R & B hit. He’s written, produced or performed w Stevie Wonder, Patti Austin, Billy Preston, John Patitucci, Joe Sample, Robben Ford, Chick Corea, Larry Carlton, Elton John, T Bone Burnett, Leon Rueesll and many others.
109:45 2/21/24
☕️Buy me a coffee: 🎧 Discover How to Get Your Music Licensed & Placed in TV, Movies, Video Games & Streaming Services: On this Mark Agnesi interview, the director of brand experience for Gibson guitars shares his journey from a small town in Ohio to working in the music industry. He discusses his early music career, including starting a band and releasing an album at a young age. Mark also talks about his transition to marketing and the creation of the popular YouTube series, Guitar of the Day. He then explains his decision to leave Norms Rare Guitars and join Gibson, where he helped launch Gibson TV and produce high-quality content for the brand.  Mark discusses the creation of Gibson TV, Gibson Films, and Gibson Certified Vintage. He also talks about his role in designing and opening the Gibson Experience Centers and the importance of attention to detail in retail spaces. Mark discussed overcoming “Play Authentic” and  emphasizes the importance of patience in building an audience and the value of hard work… the  most important lesson life has taught him, the biggest change in his personality over the last 10 years… his upcoming line of Mark Agnesi guitars, and his guitar collection.  Mark emphasizes the importance of being nice and kind to others and shares his passion for cooking, sports, and buying guitars. He also talks about the challenges of maintaining an on-camera persona and separating it from his real personality. Mark's love for music and guitars shines through as he discusses his role at Gibson and his personal guitar collection.
94:24 2/17/24
Neil Jason - Bryan Ferry, SNL Band, Knopfler: SNL HOUSE BAND MEMBER!
☕️Buy me a coffee: 🎧 Discover How to Get Your Music Licensed & Placed in TV, Movies, Video Games & Streaming Services: On this Neil Jason Interview: Working with Bryan Ferry, The Brecker Brothers, Paul McCartney, Phil Ramone, John McLaughlin, Narada Michael Walden, Pete Townshend, Mark Knopfler, Eddie Van Halen, Yoko Ono & the Plastic Ono Band, Eddie Van Halen, Will Lee, Phil Manzanera, Mick Jagger, Grace Slick, Paul Shaffer, Gladys Knight… playing more thoughtfully, being in the moment, tons more Neil Jason is a professional bassist, producer & composer. Over the last 40 years, in addition to the above, he’s also toured or recorded with Pavarotti, Billy Joel, Roxy Music, Hall & Oates,, Paul Simon, Kiss, Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Harry Chapin, Celine Dion, Brigitte Zarie ,Cyndi Lauper, Dire Straits, Joe Jackson, Art Garfunkel & others. In addition, he was a member of the house band for Saturday Night Live from 1983 to 1985, and has over 100 appearances with Paul Shaffer and the Band on David Letterman.
110:53 2/14/24
☕️Buy me a coffee: 🎧 Discover How to Get Your Music Licensed & Placed in TV, Movies, Video Games & Streaming Services: In this Rene Merideth interview, the co-founder and COO of Exploration, shares her journey in the music industry. She discusses her early involvement with music as a roadie for her grandfather's gospel music band, the importance of problem-solving, confidence, and the ability to adapt. Rene shares her experience studying music business at Belmont University and the transition to artist management and publishing. She encourages artists to take control of their careers and not be afraid to promote themselves.  Rene shares her journey of finding order in chaos and taking a leap of faith by moving to Los Angeles. She discusses her experience starting at Windswept and becoming the head of West Coast licensing at BMG. Rene explains the complexities of mechanical licensing and the impact of Metallica's fight for the music industry. Finally, she introduces Exploration's copyright administration services.  This part of the conversation focuses on the support and services provided by Exploration in managing YouTube channels and dealing with copyright claims. It also highlights the importance of clean data and human interaction in music administration.  Rene offfers practical advice for artists in handling business aspects and difficult situations. She shares her experiences working with artists and their management, emphasizing the need to be adaptable in building relationships.  Rene also addresses the issue of sexual harassment and abuse, emphasizing the need for support and understanding... the lessons learned from getting older, including the challenges of perimenopause. She emphasizes the importance of always betting on yourself and speaking truth to power.  Renee also discusses her involvement with Janey's Fund, an organization that helps abused and neglected girls.
167:00 2/10/24

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