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If you think this is just another podcast, think again. We are the voice of the most important crucial conversations confronting business leaders and people today. Our goal is to bring you better ways to reimagine tomorrow, make sense of uncertainty, and explore the impact and convergence of business, technology, and people.


Unlocking the Whole You: A Life Unleashed with Joe Serio
Ready for an awakening? Tune in to the first episode of "The Whole You: Work Home Life," where Joe Serio is your guide on this transformative journey. And be assured, this isn't just another self-help talk; it's an expedition into the heart of what it means to be you—in all aspects of life. Joe Serio is a man of many hats: a former organized crime investigator in Russia, a writer, translator, and even a short-term CIA undercover. With such an extraordinary background, you can bet he brings unparalleled insights into the nuances of leadership, culture, and human potential. In this eye-opening episode, Joe discusses the essential practice of integrating your work, home, and life personas. He breaks down the barriers of fear and equips you with emotional intelligence tools tailored for the modern world. In simple terms, Joe helps you prepare for the future by embracing your whole self, today. Don't miss this unique opportunity to level up your life. Here are your takeaways: Do what you love, money will follow? Tools for a thriving life Move from fear to success Grab your headphones, and open your mind. Your journey toward becoming "The Whole You" starts here.  
13:14 9/21/23
Thriving in the Never Normal with a Resilient Tomorrowmind with Gabriella Kellerman
If terms like "future shock," "AI," and "post-traumatic growth" make your ears perk up, then you're in for a treat. During this episode we talk about everything you need to build resilience, develop a Tomorrowmind, and thrive in the future of work. Topics that Pop: 1) Thriving 101: Forget survival, let's talk about thriving! We break down the five skills you need to be a superhero at work: prospection, resilience, innovation, social connection, and mattering. 2) Hunter-Gatherer Mindset: We explore how the behavioral traits from our ancient past can be applied to today's collaborative work environments to foster innovation and trust. 3) Reimagining EAPs: Gabriella Rosen Kellerman, co-author of "TomorrowMind," shares with us how to reimagine Employee Assistance Programs as your employee’s best friend—minus the drama. Highly Recommend Reading: Tomorrowmind: Thriving at Work with Resilience, Creativity, and Connection―Now and in an Uncertain Future  
56:26 9/20/23
Reengineering Talent Retention with Vivian Blade
Get ready to crack the code to retaining top talent in the ever-evolving world of work. In this episode of GGG Unleashed: Better Leaders Better Workplaces, host Vivian Blade is your guide to the future of talent management, and she's armed with strategies as precise as a masterful painter's brush stroke! Discover the secrets of success in the war on talent and the shifting sands of the workplace landscape.Get set for insights that are more electric than a lightning storm when Vivian unveils the genius of the six-stage human-centric talent life cycle experience: Cultivate, Connect, Care, Contribute, Close, and Champion. It's like the Avengers assembling, but for your workforce!  Key Takeaways: Talent is shape-shifting!  The Experience Equation Human-Centric Awesomeness Vivian's unique talent life cycle approach is like a red carpet for your workforce, making every step of their journey golden. Tune in now and join the revolution in talent retention! Your organization's future success starts here! Resources: Talent Lifecycle Experience Audit: Click here.   Reengineering Talent Retention Virtual Workshop (free to attend) - register here: Click here.
15:52 9/19/23
Introducing The Whole You: Work, Home, Life with Joe Serio
Prepare for liftoff as Joe Serio takes the mic on the newest GGG Unleashed series from Geeks, Geezers, and Googlization - The Whole You: Work, Home, Life. Have you ever questioned your place in the grand tapestry of work, life, and everything in between? Tired of the 9-to-5 grind and questioning if "this is it"? Chill out, because Joe’s eclectic background is a rollercoaster of wisdom—from navigating NYC in a taxi to sniffing out the Russian mafia in Moscow. Cue the drumroll for this new series because Joe's got your back! The first episode drops on September 21, 2023.  Cue the drumroll for this new series because Joe's got your back!
02:20 9/15/23
It's Time to Defeat the Workplace "Loneliness Epidemic" (and Why RTO Is NOT The Solution!)
Are Ready to Defeat the "Loneliness Epidemic" in the Workplace? No, we're not serving click-bait on a digital platter! This is reality, wrapped up in hard-hitting stats and amplified by the Surgeon General himself. When half of U.S. adults are singing the "lonely blues," it's time to face the music. We're diving deep into the abyss of workplace loneliness—an emotional black hole that’s not just causing bad Monday vibes, but literally breaking hearts (29% increased risk of heart disease, anyone?). Join us for a mind-blowing, soul-healing session with Steven Van Cohen, a global thought leader of workplace connection and the co-author of the Wall Street Journal bestseller, "Connectable – How Leaders Can Move Teams From Isolated To All In." Don't be a lone wolf! Howl with us, and discover how building connections at work is not a "Nice-To-Have"—it's a personal and corporate life-saver!
58:36 9/13/23
Well-Being Unleashed: Creating a Thriving Environment for Employees with Humanworks8
If you think well-being at work is all about free yoga classes and that lonely vending machine stocked with 'healthy' options? Think again! It’s more than just wellness programs; it's about embedding well-being into the very DNA of your organization. Whether you're the office underdog or an award-winning culture maven, this GGG Unleashed episode featuring Humanworks8’s Shawn Gulyas and Sarah Marshal has got the practical magic you've been searching for. What We Unpack The Four Pillars of Well-Being: We're diving deep, not into a cushy bean bag chair, but into the foundation of well-being and why it's non-negotiable for organizational success. Core Values & Well-Being: Discover the missing link between your organization's core values and an enviable culture of well-being. Spoiler: They're two sides of the same gold coin! Leadership's Role: It's more than just mandating mental health days or offering gym memberships. Leaders need to be the vanguard—role models who are authentic, vulnerable, and willing to share their own well-being practices. No capes required, but a sense of humor helps! Personalization & Purpose: Forget one-size-fits-all solutions. Learn how tailoring well-being initiatives can empower individuals to choose their own adventure. Indiana Jones got nothing on this! Takeaways You'll Actually Use So, grab those earbuds and tune in to learn how you can be the change-maker in your organization's well-being journey. It's not just another box to tick; it's the cornerstone of a workplace that people are excited to show up to—even on a Monday!  
25:42 9/5/23
A Deep Dive into FAMA’s Explosive Workplace Misconduct Report with Ben Mones
Hold onto your office chairs, folks, because we're diving into a new report that has CEOs breaking out in a cold sweat—Workplace Misconduct! That’s right; today, we're not just breaking the glass ceiling; we’re shattering taboos. We've got Ben Mones, the CEO and Founder of FAMA, here to talk about FAMA’s newest bombshell of a study: "The State of Misconduct at Work." We're gonna talk numbers, and they're juicier than office gossip!  First of all, ever heard of the "5% rule"? No, it’s not a dating rule, but it's just as intriguing. Ben will share some feel-good stats but it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Because there’s a storm of misconduct brewing in the tech, consumer services, education, and—hold onto your popcorn—media and entertainment sectors. Why listen? Because this is one episode that promises more twists and turns than a soap opera, but with actionable takeaways that could redefine your company culture! And you’ll learn which industries are most vulnerable and which ones tamed those bad boys. So grab those ear buds and tune in to get the complete scoop on workplace misconduct and hear how companies like FAMA are making a difference, one bad boy at a time. 🔑 Key Takeaway 1: Misconduct is not a one-size-fits-all concept. 🔑 Key Takeaway 2: The impact of Industries in their prevalence of misconduct. 🔑 Key Takeaway 3: The power of technology in identifying misconduct.  Podcast #WorkplaceMisconduct #Technology #HR #HRLeadership #TalentAcquisition  
58:40 9/4/23
Manufacturing and Trade in Tomorrow's World with Bill Keller
In another compelling episode of GGG Unleashed, Beyond the Office, host Bill Keller takes a deep dive into two remarkable books that guide us in understanding the complexities of the future as it relates to work and life. First, he explores "The End of the World Is Just the Beginning" by Peter Zihan. This profound analysis examines the shifting dynamics of global trade and the potential unraveling of the post-World War II order that championed globalization and free trade. It offers an insightful look into how these changes could reshape the world, particularly in the areas of manufacturing and job markets. Next, Bill delves into "The Goal" by Eli Goldratt. Unlike conventional books on operations management, "The Goal" unfolds through the story of Alex Rogo and his struggles to save a failing manufacturing plant. By introducing the theory of constraints, he provides a unique perspective on how identifying and overcoming bottlenecks can be applied across various industries. A few takeaways from this episode include: Understanding the Evolving World Order: A thorough exploration of how changes in globalization and trade might transform industries and careers.  The Reshaping of Manufacturing: A deep look into how current global trends may bring manufacturing jobs back to the U.S., affecting growth opportunities and the job market.  Applying the Theory of Constraints: An enlightening discussion on using Goldratt's unique approach to optimize performance and tackle challenges within organizations. Tune in to GGG Unleashed, Beyond the Office to uncover the implications these books have for the future of work. Whether you're an industry professional or simply interested in the future, this episode promises to be both informative and captivating.  
14:57 8/24/23
Introducing the Third FIRED Leader Quality: Real and Accountable with Paul McCarthy
In this episode, Paul’s dives deep into third leader quality in his FIRED leadership model: R, the importance of leaders being Real and accountable. Welcome to another provocative episode of the Future of Leadership!  Grab your headphones, and join Paul as he unveils the story of a CEO whose raw authenticity transformed an entire organization! Discover why staying true to your word isn’t just noble, but a necessity in today's leadership landscape. Paul doesn't just stop at powerful anecdotes; he arms you with actionable strategies and a treasure trove of resources from the Fired Leader Handbook. Whether you're sitting in the C-Suite or aiming to lead your team as a supervisor, this episode promises a riveting journey.  Here are three key takeaways: Authenticity builds trust and encourages collaboration. Leaders who take ownership of their actions and hold themselves accountable inspire others to do the same. Leaders who acknowledge their failures and shortcomings foster a culture of trust and continuous improvement.  Website:   About the Book: LinkedIn: Free Resources: References: Why Likable Leaders Seem More Effective, by Charn McAllister, Sherry Moss and Mark J. Martinko - OCTOBER 29, 2019 DDI 2023 Global Leadership Forecast Reinventing Organizations
19:20 8/22/23
Whispers to Roars: Finding Your Voice in a Speak Up Culture with Stephen Shedletzky
Are you ready to turn those employee whispers into resounding roars? This iepisode is about to rock your company culture conversations as we ask Stephen “Shed” Shedletzky: “Is psychological safety really worth it?” We kick things off with the ultimate truth bomb: an open-door policy isn't the superhero cape it's cracked up to be. It's like thinking a pineapple is the secret to becoming a world-class surfer – it just doesn't add up! We'll unravel the myth and reveal why true psychological safety goes beyond propping a door open. But wait, there's more! Shed reveals how technology can be your trusty sidekick, not the enemy of the people, in building a culture where speaking up is rewarded, not draped in fear, jeers, and smears. Tune in as we uncover how tech wizardry can bring teams closer, even if they're miles apart.  And did someone say purpose? Yep, you heard it right! We're digging deep into the treasure chest of purpose, discovering why finding yours is like finding a pot of gold at the end of a very meaningful rainbow. And hey, we're not just tossing around brilliant ideas; we've got actionable takeaways:  Your voice needs a safe landing pad – that's psychological safety for you. But it's not just about landing; it's about taking off too! Tech tools aren't just for your cat videos; they're the secret sauce for a culture where your voice isn't just heard, but celebrated. Can't bond at the watercooler? No problem! We're revealing the magic formula for creating bonding moments, even if your team is scattered around the globe.  And guess what? If you're already itching to grab a piece of Shed's wisdom, you're in luck! His upcoming book is about to hit the shelves in October 2023. Pre-order your copy now at and prepare to unleash your team's untapped potential.
57:29 8/21/23
HR's Silent Struggle: Michele Fantt Harris on Gaining Ground and Influence
In this episode of "Better Leaders, Better Workplaces," host Vivian Blade sits down with Michele Fantt Harris, the former Executive VP of Human Resources at National Cooperative Bank. Together, they unpack the unseen challenges HR professionals face, diving deep into the fight for influence, and how HR's value is perceived from the outside looking in. In a world reshaped by the pandemic, what does it mean for HR to effectively support all employees emotionally? Discover the essential integration of HR in business strategy, the vital partnership with CHROs, and innovative insights into talent engagement and retention. Don't just scratch the surface – dive in and redefine your understanding of HR leadership. Click play to listen.   Resources: Download HR's Seat at the Table Guide Top 100 HR Influencer 2021 - Leadership & Development #1 Best Selling Author Email Vivian: Vivian's website Connect with Vivian on LinkedIn Vivian's full bio Get on Vivian's Calendar Connect with Michele
24:53 8/15/23
Love as a Business Strategy with Renee Smith
Just a few years ago, the closest we'd come to discussing love in the workplace was in the context of issues like sexual harassment. But here we are on this episode, discussing Love as a Business Strategy! We didn’t see that coming! Renee Smith, CEO and founder of A Human Workplace, is our guest for this episode and she shines the spotlight on the importance of love in the workplace. Intrigued by where this chat heads?  3 Key Takeaways: Love's Power in Action: Learn how genuine compassion and respect can revolutionize the workplace.  Build Connection & Inclusivity: Unravel the vital role of belonging in fostering a workplace founded on love.  The Productivity of Love: Seems like an oxymoron, right? Reframe the idea that love and efficiency are at odds. Discover how making love a cornerstone can amplify engagement, spur innovation, and skyrocket business outcomes.  Join us as we uncover why love may be the game-changer your business needs. Uncover the profound impact of compassion, respect, and connection in making work more human. Connect with Renee: Visit her website:  
61:10 8/10/23
EPIC Economic Update 2023: Fed Interest Rate Hike, Inflation, Student Loan Debt, AI & MORE!
Buckle up folks for the most positive economic update of the year! Just hours before this interview, breaking news dropped positive and unexpected updates about GDP, inflation, jobs, unemployment. And Geeks Geezers and Googlization, with hosts Ira S Wolfe and Jason Cochran, were there to discuss the news with the brilliant financial and business minds at Odeon Capital Conversations. Get ready to be blown away by the latest news about the #FedInterestRateHike and what might come next. How might the growing #StudentLoanDebt and showdown over how to collect it impact the economy - now and in the future. And that's not all! Brace yourself for a glimpse into what to expect with the unexpected rapid adoption of #AI into the workplace, jobs, and industries like banking, manufacturing, and health care. Listen to Wall St financial analyst Dick Bove, Odeon Capital co-founder Mat Van Alstyne, and award winning journalist John Aidan Byrne, as they share their expert insights and valuable perspectives, leaving no stone unturned!   Don't miss this opportunity to level up your financial acumen and stay ahead in the ever-evolving economic landscape!   And while you’re here, please hit that "Subscribe" button, leave a review, and become part our growing Googlization Tribe. Stay informed, empowered, and ready to conquer the future of work and business.      
57:21 8/7/23
Learning and the Future of Workplace Culture with AJ Kruse
Tune in to this enlightening episode of Geeks Geezers Googlization as we explore the converging worlds of culture, performance, and learning. In today's fast-paced business environment, continuous learning is the key to fostering a positive work culture and driving organizational success. Join AJ Kruse, Concept Illustrator at Humanworks8, as he delves deep into discovering how and why prioritizing continuous learning can lead to increased productivity and provide employees with a clear career direction – a true win-win scenario! You’ll hear how to integrate learning seamlessly into daily experiences, relationships, and work tasks, drawing inspiration from the exceptional practices of the Navy SEALs. AJ presents three game-changing takeaways:  1) Performance Reviews as a Reflection of Learning Culture: Discover how companies that prioritize learning within their performance review processes showcase a strong commitment to continuous growth and development. Unearth the power of assessing team members' capabilities and identifying high-performing individuals for further coaching and development. 2) Team Members Driving Performance Discussions: Embrace the future of performance reviews, focusing on frequent and meaningful conversations led by team members themselves. Witness the transformational impact of empowering individuals to take ownership of their learning journey, identifying areas of improvement, and fostering a culture of continuous learning within the organization.  3) Investing in Team Member Learning: Uncover the undeniable link between an organization's success and the growth and development of its team members. Discover how valuing and investing in learning opportunities, starting with the performance review process, can enhance productivity, provide clear career direction, and create a happier, less stressed work environment. This Humanworks8 episode of GGG Unleashed promises to offer practical insights and actionable tips to shape a positive and thriving organizational culture. If you're curious about the intersection of culture, learning, and performance reviews in the workplace, this podcast is a must-listen!
15:16 8/1/23
Productivity Reimagined: It's Time to Become a Quantified Organization with Steve Hatfield
In this episode, we take a deep dive into a whole new approach to productivity, acknowledging that the age-old "proven" methods of the last 100 years, focused on output and efficiency since the Industrial Revolution, no longer work. Listen as we explore how trust has become an indispensable factor, especially in our data-driven workplaces where privacy regulations are tighter than ever before. Discover why companies overlooking these aspects might find themselves skating on thin ice. Productivity surveillance, an increasingly prominent aspect of contemporary workplaces, also comes under scrutiny in our riveting chat with Steve Hatfield, Deloitte's Global Future of Work Leader. Steve argues that enhancing worker performance lies not in relentless monitoring, but in figuring out what allows each individual to truly shine. We also take a deep dive into how AI and wearables will help craft individualized work schedules and explore the idea of a "skills hub" within organizations.  We conclude with a thought-provoking discussion on the shifting nature of organizational structures, the importance of team-based work, and the need for a more collaborative workforce ecosystem.  Key takeaways include:  1) Reimagining productivity in the digital age requires a shift in perspective - it's not about ticking boxes, but about empowering employees to work in a way that allows them to give their best. Trust, privacy, regulatory management, and individual preferences are all crucial ingredients. 2) The "skills hub" concept and ecosystem collaboration are key strategies for organizations to effectively manage their diverse workforces, drawing on a variety of sources including full-time employees, gig workers, contractors, and vendors. 3) As organizations flatten and team-based work becomes the norm, embracing change and fostering collaboration are key. Equipped with digital platforms and data, individuals have the tools to steer their own career paths, driving greater satisfaction and productivity. LinkedIn: FREE Resources: Beyond Productivity: The Journey to the Quantified Organization The Skills-Based Organization 2023 Global Human Capital Trends Report Click Here to participate in the 2024 Global Human Capital Trends Survey
57:11 7/31/23
Future-Proofing Remote Teams in the Age of AI with Bill Keller
Are you perplexed by how to future-proof your remote teams in an age of accelerating digital transformation and the AI revolution? That’s exactly what GGG Unleashed host Bill Keller talks about on this episode of Beyond the Office. He shares his strategies at Global Staffing on how he future-proofs his remote teams, equipping them with the best tools for efficiency and productivity. During the episode, Bill reveals the significance of personalized encouragement and the importance of sharing relevant AI content with his teams. Furthermore, he shared an exciting AI-driven solution that helped overcome language barriers and revolutionized communication within remote teams.  Here are 3 key takeaways from this episode that you'll want to key in on: Embrace the AI Revolution Future-Proof Your Remote Team Foster a Culture of Individualized Encouragement LinkedIn: Website:  
13:48 7/27/23
From Good to Great: Driving Organizational Transformation with Better Leaders with Vivian Blade
In another insightful episode of Better Leaders, Better Workplaces, Vivian Blade shines the  spotlight on HR's pivotal role in driving organizational transformation. Drawing from IBM and the Josh Bersin Company's HR 3.0 study, she unpacks how companies with world-class HR outperform others in revenue, profitability, and innovation. Vivian then offers practical tips to become a trusted HR advisor. Don't miss out on tools and knowledge to become a better leader and create and create resilient workplaces!  #LeadershipDevelopment #BetterLeaders #OrganizationalTransformation #ResilientWorkplaces   Website: LinkedIn:    
09:30 7/20/23
Employment is Dead: The Metaverse is Calling and the Possibilities are Infinite
Feeling trapped in a corporate world that stifles your creativity and hampers your dreams? You're not alone. Get ready to break free and embark on a mind-expanding journey into the future of work and the transformative power of the Metaverse. In this highly anticipated episode, Josh Drean shares powerful insights from his upcoming book, "Employment is Dead," set to release in early 2024.  Ever heard about the “Anything Economy?” You won’t believe it until you hear it.  Josh Drean reveals the demise of traditional employment models and invites you to reimagine a world where work seamlessly aligns with your lifestyle, preferences, and the pursuit of a truly fulfilling life. It's time to liberate yourself from the shackles of the old and step into the boundless possibilities of virtual worlds. While exploring the captivating potential of the Metaverse, Josh paints a vibrant picture of a culture that transcends limitations, fostering rich human connections and collaboration in these immersive digital realms. But that's not all. Alongside the Metaverse, Josh challenges the prevailing narrative of success, inviting you to redefine its very essence. Prepare to unlock a vision of achievement that goes beyond mere numbers and embraces the profound sense of purpose and fulfillment found in meaningful work within these virtual landscapes. As we venture further, Josh unveils the transformative concept of the "uberization of talent," where traditional employment structures are replaced by fluid, agile models. Experience the liberating power of the Metaverse as it permeates every industry, opening up new frontiers of innovation and collaboration. Are you ready to challenge the norms, embrace the opportunities of virtual worlds, and shape the future of work? The Metaverse is calling, and the possibilities are infinite.  
55:27 7/19/23
Introducing the Second FIRED Leader Quality: Inquisitive Nature with Paul McCarthy
This episode unlocks the second leader quality - inquisitive nature - required to become a FIRED leader. Welcome to another provocative episode of the Future of Leadership! Get ready to ignite your curiosity as Paul McCarthy pulls back the curtain on the incredible world of inquisitive nature. Join us as we dive into the magic of curiosity, discovering how it can transform your decision-making, spark innovation, and inspire your team to achieve greatness. Through engaging discussions, relatable stories, and practical tips, we'll equip you with the tools to become a true trailblazer. Embrace curiosity, expand your horizons, and create a legacy as a leader who embraces the power of asking questions. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to unleash your potential and become a F.I.R.E.D. leader. Tune in, and let curiosity guide you on this extraordinary journey of inquisitive leadership! Website: LinkedIn: Free Resources:  
15:07 7/18/23
How Soon will 1 Billion People Embrace Generative AI, Spatial Computing, and the Metaverse?
Just 6 months ago, most people had no clue what Generative AI was and now people are using it to find their next date! Can 1 Billion People be using it along with spatial computing and the Metaverse soon? Buckle up for an electrifying episode that delves deep into the future of work, where artificial intelligence and the metaverse take center stage. Explore with us how AI and the metaverse are poised to revolutionize employment, work, and jobs. Our guest, Doug Hohulin, a trailblazing generative AI expert and AR/VR strategist, joins us for a thought-provoking and eye-opening conversation that will challenge your perceptions and ignite your imagination. Discover how the groundbreaking generative AI technology is transforming industries;  even healthcaree, where AI-generated dialogue resonates more deeply with people than conversations with physicians themselves. Brace yourself for a paradigm shift, as we explore how generative AI brings empathy, compassion, and improved care to a whole new level. But that's just the beginning. We'll dive into the core of AI's impact on the future of work, with a spotlight on the metaverse. Witness the breathtaking fusion of AI and spatial computing, where the boundaries between humans and machines blur and how the spatial web will connect us in ways previously unimaginable.  In addition, Doug Hohulin provides invaluable insights into significant environmental benefits of virtual meetings and remote healthcare. Uncover how embracing the spatial web and reducing business travel can contribute to addressing climate change, making a positive impact on our planet. This is an episode that will challenge, inspire, and leave you envisioning a future where the power of AI reshapes our professional lives in unimaginable ways.  
62:18 7/17/23
Unleash the Secrets of Thriving Workplace Cultures with Shawn Gulyas | GGG Unleashed
Welcome to another enlightening episode titled "Unleash the Secrets of Thriving Workplace Cultures with Shawn Gulyas," where he embarks on a captivating journey into the fascinating realm of workplace cultures and the remarkable power they possess. The thought catalyst at HumanWorks8, Shawn emphasizes the interconnectedness of culture and strategy, highlighting their pivotal role in driving business triumph. Through the rejection of traditional approaches and the adoption of a simpler, more intentional method, organizations can shape their unique path to greatness, with culture at its core. Are you ready to uncover the secrets that will transform your workplace and unleash its true potential. Click play!  Website: LinkedIn: #CultureRevolution #ThrivingOrganizations #UnleashYourOrganizationalPotential
13:10 7/13/23
Building a Resilient Culture in the Face of Adversity with Randie Dial
Buckle up folks for a captivating ride into the future of accounting, business, AI, and workforce trends with our guest Randie Dial. Randie is the managing partner for the state of Indiana at Clifton Larsen Allen (CLA) and he shares his extraordinary journey through disruptive change. Randie spills the beans on how he led a traditional, conservative accounting practice through tumultuous times, including the pandemic and now the mind-blowing influence of AI. As you will hear, it's in the face of adversity where Randie truly shines. If you're itching to unravel the mysteries of building resilient cultures, the future of office spaces, the unstoppable rise of next-gen CPAs, and the thrilling world of AI, this episode is your golden ticket. Don't miss out on Randie Dial's approach if you’re looking to ignite your passion for leadership and embrace the waves of change like never before. Cultural Transformation: 00:09:17 Building a Culture of Togetherness: 00:15:26 Building Personal Relationships with Clients: 00:19:48 The Rise of Next-Generation CPAs: 00:22:19 Managing Work-Life Balance During the Pandemic: 00:24:01 The Future of Office Culture: 00:31:27 The Future of Office Space:  00:34:27 The Future of AI in the Workforce:  00:36:26 The Future of Accounting: 00:42:50  
56:09 7/3/23
GGG Unleashed: The Digital Transformation with Bill Keller
This episode delves into the topic of digital transformation, AI, and automation, emphasizing the significance of embracing the AI revolution and its potential advantages and challenges. To prepare remote teams for the AI-driven future, Bill Keller shares tools, tips, and techniques employed in his organization, Staffing Global. Learn how establishing a growth mindset among team members and embracing AI tools will help you stay at the forefront of the digital transformation. Listen in for a special offer at the end of the episode. Additional Resources Connect with Bill on LinkedIn Staffing Global Website Free Consultation Learn more about PeopleForward Network Follow PeopleForward Network on LinkedIn
14:17 6/29/23
GGG Unleashed: Technologies that Impact Quality of Hire with Amy Warren & Micole Garatti
In this episode, Amy Warren is joined by Micole Garatti to discuss various technologies that can impact the quality of hiring. They cover seven key tools: video interviews, pre-hire assessments, job simulations, background checks, reference checks, drug testing, and online screening. The conversation highlights the pros and cons of each tool, emphasizing factors like convenience, validity, time-consuming nature, and potential biases. Listen in to understand the importance of online screening for identifying workplace misconduct while maintaining compliance. Additional Resources Fama Website Fama Technologies on LI Amy Warren on LinkedIn Micole Garatti on LinkedIn Follow PeopleForward Network on LinkedIn Learn more about PeopleForward Network
18:17 6/28/23
Unlock your Jedi-like powers of adaptability with Ross Thornley, The Jedi Master of Adaptability
In this extraordinary episode of Geeks Geezers Googlization, Ross Thornley, the visionary CEO of AQai, reveals the urgent need to rewrite our approach to adaptability and shares secrets to unlocking your adaptability superpowers.  From executives and entrepreneurs to front-line workers, we understand the importance of staying ahead in a world where average is over and mediocrity just got automated. Ross's groundbreaking AQ platform measures and improves adaptability intelligence in individuals and organizations, empowering every individual and organization to challenge the status quo and rewrite the rules. Ross Thornley is revolutionizing the way we approach change. With his ACE Adaptiotic mode for measuring change readiness and innovation, he helps individuals and organizations not only adapt but reduce work stress and thrive in a fast-paced, compounding world. Discover how to develop your adaptability quotient (AQ) and drive both personal and organizational success. Ross's insights and actionable tips will guide you toward unleashing your extraordinary potential and navigating the future of work and professional development. Are you ready to embark on a transformational journey? Join us as we explore the impact of AI on society, the importance of healthy work culture, and how to develop and utilize your adaptability muscles for growth and success. Unlock your Jedi-like powers of adaptability. Don't miss out on this captivating episode with Ross Thornley, the Jedi Master of Adaptability. Tune in now and embrace the force of change! Here are just 3 of the many takeaways from this episode: Change does not fail; it’s that people achieve the desired outcome that is difficult. Humans are complex, and their ability to adapt to change is often underestimated. Balancing productivity and innovation is necessary for organizations to remain successful. Right to the Point (Key Clips): The Future is Already Here: "Never in human history has the present been so temporary." [00:01:21] The Age of Supercomputers: "Our lives will continue to be disrupted faster and at a greater scale than most of us ever thought possible. And adaptability will be the essential life skill all of us need." [00:02:36] The Evolution of Human Interaction: "It was never a technological issue. It was always a human one to why people and organizations wouldn't change, and wouldn't see what the new opportunities were of these technologies. It was a human issue." [00:09:25] Building Resilience Through ACE: "Our AQ ability which is a learnable skill is looking at how and to what degree do I adapt as an individual... elements of growth mindset but particularly around change." [00:15:48] The Importance of Adaptability Intelligence: "I believe, no matter what's going on in and around a job, a role, a company, a team, if we get the way we can use our adaptability intelligence, dialed in and worked on, all the other stuff becomes easy."[00:24:56] Driving Innovation and Unlearning: "Unlearning was a really interesting area for them to start for a few reasons. One, it was a bit new and novel as the concept, but it also became super practical for them really quickly through a few of the interventions and outcomes." [00:33:33] The Ambidexterity of Innovation: "The largest company on the planet that will exist in 2030 doesn't currently exist."  [00:42:26]  
62:28 6/24/23
GGG Unleashed: Fine-Tuning Company Culture for Employee Experience + Retention, Part 2 with Vivian Blade and Michele Koch
In Part 2 of Fine-Tuning Company Culture for Employee Experience + Retention, Vivian Blade reflects on the fine-tuning or overhauling of company culture to meet the expectations of employees to be seen as human beings first. She is joined by Michele Koch, SVP and Chief Culture and People Development Officer at Republic Bank, who shares future work trends and provides strategies for growing positive leaders, enhancing culture and employee experience. Additional Resources Top 100 HR Influencer 2021 - Leadership & Development #1 Best Selling Author Email Vivian: Vivian's website Connect with Vivian on LinkedIn Vivian's full bio Get on Vivian's Calendar Connect with Michele Koch Follow PeopleForward Network on LinkedIn Learn more about PeopleForward Network
17:27 6/20/23
Shattering Stigma: Trailblazing Transformations in Employee Mental Health with Keenan Hart
Brace yourself as AI and ChatGPT unveils a list of potential future mental health conditions, such as Techno-Anxiety Disorder and Impostor Syndrome. To unravel this complex intersection between AI and mental health, we're joined by Keenan Hart, a tech co-founder and mental health expert. Prepare for an enlightening and provocative discussion on breaking down barriers and dismantling the stigma surrounding mental health at work. We delve into the significance of fostering human-centered conversations that transcend policies for truly effective support. Clip Finder: 00:09:31 00:14:22 The power of text messages for mental health: "me and the team started thinking about how do we innovate in using technology in the form of text messages. Because we know that that is the widest reaching, most effective means of communicating and engaging with a busy person in today's world." 00:16:36 00:17:35 Breaking the Stigma of Mental Health: "If we asked older generations what mental health was, they often looked at it as being a severe disease state where you need to go be checked into a behavioral health hospital." 00:22:04 00:24:34 The Impact of Technology on Mental Health: "We are not equipped with the tools and the skill sets that we need to be able to navigate some of those tough conversations. So we avoid them. And unfortunately, when we avoid them, they only get bigger behind us from a sense of conflict." 00:26:30 00:29:50 The Importance of Nurturing the Human Experience: "We need to think about how technology can nurture the human experience...we need to make sure that we are all supported from a whole person health perspective, meaning you feel encouraged, you feel heard, you feel recognized, and you're given the resources in a convenient manner that you can help empower yourself." 00:33:26 00:35:49 The Dark Side of Social Media: "We need to be more thoughtful like that last comment just said about the choices we make because we are on a downhill runaway train at this point in time, and unless we're willing to adapt and really have a perspective of awareness around these things that we're surrounded by every day, the compounding issues are only going to get more severe." 00:36:46 00:37:54 Holistic Leadership: "The only way you're going to be able to keep top talent today, in my opinion, is by supporting them holistically as a whole person rather than just the role that they execute in the organization." 00:41:40 00:43:43 Breaking Down Barriers to Mental Health Conversations in the Workplace: "We need to have conversations which will start to break down some of the barriers... starting a conversation from a third party, I would say resource about what a message could mean to somebody is a great way to start talking about stress, start talking about feelings of overwhelm." 00:45:21 00:46:36 The Power of Positive Communication: "Reach out to somebody with a message of positivity, encouragement, and support and see how it changes not only you but their life today." 00:47:42 00:48:29 Overcoming Fear: "My hope for the future is that everyone has the confidence in themselves to take on challenges that are worth fighting for." 00:51:43 00:52:14 Using Social Media for Uplifting Support: "We use those platforms to be able to spread messages of positivity and encouragement. We want to be that voice of uplifting support that people see on social media."
57:59 6/16/23
GGG Unleashed: What Makes a Great Candidate Experience for Job Seekers with Kevin Grossman
RecThe past 3+ years have shown job seekers just how competitive and volatile their job search can be. And while it may not be as much of a candidate market as it was a year ago, there are still industries where hiring hasn’t slowed like in services, healthcare, and hospitality. Every job candidate interested in any job in any industry should still have a basic expectation of clear and timely communication and event feedback from employers if they’re screened and interviewed. Talent Board has been conducting candidate experience research for over 11 years, and most of the research helps employers improve their recruiting and hiring. But the very same research can also help inform job seekers of what they should expect from the very employers where they want to work. Additional Resources Learn More About Talent Board Connect with Kevin on LinkedIn Download research reports Participate in their benchmark research Learn more about Talent Board programs Order our Candidate Experience book (20% discount code is KOGANPAGE20) Schedule time with Kevin Follow PeopleForward Network on LinkedIn Learn more about PeopleForward Network
14:04 6/15/23
GGG Unleashed: Introducing the First FIRED Leader Quality: Fresh Thinking with Paul McCarthy
This episode dives into the heart of modern leadership, highlighting the vital traits leaders need to excel amidst disruption. With research and insight, Paul McCarthy forms a new approach to leadership, called FIRED Leadership, and ongoing episodes will unpack a key quality, offering a three-tier exploration to enrich your current and future leadership. Join us to uncover the five pivotal qualities for leadership success in a changing world. Get ready to equip yourself and your organization with the understanding and resources to thrive in an era of constant challenges. Additional Resources Paul’s Website Connect on LI Deloitte Insights: 2023 Global Human Capital Trends Report KF Self Disruptive Leader Report Follow PeopleForward Network on LinkedIn Learn more about PeopleForward Network
15:25 6/13/23
Unleashing the Power of Resilient Leadership and Business Operating Systems with Scott Abbott
In this game-changing episode, we dive deep into the world of resilient leadership and the transformative power of a solid business operating system. We sat down with the remarkable Scott Abbott, an expert in future business operating systems and an exceptional resilient leader in his own right. Together, we explore his secrets behind building prosperous, high-growth businesses that withstand challenges and emerge stronger than ever. Imagine a world where leaders embrace their role as custodians, nurturing their organizations into resilient powerhouses. Scott unveils the key principles of this revolutionary approach, empowering you to become an exceptional custodian and resilient leader. We delve into the four cornerstones of trust: authenticity, empathy, logic, and perseverance, as well as the key roles of grace and grit, vital qualities for weathering storms and thriving in an ever-changing business landscape. Discover the importance of resilience and how it differs from antifragility, and gain insights on how to adapt to change and harness the full potential of a solid business operating system. Moreover, we tackle the elusive concept of work-life balance, exploring its paradoxes in a world of virtual and hybrid work environments. Scott shares strategies to find the right equilibrium, enabling you to lead with confidence and clarity. Prepare to be inspired, challenged, and empowered as we unravel the incredible journey of being a custodian and resilient leader, and how integral they are in a forward-thinking business operating system. This conversation is a must-listen for anyone seeking to unlock their full potential and create lasting success. A few highlights: [00:01:40] Resilience not enough, aim to be antifragile. [00:08:47] Remote work shifts, coaching replaces managers. [00:15:25] Summary: Business operating system organizes everything effectively. [00:18:39] Leadership is about being a steward. [00:21:55] Grace, grit, and four cornerstones of trust. [00:26:16] A good business system equals freedom. [00:33:27] "Four cornerstones: trust, empathy, logic, perseverance." [00:37:05] New vocab needed for work-life balance. [00:41:41] Teach both hard and soft skills better. [00:44:50] Half-life in politics, business, religion, healthcare. Coaching caution. [00:48:19] Positive pragmatist worried about unoptimized companies. [00:54:19] Passion for operating systems can change everything. [00:58:06] Discipline equals freedom in business success. Who is Scott Abbott? Scott Abbott is an architect, builder, and custodian of prosperous (and resilient) companies, leadership, and growth. He has 30+ years of credentialed experience and expertise in launching, operating, buying, and selling successful businesses. Along the way, he’s raised over $35M+ in venture capital, and led teams that generate billions in sales, service thousands of clients, and hired hundreds of employees. He is a finalist for the Ernst & Young  Entrepreneur of the Year Award, an Entrepreneur in Residence at Indiana University, Inc. 5000 Winner, and the author of 3 books, including The Co+Factor, and the best-selling and award-winning, Level-UP to Professional. For the record, Scott likes to emphasize that he’s also learned a lot through many failures, and setbacks, and by making a truckload of mistakes. As for his professions, and passions: he has the joy and privilege of being a Founder & CEO, Business + Executive Coach, Angel Investor, and Board Member. Most of all, Scott loves helping good and caring people - along with team-centric organizations - effectively learn, implement, and leverage the best strategies, mechanics, and principles for exceptional leadership, management, teamwork and accountability: in business, work & life.  
57:59 6/12/23