Show cover of Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) Groups Podcast: College Group Tutoring and Study Review Groups

Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) Groups Podcast: College Group Tutoring and Study Review Groups

The “PALgroups Podcast” is focused on college study review groups. Some episodes share new things I am learning about postsecondary peer cooperative learning groups. Other episodes feature student study group leaders describing session activities that worked well with the subject matter and the students. Those interviews include what the PAL facilitator is learning personally and professionally about their experience. We are in the middle of airing interviews of managers of peer study group programs and the student leaders from twenty colleges in Australia, Canada, and the U.S. Send an email to David Arendale,, if you or your students would like to be interviewed for the podcast. An annotated bibliography of over 1,600 publications on PAL groups is available at Resources for PAL programs are available at


Interview, Madelaine, SI Leader, Vancouver Island Univ. (CA) 12:16 06/15/2021
Interview, Shelley-Anne, SI Program Manager, Vancouver Island Univ. (CA) 13:03 06/15/2021
Interview: Teresa, Student Leader, Drexel University (PA) 14:49 05/25/2021
Interview: Jill, Student Leader, Drexel University (PA) 09:59 05/25/2021
Interview: Marissa, Program Manager, Drexel University (PA) 11:52 05/25/2021
Interview: Sam, Student Leader, MN State U Mankato 13:05 04/28/2021
Interview: Paige, Student Leader, MN State U Mankato 09:28 04/26/2021
Interview: Taylor, Student Leader, MN State U Mankato 07:59 04/21/2021
Interview: Osee, Student Leader, MN State U Mankato 13:04 04/19/2021
Interview: Faith, Student Leader, MN State U Mankato 06:37 04/15/2021
Interview: Dr. Laura Jacobi, MavPASS Program Manager, MN State U Mankato 14:40 04/13/2021
Administrative Placement of Supplemental Instruction Programs 28:52 04/08/2021
Understanding the Supplemental Instruction Model 29:24 04/05/2021
Leader Identity Emergence, Part Two of Two 44:02 04/03/2021
Leader Identity Emergence Part One of Two 43:35 03/27/2021
Meet the Family of New Voices and Podcasts 09:06 03/21/2021
Expanded Peer Bibliography Available 06:58 03/18/2021
Season Four Overview March 2021 03:07 03/18/2021
Course-based Learning Assistance (CLA) Guidelines Overview 17:09 05/13/2020
Updated Annotated Bibliography Now Available 14:24 05/06/2020
Choosing Most Effective Peer Learning Models 23:42 04/29/2020
Video-based Supplemental Instruction (VSI) Overview 37:35 04/22/2020
Supplemental Instruction (SI) Overview 41:16 04/15/2020
Structured Learning Assistance (SLA) Overview 14:50 04/08/2020
Peer-led Team Learning (PLTL) Overview 15:58 04/01/2020
Emerging Scholars Program Overview 15:09 03/25/2020
Common Elemenrts of Peer Learning Groups 40:01 03/22/2020
Interview with Izzi, Student PASS Leader, Australian Catholic Univ. 02:24 01/21/2020
Interview with Martin, Student PASS Leader, Griffith Univ., Australia 04:21 01/14/2020
Interview with Prahlad, Student PASS Leader, Marquarie Univ., Australia 05:10 01/07/2020