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The Art of Grateful Leadership

This podcast will inspire you to become a grateful leader and bring out the best in your people by dramatically increasing levels of engagement, productivity, and willingness to take initiative. Create a culture of appreciation in your organization. Tap into the power of your personal commitment to acknowledging people and expressing your gratitude to them in an authentic, heartfelt manner.


Podcast #198 - The Joy of Nurturing Talent
Join Art of Grateful Leadership Podcast host Judith W. Umlas as she discusses the joy and feeling of accomplishment we experience as leaders when we nurture and help develop great talent. Her “living example” is Ken Terry, IIL’s Director of Client Services, who she and others at IIL (including CEO E. LaVerne Johnson)  knew had a fantastic voice for promos, ads and video introductions. But how to get him started was the issue. So experience Ken’s  process and his progress, once Judy is appointed Ken’s Coach. Then be a “witness” to his big breakthrough – and his break into official voiceover talent ranks!
11:58 09/16/2022
Podcast #197 The Organic Alignment of Agile, Scrum and Grateful Leadership!
Join host Judith W. Umlas as she interviews Agile Consultant and former CEO of Scrum Alliance, Howard Sublett in an engaging and both fun and action-filled conversation. They discuss Howard’s passion to bring humanity to the workplace, and some amazing steps and practices he has initiated in organizations to do so. These include the “affirmation circle” for departing employees and the Gratitude Channel he set up at Scrum Alliance, as well as the impact these practices had. They discuss the strategic alignment of both Servant and Grateful Leadership with Agile and Scrum… and Howard’s awesome blue eyeglasses that “make a statement”!  Join them – you’ll love every minute of this upbeat conversation.
38:54 08/11/2022
Podcast #196 The Art of Grateful Leadership
Host Judy Umlas shares her "guilt" for not having kept up the stream of podcasts she had originally intended to produce, due to...her perfectionism! So Judy commits to not letting perfection be "the enemy of the good" So she does a bit of imperfect but relevant rambling. She goes from celebrating her mother belatedly for Mother's Day, along with her mother's French pen pal with whom she corresponded for over 70 years. She talks about the frustration she feels at "tip jars" which don't encourage the expression of appreciation from recipients. She closes with a shout out to Ed Hoffman, former Chief Knowledge Officer of NASA and Center for Grateful Leadership April webinar presenter.
06:08 05/12/2022
Podcast #177
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26:02 03/22/2022
Podcast #195: Turning the Tables #2, “The Power of Acknowledgment for Agile Leaders
Join the Art of Grateful Leadership Podcast series host Judith W. Umlas as the “conversational tables get turned”… on her again, in the second of this series of interviews of Judy by prominent leaders of a variety of organizations! Tune in as she is interviewed this time by Brandy Emesal, Content Strategist at Scrum Alliance on “The Power of Acknowledgment for Agile Leaders.” In their engaging, nearly hour-long conversation, there is a great focus on “The 5 Cs of Acknowledgment” and how they fit so well into an Agile framework.
50:36 03/04/2022
A Special New Year's Message from the Center for Grateful Leadership Creator, Judith W. Umlas
A New Year’s Resolution for us all to make: It’s simple... It’s cost-free... It’s a daily that won’t overwork you... It will dramatically change your life for the better... it will dramatically change the lives of all those you interact with for the better... It takes only your commitment, your intention... And it’s this: To acknowledge someone...(or many “someones”).... In a heartfelt way... In an authentic way... Each and every day! The POWER of Acknowledgment is beyond our wildest imaginations! So use it generously, use it well and see the difference you make, that we all make. Happiest of New Year ever! Please listen to my personal New Year’s greeting to you,  and then share it and all your successes in making this critical commitment to yourselves ... with us all! With appreciation, Judy
02:38 01/04/2022
Art of Grateful Leadership Podcast # 193: “Turning the Tables”
Join the Art of Grateful Leadership Podcast series host Judith W. Umlas as the “conversational tables get turned”… on her! Tune in as she is interviewed by Carole Jean Whittington, host of her own podcast series on her website, “Mind Your Autistic Brain, THE Place for Late Identified Autistics.” Judy and Carole Jean have a truly fascinating, empowering and intimate conversation as part of November as the month of Gratitude. They discuss, for example, why people on the autism spectrum have such a challenging time accepting acknowledgment, but are usually great at giving it. Get a sense of why large companies such as Google and Red Hat are specifically recruiting people on the spectrum, in order to make use of their special talents and skills.
52:19 11/11/2021
192 ~ Using Grateful Leadership to turn your vision of creating a culture of appreciation into reality!
Join podcast host Judy Umlas as she interviews a true Grateful Leader in Education, Alfred G. Waters Middle School Principal John Tanner. in this inspiring episode, John recounts how when he heard Judy as a guest on the #BetterLeadersBetterSchools podcast hosted by Daniel Bauer, he knew immediately that Grateful Leadership tools and practices were what he, his administrators, his teachers, and his students needed in order to truly create a culture that works!
44:56 08/31/2021
191 ~ “The Art of Grateful Leadership” Journey
Join podcast host Judith W. Umlas as she interviews the originator of this podcast series, James G. Trela, PMP, MBA,  Certified Professional in Grateful Leadership (Level 1), and Legal Program Manager eDiscovery at General Motors. Together they recount the journey that encouraged Jim to create the podcast series after taking Judith’s Grateful Leadership On-Demand course, and the way he is bringing this behavioral change model into General Motors.
38:52 07/16/2021
190 ~ Walking Together on the Grateful Listening Path
Join “The Art of Grateful Leadership” podcast host Judith W. Umlas as she goes on another of her Gratitude Walks in the beautiful Pennsylvania forest. Hear her revelations about listening to her heroes, and discovering important and affirmative messages in what they “tell her.”
11:24 06/09/2021
189 ~ A Tribute to Judy’s “French father,” Mario Mariotti
In this podcast, Judith W. Umlas recounts how her mother and her French pen pal at age 15 began a lifelong relationship for themselves and for Judy. Join her as she honors her “French father,” who just passed away at the age of 96.
10:59 05/26/2021
188 ~ The Power of Stories
Join podcast host Judy Umlas as she tells her “most requested story” in honor of National Tell-A Story Day, April 27th. Most recently she was asked to tell this riveting tale by Kathryn R. Kest, Grateful Leadership® Certified Professional Level 2, who was delivering a Grateful Leadership presentation to the American Business Women’s Association Houston Area Council that Judy was invited to attend and take pride in her protege. So hear Judy retell that story which has reached and inspired so many that they want to hear it again, and again, and again… And then record and send us YOUR story about the difference that Acknowledgment and Grateful Leadership have made in your life and work!
07:39 04/29/2021
187 ~ The Platinum Rule in Project Management
Join podcast host Judith W. Umlas in a lovely and engaging discussion with Dr. Tresia Eaves,  PMP, Technology and Information Sciences expert on engaging, appreciating, enlivening, serving, and creating a condition of high performance with the project team members. How?  By treating them as they want to be treated, rather than as we ourselves would like to be treated. You don’t want to miss out on how to substitute the Platinum Rule in Project Management for the Golden Rule! 
27:15 04/06/2021
186 ~ Grateful Leadership, an Agile Leadership Style with Substance!
Join podcast host Judith W. Umlas as she sits next to the babbling brook that goes under her PA home, and muses on the way Grateful Leadership and Agile Leadership are so well-aligned! She includes an excerpt from Tom Cagley’s Software Process and Measurement Cost (SPaMCast) podcast that featured Susan Parente, PMP, CSM, CSPO and Grateful Leadership Certified Professional, who discuss specific examples of this alignment.
22:38 03/12/2021
185 ~ Synchronicity at Work
Join podcast host Judith W. Umlas as she interviews Chaplain Lt. Colonel Primitivo Davis, Executive Officer, U.S. Army Institute for Religious Leadership. They discuss the synchronicity of purpose they have shared for nearly a decade, emanating from  Grateful Leadership &The Power of Acknowledgment and continuing with the powerful vision Chaplain Davis has for this work.
38:09 02/22/2021
184~ Acknowledgment is a Two-Way Street: The Importance of Accepting as well as Giving One!
Join podcast host Judith W. Umlas as she speaks with guest Roxi Nevin, the IIL & Center for Grateful Leadership (CGL) Digital Marketing Coordinator about a unique situation that led to a larger understanding of how accepting an acknowledgment can be just as important and vital as giving one. They discuss the pain of not having one’s acknowledgments accepted, as well as the importance of knowing who you are giving an acknowledgment to and how to deliver it, especially in a world of neurodiversity.
35:23 02/08/2021
183 ~ The 5 Cs of Acknowledgment , a Bridge to Anyone, Anywhere at Any Time
Join podcast host Judith W. Umlas as she and Dr. Steven Weber, Associate Superintendent for Teaching and Learning Fayetteville Public Schools in Arkansas, discuss how the Power of Acknowledgment and Grateful Leadership are a more necessary part of education today than ever before. Dr. Weber first reached out to Judith to get a poster of the 5 Cs of Acknowledgment which he’d read about, to share with leaders in his district. And one thing led to another…
35:07 01/25/2021
182 - The “Before” and the “After” of Grateful Leadership
Join podcast host Judith W. Umlas as she speaks with Xavier Joly, CEO, and co-founder of GPX about the transformation of his team members when participating in the Grateful Leadership program at Volvo and Bayer. He describes how “less than willing” participants have an “aha” moment that leads to their true understanding and immediate action toward utilizing the message of Grateful Leadership.
43:39 01/12/2021
181 ~ We are All Bringers of the Light!
Join podcast host Judith W. Umlas as she reflects on how all who practice and share Grateful Leadership and The Power of Acknowledgment are bringers of the light to others, especially in dark times.
17:10 12/28/2020
180 ~ Acknowledging Your Family
Join podcast host Judith W. Umlas as she interviews her brother Carl R. Wagreich, Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, her sister-in-law Edna Wagreich, and nephews Michael and David Wagreich. They reflect happily on the role they all played in the development of Judith’s books, founded on The Power of Acknowledgment. You’ll be totally moved by Carl’s story of his volunteer work in Mexico, El Salvador, and Honduras with his volunteer organization, the Baja Project for Crippled Children,
32:56 12/14/2020
179 - The First Day of “Days of Acknowledgment“
Join podcast host Judy Umlas as she dares to “create” a new international holiday following Thanksgiving weekend each year, “365 Days of Acknowledgment.” This holiday will start over again every November 30th! Celebrate the unveiling of this new holiday by listening to this podcast!
15:26 12/01/2020
178 - Lighting the Spark with Grateful Leadership!
Listen in as Judy Umlas interviews Toby Newman, Learning & Development Manager of a large global technology company about the incredible SPARK sessions he co-founded and delivers on a monthly basis for employees. He brings in passionate thought leaders like Judy to lead these highly interactive sessions, and the one she recently led on Grateful Leadership had the SPARKS really flying!
31:11 11/16/2020
177 ~ Gratitude, Acknowledgment and Kindness - the New Business Power Skills!
Join “Art of Grateful Leadership” Podcast host Judith W. Umlas as she interviews Cole Baker Bagwell, Founder and Kindness Director of strategic transformation company Cool Audrey® . You’ll discover from Cole and Judith that you can start practicing these new or enhanced power skills as soon as you’re conscious of them!
26:02 11/02/2020
176 - Sharing Grateful Leadership in Your World!
Join Judith W. Umlas as she introduces Tom Cagley in his Software Process and Measurement Cast (SPaM) with guest Susan Parente, PMP, CSM, CSPO, and GL®CP. To discuss the “Grateful Agile Leader,” a term that Parente created after participating in courses and webinars in Grateful Leadership. Listen to the insights that come forth as she puts her knowledge of Grateful Leadership together with Servant Leadership, and suggests what it takes to be the best combination of both for the Agile Methodology.
17:14 10/19/2020
175 ~ Out of the Blue... An Amazing Acknowledgment!
Join host Judith W. Umlas as she describes receiving a simple and heartfelt acknowledgment via email that shifted her day, her mindset and gave extra special meaning to the Grateful Leadership behavioral model she created. She shares segments of that email as well as from her response to it with her listeners, as an example of possibilities for all.
11:27 10/05/2020
174 - Sharing the Power of Acknowledgment with Your Significant Other
Join podcast host Judith W. Umlas as she interviews her "significant other" Bob Umlas about the day he changed both of their lives for the better, by sending her the first of many of his twice-weekly written expressions of the Power of  Acknowledgment.  They discuss ways in which this practice has affected both of them most positively!
13:42 09/21/2020
173 ~ Toastmasters District 56 Communication & Leadership Award for Grateful Leadership & The Power of Acknowledgment!
Join host Judith W. Umlas as she recounts how she accepted this prestigious award in a 7 minute speech crystalizing Grateful Leadership & The Power of Acknowledgment initiative. She expresses her great appreciation of Kathryn R. Kest, then District 56 Leader and also a certified Grateful Leadership Instructor, who nominated Judith for this award.
13:44 09/07/2020
172 ~ The Art of Grateful Parenting
Join host Judith W. Umlas w/ guest Roxi Nevin, contributor of the CGL’s monthly “Grateful Parenting” column, in episode 172, “The Art of Grateful Parenting” as they discuss the importance of raising grateful children as well as Roxi’s most recent article, “10 Tips for Raising Grateful Children.” The more we live a grateful lifestyle, the more our children will see how we behave and mirror that in their own behaviors.
25:35 08/24/2020
171 - Carrying the Grateful Leadership Torch w/ guest Jim Trela
Join host Judith W. Umlas with guest and former host Jim Trela with a vital discussion about influencing without authority -- the use of Grateful Leadership in Project Management. We’ll also discuss the equally important topic of bringing Grateful Leadership into Your Organizations -- why resistance happens and what to do about it!
38:45 08/10/2020
170 - Announcing a change in “The Art of Grateful Leadership” podcast series to bi-weekly:
Join Judith W. Umlas on Monday, August 10th as she interviews James G. Trela, creator and host of this successful series for 3 years! Listen to their important discussion about influencing without authority -- the use of Grateful Leadership in Project Management, and bringing Grateful Leadership into Your Organizations -- why resistance happens and what to do about it!
01:22 08/10/2020