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Explore coffee through history, science, music, and other vaguely-related topics. Join Brian Franklin from Tulsa-based DoubleShot Coffee Company with co-host and author Mark Brown as they meander around coffee-inspired ideas and engaging interviews.


Nicaragua 2024
DoubleShot roastmaster, Brian Franklin has just returned from another trip to Nicaragua. He and Mark talk about what coffee farms are really like and the difficulty of getting to Dos Manzanas and Finca Massif. While en route to Finca Massif Nueva Segovia, Brian interviewed Luis Miranda about the farms and how he got into coffee. It's worth a listen. And worth thinking about. Buy the coffee they're drinking at
47:42 5/11/24
Birthday Stories
Mark and Brian keep it brief this time and let the DoubleShot regulars talk. It's a lengthy cast of eighteen characters, all with something interesting to say. Quite a range of voices and stories and memories of DoubleShot history. Listen to the end for some juicy, intimate content where the tables are turned and Brian spills the beans on his private life. Thanks to everyone who participated in this episode, to everyone who didn't but still has a story to tell, and to everyone whose lives have been touched in any way by the DoubleShot. You are the reason DoubleShot exists.
66:22 3/14/24
Gemini Project
With the DoubleShot's 20th birthday just around the corner, Mark and Brian reconvene to taste one of the two coffees Brian sourced and roasted for the occasion. It's sold as a box set called The Gemini Project, which is available at  The coffee jolts their memories and they spend the majority of the episode talking about the past. A few of the things they remember from twenty years of coffee and hijinks.  Talk to Mark and Brian in person at the 20th birthday celebration March 5. All day and half the night.
38:46 2/29/24
DoubleShot 20th Birthday
Brian Franklin opened DoubleShot Coffee Company on March 5, 2004. On March 5, 2024 we celebrate its 20th birthday. And there's a lot to celebrate. In this episode, Mark and Brian talk about the theme of this year's party and walk through an entire day's event schedule. There will be commemorative cups, a commemorative beer, unusual coffees, and a game to keep you entertained. Listen up, you don't want to miss this. More at Download the new DoubleShot app here.
44:17 2/19/24
La Minita 2024
January 20-25 Mark and Brian traveled down to Costa Rica to visit Hacienda La Minita. It was Mark's first foray into coffee territory. And La Minita was Brian's first origin trip in 2005. Here they chronicle some of the details of the trip, observations, and takeaways. To purchase a pound of La Minita, go to Read more about the trip at
38:44 2/1/24
Simple Pleasures
Each year, Mark and Brian convene for one last episode of AA Cafe in which they enumerate their "Ten Things." Every year is different, but they all come from the heart. It's a moment to forget about all the turmoil of the holidays and take a breath before the onslaught of a new year, and to focus on some things that make life really special. This episode is all about simple pleasures. Think of your ten, they tell theirs. And if you want to see Brian's ten things he doesn't do, check that list out at And while you're there, pick up a bag of Juan Ramon's cascara tea. Happy New Year.
41:45 12/29/23
Montelin Java Natural
The DoubleShot's second and final holiday coffee is from Nicaragua! From a farm called Montelin in Nueva Segovia owned by a young man named Juan Ramon Diaz, jr. This episode is packed with info about the coffee, about the farm, and about the cascara that came from these coffee beans. Luis Miranda (Finca Massif) interviewed Juan Ramon in Spanish, and DoubleShot Folk hero Clint Stevens translated it all into English. Listen, and then go check out the latest holiday offerings at
34:51 12/18/23
Maracay Pink Bourbon
The holidays are upon us, and the DoubleShot has released their first holiday coffee of the year: Maracay Pink Bourbon Natural. Mark and Brian convene to sip and talk about it. An interview with the producer of the coffee, Luz Helena Salazar, interpreted by Felipe Arcila, her son and the owner of Cofinet - the company that sold the coffee to DoubleShot. See the gifts mentioned on the podcast here:
33:45 11/21/23
Quindio, Colombia
Felipe Arcila, the owner of a Colombian exporter called Cofinet, visited the DoubleShot earlier in the year to talk shop. Brian cupped a bunch of samples and bought a hefty alotment, all from one farm: Maracay. Obviously the roastmaster had to go and visit the farm, meet the producer (Luz Helena Salazar), and cup a lot more coffees. In this episode, Brian talks with his host from Cofinet, Maria Ocampo, en route to another coffee farm. Mark and Brian go over the main takeaways from the trip. You can find that Maracay coffee here:
39:59 11/7/23
Ghosts - ReEDIT
Originally recorded and published on Halloween 2016, this episode was re-Edited for Halloween night 2023. A weaving of ghost tales from the ever-memorable, former DoubleShot baker Shelley Womack and Big Bob Hendrick, who went off to BE a ghost in 2022. You can probably find him knocking around and flickering lights at The Rookery tonight. Happy Halloween.
14:09 10/31/23
The Coffee Purist
This blockbuster episode marks the launch of a new Kickstarter campaign to fund The Coffee Purist, a coffee table book filled with the details, stories, and lessons from the career of Brian Franklin. As it were, Mark Brown takes the reigns in this episode and is joined by co-host Katie Hader. Brian joins in as a guest on his own show to line out all the details on the book, the project, and the rewards.  Read more about it on The Coffee Purist website: Or go straight to Kickstarter and back the project: Campaign ends November 28 at 11a. Don't wait. 
53:30 9/28/23
With Tulsa Tough in town this weekend and Mark out of town this week, Brian sits down for a solo session to introduce the latest edition to the DoubleShot Elite: the Omnia Midstream cycling team. They will be competing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in some hot and high-speed criterium races in downtown Tulsa. Captain of the team, Chad Cagle took some time out of the saddle to talk about racing, his team, their goals, and what they represent. See more at And for the full race schedule, visit
23:20 6/8/23
Breath of Fresh Air
Journalist Julie Wenger Watson published a story in April's issue of Tulsa People magazine about the SoBo district of Tulsa. Her interview for the story with DoubleShot owner Brian Franklin was recorded in the AA Cafe studio, and published in this episode. Julie's kid gloves meet Brian's boxing gloves in this episode. Mark and Brian, as always, round up the conversation with more pertinent and innocuous details. Read Julie's story at Buy El Conejo Malo at
40:19 4/7/23
Thanks for the memories
DoubleShot Coffee Company just turned 19! Mark and Brian discuss the aging of the business as the customer base increases and fans with 19 years under their belts begin to wane.  Listen in on a brief discussion of Brian and Wiley's trip to Costa Rica. New happenings at La Minita combined with introductions to a few other long-term coffee roasters gave Wiley a taste of the larger industry and opened Brian's eyes to what's happening post-COVID.  This episode winds up with a few messages from friends and customers well-wishing and sharing stories from the DoubleShot. 
33:32 3/9/23
Our cup runneth over
In this year-end, holiday spectacular, Mark and Brian settle in for a long Winter's chat. This episode spans the ages with the annual "Ten Things," but begins with a whimsical conversation featuring Natalie Reed of Muddy Paws Pottery. Natalie's Campesino cups are available while they last at, along with a few other gift ideas hand-picked by the Roastmaster himself. While you're there, go on over to to find a different list of suggestions for things you might want to buy for yourself, which aren't available at the DoubleShot. Pour yourself a big cup of cascara or one of DoubleShot's holiday coffees and get comfy because this is a long listen. Happy Holidays, or whatever.
86:22 12/22/22
El Bosque Anaerobic Natural
Andrew breaks into the middle of a conversation about gift giving to deliver the last holiday coffee of 2022, from Nicaragua, El Bosque Yellow Catuai Anaerobic Natural. Tasting and dicussions ensue, then Mark and Brian talk about a few new items to hit the DoubleShot shelves. Notably, The Launchpad is about to make its debut, a device designed to contain all your pourover gear. With promises of top ten lists, the boys sign off and prepare for the final episode of the year.
38:15 12/9/22
Dos Manzanas
If you missed the big announcement at the DoubleShot, get all the news here. Mark and Brian sit down to recap, to unveil the next step in the evolution of DoubleShot Coffee Company, and to continue guiding us through a migration of the DoubleShot holiday coffees. To see the Dos Manzanas video, go to
23:01 12/6/22
Bambito Estate Red Bourbon Natural
Something's amiss in the AA Cafe studio. Mark and Brian sit down to chat over a cup of the recently-released, third holiday coffee at DoubleShot: Bambito Estate Red Bourbon Natural. There's apparently change in the air, and the two cohosts discuss a bit of Thanksgiving tradition: football, coffee roasting, and chicken ramen. Buy the coffee and watch the video at
25:35 12/1/22
Bambito Estate Yellow Catuai Natural
Mark and Brian reconvene to discuss the latest holiday coffee at DoubleShot, Bambito Estate Yellow Catuai Natural. They reveal the tip of the iceberg as the story of the 2022 holiday coffees progresses and a transition is in the works. A new cup design by Natalie Reed Goehl is also revealed in this episode. Listen, taste, imagine, and stay tuned for future episodes as the story continues. Buy the coffee and the cup at
20:44 11/15/22
The weather has turned and the holidays are officially upon us. With the release of DoubleShot Coffee Company's first holiday coffee of the season, Mark and Brian sit down to imbibe and reflect, to tell about the mystery behind this coffee and what's special about it. To taste the coffee yourself, go to
13:44 11/11/22
DoubleShot Sport
DoubleShot Elite, David Carter, stopped swimming, cycling, and running long enough to talk about his stellar finish at Ironman Tulsa. Meanwhile he's out in Kona, Hawaii competing in the Ironman World Championships. Back at home, Mark talks about his sport highlights and lowlights, and Brian recounts a recent 50 mile footrace in Flagstaff Arizona. It's all about sport. Sport, and coffee.
43:45 10/12/22
Non-Places and Third Spaces
Mark Brewin joins us to talk about the function of public spaces, the difference between places and spaces, and the history of media in the public realm. Coffee is obviously the centerpiece of it all.
49:34 4/30/22
In this marathon episode celebrating the 18th birthday of DoubleShot Coffee Company, Mark recounts specific events along the timeline as Brian tries to explain what happened. Find yourself immersed in DoubleShot lore and then go to to tell about your own experiences.
62:45 3/2/22
Old Long Since
Mark and Brian celebrate the end of 2021 with their annual list of ten things. Drinking a Gesha coffee from Finca Momoto, the duo rattle off people who've influenced their writing and coffee careers. Paul Bowman stops by with his bagpipes to perform Auld Lang Syne on the shortest day of the year.  And there's a hand, my trusty fiere! and gie's a hand o' thine! And we'll tak' a right gude-willie waught, for auld lang syne.
27:57 12/23/21
Glacier Confection
Gene Leiterman from Glacier Confection stops by for a visit at the AA Cafe studio to talk about how chocolate is made, from the tree all the way to the bar. Glacier's collaboration with DoubleShot Coffee Company came to a culinary pitch this year with the creation of four unique dark chocolate bars infused with the four holiday coffees roasted and released by the DoubleShot for 2021. Learn all about this delicacy, and order the bars at
43:29 12/14/21
Doug Casebeer
Doug Casebeer, artist in residence at The University of Oklahoma and world-renowned potter, sat down in the AA Cafe studio to talk about art, the shapes of things, the environment, and the handmade object. Doug has just finished his second piece for DoubleShot Coffee Company, The Crosstimber Cup, a sequel to The Rookery Cup, which was born in 2020. His ideas will open your mind to a different way of living and consuming. Find more of Doug's work at
37:28 11/20/21
Michael Wallis
Mark and Brian welcome to the podcast Michael Wallis, storyteller, author, and the voice of the Sheriff in the Pixar movie Cars. Michael tells about a few of his 19 books, of the great fallacy of manifest destiny, and his interest in Route 66. A raconteur of the highest caliber, you will be enraptured by this icon of Tulsa and of the literature of the American West. 
46:26 11/3/21
DoubleShot Elite
Meet David Carter, principal clarinetist for the Tulsa Symphony and the Tulsa Opera Orchestra, but better known for being a DoubleShot sponsored runner and triathlete. In this episode, Brian interviews David about his life, career, and sport. Meanwhile, Mark and Brian try to figure out how to just continue being average. 
43:43 10/8/21
Mark and Brian go in-depth on costs associated with coffee and retail pricing structure. The transparency movement in specialty coffee seems to have created some confusion, and this is their attempt to sort that out. 
41:08 9/17/21
Mark Brown 2.1
We interrupt your regularly scheduled episode of AA Cafe to bring you a special announcement. 
14:06 8/30/21