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Explore coffee through history, science, music, and other vaguely-related topics. Join Brian Franklin from Tulsa-based DoubleShot Coffee Company with co-host and author Mark Brown as they meander around coffee-inspired ideas and engaging interviews.


Thanks for the memories
DoubleShot Coffee Company just turned 19! Mark and Brian discuss the aging of the business as the customer base increases and fans with 19 years under their belts begin to wane.  Listen in on a brief discussion of Brian and Wiley's trip to Costa Rica. New happenings at La Minita combined with introductions to a few other long-term coffee roasters gave Wiley a taste of the larger industry and opened Brian's eyes to what's happening post-COVID.  This episode winds up with a few messages from friends and customers well-wishing and sharing stories from the DoubleShot. 
33:32 3/9/23
Our cup runneth over
In this year-end, holiday spectacular, Mark and Brian settle in for a long Winter's chat. This episode spans the ages with the annual "Ten Things," but begins with a whimsical conversation featuring Natalie Reed of Muddy Paws Pottery. Natalie's Campesino cups are available while they last at, along with a few other gift ideas hand-picked by the Roastmaster himself. While you're there, go on over to to find a different list of suggestions for things you might want to buy for yourself, which aren't available at the DoubleShot. Pour yourself a big cup of cascara or one of DoubleShot's holiday coffees and get comfy because this is a long listen. Happy Holidays, or whatever.
86:22 12/22/22
El Bosque Anaerobic Natural
Andrew breaks into the middle of a conversation about gift giving to deliver the last holiday coffee of 2022, from Nicaragua, El Bosque Yellow Catuai Anaerobic Natural. Tasting and dicussions ensue, then Mark and Brian talk about a few new items to hit the DoubleShot shelves. Notably, The Launchpad is about to make its debut, a device designed to contain all your pourover gear. With promises of top ten lists, the boys sign off and prepare for the final episode of the year.
38:15 12/9/22
Dos Manzanas
If you missed the big announcement at the DoubleShot, get all the news here. Mark and Brian sit down to recap, to unveil the next step in the evolution of DoubleShot Coffee Company, and to continue guiding us through a migration of the DoubleShot holiday coffees. To see the Dos Manzanas video, go to
23:01 12/6/22
Bambito Estate Red Bourbon Natural
Something's amiss in the AA Cafe studio. Mark and Brian sit down to chat over a cup of the recently-released, third holiday coffee at DoubleShot: Bambito Estate Red Bourbon Natural. There's apparently change in the air, and the two cohosts discuss a bit of Thanksgiving tradition: football, coffee roasting, and chicken ramen. Buy the coffee and watch the video at
25:35 12/1/22
Bambito Estate Yellow Catuai Natural
Mark and Brian reconvene to discuss the latest holiday coffee at DoubleShot, Bambito Estate Yellow Catuai Natural. They reveal the tip of the iceberg as the story of the 2022 holiday coffees progresses and a transition is in the works. A new cup design by Natalie Reed Goehl is also revealed in this episode. Listen, taste, imagine, and stay tuned for future episodes as the story continues. Buy the coffee and the cup at
20:44 11/15/22
The weather has turned and the holidays are officially upon us. With the release of DoubleShot Coffee Company's first holiday coffee of the season, Mark and Brian sit down to imbibe and reflect, to tell about the mystery behind this coffee and what's special about it. To taste the coffee yourself, go to
13:44 11/11/22
DoubleShot Sport
DoubleShot Elite, David Carter, stopped swimming, cycling, and running long enough to talk about his stellar finish at Ironman Tulsa. Meanwhile he's out in Kona, Hawaii competing in the Ironman World Championships. Back at home, Mark talks about his sport highlights and lowlights, and Brian recounts a recent 50 mile footrace in Flagstaff Arizona. It's all about sport. Sport, and coffee.
43:45 10/12/22
Non-Places and Third Spaces
Mark Brewin joins us to talk about the function of public spaces, the difference between places and spaces, and the history of media in the public realm. Coffee is obviously the centerpiece of it all.
49:34 4/30/22
In this marathon episode celebrating the 18th birthday of DoubleShot Coffee Company, Mark recounts specific events along the timeline as Brian tries to explain what happened. Find yourself immersed in DoubleShot lore and then go to to tell about your own experiences.
62:45 3/2/22
Old Long Since
Mark and Brian celebrate the end of 2021 with their annual list of ten things. Drinking a Gesha coffee from Finca Momoto, the duo rattle off people who've influenced their writing and coffee careers. Paul Bowman stops by with his bagpipes to perform Auld Lang Syne on the shortest day of the year.  And there's a hand, my trusty fiere! and gie's a hand o' thine! And we'll tak' a right gude-willie waught, for auld lang syne.
27:57 12/23/21
Glacier Confection
Gene Leiterman from Glacier Confection stops by for a visit at the AA Cafe studio to talk about how chocolate is made, from the tree all the way to the bar. Glacier's collaboration with DoubleShot Coffee Company came to a culinary pitch this year with the creation of four unique dark chocolate bars infused with the four holiday coffees roasted and released by the DoubleShot for 2021. Learn all about this delicacy, and order the bars at
43:29 12/14/21
Doug Casebeer
Doug Casebeer, artist in residence at The University of Oklahoma and world-renowned potter, sat down in the AA Cafe studio to talk about art, the shapes of things, the environment, and the handmade object. Doug has just finished his second piece for DoubleShot Coffee Company, The Crosstimber Cup, a sequel to The Rookery Cup, which was born in 2020. His ideas will open your mind to a different way of living and consuming. Find more of Doug's work at
37:28 11/20/21
Michael Wallis
Mark and Brian welcome to the podcast Michael Wallis, storyteller, author, and the voice of the Sheriff in the Pixar movie Cars. Michael tells about a few of his 19 books, of the great fallacy of manifest destiny, and his interest in Route 66. A raconteur of the highest caliber, you will be enraptured by this icon of Tulsa and of the literature of the American West. 
46:26 11/3/21
DoubleShot Elite
Meet David Carter, principal clarinetist for the Tulsa Symphony and the Tulsa Opera Orchestra, but better known for being a DoubleShot sponsored runner and triathlete. In this episode, Brian interviews David about his life, career, and sport. Meanwhile, Mark and Brian try to figure out how to just continue being average. 
43:43 10/8/21
Mark and Brian go in-depth on costs associated with coffee and retail pricing structure. The transparency movement in specialty coffee seems to have created some confusion, and this is their attempt to sort that out. 
41:08 9/17/21
Mark Brown 2.1
We interrupt your regularly scheduled episode of AA Cafe to bring you a special announcement. 
14:06 8/30/21
Household Brewing Methods
With the help of DoubleShot barista, Andrew Robinson, Mark and Brian explore various coffee brewing methods you can use at home. Learn about the nuances of using each device, how they effect the taste of the coffee, and which one(s) might be right for you.  Get the AA Cafe Cup at
47:24 7/13/21
Fr. Gary Kastl - Transubstantiation
Transubstantiation happens when the Eucharistic bread and wine changes into the body and blood of Christ. Father Gary Kastl visits with Brian about Catholic beliefs and puts up with his tomfoolery in bringing these beliefs to coffee. Mark and Brian bloviate about these things at length.  To read about Eucharistic miracles, go to:
50:51 5/31/21
Edwin Martinez - Coffee Supply Chain Issues
Brian and Mark finally get behind the mics again to catch up on what's happening in the coffee industry. Edwin Martinez calls in to talk about how things have changed for him as a coffee buyer, exporter, importer, and broker. Learn more about Edwin's business at
45:17 5/4/21
18th & Boston - An Origin Story
In March 2004, Brian opened DoubleShot Coffee Company in a strip mall at 18th & Boston in Tulsa, Oklahoma. People started coming in regularly and the business took on a place in life that no one expected. While Brian was focused on serving coffee exactly the way he thought it ought to be consumed, a group of folks rallied around the DoubleShot and created an experience that deeply affected almost everyone who stumbled in the door. Mark and Brian reflect on those early years and try to unfold what really happened. And this year, they list ten things that went missing in 2020.
51:28 12/22/20
Finca Momoto - the farm and the coffee
In this episode, Brian is joined by DoubleShot head barista, Andrew. The two recount their trip to Panama earlier this year and discuss the details of coffee selection at origin and how that translates to roasting and brewing coffee at the cafe. Luis Miranda, co-owner of Finca Momoto, answers all the tough questions about farming and post-harvest production. Finca Momoto's Gesha natural lote uno is one of the featured holiday coffees at the DoubleShot this year. 
59:55 12/19/20
Burner control - roasting coffee with the proper flame
Roastmaster Brian is seeking ultimate control while roasting coffee for the DoubleShot. After fighting with an improper power burner for well over a year, Joerg Bollgen stepped in to save the day. Joerg is the owner of Intelligent Combustion Control Technology, and previously worked as a factory technician at Weishaupt Corp. in Germany, the manufacturer of the new DoubleShot roaster burner. Joerg talks about the difference between the old and new burner, as well as the seemingly-limitless applications a good modulating burner can be used for. 
39:45 12/3/20
Bambito Estate - Red Bourbon Natural
It's the holiday season and it's time to enjoy some of the most special coffees of the year. In this episode, Mark and Brian discuss the coffee variety Bourbon and its possible etymology, the visit to Panama early in the year to see Bambito Estate, and a special message from Priscilla Gonzalez talking about the farm and the coffee at Bambito. It's a Thanksgiving special fueled by amazing DoubleShot Coffee.
20:40 11/26/20
Mark Brown 2.0
This has been a weird experience. COVID has caused people to reevaluate their lives, what's important to them, and how they plan to spend the rest of theirs. It's made people question how they will provide for the basic necessities, how to cook rice, and who to follow on Instagram. This, my friends, feels like a deep dive into the troubled mind of Mark Brown. I think it's important to document how 2020 has changed us. And, as usual, Mark has an evocative way of expressing the thoughts of this updated version of himself. Follow him, if you will. 
40:49 9/30/20
AA Cafe Replay: Long Beach Bums
Mark and Brian REUNITE after months of being socially and podcastically distant. Harkening back to 2007, Brian unearths audio from AA Cafe #43, when he recorded with Amy Ferraris (producer of The Perfect Cappuccino documentary) in San Francisco just after attending the Specialty Coffee Association trade show in Long Beach. Listen and find out what it was like sleeping "al fresco" as Ferraris says. Watch Amy's documentary on amazon prime video or visit for other viewing options.
24:07 9/25/20
AA Cafe replay from 2008
In 2008 Brian took his first trip to Guatemala, and it was an eventful experience. In this episode, Brian and DoubleShot head barista, Andrew, replay a short segment of episode 50 and reminisce about a particularly exciting event. Listen and learn.
26:05 9/11/20
COVID's effect on bars and restaurants
On March 17 bars and restaurants in Tulsa were forced to close and the struggle to survive has caused changes in business models across the board. In this episode, hear how three business owners in Tulsa have dealt with this new climate with distinctly different responses and outlooks for the future. Thanks to Chef James Shrader, owner of Palace Cafe, Prairie Fire Pie, and Kitchen27; Aaron Post, owner of Valkyrie and St. Vitus; and Evan Kelamis, owner of Savoy Restaurant. 
60:29 5/29/20
The effect of COVID-19 on producers
The coronavirus disease is causing global changes in the way we live and work. In this episode, Mark dials in from his home office while Brian checks in with producers around the world who supply the coffee and tea sold at the DoubleShot. 
59:43 4/11/20
Varieties and Coffee Processing
After returning from back-to-back sourcing trips to Costa Rica and Panama, Brian explains the differences in his experiences between the two. Discussions involve the elusiveness and complexity in defining a coffee variety, as well as the loose definitions used to characterize different processing methods. Though when all is as expected, sometimes the results play out predictably on the cupping table. 
31:53 2/26/20