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You Can Heal Your Life®

You Can Heal Your Life is your connection to today’s most influential thought-leaders. Elevate your morning coffee, afternoon walk, or evening commute into an inspirational, motivational, and transformational personal growth experience. We invite you to take a step back from life’s stress and anxieties and replace any negativity with life-changing insights and real-world solutions. Learn from some of the world’s greatest teachers in spirituality, health and wellness, and more—like Louise Hay, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Gabrielle Bernstein, Marianne Williamson, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Anthony William, Radleigh Valentine, Pam Grout, and more. From careers to crystals, happiness to health, money to manifesting—Hay House’s inspiring authors join the podcast twice a week (or more!) to teach new skills, share powerful stories, and encourage you to take the next step towards living your best life. After all, as Louise Hay always reminded us: You Can Heal Your Life


Kyle Gray | The Truth About Angels | Getting to Know Your Guardian Angel 17:36 01/20/2022
Alla Svirinskaya | How to Develop Immunity to Toxic Energy 39:58 01/18/2022
Susan Peirce Thompson | Blocks to Overcoming Food Addiction 22:35 01/16/2022
Vex King | Raise Your Vibration to Create Authentic Relationships 31:20 01/12/2022
Gabrielle Bernstein & Brendon Burchard | Tips for Finding Your Unique Life Purpose 57:18 01/09/2022
Brendon Burchard | High Performance Habits (Audiobook Excerpt) 41:16 01/04/2022
Susan Peirce Thompson | Rezoom (Audiobook Excerpt) 54:16 12/28/2021
Susan Peirce Thompson | Real Food, Real Happiness 37:21 12/28/2021
Nirlipta Tuli | Yoga Nidra to Sleep Well 43:17 12/22/2021
David R. Hamilton, PhD | Why Woo Woo Works (Audiobook Excerpt) 47:33 12/21/2021
Anthony William | Medical Medium (Audiobook Excerpt) 34:59 12/20/2021
Esther and Jerry Hicks | Getting into the Vortex - Guided Meditations (Excerpt) 17:06 12/19/2021
Dr. Wayne W. Dyer | Change Your Thoughts - Change Your Life (Audiobook Excerpt) 23:53 12/18/2021
Nicky Sutton | Gain Motivation and Energy While You Sleep (Excerpt) 27:24 12/17/2021
Louise Hay | Subliminal Affirmations for Positive Self-Esteem (Excerpt) 33:02 12/16/2021
Deepak Chopra | The Secret of Healing 26:16 12/15/2021
Deepak Chopra | Transforming Consciousness into Matter 39:05 12/13/2021
Deepak Chopra | Understanding the Mind-Body-Spirit Relationship 32:07 12/12/2021
Gary Henderson | The Clubhouse Creator (Audiobook Excerpt) 16:29 12/10/2021
Gary Henderson | Deepen Relationships to Accelerate Success 22:45 12/10/2021
Radleigh Valentine | Meditation for Letting Go of Ego   18:52 12/09/2021
Radleigh Valentine | Reconnecting with Your Divine Gifts  10:55 12/07/2021
Radleigh Valentine | Intro to Tarot  18:58 12/05/2021
Pam Grout | Thank and Grow Rich (Audiobook Excerpt) 09:27 11/28/2021
Caroline Myss | Gratitude: The Healing Power of Prayer Explored 37:51 11/27/2021
Shereen Öberg | The Law of Positivism (Audiobook Excerpt) 37:09 11/26/2021
Louise Hay | Morning Meditation 28:07 11/25/2021
Kyle Gray | Activate Your High Vibration | Switch on Your Light 28:13 11/22/2021
Kyle Gray | Activate Your High Vibration | Tune in to the Power of Your Mind 44:36 11/21/2021
Kyle Gray | Activate Your High Vibration | Raise Your Energy 36:32 11/19/2021