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What's going to happen to buyer agency - W/ David Schneider
What are the repercussions of the NAR Lawsuit settlement and what is going to happen to buyer agency? I sat down with David Schneider of Revel Property Group at EXP in this interview. David has been a leader in the Austin real estate scene for 20 years, and he has given great input on the pros and cons of this settlement.
28:17 4/10/24
Why Creating An EXPERIENCE Matters For Your Business
The #RealtyHack Summit 2024 featured Brittany Hodak, an incredible thought leader, who joined us as keynote speaker. In 2024, leveraging personal narratives to enhance client relations is essential in differentiating yourself in a crowded market. This presentation is a must-watch for agents eager to elevate their approach and forge genuine connections. Brittany's insights are a roadmap to success in today's dynamic real estate landscape.
32:12 4/2/24
Investing through Real Estate Syndication.
Real estate is among the safest investments you can get into. However, the financial barrier to entry can be costly. I interviewed Ryan Tanel on my podcast recently, and he broke down how real estate syndication works.
23:29 3/20/24
NAR Anti-Trust Lawsuit Update
In this segment of the #realtyhack summit we held in January, experts weigh in how the NAR anti-trust lawsuit could impact the real estate industry.
26:39 3/13/24
Austin Top Producer Realtor Tells All - Todd Burgener
If you've been in Austin real estate for a while, you probably know Todd Burgener. Todd has been a staple in the Austin real estate scene for years and his business has had tremendous growth over the past few years, even in this latest downturn. Get these videos BEFORE their public when you join our Weekly Newsletter.
41:07 3/6/24
How to Overcome Objections in 2024
How will you excel in your client interactions and secure more deals in 2024? A good place to start is knowing exactly how you will address and navigate through common objections from your clients. We had industry leaders tackle unique objections on our panel at the #RealtyHack Summit and in turn they dished out some excellent tips to turn hesitations into successful transactions.
25:51 2/28/24
Should Real Estate Agents be paid as an LLC? Not if you do THIS
Can real estate agents be paid commissions to their LLC by their broker? Is this legal? And if it is, should they do it? We dig in on all of this in this interview.
26:51 2/22/24
How to get more real estate clients in 2024 | Keynote Speaker Jimmy Mackin
Our keynote speaker speaker at #RealtyHack Summit was Jimmy Mackin, CEO of Curaytor and best-selling author. He freaking keynotes at Tom Ferry's events and we had him on our stage recently. The feedback from the audience was REALLY good. So check out the video below for some of these amazing tips. Our agents have been working these systems and seeing great results.
64:26 2/19/24
The History of Zoning in Austin/ Death of Code Next
Code Next was set to be the change in Austin's zoning that would bring Austin on pace to keep up with the influx of people that are moving here each year. But it was killed. In this video we explore why it died and what's on the horizon that will change that and replace Code Next.
06:54 2/12/24
Zoning Changes In Austin
What would it be like to see 8 or 9 story buildings on the side of S Lamar or S Congress? What is proposed for the changes in Austin's zoning for 2024? We cover all of these questions in great detail in this episdoe of #RealtyHack 
28:26 2/6/24
Interview with Ashley Brinkman - From Top Producer to Team Leader
I recently interviewed Ashely Brinkman with Realty Austin. I've known Ashley for over 10 years and have witnessed her journey from a new agent to a top-producing agent, and finally to a team leader.
23:30 11/15/23
Will AI take over realtors jobs?
AI is one of the most used terms in any industry this year. It’s developing fast. If you’re a real estate agent you’re going to fall into one of two buckets - those that are going to be much more efficient or those that are going to be left behind. At the FUBCON conference, I spoke with Barry Jenkins and Howard Tager. Barry runs a top-producing team in Virginia Beach. He’s written an Amazon best-selling book about real estate and he’s the resident realtor expert at Ylopo. Howard is the founder and CEO of Ylopo. He started Tiger Leads, which was the first all-in-one tech platform for real estate, and was sold to realtor dot com.
22:08 10/18/23
Cord Shiflet's Amazing, Crazy Career as a Top Producer
Cord Shilfet is arguably the most well-known real estate agent in Austin. From his 15-year-plus stint as Austin's number one top producing agent, to when we petitioned the board to put 6 prominent agents on the board of directors, to Fools Roll, and then finally as President of ABoR. Cord has kept things interesting, to say the least. In this interview, we cover all of those subjects.
34:07 10/11/23
State of the Real Estate Industry
A couple of weeks ago I sat down with ABOR director (and Spyglass Realty associate broker) John Crowe. We went over several topics. What's happening with the local board, the status of NAR, and the industry in general. From the progress of the Austin Board of Realtors, to what John's thoughts are on the National Association of Realtors.
20:18 7/12/23
Order Signs and Photos straight from Followup Boss | Chris Boudreaux
Automating technology for real estate agents and teams is essential for productivity. Saving seconds turns into saving minutes which eventually saves hours. Chris Boudreaux is the CEO of Jistix, which has a software solution where agents can order signs and photos straight from FollowupBoss. Here's how he does it.
20:44 6/21/23
Best Private and Public Schools in Austin
What are the best private and public schools in Austin? When do you start preparing your kids for college? How do you know if you should put your kid in a public or private school? These are the questions we asked our guest, Kathy Bloch-Swarts, an independent school advisor, on our latest podcast.  
21:50 6/7/23
Hot to be a top 50 real estate agent - Interview with Amber Thomas, owner of Platinum Top 50
Amber Thomas is the owner and CEO of Platinum Top 50 Realtors, an organization that celebrates the achievements of real estate agents in Austin and San Antonio. In this interview, we go over how she got started in this industry and what agents need to know to be a top-producing agent.
32:52 6/1/23
History of Zoning in Austin - Death of Code Next
This video is a brief history of the zoning in Austin and a prequel to a longer video that will feature interviews with zoning experts, developers, and people who are in the know on why our city council has constantly failed to act on changes to an outdated code that would allow for more density and affordable housing for our ever-growing city. This is all a prelude to Code Next.
08:38 5/24/23
Writing Offers for Buyers in 2023
Our sales director, John McCarthy, breaks down how to write a winning offer in 2023.
33:26 4/13/23
How To Break Into Luxury Real Estate
Our all-star panel of luxury real estate agents at the last RealtyHack Summit tell how to break into luxury real estate, how it's different from selling residential real estate and the differences on how to talk to and market to luxury home buyers and seller.
32:32 4/13/23
How to Build a Top Real Estate Team- interview with Todd Bailey
How do you build an amazing, top-producing real estate team? That's exactly what Todd Bailey with the Baily Robb Group went into in this last interview we did with him. He explores how he got into the Austin real estate scene and what he did to rise to become one of the most successful team leaders in Austin.
78:59 3/22/23
Austin Tech Layoffs
With the recent announcement of Meta/Facebook layoffs as well as the bailout of failed Silicon Valley Bank (SVB Bank), many may be wondering how these incidents are impacting the job market in the Austin technology industry. We interviewed Kevin Nothnagel about this to get his take on what's happening in the tech world.
25:59 3/20/23
Austin City Zoning is F#$ked! The Death of CodeNEXT
I sat down with Austin Stowell to talk about Austin's antiquated zoning rules for land use and development.  He had a years long debacle with the city over a development that in many cities would have been easy. We get into depth on what he went through, and what the city can do to make it's zoning laws more effective in the future. 
49:31 3/9/23
How to sell 50 homes a year...
Want to know how you can sell 50 homes a year? In part 3 of Anthony Lamachhia's keynote speech from our RealtyHack summit in January, Anthony breaks down what you need to know to accomplish this. From mindset, goal setting, and the steps you need to take every single week to accomplish this.
17:59 3/7/23
How to Talk to Home Sellers in 2023
How do you talk to home sellers in 2023? That's the question that real estate agents have been asking in our brokerage. We brought in Anthony Lamacchia to discuss how to creatively help seller realize their goals.
37:59 3/7/23
Stop Talking to Home Buyers Like This
The way you talk to home buyers in this market is completely different than you would in the past 4 years. Anthony Lamacchia gave the keynote speech for our RealtyHack Summit a few weeks ago. He KILLED it. This is part 1 of 3.
31:00 3/7/23
How to be a top producer in real estate
Actually, the story from one of these top-producing panelists is even worse than that. I don't want to spoil anything but here's the video of top producing agents Dena Davis, Adam Walker, John Crowe, and Adam Walker on how to be a top producer in real estate. They went over how they got to be where they are and what they're doing differently to adapt to this market.
30:29 2/20/23
Real Estate Team Vs Solo
At our RealtyHack Summit we had the week before last we interviewed Kent Redding, Kinan Beck, Christina Mungo, and Liz Riley. They share strategies for onboarding new agents and maintaining a productive work environment. They also discuss how the use of technology has helped them become successful real estate teams in the area.
37:50 2/20/23
Will real estate agents drop out of the industry?
In my second interview with ABoR CEO, Emily Chenevert, we covered the looming questions that are present in our minds now. Will we see a decline in the number of real estate agents in Austin? How is "Proptech" helping agents with automation? What's happening in the Austin Real Estate Market.
28:29 1/25/23
Instagram for Real Estate Agents 2023
What is Instagram going to be like for real estate agents in 2023? We interviewed Chelsea Bucklew, who runs a social media class for realtors. We also had her present to our team of agents at our last company meeting. She tells all the Instagram tips and social media techniques so that agents can define their social media niche and add value to their channels
45:50 12/14/22

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