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Learning to Live the Life

In an increasingly busy world, podcasts are becoming the space for thinking and reflecting in our culture. As we strive to be a church that equips Christians to be whole life disciples of Jesus we are starting a podcast to help listeners Learn to Live the Life. Weekly sermons plus discussion episodes every other week discussing the hot topics in our church and culture, learning from other churches and lifting the lid on our ministries at Christ Church Downend.Please subscribe and email in thoughts to


Invitation to new life 23:35 09/19/2021
Invitation to something better 14:21 09/12/2021
Kingdom compassion 23:14 08/29/2021
Kingdom blindspots 20:43 08/22/2021
Kingdom consequences 14:19 08/15/2021
Kingdom economy – part 2 23:53 08/08/2021
Kingdom economy 15:49 08/01/2021
Kingdom timing 13:48 07/25/2021
Kingdom invitation 25:07 07/18/2021
Kingdom construction 25:18 07/11/2021