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ON THE PAGE: Join professional script consultant Pilar Alessandra as she demystifies screenwriting and answers your questions about script craft and story.


886. Finding the Cues
Director Dans Karagannis and Writer Liz Renner discuss their journey meeting in an On the Page class and joining together to make their short film Damned If You Do, currently screening in major festivals. 
48:32 6/14/24
885. Middle East Meets West
Writer Suha AL Khalifa is a senior writer at the Saudi Giant MBC Studios (Rashash, Devil’s Promise) and also wrote the region's first female super-hero film. She talks about how her experience as a psychotherapist and as a "cultural hybrid" (Bahrain, UK, and US) has informed her writing and storytelling.
37:56 6/7/24
884. Interactive Storytelling
Joe Gold’s “Shakespeare Inc.” offers sixteen variations of a story. Hear how he wrote it, how “choose your own adventure” storytelling is structured and how this approach can work for video-game and screenwriting.
46:33 5/31/24
883. Curating a Film Career
Emily Harris is not only an award-winning writer-director (Carmilla), she also has an amazing “day job” as the Curator of Film at the Victoria & Albert Museum.  
45:12 5/24/24
882. "Why Not Take a Big Swing?”
When writer-director GG Hawkins had access to a unique location for a limited amount of time, she “planted a flag and figured out a way to do it,”  writing, producing and directing an indi-feature called I Really Love My Husband.
39:19 5/17/24
881. Film in the Age of Consent
Filmmaker/ professor Michele Meek shares her thoughts about changing sexuality in teen films, how rom-coms often rely on a non-consent premise and about her wish that writers put their sex scenes on the page.
37:38 5/10/24
880. Story to Script
From "safety nets” to “act three payoffs," Pilar goes solo to talk about what she’s learning while working with writers Story to Script.
28:32 5/3/24
879. Not Another Deaf Story
Writer/director Hilari Scarl discusses her latest multi-media work, Not Another Deaf Story, written and performed with deaf actors on stage and on screen.
38:05 4/26/24
878. Making It
Writers Chris Lawing and Alex Grossman have independently made the movies they’ve written and prepare to makes more! Here they talk about how they’ve pulled it off and what they’ve learned along the way.
57:32 4/19/24
877. Scene Direction Contest 2024
Actor Joel Stoffer (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Stranger Things) stage-reads scene direction submissions from listeners as they showcase their writing skills! Who will win?
91:31 4/12/24
876. Telling His Story
Writer/producer Tracy Grant (Lincoln Heights, Lace) tells a personal story filled with highs and lows that led to a number of writing lessons and his confirmation that "you only need one yes."
44:28 4/5/24
875. Announcement: 2024 Scene Direction Contest
Did you write a prize-worthy piece of scene direction? Enter it in the On the Page Scene Direction Contest! Pilar explains the rules and gives the deadline.
02:17 3/30/24
874. Keeping Creative
A catch up with writer/comedian Laura House as she talks about the lean years and the ripe years, including running a British show in the middle of Covid and learning to feel “the right amount of proud” about her accomplishments.
49:56 3/29/24
873. Science and Scirens
Science through entertainment. Entertainment inspiring science. Filmmakers Tamara Krinsky and Taryn O’Neill co-founded Scirens to explore all of the possibilities.
52:29 3/22/24
872. And The Nicholl Goes To …
Writer Jimmy Miller reflects on a script that changed as he changed, ultimately leading to his current Nicholl Fellowship win.
37:39 3/15/24
871. Writing Tips, Wrestling and Al Pacino
We’re covering it all in this one: Six writing tips from Pilar’s list, some talk of movies that got overlooked at the Oscars and a discussion of writer Sam Benjamin’s new wrestling short film, Screwjob.
61:18 3/8/24
870. Oscar Talk 2024
Pilar and her friends Brian Pope, Mike Musa and Alex Troxler get together for their annual discussion about the best screenplay and best adapted screenplay Oscar nominees.
102:42 3/1/24
869. Writer Upgraded
Writer/Producer Christine Lenig worked hard and took notes for twelve years before her rom-com Upgraded was finally produced with Camila Mendes, Marisa Tomei and Lena Olin. Now it’s #1 on Amazon! 
34:19 2/23/24
868. Write Like a Poet
Writer/Scholar David Noller discusses his book Master Poetry Forms and talks about the ways that screenwriting and poetry are similar in terms of structure, form and craft.
39:40 2/16/24
867. Advice From The Experts
Writer Andrew Zinnes provides nuggets from his new book, Screenwriters Advice, a “how to” as told through the interviews of successful writers of film and TV.
38:05 2/9/24
866. Hidden Treasures
Spotlight on Robert Wooldridge and Kimberly Dilts, two talented On the Page writers with excellent material, ready for their big break!
37:25 2/2/24
865. Multimedia Storytelling
Writer Allison McGevna talks about how the tools and narrative style she uses in her job as a multimedia storyteller and media executive help her as a screenwriter.  Please note: This episode was originally recorded on January 20, 2024 before the recent Conde Nast strike in response to media layoffs.
45:48 1/26/24
864: "None of That Boring Love”
Today’s glut of rom-coms: Why do we love them? What do they get right? What do they get wrong? Writer Elizabeth McKenzie has opinions!
58:16 1/19/24
863. Proof of Concept
Writer/director Christy Stratton returns to the podcast to discuss her short film, The Runt (and to hear about Pilar’s horror-movie Christmas.)
48:26 1/12/24
862. Comedy Expert
Jonterri Gadson went from "comedy nerd" to "comedy expert" when she earned fellowships with the NBC Late Night Writers Workshop and Kevin Hart’s LOL to land a show on adult swim and launch a career writing for The Upshaws, A Black Lady Sketch Show and the upcoming animated show Everybody Still Hates Chris. 
35:56 1/5/24
861. 2023 Writing Year in Review
Career coach Lee Jessup returns to discuss the industry changes and writing trends of 2023 and shares what’s ahead for the new year.
42:26 12/29/23
860. Logline Competition 2023: Part 2
Pilar reads and gives feedback on the loglines that didn’t make the top fifteen lists for the 2023 Logline Contest.
71:50 12/22/23
859. Logline Competition 2023
Pilar and Aadip read, evaluate and vote on feature and TV loglines sent in by listeners. Dimwitted extraterrestrials. Time-traveling teachers. Felons at birthday parties. Who will win?
85:45 12/22/23
858. Making Things Happen
A healthy “impatience” led writer Lenore Adediran to stop waiting and make a web series. Since then she’s sold a pilot, a feature and the Christmas movie, A Christmas Serenade, produced by Harpo Films and streaming on Max. 
41:14 12/15/23
857. Building a Better Mousetrap
Portuguese Script writer Miguel Simal spent years in telenovela writers rooms learning to be as creative as possible before going on to co-write the award-winning Netflix series, Glória. 
45:55 12/8/23

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