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ON THE PAGE: Join professional script consultant Pilar Alessandra as she demystifies screenwriting and answers your questions about script craft and story.


790. Making History
Writer and historian Gina DeAngelis talks about the balance of historical accuracy and entertainment in her scripted work and on screen in general.
53:21 09/23/2022
789. Saving Planty
Josh Staman, Executive Producer of Weird Waters (Peacock), talks about the unique structure of short-form animation, pushing through “analysis paralysis,” and learning to be more “hare-brained” in his writing.
42:11 09/16/2022
788. Pick's Picks
Pilar sits down with her 16 year old nephew, Eric Pick, to find out about the classic films he’s watching as he embarks upon his journey to become a director and screenwriter. A worthy film list for any writer!
69:40 09/09/2022
787. The Ebo Sisters
Filmmaking duo Adamma & Adanne Ebo talk about the work and thought that went into writing, directing and producing their feature film Honk for Jesus, Save Your Soul starring Regina Hall and Sterling K. Brown.
37:42 09/02/2022
786. The Many Hats of Keena Ferguson
From writer to producer to director to actor to parent, Keena Ferguson is always thinking creatively about ways to get her message and stories onto the screen and out to the world.
34:08 08/26/2022
785. A Couple of Q’s and a Bunch of A’s
An informal Q&A with two students from Pilar’s class, Laura Weekes and Dale Hildebrand, resulted in an in-depth discussion about the pros and cons of independent filmmaking.
45:05 08/19/2022
784. Una Meta Movie
Writer/director Jennifer Sharp decided to buck the system, travel to Mexico and make her movie ... which ended up being a story about a writer trying to make her movie while battling the system.
45:29 08/12/2022
783. The Other Kid in the Hall
Writer Paul Bellini, “the guy in the towel,” talks about what he’s learned from writing with Scott Thompson and the Kids in the Hall for over thirty years.
34:16 08/05/2022
782. I Love My Dad
What do you do when your dad catfishes you? Write a movie about it, of course! James Morosini talks about drawing from the truth and creating empathy for his characters as he wrote, directed and starred in his feature film, I Love My Dad, starring Patton Oswalt.
39:07 07/29/2022
781. Andy Siara
From his critically acclaimed screenplay Palm Springs to his upcoming series The Resort, writer Andy Siara likes to explore the “disappointment of time.” 
42:05 07/22/2022
780. Psychology for Screenwriters
William Indick, author of “Psychology for Screenwriters,” discusses why screenwriters must understand human behavior to make their stories come alive.
50:05 07/15/2022
779. Inclusive Screenwriting
Author Jess King talks about their new game-changing screenwriting book, Inclusive Screenwriting for Film and Television, which examines and challenges conventional notions of characterization, world building and three act structure.
40:07 07/08/2022
778. The Summer of Christmas
Keith Giglio and Juliet Aires Giglio share the knowledge of screenwriting and Christmas movies that inspired their new book, “The Summer of Christmas."
42:11 07/01/2022
777. The Storytelling of D&D
Pilar’s oldest child Ezra Dodson walks us through the structure and character rules of Dungeons and Dragons, emphasizing the ways in which it can work as a writing and brainstorming tool for non-D&D storytelling.
60:08 06/24/2022
776. Good Luck and Hard Work
After years of assisting and learning on the job, Naomi Brodkin is a working writer with an episode of Little America coming out soon. She discusses what she’s learned from being on set and in the writers’ room and how her hard work led to the good luck of being involved in the Academy Award winning movie Coda.
52:58 06/17/2022
775. Writing with Pride
Writer Jared Pascoe shares the personal experiences and desire for story that led to his co-founding the Pre-Rainbow Pages aimed at bringing visibility to non-writers guild LGBTQIA+ writers.
31:03 06/10/2022
774. Phil Rosenthal
Phil Rosenthal, the creator of Everybody Loves Raymond, Somebody Feed Phil and the new podcast Naked Lunch, talks about the ways that specificity contributes to great storytelling.
50:07 06/03/2022
773. Gigi!
Writer Gigi Rios New discusses writing for The Garcias on HBO Max and for the need for Latin-driven content in TV and film.
43:39 05/27/2022
772. The Trajectory of Chris Derrick
Writer / director Chris Derrick discusses writing for Star Trek: Picard and how it’s taught him to write to the emotional arc first and bring the cool stuff in later.
54:07 05/20/2022
771. Impact 50
What takes eight years, sixty-seven writers, thirty-six directors and one actual apocalypse? Hear how filmmaker Chris Jones produced the crowd-created feature film, The Impact, connecting 50 short films into one narrative.
49:49 05/13/2022
770. Storytelling
Actor, writer Beverly Mickins, creator of Los Angeles’s longest running storytelling venue Story Salon, talks about the elements that make up a well told, personal story.
42:37 05/06/2022
769. Supporting Ukrainian Filmmakers
Screenwriter Agnieszka Kruk talks about the ways that her creative community in Poland is helping filmmakers in Ukraine affected by the war, and suggests ways that writers worldwide can support their cause.
42:42 04/29/2022
768. Yakira Chambers and the Golden Nugget
After earning a spot in the prestigious CBS Mentoring Program, Writer Yakira Chambers learned how to create a “personal A story” that contributed to her getting a job as a writer on NCIS Hawaii. She discusses her successful first year, writing three episodes and getting the opportunity to work with LeVar Burton.
33:42 04/22/2022
767. Sibling Success
On "Sibling Day” Pilar sits down with her brother Chris Pittas to discuss his decision to pursue screenwriting, his success in competitions, recent representation with Citizen Skull Management … and what he’s learned along the way. 
51:52 04/15/2022
766. The Showrunner of Comic Books
Veteran comic book editor Shelly Bond discusses the similarities and differences between comic book writing and screenwriting.
42:34 04/08/2022
765. A Director’s Journey
Television director and feature writer Pete Chatmon dives into his extensive experience and unique perspective on storytelling and directing, while giving a sneak peak of his new book,"Transitions: A Director's Journey and Motivational Handbook."  
52:29 04/01/2022
764. A Marriage of Art and Commerce
Manager Matt Dy talks about the way he discovers and develops material for the management/production company Lit Entertainment.  
44:01 03/25/2022
763. Oscar Talk 2022
Pilar and her friends Brian Pope, Mike Musa and Alex Troxler get together for their annual discussion about the best screenplay and best adapted screenplay Oscar nominees.
83:54 03/18/2022
762. Actor to Writer
York Walker, staff writer on FBI, talks about his personal path from actor to playwright to television writer.
40:55 03/11/2022
761. Thinking Like an Anthropologist
How can writers truly observe their world and society and write honestly about them? Dr. Teruko Vida Mitsuhara, a linguistic anthropologist and script writer, is here to tell you.
35:40 03/04/2022