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Join irreverent and [slightly] dramatic host, Amy E. Smith as she teaches you how to speak up for yourself without being a total dick... or being completely riddled with guilt. #yesplease As a life coach and speaker, Amy brings her sass and humor to this lively, weekly podcast designed to give you a no-b**t guide to navigating challenging topics. Accompanied by Mr. Smith, her husband and soulmate of twenty-three years, Amy brazenly battles challenging topics such as: letting go of people pleasing, conquering fear, getting your needs met from your partner, and creating effective communication, to name just a few. This podcast is for you if you desire a shoot-from-the-hip, no-b**t approach to implementable life and love advice. It is especially designed for those with potty-mouths, insatiable humor, and a desire to create the most badass life possible.


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