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She Cums First: Promoting equitable pleasure and sexuality education. Good day, Dr. Nick Myers here. This podcast is focused on sexual health and all of the pleasure that comes with it. In the education section of my Facebook group, there are sessions called Selfless Sex where you think about viewing your entire body as a sexual playground. Above all, lets start a movement where we introduce "sexual chivalry," and guys are gentlemen. Who is with me? #SheCumsFirst #SCF


SS - Women with a low sex drive
Many things can cause low sexual desire including stress, anxiety and even medications.  Stells Anna Sonnenbaum, a sexologist based in London, offers a few unique solutions to this issue.  Thanks for listening, Dr. Nick. #TheSun #London
10:16 10/04/2022
PSA - What your penis says about your personality.
Apparently, women judge men on other characteristics based on their penis and pubic grooming habits.  Well...if you "manscape," you're more outgoing.  Who knew?  Thanks for listening, Dr. Nick. 
05:25 09/29/2022
PSA - External Prostate Massage
Many men want to experience prostate pleasure during their sex play, but have an issue with the most "direct" route to massage the prostate.  External prostate massage may be just what those men need to increase their sexual pleasure.  #prostateplay #prostate
04:44 09/22/2022
SS - Secret Sexual Symbols: Swingers
Due to a lively conversation in the private Facebook group, a moderator (Keri) suggested the topic for a podcast should be on sexual sexual symbols.  You've seen them all over the place and yet, you did not know what you were looking at.  Today, I disucss the symbols of the Swinging community.  #lifestyle #Swinging #hotwife #pineapples
11:31 09/20/2022
PSA - Top five sex toys for women
According to Marie Claire, these are the top 5 sex toys for women.  It seems even with all of the choices available, one type of toy stands above the rest.  Time to go shopping.  Thanks for listening, Dr. Nick. 
07:40 09/15/2022
SS - You Cheated. Should you confess?
Is honesty always the best policy?  You would think yes, but some experts are saying no.  Is cheating the one thing you should take to your grave?  Get ready for an interesting podcast.  Thanks for listening, Dr. Nick. #cheating #confessing #trust
12:19 09/13/2022
PSA - The "Irrumatio" and the female throat orgasm
In this PSA, I discuss the Throat Orgasm and a old technique called Irrumatio aka "Throat Fu@king."  If you are able to have throat orgasms, this sounds like a match made in heaven.  Thanks for listening, Dr. Nick. #SusanBratton #ThroatOrgasm
04:41 09/08/2022
SS - The Throat Orgasm
Some women can orgasm while performing fellatio with no clitoral stimulation.  "Deep Throat" had the right idea but the orgasm could be related to the Throat Chakra or the pituitary gland.  Thanks for listening, Dr. Nick. #fellatio #orgasm
12:18 09/06/2022
PSA - Why do women cheat? A follow-up.
In this PSA, I give my opinion why some women cheat.  In addition to the reasons given from the full podcast, I believe outdated social norms are the problem.  Plus, medical advancements and financial independence also play a part.  Thanks for listening, Dr. Nick. 
06:31 09/01/2022
SS - Why do women cheat?
What makes a woman cheat? Older ideas say she has low self-esteem, where newer research says otherwise.  What do you think would make a woman cheat in her relationship?  Thanks for listening, Dr. Nick. 
13:50 08/30/2022
PSA - Three new types of female orgasms
You've heard of the clitoral, vaginal, and G-Spot orgasms, right? Have you heard of the Wave, Avalanche or the Volcano?  In this mini-podcast, I discuss these types of orgasms.  Thanks for listening, Dr. Nick. #orgasms
06:55 08/25/2022
SS - Why do men cheat?
In this podcast, I discuss a few of the reasons presented in a GQ article from a few years ago.  Personally, I think it happens due to a combination of reasons.  Thanks for listening, Dr. Nick. #cheating #affair
09:36 08/23/2022
PSA - Dating in 2022 ...WTF?? #2.
This PSA is a follow-up to the April podcast.  This time, I discuss men and some on the issues we have connecting with women.  Some of these pro-men groups only make it harder for anyone to date in 2022.  Thanks for listening, Dr. Nick.  #MGTOW #SYSBM
07:14 08/18/2022
SS - Top 5 Male Sexual Fantasies
This episode is a follow-up to last weeks podcast on female sexual fantasies.  You can probably guess what #1 is and more importantly, there is some overlap between the fantasies.  Have that conversation and have fun.  Thanks for listening, Dr. Nick. #fantasies #BDSM #Threesomes
10:10 08/16/2022
PSA - Tips for a Successful Threesome
One of the more popular sex fantasies for women involve a threesome.  Here are a few tips provided by women to make your fantasy a success.  A "MFM" threesome is also discussed.  Thanks for listening, Dr. Nick. #threesomes #lifestyle
08:17 08/11/2022
SS - Women's Top 10 Sexual Fantasies.
Women have plenty of sexual fantasies, ranging from the wild to the tame, the romantic to the predatory.  In this podcast, I list the top 10 sexual fantasies.  What do you think was #1.  Thanks for listening, Dr. Nick.  #pleasure #fantasies #desire
12:46 08/09/2022
Website update August 2022
This is the website update for August 2022.  There are 8 new podcasts in July and the Just the Tip memes run from 40 thru 49.  I may add my TikTok videos to the site as well in the near future.  Enjoy, Dr. Nick. 
01:14 08/06/2022
PSA - Survey: People have 2x sex on vacation.
People listed a few reasons why they have twice as much sex on vacation.  Also, hotel beds are not the only place people have sex either.  #MileHighClub  Thanks for listening, Dr. Nick.  #vacationsex #sexonthebeach #cheating
05:05 08/04/2022
SS - Mistakes to Avoid in Open Relationships
While open relationships are increasing in popularity, those new to the lifestyle can make mistakes.  In this podcast, I discuss 6 common mistakes couples make. #swinging #SoloPoly #throupies
10:08 08/02/2022
PSA - Which musicians are the best in bed?
Discussing a lighter topic, who was ranked as a better sex partner? Could it be trumper player? Everyone loves guitarists, right?  The winner may be shocking but if you give it some thought, it kinda make sense.  Thanks for listening, Dr. Nick. 
05:51 07/28/2022
SS - Brazilian Butt it worth your life?
Even with a $5000 price tag, butt lifts are extremely popular.  Did you know this simple procedure can have serious side effects.  I discuss BBLs and other health issues when things go wrong.   Thanks for listening, Dr. Nick. #brazilian #tummytuck @bloomberg
09:43 07/26/2022
PSA - Face sitting it for you?
Also known as "Queening," many women enjoy this activity.  Is this something fun to add to your sex play?  Here are just a few tips to make it better and wouldn't you know, Monty Python had it right all along.  Thanks for listening, Dr. Nick. 
06:56 07/21/2022
SS - Prostate Cancer and Sexual Health
The treatments from prostate cancer can have a major impact on the sexual health of men.  While there are options for being sexually active, prevention is key.  
13:04 07/19/2022
PSA - Numbing Lubes: Can you last longer?
Numbing creams, wipes, and lubes are becoming more popular.  The question is do you really need to last longer?  Why not focus on the quality verus the duration?  Thanks for listening, Dr. Nick. 
06:55 07/14/2022
Website update July 2022
I finally have a website now.  This is the monthly update.  Feel free to stop by:
01:08 07/12/2022
SS - Five thing women do men do not like.
Just to be fair, here is the follow up to last weeks podcast.  We men have our likes and dislikes in the bedroom too.  For example, please be mindful of your teeth during fellatio.  Just a suggestion.  Thanks for listening, Dr. Nick. 
12:15 07/12/2022
PSA - The Fractured Penis.
Yes, you can "fracture" a penis.  In this PSA, I recount one man's story with his broken penis and I discuss the 3 sex positions known to break the penis.  Be careful out there.  Good luck, Dr. Nick. 
06:07 07/07/2022
SS - Five things men do women do not like.
Gentlemen, please stop calling out the wrong name during sex!  How does this even happen?  In this podcast, I discuss this plus a few other things guys do that women hate.  Thanks for listening, Dr. Nick. 
09:12 07/05/2022
PSA - Roe v. Wade, Black Women & Replacement Theory.
In this PSA, I discuss the implications of Roe and how it will affect women in the USA.  The decision makes no sense under the guise of care.  The unforseen consequences will appear shortly.  Thanks for listening, Dr. Nick. 
13:32 06/30/2022
Cuckholds, Cuckqueans, and Bulls.
Following up on the hotwife podcast, I wanted to talk about the partners associated with this lifestyle.  If all parties involved are open and honest with each other, it can be a pleasureable experience for all.  Enjoy, Dr. Nick. 
09:40 06/28/2022