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She Cums First: Promoting equitable pleasure and sexuality education. Good day, Dr. Nick Myers here. This podcast is focused on sexual health and all of the pleasure that comes with it. In the education section of my Facebook group, there are sessions called Selfless Sex where you think about viewing your entire body as a sexual playground. Above all, lets start a movement where we introduce "sexual chivalry," and guys are gentlemen. Who is with me? #SheCumsFirst #SCF


#222 - Sex in Self Driving Cars
It seems that people are having sex in the back seats of self-driving cars.  Well, if you get pulled over, simply ask the officer to talk to the driver. #Katt
05:07 1/11/24
#221 - Sexual Resolutions for 2024
Hello there. Its been far too long.  Let us start of 2024 with a few sexual resolutions for better sex in 2024.  Thanks for listening, Dr. Nick . 
10:56 1/9/24
#220 - "Trad Wives" and their movement.
After watching the documentry on Amazon Prime called Shiny Happy People about the Dugger clan, I also discovered a movement called "Trad Wives," or traditional wives.  On the surface, it seems benign but, if you dig deeper, you'll discover racist beliefs and spousal abuse.  Thanks for listening. #Duggers #ShinyHappyPeople #TradWives
07:39 6/9/23
#219 - Oral sex can cause throat cancer (HPV)
Here is a quick PSA today.  With the more people having oral sex, this increases the chance that you will contract HPV.  Luckily, there is a vaccine that can protect you.  Thanks for listening, Dr. Nick. 
03:41 5/19/23
#218 - Laughter during sex
Yes, laughter during sexual activities is a good thing...a great thing.  So, when something "awkward" happens, be sure that you do not laugh at your partner.  Thanks for listening, Dr. Nick. 
07:47 5/18/23
#217 - PSA for Meds: Zoloft
This is another PSA for sexual side effects.  In this podcast, I discuss Zoloft, another popular antidepressant.  Please talk to your doctor if you are having side effects that affect your sexual health.  Thanks for listening, Dr. Nick.
04:26 5/11/23
#216: The 2023 GQ Survey on Sex
Well, hello.  Its been a while. In this podcast, I discuss the 2023 GQ Survey on dating, porn and sex.  With only 600+ participants, take what you will and still, the results were concerning. I did not know people's "body counts" were a concerns.  Thanks for listening, NM.  PS: Sorry for the 'morning voice.' 
09:26 5/9/23
#215: The importance of reclaiming
After a lifestyle party, couples typically take time to reconnect with each other mentally, and in some cases, physically.  This act of reclaiming/ reconnecting is a crucial element of their relationship.  Some couples even have a ritual they use to reconnect with each other.  Thanks for listening, Dr. Nick. #lifestyle #reclaiming
06:15 2/3/23
#214: Asexuals need love too.
More and more people are coming out as asexual.  In this podcast, I provide a few tips on being in a successsful relationship with an asexual.  For starters, you both have to be honest with each other.  Thanks for listening. 
11:08 2/3/23
#213: Can you be a swinger and a cop?
In the United States, there was a situation where a hotwife was fired for having sex with her fellow officers.  Granted, some activity took place at police headquarters, but she and other officers were fired.  With the ever increasing number of people in the lifestyle, are the policies behind the times? 
06:08 2/3/23
#212 - PSA: The Hook Position
Here is an oldie, but a goodie sex position.  Now, it has a new name, but with the same results.  If you are flexable, give it a try.  You just might like it.  Enjoy, NM. 
04:34 1/19/23
#211 - SS: Why is it so tough to talk about sex?
Sexuality is everywhere and some of us struggle to talk about sex, especially with intimate partners.  Why is this a hard conversation to have?  I believe in order to have good sex, we have to talk about it.  Thanks for listening, Dr. Nick. 
10:35 1/17/23
#210 - PSA for Meds: Wellbutrin
Medications are known to have severe sexual side effects. In this PSA, I discuss Wellbutrin, a common antidepressant with surprising sexual side effects.  Thanks for listening, NM. #wellbutrin
05:59 1/16/23
#209 - Top 5 SCF Podcasts for 2022
Well hello everyone.  Its 2023 so, I wanted to take a quick look back at the top podcasts of 2022.  One PSA made it to the list.  I recommend revisiting these top podcasts.  Thanks for listening, NM. 
05:37 1/3/23
#208 - Adultery is now illegal in Indonesia.
In a country with over 275 million people, this is going to be a major change.  Why would they make this change? People typically do not like it when the government comes into their bedroom.  #Indonesia #Adultery
04:52 12/22/22
#207 - Sexual Resolutions for 2023
This year is coming to a close and a new year begins. Time to make a few sexual resolutions for 2023.  Essence Magazine had a few good suggestions to get you started in the right direction.  #resolutions 
07:04 12/20/22
#206 - Dr. Nick's Stocking Stuffers for 2022.
Time to spread the holiday cheer and the sexual pleasure to each and everyone.  These 'stuffers' will actually fit in a stocking too!  Be sure to buy plenty of AA batteries. #sextoys
10:00 12/15/22
#205 - Living Apart Together
An increasing number of married couples are living in seperate locations.  According to an article in the New York Times, women are driving this movement.  Can couples really find a way to make this work? 
08:33 12/13/22
#204 - Sperm counts drop worldwide!
Sperm counts have been dropping all over the planet, with a consistent decrease starting after 2000 (Y2K?)  So, what is really going on?  Gentlemen, we really need to really monitor what we put into our body, including medications.  
05:45 12/8/22
#203 - Black Bulls
In the lifestyle, the cuck & bull relationship is nothing new.  Being a black bull with BBC can be an amazing experience for some men.  At what cost?
08:51 12/6/22
#202 - Honey...Can we have an open marriage?
Many people are in sexless marriages, while there are options out there.  Ladies, if your husband asked you for an open marriage, what would you say? #lifestyle #openmarriage
05:01 12/1/22
(#201) - SS: Dating in 2022...WTF? #3: Man Sharing
Some women are involved in a man sharing situation and do not have a clue.  Could an open relationship solve this issue?  Maybe, if everyone is aware, agree to a set of rules and has the opportunity to make an informed choice.  #dating #mansharing
07:59 11/29/22
(#200) - PSA: More tips for successful sex over the holidays
To go along with the previous podcast, here are a few more suggestions for sexual fun while trying to keep things quiet. Happy holidays.  
07:16 11/24/22
SS - Tips for successful holiday sex
Its that time of year when we spend time with inlaws, friends and family.  Trying to find alone time for sex can be difficult, but it can be done.  Here are just a few tips to help you out.  (Plus, its a fun podcast to listen to and share with friends while you are waiting for the turkey dinner.)  
15:44 11/22/22
PSA - No Nut November...Say What??
This is another internet movement which needs to stop.  This madness is getting out of hand.  How and why did this "holiday" appear in the first damn place? #NoFap #NoNutNovember
07:50 11/17/22
SS - Internet Sexual Censorship
The web has become a hostile place for sexual health information.  Sites are shut down or just vanish overnight.  What caused this to happen and a better question is what can be done?  #shadowbanning
11:21 11/15/22
PSA - Tips for online dating profiles
With so many looking for love online, what can you do to make your profile stand out among the crowd?  Hint: Do not follow the crowd!  Thanks for listening, Dr. Nick. 
05:50 11/10/22
SS - Make Up Sex
You ever had sex right after a heated argument?  I bet it was rather hot and passionate, right?  Make up sex can be fun but of course, you can only have so much make up sex.  Please do not start an argument for the make up sex either.  Thanks for listening, Dr. Nick. 
12:15 11/8/22
SS - Women and Vaginal Orgasms
One in five women can orgasm without any clitoral stimulation.  Some women can orgasm from nipple stimulation alone.  What other forms of pleasure can lead to sexual excitment and orgasms for you? #orgasms #pleasure
12:21 11/4/22
PSA - Internal Prostate Massage
Some men enjoy a prostate massage, which in known to increase orgasmic pleasure.  Is it for you? 
08:15 11/3/22

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