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Hosted by cybersecurity and privacy professionals Tom Eston and Scott Wright, Shared Security is a weekly show that explores the trust you put in people and technology. We bring you news, tips, advice, and interviews with cybersecurity and privacy experts to help you live more secure and private in our connected world.


ANOM FBI Global Crime Sting, Colonial Pipeline Updates, Password Leak Research 23:25 06/14/2021
Amazon Sidewalk, NFTs and Cybersecurity, Norton 360 Cryptocurrency Mining 25:36 06/07/2021
Biden’s Cybersecurity Executive Order, Apple’s AirTag, Cyber Insurance 25:11 05/31/2021
How Gamification is Changing Cybersecurity 22:47 05/29/2021
Colonial Pipeline Updates, DarkSide Goes Dark, Cybersecurity Best Practices 27:14 05/24/2021
The Colonial Pipeline Ransomware Attack 19:35 05/17/2021
World Password Day, Tesla Hacking via Drone, Ipsos Screenwise Panel 29:33 05/10/2021
Remembering Dan Kaminsky, Apple AirDrop Vulnerability 23:16 05/03/2021
3 Ways to Keep Your Cryptocurrency Safe 28:16 05/01/2021
Instagram Anti-Abuse Tool, Apple Advertiser Restrictions, Terrible Passwords 21:24 04/26/2021
Data Breaches vs. Data Leaks, FBI Exchange Server Controversy 23:48 04/19/2021
Best of Episode: Interview with Jayson E. Street 51:07 04/12/2021
Best of Episode: Interview with Rachel Tobac 29:44 04/05/2021
SMS Two-Factor Authentication, New Internet Hygiene Model 23:36 03/31/2021
Top 3 Privacy Tips for Travel 05:48 03/29/2021
Facebook and Apple Privacy Debate, Employee Phishing Test Gone Wrong 23:36 03/22/2021
Encryption Backdoor Debate, Microsoft Exchange Attacks, Airline Supplier Data Breach 20:01 03/15/2021
The Deepfake Dilemma, Microsoft Exchange Zero-Days, IT Security Investments 19:00 03/08/2021
Card Skimmers Powered by Chip Cards, Silver Sparrow Mac Malware, Accellion Zero-Days 19:02 03/01/2021
Clubhouse App and Your Privacy 26:34 02/27/2021
Apple’s Safe Browsing Request Proxy, BEC Attacks, LastPass Updates 15:19 02/22/2021
Florida Water Supply Hack, Android App Hijack, US Capitol Riot Phone Tracking 21:27 02/15/2021
Dangerous Social Media Algorithms, A Moral Imperative for AI Powered Weapons? 23:19 02/08/2021
Cybersecurity Researchers Targeted, Three iOS Zero-Days, Google FLoC 07:10 02/01/2021
Tanya Janca CEO and Founder We Hack Purple 35:32 01/28/2021
Parler, Pelosi’s Stolen Laptop, Vaccination Passport Apps 07:16 01/25/2021
The Capital Riot: First Amendment and Deplatforming, Cybersecurity Lessons Learned 24:49 01/18/2021
How to Break Into a Cybersecurity Career – Part 2 with Rafal Los 23:52 01/11/2021
How to Break Into a Cybersecurity Career – Part 1 30:20 01/04/2021
Top 3 Cybersecurity Tips 07:47 12/28/2020