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Bold and blunt: Washington Times online opinion editor Cheryl Chumley brings her no-holds-barred take on the big issues of the day.


Furious Democrats target SCOTUS for take-down
Democrats are in an uproar over the latest Supreme Court ruling on presidential immunity. And they've turned vicious claws toward the justices in hopes of taking them down somehow. They want to impeach; they want to pack the court; they want to pass a constitutional amendment unraveling SCOTUS's immunity decision. But good luck with any and all of that. The immunity ruling was really just an underscore of what's common sense: that is, presidents in the White House must be freed to make decisions on behalf of America and Americans without having to worry about being sued for the rest of their lives by political enemies. Jim Gilmore, former governor of Virginia, discusses why this case is one of the most important SCOTUS rulings in court history.
30:57 7/9/24
Ethical journalism? States propose tax dollars for media
Journalists already aren't very well regarded in America when it comes to trust. Now, it's about to get even worse. State governments are actually proposing to budget millions of dollars for local media outlets as a means of saving journalists' jobs. That's a recipe for disaster. There goes the last of media integrity. Roger Ream, president of the Fund for American Studies, says we have to fight states that are budgeting for this, else journalism will lose even more respect and trust.
35:21 7/5/24
Church 'nones' are killing America
Atheism is on the rise, and America is losing its liberties, and the rise of the first is leading to the decline of the second. Those who claim to be one of the "nones" -- meaning, no particular faith -- have doubled in the last decade and around 30 percent of Americans now say they're part of that group. This spells disaster for America and the future of individual freedoms. Judge Phil Ginn, president of the Southern Evangelical Seminary, has words of warning and wisdom for the nation.
31:39 7/2/24
Youthful embrace of Hamas over Israel
It's shocking to see the displays of antisemitism on America's college campuses. But that's just the tip of the iceberg of anti-Israel mindsets that's coursing through America right now. According to a recent poll, an estimated 33 percent of Gen-Zers believe Israel has no right to exist as a nation in the Middle East. How did we get to such a point of ignorance and open embrace of evil? Jeff Myers, with his new "Should Christians Support Israel?" book, discusses what's taking place in America's youth -- and more.
30:15 6/27/24
Christians who don't vote are to blame for darkness
If Christians refuse to vote, then they have only themselves to blame when the nation turns dark. And this is exactly why America is headed down such a shaky path right now. The statistics on the numbers of so-called Christians who fail to show up for elections and do their civic duties are sad and sorry, and Craig Huey, author of "The Christian Voter," says it's becoming quite a problem. It's actually been quite a problem for a very long time.
31:11 6/25/24
America's religious war
America, acknowledge it or not, is embroiled in a religious war, one that pits good against evil and that shakes the very foundations of our nation's Constitution and moral compass -- one that challenges and frustrates our ability to remain exceptional on the domestic and international stages. If this nation was founded on the concept of rights and liberties coming from God, then the growth of secularism and its impact on the culture is certainly changing the shape of our politics, and not for the better. Albin Sadar, author of "Obvious," a book about fighting evil, says America needs more Christians and believers and patriots speaking out against the wickedness that's coursing through our country. It's true. When good speaks up, evil retreats in shame and fear.
34:36 6/20/24
Confronting the evil called LGBTQ
Too many youth in America are being utterly destroyed by a committed, determined and very evil force called LGBTQ agenda -- and it's the doctors and the medical community who really need to be held to account. There is some backlash against the insanity that's growing, but as Mary Margaret Olohan writes in her new book, "Detrans," not enough is being done to protect the innocent.
37:17 6/18/24
Biased media mucking up Israel coverage
It's bad enough antisemitic forces around the world are turning against Israel and taking advantage of this weak White House and feckless president called Joe Biden to run roughshod over the Jewish nation's right to defend itself, calling out the Jewish people as the aggressor and Hamas as the victim. But the fact many if not most members of the media play into this narrative is despicable. Where is the context and truthful history? Why has Israel become the bad actor from an October 7 terror attack of Hamas' making? Troy Miller, president of NRB, traveled to Israel and this is what he's learned.
30:41 6/13/24
Border crisis grows worse under Biden
If you thought the crisis at the border couldn't get any worse, think again. President Joe Biden may have signed an executive order to tighten up the border and trigger restrictions against new entries once the crossing numbers reach a certain level. But it's all political theater. And few know that better than Shea Bradley-Farrell, president of Counterpoint Institute, who visited the border in person and spoke with border agents, residents and medical professionals in the region to see how bad things really are -- and this is what she discovered: they're worse than Americans realize.
28:11 6/11/24
The world's turn against Israel
The pressure from the world, including from America, for Israel to come to some sort of peaceable solution with Hamas is increasing, and it's really leaving the Jewish people in a tight spot. It's impossible to strike a peaceful coexistence with people who simply want to destroy your nation and destroy your people -- yet that's what President Joe Biden is putting on Israel to forge with the terror group Hamas. When did it get to the point Israel was the aggressor and Hamas the victim? Hamas struck Israel on October 7, 2023, and everything that's come after in terms of war and casualties and war-torn communities has been the fault of Hamas. If the terrorists never attacked, Israel never would have attacked, either. Josh Reinstein, president of Israel Allies Foundation, discusses the latest.
27:38 6/6/24
More COVID lies, more COVID coverups
Anthony Fauci may have taken center stage at a congressional hearing aimed at uncovering the truths of the COVID virus, but it was hardly his time to acknowledge the government's errors of coronavirus guidance. Rather, Fauci dug in deep on his own deceptions, while Democrats ran cover for him. Republicans scored big points in pointing out Fauci's conflicts of interest and ever-changing narratives and deceptive science and email coverups. But what's to be done in the end? If Americans can't trust the medical bureaucrats -- and they shouldn't! -- who can they trust? Marc Girardot, author of "The Needle's Secret," has much to say about the state of vaccines in America.  
30:51 6/4/24
Optimism During Dark Joe Biden Times
ow to stay optimistic, even when times are tough? kelly Wright of NTD News has plenty of positives to provide, and almost all start with the idea of putting God first. Yes, Joe Biden is putting America in peril because of the White House turn from Israel. But there is still hope. And it comes from belief in God, faith through the fires of testing and pure resolve to find common ground, rather than fight petty battles.
29:58 5/28/24
The world's on fire and Christians must rise up
It's high time for the Christians of America to get off the sidelines, get out of the pews, lay down the Bible and get involved in politics and culture. This isn't to say abandon church and the Bible -- rather, it's to say carry church teachings and Bible truths into the political and cultural realms so as to take back the nation from the Marxists and leftists who are trying to destroy American Exceptionalism. Tommy Nelson, author of "God and Country," discusses what Christians can and should be doing to save America.
32:01 5/23/24
America should stop funding Ukraine
No more money for Ukraine -- that's what U.S. taxpayers should be telling the government now. And there are some very good reasons why -- first and foremost, that Ukraine, prior to the Joe Biden administration, was considered one of the most corrupt nations in the world. So what's America's end game there? How will America determine it's time to stop funding this war? What are America's interests there? These are all questions that should have been answered before America even got involved in Ukraine. Investigative journalist Ben Swann says if America stopped funding today, the war would be over tomorrow. He has a 12-part docu-series that shows how deep the corruption runs in Ukraine and why America should not be sending a penny more to Zelensky's government.
29:07 5/21/24
America will prevail with faith in God
America's on the cusp of a disaster called moral degradation, a situation that's similar to what brought about Rome's decline and fall. But with a spiritual reawakening, and with a call to the arms of faith, and with a determined class of believers willing to fight for the future of this country with a Bible as the sword -- this nation's system of individualism will be preserved and the communist collectivists who are trying to kill our Constitution will be shoved back in the shadows. Kirk Cameron, Hollywood star turned evangelistic patriot, has words of comfort, wisdom and Bible-based reasoning for a country of citizens who are sharply divided. And in his view, it's all about the faith in God.
30:59 5/16/24
How to Share God Without Seeming a Nut
One of a Christian's highest calls of duty is to share the good word -- but at the same time, one of a Christian's biggest fears is sharing the good word. Why? In a word: fear. Christians have so many worries about their ability to share the Bible and the news of Christ in an effective manner that isn't uncomfortable, doesn't embarrass and that doesn't evoke images of passing out dandelions at airports that oftentimes, the sharing of the word fails to take place. Willie Robertson of "Duck Dynasty" fame has a new book, "Gospeler," that tells just how believers can share the gospels without fear.
27:03 5/14/24
Crime on the decline? Au contraire!
President Joe Biden has been out and about, claiming crime stats show he's doing an A-OK job of keeping citizens in this country -- despite the fact that police and innocent women are getting beat down in the streets by thugs and illegal aliens and criminals who've been given free passes on prosecution. The Democrat logic is repeat a lie often enough and people will start to believe it. But crime stats can be skewed. And John Lott says the media has been doing a terrible job of reporting truthful crime data.
30:39 4/30/24
Time ticks on America's war to win vs. China
America is in a fight for its cultural, political and economic life -- and it's not just a battle against Democrats who want to destroy the Constitution and usher in a new system. of governance more in line with socialism and communism and Marxism. It's a fight against China. The communists in China are coming on strong to dominate the world stage, and if America doesn't get its act together, then freedom will suffer -- and not just in the United States. The world needs America to win this war, else China communism will spread like a cancer all around the world. Matthew Kroenig discusses his new "We Win, They Lose," and how America can most effectively lead on foreign policy.
28:25 4/25/24
Faith and Freedom Are Tied at the Hip
Faith and Freedom Are Tied at the Hip You can't have freedom -- true freedom -- without faith. It's no accident that communist countries outright discourage their citizens from practicing religion. It's no coincidence that dictatorial nations have governments filled with politicians who actively promote atheism. The reason? Communists and Marxists and collectivists can't rule with their iron fists over people who know they're not the final authorities. Scott Morrison, former prime minister of Australia, discusses how his faith emboldened and sustained him during his years of politics.  
28:16 4/23/24
Joe Biden is emboldening terror
President Joe Biden is not doing Israel a favor by saying his administration will not support an IDF counterattack against Iran. He's not doing America, the West or the civilized world a favor, either. Rather, he's giving Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah and the evil forces of terror a hat tip to the notion that America is going to stand by and do nothing -- and that's all it takes to stir the pot. Evil will exploit America's weakness. Stay tuned for more attacks against Israel; more unrest in the Middle East; more terror, more chaos, more mayhem and more security risks to the Jewish state as well as to America and the West. Gol Kalev, author of "Judaism 3.0," and an Israel-based columnist, talks about the recent Iran attacks on his country and what it means for the security of the free world.
33:19 4/16/24
Israelis fight for normalization, post-October 7
Israelis fight for normalization, post-October 7 Imagine laying in bed and hearing rockets streak overhead and not thinking that it's the rockets themselves that are odd, but rather that there are so, so, so many rockets -- so many more than usual -- that's the oddity. That's how October 7 started for Michal Uziyahu and her family in Ein Habesor, a Jewish community located three miles from Gaza, during the October 7 terrorist attacks by Hamas on Israel. She speaks about how the morning opened and how she rushed to get her family into the home safety room, and then watched with growing alarm the WhatsApp messages that flew from those of neighboring communities, showing images of abducted, images of invasions and messages of warning about terror attacks. And how's Ein Habesor faring now, in the months since the terror? Tune in. Uziyahu has a powerfully emotional story to share.
39:47 4/2/24
Three miles from Gaza, a Jewish community fights to heal
Three miles from Gaza, a Jewish community fights to heal Ein Habesor is located about three miles from Gaza, and produces about 60 percent of all of Israel’s produce. Though the terrorists never breached the gate, and nobody from Ein Habesor was killed, adjacent communities weren’t so lucky. For hours, terrorists from Gaza drove the nearby roads — which included those to Reim forest, where thousands of Jewish youth had congregated for the Nova Festival of music — and they fired off RPGs and rifles as they scoured the areas for Jews to kill, rape, torture, capture.  Yftach Gepner, a professor at Tel Aviv University, said that until October 7, most of those in Ein Habeshor wanted to help the Palestinians, and often provided them medical and health care. After?  Nowadays? Now, as the community is still trying to recover from the tragedy and horror; from the economic hit of agricultural produce that’s wasted in the field as nobody’s there to pick and process it; from the grief of knowing personally many in nearby communities who were killed, raped, captured and held hostage.
32:26 3/29/24
JFK's assassination gets new look
Conspiracy theorists, unite! The JFK assassination has a new angle, a new line of thought -- a new piece of evidence and analysis -- and guess what: "The government's been lying and covering up> So says, the coauthor of a new book on the matter, Jerome Corsi, who has taken a look at xrays, along with his coauthor, Dr. David Mantik, and both conclude that evidence has been altered.
28:37 3/21/24
Abortion and the lies of the left
Abortion and the lies of the left The left loves to twist definitions and words to work for their leftist designs, and nowhere else, perhaps, is that twisting and turning more noticeable than in the arena of abortion. That's where leftists tell women that to abort their babies is a human right; that to abort their babies is freeing; and that to abort their babies is a viable solution that brings no regrets or consequences. It's all a lie. And Marc Aramian and Veronica Dipippo have quite a story to share about a woman who learned the hard way about the truths of abortion -- but then learned about the power of God's forgiveness and grace, as well.
27:22 3/19/24
January 6 is the real state of the union
Joe Biden wants to say America's in great shape -- that thanks to him and his White House policies, this nation couldn't be doing any better, particularly economically. We know that's bunk. If you want to look at how the nation's doing, take a peek behind the curtains of January 6. Radio host Ed Martin says the justice system is a two-tiered mess, and that's causing chaos throughout society. 
32:04 3/14/24
Reagan vs. Biden, a real no-brainer
Comparing Ronald Reagan's success as a president versus Joe Biden's success in the White House is a lesson in opposites. Reagan, to this day, is still counted by Americans as one of the best presidents in U.S. history. Biden will be remembered as worse than Jimmy Carter -- no small feat when you consider the weakness of Carter's administration. As Craig Shirley, author of the new "The Search for Reagan," says: Reagan saw individuals in terms of their inherent worth, and governed accordingly. Biden, on the other hand, sees only the worth of Big Government.
35:59 3/5/24
America's deplorable antisemitism problem
America's colleges and universities have become ground zero for the Jew-hatred movement, and for many, this is a shocking eye-opener. But Dr. Zachary Marschall, w/ Campus Reform and Leadership Institute, says the antisemitism has been festering on America's places of higher learning for decades. The rot must be cleansed. As Marschall said, yes this is America -- but guess what: antisemitism, Jew hatred, violence against Jews -- a call to eradicate Jews from the face of the earth -- it can all happen here. 
28:22 2/29/24
Time for Joe Biden, Democrats to fly
It's high time for America to take back American Exceptionalism, and the key way to do that is to boot Democrats, particularly President Joe Biden, from office. Democrats have done nothing but devastate the American economy, education system, law and justice and constitutional order, and most especially, the border. As tens of thousands pour into America from countries with socialist and Marxist governments, and then disappear into parts unknown across the United States, the Democrats cheer because they see in these illegals their next batch of loyal voters. This is a situation that cannot last forever. Soon enough, America the free will be America the communist. Richard Levine, author of "Pillars for Freedom," discusses.
28:31 2/27/24
Digging deeper on Founding Fathers
One of today's hottest political discussions is the one that goes like this: What would Founding Fathers do if they were alive today? And it's getting harder and harder to reach consensus on that point because too many Americans are not well schooled on Founding Father logic. So how to debate effectively? Michael Barone, one of America's most respected political pundits and authors, weighs in with a scholarly look at how the founders really arrived at their conclusions. His new book -- "Mental Maps of the Founders" -- explains more.
33:18 2/15/24
Globalism 101 and how to fight it
The coming globalist storm is on the horizon -- in fact, it's actually here and now. But as one historian says: Not much under the sun is new. When it comes to the globalist attempt to steal away America's sovereignty, we've actually been here, done that in previous decades. And guess what? Freedom wins. But that doesn't mean the war's won. Larry Schweikart discusses Davos, globalism and the fate of American liberties, as well as his new book, "Patriot's History of Globalism: Its Rise and Decline." It's the decline that brings the smile.
36:35 2/13/24