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College Campuses, Cesspools of -- Christianity?
A strange phenomenon has rocked some college campuses in America in recent times, shocking mainstream media, angering leftists and driving the secularists and socialists batty. What is it? Prayer. Prayer vigils. Prayer revivals and prayer, 'round-the-clock. Prayer by students, of students and from students. Prayer that won't stop. Prayer that won't quit. Mark Burrell, author of "Rediscovering the American Covenant," sees this as an optimistic sign. And so should all patriotic Americans. After all, anything that drives the corporate media, the left, the secularists and the socialists nuts should be automatically embraced. It's always a good sign when America turns to prayer, anyway. American Exceptionalism is rooted in the idea that rights come from God. So it's impossible to have God-given rights if the people aren't prayerful and biblical. The fact America's youth are turning to God is a solid sign of an America that hasn't yet fallen into total destruction.
27:56 3/21/23
Remembering Antonin Scalia
It was just over seven years ago that Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia died, leaving a conservative America in shock and sadness. But his legacy lives on -- and, as Scalia chronicler James Rosen says, it's a legacy that will prove him the most influential and important member of the court for the coming 100 years or so. But what of his early life? Of his pre-SCOTUS life? Rosen in his new book, "Scalia: Rise to Greatness, 1936-1986," chronicles some of the characteristics, personality quirks and experiences -- gleaned during interviews with associates as well as during personal lunches and get-togethers with the justice -- that made Scalia, well, Scalia.   
26:44 3/16/23
America's Suffering From a Loss of Moral Grounding
In just a few short years, the percentage of Americans who told Pew Research Center pollsters that there were other countries in the world better than the United States went from 14 to 23. That's tragic. That means nearly a quarter of Americans believe America is not the best -- is not exceptional. Give it a couple more years, and a couple more public high school graduating classes, and that 23% will grow to 50% -- and then to more than half -- and then, one sad and sorry day, to a majority. If a majority of Americans don't believe America is the best, what does that mean for the future of America? Matt Lohmeier, author, public speaker and former military member, speaks about the need to keep faith alive and well in this country, else face a future of destroyed individual rights.
31:49 3/14/23
Parents, Listen Up: Your Wayward Child Can Be Saved
Parenting doesn't come with an instruction manual and for many, it's a heartache to see their children grow and mature into hearts of darkness, not light. What's a parent of a prodigal supposed to do? The Bible teaches that nobody is unreachable; that all are created in God's image -- and that means even children who have lost their way can be brought back to their senses, to their home. And it's never too late, says Laine Craft, author of "The Parent's Battle Plan: Warfare Strategies to Win Back Your Prodigal." The most important key to winning back your child to Christ is to remember that this is a fight against principalities and dark, demonic forces, not against flesh -- not against the children. Satan starts to go after humans when they're at their youngest and most vulnerable. But parents and caretakers can prevail because their powers of prayer are rooted in God's promises and desires.
30:56 3/9/23
Don't Let the COVID Tyrants Get Away With It!
Don't Let the COVID Tyrants Get Away With It! For more than three years, Americans faced a mad, sad state of government affairs due to coronavirus crazy, that led to citizens seeing forced lockdowns as a way of life. Churches were closed. Businesses were closed. Schools were closed. Citizens were face masked and forced off the streets, out of the public parks, off the beaches and away from their neighbors and loved ones. And meanwhile, all the while, all the time on media, the faces of Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx and Big Government, Big Pharma parters in vaccine-profiteering crime told citizens that if they only listened to what they were told to do, then all would be fine and all would soon enough return to normalcy and all would go back to the way it was before COVID came to America. Well, that was a load of you know what. The 15 days to flatten the curve turned into three years of do as I say -- and many on the left would like to keep this sort of fascism alive and well in America. Steve Deace says accountability is needed and in his new "Rise of the Fourth Reich," he suggests a Nuremberg-type trial to make sure such a state of tyrannical affairs never comes to America again.
30:03 3/7/23
COVID Shots and the Death of Young People
Here's a question the government, Big Pharma and Anthony Fauci all agree shouldn't be asked: Are young people suddenly dying due to COVID shots and boosters? According to Fauci And Co., the answer is a resounding "No." But according to data -- according to an author who analyzed the data -- the question can't be answered so quickly and resoundingly in the negative. Fact is, President Joe Biden mandated these shots onto the military and government workers, and many privately owned businesses, in turn, mandated these shots onto their employees. Fact is, too, now even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration are finding that, indeed, there are some adverse health effects from these shots, namely, ischemic stroke in the elderly and myocarditis in young males. So what's wrong with peeking behind the data curtain to discern more of the adverse health effects, and see whether death is one of them? If the shots weren't so ineffective, yet still so mandated and recommended, and simultaneously profitable for Big Pharma and their partners, maybe there wouldn't be so much cause for the alarming questions. Edward Dowd discusses the findings of his new "Cause Unknown: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 and 2022."
34:04 3/2/23
LGBTQ Agenda Infiltrates Miss Manners
The LGBTQ community has managed to infiltrate the guardians of the etiquette gates and now, manners' columnists and so-called etiquette experts everywhere are actually putting forth the notions that it's polite to pretend boys who want to be girls, and vice versa, can actually do so by changing their pronouns or clothing styles. This is yet one more sign of the cultural degradation that's rotting America from within -- and there's one etiquette expert who's had enough of it and is fighting the LGBTQ deceptions. Kelley Yates, author and internationally known etiquette trainer, chats on how to fight the dangerous LGBTQ lies that are being pushed into society and more than that, why it matters. As manners go, so goes the culture, so goes the political systems, so goes the entire nation.
36:55 2/28/23
Biden's Border: It's Worse Than You Think
If you think this administration has done a poor job of protecting America's borders -- you're right. But it's even worse than you think. The borders aren't just porous; they're non-existent. Call it Team Biden's biggest success -- letting in illegals. He's record-breaking, in fact. The danger is that if this administration, this White House, this batch of Democrats in office have their way, America by the end of Biden's term won't be America any more. And how do you go back from that? Once America is destroyed from within due to surging illegal entries, it will be impossible to turn back the clock and turn away those who came illegally. The new age of no law, no order will be set in stone. Bill Pascoe with Tea Party Patriots, gives the latest -- and its far from pretty.
35:30 2/23/23
Israel Goes Conservative and Leftists Go Nuts
Israel Goes Conservative and Leftists Go Nuts Read almost any mainstream news source since the reelection of Benjamin Netanyahu and it's if the nation known by the religious community as the apple of God's eye is about ready to self-destruct. That's because the media leans left and Netanyahu leans right -- so the animosity of the press toward Israeli leader politics has quadrupled overnight. It's interesting, though; the same things the press said of Donald Trump are now being said of Netanyahu. The same gloom and doom predictions made about America under a Donald Trump presidency are now being said of Israel under a Netanyahu prime minister post. The same lies being told about Trump's MAGA and America First policies -- that they're racist, they're misogynistic, they're homophobic -- are being told about Netanyahu's pro-Israeli policies. The left is going nuts over Israel right now. So what does Israel think about it all? Alex Traiman, CEO of Jewish News Syndicate and a long-time Israel resident, discusses what's really on the minds of the Israeli people.
29:51 2/21/23
The CIA, Operation Mockingbird and Modern Media
Today's media isn't just fake news. It's anti-American news. It's become infiltrated by some of the deepest of deep state players, and it's almost like decades ago in America where the CIA actively sent operatives into newsrooms across the country to influence, sway and spin coverage. The CIA never really acknowledged this "Operation Mockingbird," as it was dubbed. But it happened. And some are seeing today's media as so anti-conservative, anti-truth, anti-Donald Trump, anti-American that it's a question mark whether another similar operation has taken root in newsrooms across the country. Author Kent Henckenlively investigated CNN and found: It's even worse than the "fake news" label Trump popularized.
30:17 2/16/23
Barack Obama Has Destroyed America's Healthcare
Barack Obama Has Destroyed America's Healthcare America's healthcare system has been destroyed and turned into socialism, and the fault can be squarely placed on Barack Obama. Before Barack Obama, America's healthcare was the envy of the world. After Barack Obama, America's healthcare raced down a socialized medicine path. And if you've not been to hospitals or clinics or received treatment in this before-after decade, you may have missed the changes that have taken place. But take it from those who've seen up close and personal the pre-Obamacare and post-Obamacare care -- and from those who've experienced the pre-COVID and post-COVID care -- and heed this warning, from Dr. Stephen Soloway, also known as Dr. Trump: Stay out of the hospitals. His new book, Medical Politics, will leave you both stewing and horrified.
35:27 2/14/23
Joe Biden Is Terrible For America
Are you better off now than you were two years ago, before Joe Biden took over as president? Most in America say -- resoundingly! -- no. Where Donald Trump was pro-America, Joe Biden is anti-America; where Donald Trump was America First, Joe Biden is American Last. The list of before-after pros-to-cons is long. And who better to discuss than a former Donald Trump administration insider? Chris Miller, who served as Trump's final defense secretary in the final days of the administration, has a new book, "Soldier Secretary," and among his concerns for America are the wokeness in the military and the inability of this commander-in-chief to adequately lead.
28:27 2/9/23
The Real State of the Union
President Joe Biden may talk a good game about all the positives he's done for America, but truth is, the country's ailing. People are suffering.The economy's sluggish, not chugging. And the confidence of voters in this White House to do its job is low -- to put it mildly. How else to explain Biden's polls numbers, which show Americans are both tired of his failing leadership and turned off to the idea of his run for a second term? From China spy balloons flying this White House's friendly-to-communist skies, to inflation rates that are nipping at the heels of any wage gains seen in recent times, it's clear: the only way this administration can paint its leader in a positive light is to lie. Radio host Vince Coglianese weighs in with his usual smart, incisive and insightful views. 
31:52 2/7/23
Joe Biden, the Great Tempter, Emboldens Evil
President Joe Biden is so weak the world's worst actors are very, very likely plotting their moves before he leaves office, before a Republican takes to the White House, before America's weakness is turned to strength by a GOP leader. North Korea, Russia, Iran and China see opportunity. They want to act fast before they lose that opportunity. That means the next two years are going to be the most dangerous times for America, for America's allies, particularly for Israel, and for an entire world that wants peace. Joel Rosenberg, best-selling author and All Israel news chief, discusses.
36:51 2/2/23
Election Integrity Must Be Restored ASAP
Polls show that far too many Americans still doubt the integrity of our election system and that double-digit percentages of demographics believe Donald Trump, not Joe Biden, should be sitting in the White House right now. Say what you will about the 2020 results -- fact is, the question marks and shadows that linger over the last presidential contest are sad commentaries of the state of the American citizens. A nation that can't trust its election system is a nation that is bound to fall into banana republic governance. Christina Bobb, a Trump attorney, weighs in on what she found during an investigation of the election fraud allegations in 2020. And guess what? It's not just Democrats who raise election integrity alarms. It's Republicans, too.
34:41 1/31/23
How To Overcome Adversity
Life got you down? Struggles kicking your spirit? One shared experience all humans must face is trouble -- trouble and struggle and challenge and crisis and yes, even disaster. It's the bouncing back that's individual. Everybody deals with problems differently, some better than others. But whether the challenge comes by way of physical ailment or health issue or moral crisis or spiritual testing, fact is, we all want to know how to overcome -- and quickly. Rick Leventhal, a former fixture on Fox News and a media presence for decades, has words of wisdom for those facing adversity and stories of inspiration on how he overcame. It's a great message for a new year that's already shown itself to be dark and difficult for many.
31:54 1/26/23
Sex, Communism and the American Family
America's youth are being endangered by a committed far left that wants nothing more than to kill the traditional family and replace it with individuals who are trained in the communist ways -- meaning, the state, the government, the pols are more important than mom and dad. The United Nations is pushing the sexualization of children. The global community is pressing for a new definition of family, one that puts the government, not the parents, in charge. And the youngest and most vulnerable, meanwhile, are being fed a steady diet of communist-type rot that has them thinking all that's great about America is really dangerous and problematic -- and all that's supposedly threatening and horrible about socialist and communist countries is really a lie. They're being trained in the Marxist way to go, and the forces pushing for this New World Family are at the United Nations. Author Kimberly Ells discusses her findings, based on ten years within the U.N. system.
38:17 1/24/23
Vaccine Tyranny and the Dangers of the Shots
Have you taken the COVID-19 shots? How about the boosters? If so, are you worried about the headlines and news stories that have been popping of late about COVID-19 shot-related strokes, myocarditis, adverse health impacts? Truthful data regarding the safety of these shots is very difficult to find. In fact, a lot of the data has been actually hidden from public view; witness the recent revelations about Pfizer's push to keep secret its COVID-tied pharmaceutical information for 75 years -- only to be ordered by a judge to release the information. Witness the recent CDC and FDA finding of a possible link between Pfizer's bivalent booster shots and strokes -- and the concerted downplay by many involved parties to release this information to the public. Given all these risks, given all these questions, you'd think the government narrative to get shots in the arms of all Americans above the age of six months would quiet. But no. It's quite the opposite. The push for shots, shots, shots continues -- so, too, the leftist push for mandates and proof of shots. Ann Vandersteel, co-chair of Zelenko Freedom Foundation, discusses.
36:28 1/19/23
Globalism Leading to Communism in America
Globalism Leading to Communism in America The danger of a new world order, a one world order, a great reset, a total global clampdown on individual liberties -- leading to the destruction of America as we know it -- is real, is looming, is coming on strong. Look at Davos and the collection of bureaucrats who've assembled right now to decide how the citizens of the world should live. Look at how the globalist agenda is sweeping into America's political system. Look at how the business world, led by the Chamber of Commerce, is ushering in more socialism, more Marxism, more globalism -- all in the name of more profits for the corporations who play along. American Exceptionalism is being swept to the side. God-given rights are being trampled daily. Jorge Galicia, a victim of socialism who now speaks with Turning Point USA, has some clear warnings for America.
32:05 1/17/23
America's National Security Peril
America's National Security Peril President Joe Biden isn't exactly doing right by America when it comes to national security. In fact, quite the opposite. The president of the United States is supposed to defend the country from enemies both foreign and domestic -- but with this administration, it seems the biggest threat this nation faces is the White House. From the troubles with transportation to the newly emerging threats from Iran, Biden has one true-blue trait that's obvious: He puts the country in peril daily. Mike Pompeo, former secretary of State under Donald Trump, weighs in on some of today's most alarming national security matters that this administration is failing to address.
26:30 1/12/23
Walking With Jesus, Kathie Lee Gifford Style
One of America's greatest media icons, Kathie Lee Gifford, has entered a new phase of life that's much more focused on spreading the good news -- instead of simply the daily news. She's got several film and book projects that bring alive the stories and characters of the Bible. And she shares her own experiences of faith and love of Christ to kick off the new year of "Bold and Blunt" podcasts.
27:22 1/10/23
China's Choking On Its Own Communism
China is definitely a peril to freedom, not just in America, but around the world. The communist nation has a vision, set forth in its One Belt, One Road initiative, to dominate the world's politics and economies and even culture. And the current CCP president sees the OBOR model making great gains in the coming years, reaching full enactment -- realizing its full vision -- within the next couple decades. But how truthful is the peril of China to American liberties? Author and researcher Josh Kurlantzick doesn't downgrade the dangers of the nation, but says there's a good chance China will be crumbling on its own communism. That's good news indeed.
30:01 1/3/23
Globalists Love to Exploit Race
Ever wonder why Democrats are always so quick to throw down the race card and cry racism, racist, racial discrimination? It's because it's so successful for them. As soon as Democrats label someone or something racist, then all debates and discussions come to an end. All dissenting viewpoints and conflicting opinions are stopped in their tracks. All countering narratives are silenced. And that's all that matters to Democrats. It's not so much about winning the debate or losing the debate as it is about making sure the other side is shut down, stifled, silenced and sent packing. Globalists are seeing the success of Democrats to destroy common sense discussions of policy and politics, and want in on the wins. Globalists love to exploit race because the division that occurs gives them open doors to exert globalist influences. Guest Kevin McGary, co-founder of Every Black Life Matters, discusses why Donald Trump is the right guy to fight these globalist forces and why his win in 2024 in the White House is so crucial to the preservation of American liberties.
30:56 12/29/22
Benjamin Rush Was Right About America
Founding Fathers never envisioned a nation where faith and politics were so separate that those who served in government were little more than secular representations of an utterly immoral citizenry. Yet this is how America has become -- a nation where it's considered radical for politicians to profess in something higher than the government. This is why America has become a country of collectivism; where individualism has been blotted out by Big Government. The solution is more Bible, more biblical teachings, more biblically based governance. As Rush, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence put it, America cannot be a republic without also being a nation of people who rely on Christian teachings to guide. Mark Burrell, author of "Rediscovering the American Covenant," discusses.
28:12 12/27/22
New Year, New RNC Leader? Could Be
Ronna McDaniel is under fire for her leadership of the Republican National Committee and constitutional attorney Harmeet Dhillon is coming on strong to take her place. In the meanwhile, the mainstream media is lapping up the race, painting the battle for chair as if it's some sign of inner turmoil and looming Republican Party destruction. Really, the battle for conservative principles versus elitist representation has been ongoing within the GOP for years now. Think tea party times. Think Donald Trump times. And now, with disappointment midterms at the GOP's back, it's time to think of changing the leadership at the RNC. Harmeet Dhillon, who also served as an attorney for Trump during his campaign season, speaks about her vision and ideas for reform.
27:18 12/22/22
Christian Voters Could Do Better
If any one segment of the population could be faulted for the dismal state of this country's culture and oft-corrupt political world, it's the evangelical voters. Harsh, but true. Fact is only about a third of self-professed Christians vote in any given election. And fact is, too, that the only thing necessary for evil to flourish is for men and women of good moral character to stay silent. Failing to vote is a sort of staying silent. If America wants to turn the time back to an era where individualism reigned and rights came from God -- not from self-interested government -- then the solution is for more Christians doing more voting in more elections. Timothy Head of Faith & Freedom Coalition, discusses the midterms and beyond and what it all means for America's liberties.
31:55 12/20/22
Globalism Sets 2030 as The Year America Ends
Donald Trump, as president, was the guy who rooted out the deep, dark forces of America's government; the one who sent the deep state types fleeing. But then came Joe Biden and out went all the America First gains Trump had made. And now America stands on a very shaky foundation, as Team Biden is busily ushering into U.S. politics and culture all that the United Nations and World Economic Forum bureaucrats have in store for their mass takeover of citizens' freedoms. Think of the 17 sustainable development goals, or SDGs, and how these visions for global dominance, with intent to enact by the year 2030, are truly taking away all that's great of America. What this nation needs in 2024 is another Trump administration. It's the only way to put a stop to the globalism that's sweeping Biden's America. It's the only way to save our liberties for at least a few more years. The Washington Times' own Kelly Sadler, a former Trump administration official, weighs in on the chances for a second DJT White House.
31:41 12/15/22
America's Fight for Freedom Starts With One
There's a saying that goes, the only thing necessary for evil to prevail is for men and women of good moral character to do nothing. And that's exactly what's happened to America today: the country has become a cesspool under the watchful eyes of silent patriots. It's time to speak up and fight back and remind government officials who is the boss. Yes, one person truly can make a difference. John Paul Mac Isaac was just an American citizen doing his job when suddenly, he was confronted with a moral dilemma -- which came in the form of Hunter Biden's laptops -- and rather than cower, or put his head in the sand, or pretend ignorance or helplessness or otherwise display total unconcern, he chose the path of righteousness. For that, he's been persecuted and forced to flee his home. But without John Paul's commitment and determination to do the right thing, the world may not have known about the deep levels of corruption and conflicts of interest with the Biden Family and outside governments. 
31:39 12/13/22
Happy Warriors, Unite! The Fight Is Far From Over
Things may look bad on the freedom front in America. But that doesn't mean the left has won. That doesn't mean the globalists have stolen America's thunder. It doesn't, however, mean that if patriotic Americans don't get serious about fighting for their freedoms, and become laser focused on taking on the globalists and leftists, then the country of tomorrow's generation will be more in line with Marxist ideologies than Founding Father visions. This is how quickly a nation can fall and lose freedoms: one generation is all it takes. Monica Crowley weighs in with her thoughts on how to take back America from the communist types who are rapidly stealing it -- and how to do it all while still maintaining sanity.
33:16 12/8/22
LGBTQ Agenda Is Making Evil Inroads in America
The LGBTQ community is coming on strong in America, pushing harder and harder for more and more influence and power -- even to the point of crippling, crumbling and destroying religious liberties. The U.S. Supreme Court case is being forced, once again, to decide a case of creative independence; that is, members of the LBGTQ community are demanding a Christian web designer create a site for same-sex partnerships that violates her religious beliefs. She said no, the state courts said she had to, so here comes the SCOTUS to weigh in and decide. Didn't we already do this with a Christian cake baker? But this is how the left operates: try and try and try again, never quit and never abandon the quest, no matter what courts, cops, the Constitution and good old fashioned morality say. Democrats in Congress, meanwhile, are busily pushing a bill to make gay marriage a law. But here's the danger for America: God cannot bless a nation that openly, brashly violates biblical law and that openly, brashly accepts sin as normal. God will not be mocked. Eagle Forum president Kris Ullman discusses.
34:49 12/6/22