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Coffee Beer Coaching and Dogs

A monthly in-depth interview with a coach or expert on innovative approaches to improving athletic performance. We will also occasionally talk about coffee, beer and dogs.


Special Episode 15: JD Tremblay, EPIC Deca
This is a great episode with ultra-endurance athlete JD Tremblay.  He's relatively new to Ultra-Endurance Triathlon events and has decided to take on the EPIC Deca.  The EPIC Deca is 10 Ironman Distance Races completed in 10 days on 6 different islands in Hawaii.  You can follow along with JD on the EPIC Deca Facebook page or the website.  They will have ways to track the 10 athletes competing. For this Epic Adventure JD is being sponsored by:  Precision Hydration And  Vélocité Concept Be sure to check them out.   You can check out the swim video analysis I did with JD at:    
69:48 4/28/22
Episode 28 Mikael Rosen, Open Water History and Technique
An interview with Open Water Swedish National Coach Mikael Rosen.  He is a long time swimmer and coach.  He has competed and coached at the highest levels of the sport and recently wrote a book entitled, Open Water: History and Technique of Swimming.  The book covers 100+ years of swimming history and goes into detail how the best in the sport compete and find success.  Anyone interested in swimming should get this book.  
71:46 1/1/22
Special Episode 14: Lexie Kelly, GP Marathon Open Water Swimmer and Coach
Great Coffee, Beer, Coaching and Dogs interview with GP Marathon Open Water Swimmer and Coach, Lexie Kelly. We talk about her background in swimming, the coaches who had the most impact on her coaching and racing career.
26:35 11/11/21
Episode 27 - Don Swartz, The Quantum Leap
This an interesting interview with swim coach Don Swartz.  He gave a talk in the early 1980s at an ASCA conference titled, "Nonsense and the Beginner's Mind:  Looking for a Quantum Leap."  It was his challenge to the swim coaching community to look for a better way to train athletes.  It is as relevant then as it is now.  Enjoy.  
51:56 10/22/20
Episode 26 - James Fike, Fike Swim
Great interview with the inventor of the Brick Kickboard, James Fike.  We spend a good deal of the time talking about his post collegiate swimming career and how even after swimming at the University of Texas he has been able to hit his best times 17 years later.  We also talk about the development of the Brick Kickboard and how he wants to grow Fike Swim going forward.  
46:33 8/5/20
Special Episode 13 - Erin Sosdian, FOTW Kona
in this episode we talk with former NCAA Division I distance swimmer turned triathlete, Erin Sosdian.  Erin is an athlete I have coached for 5 years and the first athlete I coached in swim/bike/run.  We talk about the training that helped to qualify her for 70.3 Worlds and Kona and the process of mastering the skill of racing long distance triathlons.  
37:35 6/9/20
Episode 25 - Bruce Beall, Rowing Coach on Mindfulness
Bruce Beall is a long time rowing coach and former US Olympic Rower.  He started his coaching career on the East Coast in the 1970s.  In the early 1980s, he teamed up with Jon Kabat-Zinn on the application of mindfulness on competitive rowers while Beall was the rowing coach at Harvard.  In this episode we talk about that time and what he has learned over the years as coach and where mindfulness fits in.  
51:21 4/19/20
Special Episode 12 - Team Vernandra, El Cruce 2019
Special episode 12 is with Team Veranadra.  Vanessa, Dana, Fernanda and Sandra all came to me a couple years ago and said they wanted to compete in El Cruce - a 10k open water race in Mexico.  This is an interview with Vanessa, Fernanda and Sandra about their training and the race.  It's a fun time with great people who make up Magnolia Masters.  
52:46 2/26/20
Episode 24 - Alex Coates, Overtraining Researcher
Episode 24 is an interesting interview with a Alex Coates who is a former professional triathlete and currently working on her PhD in Exercise Physiology with an emphasis on overtraining in athletes.  We discuss some of the long held ideas in endurance training like Super Compensation on how there might be better ways to train.  We also talk about some of the early signs of overtraining or really under recovering and what they might be.  
60:21 2/12/20
Special Episode 11 - Ginger, Lizzie and Alysha, Pro Camp 2020
A couple short, compact interviews with a few of the professional triathletes in attendance at the Magnolia Masters Pro Camp.  We talk about their careers, how and why they became a pro and what their goals are going forward.  
60:14 1/19/20
Special Episode 10 - Justin Daerr, Pro Camp 2020
A little trip down amnesia lane with long time professional triathlete Justin Daerr.  We talk about his career in triathlon and his ideas around training and racing.  
87:00 1/19/20
Episode 23 - Dr. Keith Kaufman, MSPE
Episode 23 is a great interview with Dr. Keith Kaufman.  He is a codeveloper of Mindful Sport Performance Enhancement.  They recently published a book on their protocol for the mental training side of sports enhancement.  There is a growing body of research, particularly for endurance sports, on the importance of the brain in peak performance.  MSPE is a well researched and studied intervention to begin to train the brain for better performance.  
52:12 12/27/19
Episode 22 - Jake Rauchbach, High Performance Mindfulness
Episode 22 features Jake Rauchbach a basketball coach and integrated player development coach who works and consults with Olympic, professional and collegiate athletes.  Jake has employed high performance mindfulness with players to achieve quantifiable performance increases on the court.  We talk about the opportunities with high performance mindfulness, the obstacles to implementing it with coaches as a consultant and where the future is with these interesting approaches to training the whole athlete.  
34:45 9/16/19
Episode 21 - Dr. Sue Jackson, Flow in Sports
Episode 21 is with Dr. Sue Jackson who published in 1999 Flow in Sports.  It's a great book that details athletes in flow states.  She covers all of the pre-conditions for flow to occur and describes some of the unusual perceptions that athletes have while in flow.  If a coach or athlete is looking for untapped potential within their sport this book is a great place to start.  
50:32 8/16/19
Special Episode 9 - Deena Williams, Portland Bridge Swim
In this special episode we talk with Magnolia Masters team member Deena Williams.  She shares her story on her successful race at the 11 mile Portland Bridge Swim.  We discuss her training, things that surprised and things that didn't and what it's like to swim 11 miles in Portland without a wetsuit in sub 70 degree water.   Deena has been a great athlete to work with and I look forward to helping her with her next big swim goal.  
30:01 8/1/19
Episode 20 - Brad Cooper, Functional Mental Toughness
Brad Cooper is CEO of a Health and Wellness Company.  He is an 11x Ironman Finisher having competed multiple times at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii and at 52 he is completing his PhD on Functional Mental Toughness.     In this episode we dive into what is Mental Toughness and is it possible to cultivate and access it at any time.  Brad has done a lot of interesting work on this topic and is putting together a program so anyone can increase their mental toughness in a race or in their daily lives.      
34:37 7/15/19
Special Episode 8, Balazs Csoke, Kim Pilcher and Debbie Staton
This is a great episode with some of the athletes who raced Ironman Texas.  Balazs is a long time pro triathlete who I have coached in the swim for the last 5 years.  He's usually one of the fastest swimmers at an Ironman event.  The rougher the water the better.  Kim Pilcher is an age group athlete who I have also coached in the swim for 5 years.  She came to me after she had missed some swim cuts in Ironman and we have gotten now where she can consistently make cuts and she knows what prevents her from making cuts.  Debbie Staton has been on the team for 2 years now and she had a fantastic Ironman Texas swim this year and all of her hard work is paying off.  With all the athletes we talk about how they got into triathlon, what motivates them to continue and what they have learned along the way.      
60:13 6/9/19
Special Episode 7, Pro Camp
These were some interviews during the Magnolia Masters Pro Camp in January 2019.  I've held the camp for the last years and it's always a lot of fun with a lot of athletes making some big gains in their swim.  This year I decided to interview a couple of the pros and an age grouper who qualified for Kona.  We talk about their careers leading up to this point and their goals in triathlon.  
60:48 5/19/19
Special Episode 6, Raul Luzardo - Leadville 100
A great conversation with Magnolia Masters Team Member, Raul Luzardo.  We talk about his time in endurance sports and his recent race at the Leadville 100 mountain bike race.  
69:28 3/11/19
Special Episode 5 - Kona Preview
A new format, special episode with three other co-hosts.  We talk about Kona, what the week leading up to the race feels like
89:02 10/12/18
Special Episode 4 - Jocelyn McCauley, Kona Preview
A quick chat with Professional Triathlete Jocelyn McCauley about her season, her thoughts on her upcoming race at Kona and why she likes to come to The Woodlands to train in her build.  
30:02 10/12/18
Episode 19 - Rachel Vickery, Breathing and Performance
Rachel Vickery is a New Zealand physiotherapist who has done research on breath retraining and the impact it can have on performance in competition.  We discuss her original masters thesis that demonstrated how breath retraining could impact the performance of competitive cyclists and then we talk about how she has helped athletes from swimmers through golfers at the Olympic and professional level.    
54:23 9/30/18
Special Episode 3 - TJ Fry, Trans North Georgia
A special guest episode with local endurance legend TJ Fry.  In this episode we talk about TJ's long history in endurance sports from swimming through triathlon and now his latest in BikePacking the Trans North Georgia Route.  
61:34 9/17/18
Episode 18 - Pete Kirchmer, mPEAK
Pete Kirchmer is the program director for mPEAK based out of the UCSD Center for Mindfulness.  The program was developed in 2014 with the US National BMX team based on the latest neuroscience research around peak performance, resilience, focus and "flow."  We talk about the program and the importance of training the brain for optimal performance in every aspect of life.  
48:22 9/2/18
Episode 17 - Walter Staiano, University of Valencia
Episode 17 is a talk with Walter Staiano, an exercise scientist, from the University of Valencia.  We discuss his early career as a coach and then his study of how the brain impacts performance.  We also talk about his most recent study about the Danish Jr. National Handball team and the novel brain training intervention they employed successful to increase attention/focus and reaction time.  
53:28 8/16/18
Special Episode 2 - Ronnie Delzer, Badwater
A terrific with Ronnie Delzer on his first attempt at running Badwater 135.  He placed 17th overall and finished in just under 34 hours.  We talk about his training leading up to the race and how the race unfolded over the two days of running through Death Valley and up Mt. Whitney.  
96:39 8/4/18
Episode 16 - Charlie Cunningham, GCU
In episode 16 we talk with Charlie Cunningham, swim coach at Grand Canyon University.  Charlie has over 35 years of coaching experience and we discuss how training has evolved and his use of parametric training with his swimmers.  
90:25 7/18/18
Episode 15 - Alex Hutchinson, Endure
Episode 15 - Alex Hutchinson, Endure: Mind, Body, and the Curiously Elastic Limits of Human Performance.  In the interview we discuss the view of endurance training of the last 100 years and then the discoveries around the brain's impact on performance that have been shown coming out of the exercise science lab.  Alex does a great job of distilling down all of the information and putting all of the understanding into easy to understand terms.  
51:12 6/6/18
Special Episode - Matt Hanson, World Record Ironman
A fantastic special episode with 2018 Ironman Texas Champion about this past weekends win and his confirmation as the new world record holder of the fastest Ironman ever.  Enjoy.  
65:52 5/2/18
Episode 14 - Steven Kotler, The Rise of Superman and Stealing Fire
A great interview with one of the leading authorities on "flow" states.  We discuss how he got interested in researching flow and what the current research says about "flow."  
34:00 1/7/18