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This is a Star Wars podcast for a more uncivilized age indeed! Take a tangent filled jump through hyperspace with the always angry and animated Sith Lord Matt and his much more calm Jedi compatriot Nick, as they weave their way through all of the new and old happenings in the Star Wars galaxy. Be it video games, movies, TV shows, comic books, dumb Internet threads, or awesome Star Wars fan art, they have you covered! If you’re lucky, they may even say something positive about the Prequels!


SWTS: Kenobi Final Breakdown and Potential Season 2 Plot Details, Plus Live Action Cal Kestis 124:47 06/29/2022
SWTS: Kenobi Ep. 5 Breakdown, Review, & ESB Mirrors, Book of Boba Hot Toys & LEGO Summer Vacation 96:40 06/22/2022
SWTS: Kenobi Ep. 4 Breakdown, Tomb Speculations, Theatrical Release, and Taika Waititi Film Update 130:41 06/15/2022
SWTS: Kenobi Ep. 3 Breakdown and Season 2 Rumor, Vader’s Next Series, Mando S3’s Tone Takes Shape 185:26 06/08/2022
SWTS: Obi-Wan Kenobi Episodes 1 and 2 Breakdown, Reva Love, and Best of Star Wars Celebration 2022 115:33 06/01/2022
SWTS: New Kenobi Teaser, Kumail’s Character in Kenobi, Andor Release Window, & Celebration Wishlist 61:45 05/25/2022
SWTS: The Future of Star Wars Live Action Shows & Films, AOTC’s Best & Worst Moments, Jedi Survivor 178:20 05/18/2022
SWTS: KENOBI Plot Speculations from New Trailer and Mysterious Female Inquisitor Identified, Ahsoka Now Filming 153:25 05/11/2022
SWTS: Palpatine Coming to Star Wars TV in 2022 & New ‘Kenobi’ Character Hoping to Pull a Baby Yoda 159:42 05/04/2022
SWTS: The Mandalorian Makeup Artist Brian Sipe Interview, New Kenobi Footage Imminent, The Acolyte Cast Grows 210:09 04/27/2022
SWTS: Hayden Studied The Clone Wars and Rebels for His Return, Reva’s Arc in Obi-Wan Kenobi Detailed, BDH’s Ahsoka Series Promise 159:14 04/20/2022
SWTS: Mandalorian S3 Release Window Teased, Ahsoka Gets a Director, Star Wars Celebration Panels Speculations, Sonic 2 and Lego Star Wars Reviews 173:21 04/13/2022
SWTS: Kenobi Post-credits Scene Rumor, Hayden on Becoming Vader Again, and Glover Talks Lando Series 119:42 04/06/2022
SWTS: OT Era Bounty Hunter in ‘Kenobi’ Series, Vader and Crimson Dawn, and Halo TV Series Isn’t Bad 120:57 03/30/2022
SWTS: ‘Kenobi’ Flashback Scene Details, ‘Jedi Fallen Order’ Trooper Goin Live Action, and Doc Brown in ‘The Mandalorian’ 165:20 03/23/2022
SWTS: ‘Kenobi’ Trailer Plot Speculations Breakdown and Things Missed, Insane ‘The Mandalorian’ S3 Rumor, and ‘Bad Batch’ S2 Updates 170:35 03/16/2022
SWTS: Qui-Gon in ‘Kenobi’ Rumor, Obi-Wan’s Latest Failure, Mandalorian S3 Casting Rumor, and Star Wars Eclipse Woes 137:57 03/09/2022
SWTS: Kenobi Leak Teases Owen & Obi’s Relationship & Inquisitor Plans, Palp May Return, Rogue Update 151:36 03/02/2022
SWTS: Kenobi Series Leak Teases a Major Character’s Role, Ray Stevenson in Ahsoka, & Grammar Rodeo 144:34 02/23/2022
SWTS: Book of Boba Fett Finale Breakdown and Chances for a Second Season, Kenobi Series Release Date and Vader’s Role In It 177:25 02/16/2022
SWTS: Book of Boba Fett S1E6 Breakdown and Finale Predictions, Kenobi Series May ’22 Debut, Andor S2 186:15 02/09/2022
SWTS: Book of Boba Fett S1E5 Breakdown, Mando-verse Predictions for Din & Grogu, and BDH Gets Star Wars 173:45 02/02/2022
SWTS: Book of Boba Fett S1E4 Breakdown, Mando in a N-1, New Ahsoka Casting, 3 New SW Games Planned 117:37 01/26/2022
SWTS: Book of Boba Fett S1E3 Breakdown & Finale Will Change Perceptions, New Darth Bane Canon Drop 173:42 01/19/2022
SWTS: Book of Boba Fett S1E2 Breakdown, Finale Wow Moments, Filoni’s Episode, & 2022 Release Windows 168:37 01/12/2022
SWTS: The Book of Boba Fett S1E1 Breakdown, Crimson Dawn Prediction Win, and Episode 2 Speculations 161:50 01/05/2022
SWTS: Book of Boba Fett’s Many Big Surprises, Andor’s Script Praised, New Ahsoka Character Details 148:10 12/22/2021
SWTS: Book of Boba Trailer Breakdowns & Tosche Station Links, Star Wars Eclipse Reactions, and Crimson Reign #1 Recap 167:04 12/15/2021
SWTS: Book of Boba Fett’s Antihero Approach and Flashbacks, Rogue Squadron Update, Hunters Gameplay 172:44 12/08/2021
SWTS: New Book of Boba Teasers Breakdown & Episode Count, Rangers Series Dead, New Ahsoka Casting 153:46 12/01/2021