Show cover of There's No Place Like Summer Camp | Camp America Stories, Tips and Laughs

There's No Place Like Summer Camp | Camp America Stories, Tips and Laughs

Camp America, Camp Leaders and BUNAC. You must have heard of one of them. The amount of people that come back from American Summer Camp saying it’s the time of their lives is astonishing. And There’s No Place Like Summer Camp Podcast is here to fill that time between summers. There’s No Place Like Summer Camp is all about the staff and what it is like to volunteer with the likes of Camp America. Starring Andrew Waterhouse, this podcast will be featuring 101 Summer Camp Tips, Funny Stories and Chats to make for one entertaining insight into summer camp. Released every Tuesday, There’s No Place Like Summer Camp hopes to capture the spark Summer Camps provides to the world.


The End of the Podcast For Now 28:16 05/24/2022
A Response to my “Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years’ Time?” from 2017 19:34 05/10/2022
How Inflation Is Driving up the Cost of Summer Camp 23:43 05/03/2022
Where Do I See Myself in 5 Years – A Response to 2017 23:47 04/26/2022
Why Scouts is Great for Camp America & I Caught COVID Again… 15:27 04/19/2022
Chapter 1 Preview 30:51 04/12/2022
BOOK RELEASE 25:39 04/04/2022
Merchandise I Still Have from Summer Camp 27:15 03/29/2022
Merchandise Shop Announcement 08:52 03/22/2022
Book Review of The Unplugged Summer by George Horner 33:50 03/15/2022
Book Release Date and Competition for You All! 18:54 03/08/2022
Home Straight – Approaching the Book Release 14:48 02/15/2022
The Worst Things about Volunteering Episode 1 20:34 02/08/2022
Michael Eisner Camp Book Review 26:53 02/01/2022
Loch Ness & Five Luxuries to Take to Summer Camp 23:00 01/25/2022
Can You Get Fit Working at Summer Camp 20:23 01/18/2022
Quickfire Summer Camp Facts 16:23 01/04/2022
Episode 69!! Reacting to My Camp America Application Video 13:25 12/21/2021
Secret Diary of a Camp Counselor Book Review 36:32 12/14/2021
Celebrities Who Have Been to Summer Camp 18:04 12/07/2021
Cover Contest RESULTS and Best Camp Counselor Gifts for Christmas 21:31 11/30/2021
Cover Contest – Pick My Book Cover! 22:58 11/23/2021
SERIES TWO: WE ARE BACK BABY! 20:41 11/16/2021
Why Camp America Is Great for CV 29:04 09/22/2020
I Have Coronavirus 52:43 09/08/2020
Tips for a 16 Year Old Wanting to Work at Summer Camp 45:28 08/25/2020
An Episode All About Me 42:06 08/18/2020
The Cliques of Summer Camp & Exciting Updates 29:45 08/11/2020
Can you do Camp America with a friend? 17:19 08/04/2020
Memories You Will Have of Camp 28:18 07/28/2020