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The Humble Hoof

The Humble Hoof is a podcast for both horse owners and equine professionals, offering discussions into various philosophies on the health of the hoof and soundness of your horse. Each episode we will explore either a topic in regards to the hoof, such as laminitis or navicular, or focus on an interview with a professional in the hoofcare world- whether it's a farrier, trimmer, vet, bodyworker, etc.Please check us out on Facebook, or at Intro/Outro Song Credit: b song by San Holo


Recognizing Hoof Soreness in Training with Jec Ballou 34:10 09/10/2021
Hoof Boots: What You Need to Know with Sara Hunt 44:39 08/27/2021
Hoof Injuries: What Your Vet Wants You to Know with Dr. Sara Cook 36:55 08/13/2021
Barefoot Showjumping with Lacy Stormes 40:16 07/23/2021
Track System Life: Bethan Summers of Gawsworth Track Livery 40:59 07/09/2021
Farrier Safety 90:26 07/07/2021
Success with Polyflex: Curtis Burns 50:03 06/25/2021
The Hoof Rehab Roller Coaster: Controlling Your Mindset with Krista Jones 38:58 06/11/2021
When the Job Wears Us Out: Burn Out and Compassion Fatigue 62:34 05/28/2021
Understanding the Hoof of the Horse with Dr. Simon Curtis 40:39 05/14/2021
The Connection Between Teeth and Hooves with Dr. Tomas Teskey 49:14 04/23/2021
Mismatched Feet: Natural Asymmetry in the Horse Hoof with Dr. Sara Malone 48:29 04/09/2021
Healing Soft Tissue: Tips for Tendon and Ligament Repair with Dr. Lauren Schnabel 30:29 03/12/2021
Building A Strong Hoof: The Impact of Movement and Environment on Hoof Health with Nick Hill and Ralitsa Grancharova Hill 37:09 02/26/2021
Balanced Rider, Balanced Hoof: Riding the Horse from the Inside Out with Deb Davies 52:19 02/12/2021
Innovative Racing: Barefoot Training, Hoof Casting, and 3D Printing with Derek Poupard 29:00 01/22/2021
The Difference with Donkeys: Donkey Hoofcare and Behavior with Ross Keller 43:59 01/08/2021
The Elephant in the Room: Trimming Elephant Feet with Mike McClure 68:05 12/24/2020
It's All About Balance: Sure Foot Pads with Wendy Murdoch 45:38 12/11/2020
Farrier Friendly: How To Support Your Horse To Stand Well for The Farrier with Kristin Thornberry 74:26 11/27/2020
Evidence Based Podiatry: Yogi Sharp of The Equine Documentalist 51:40 11/13/2020
Helping Club Feet: Christina Cline of The Essential Hoof Book 27:19 10/23/2020
Not All Laminitis Is Created Equal with Dr. Debra Taylor 81:34 10/09/2020
Looking Above the Hooves: Considering the Whole Horse in Hoofcare with Ida Hammer 32:40 09/25/2020
Rehabbing Lameness At Home: Ann Ramsey, Equine Rehabilitation Specialist 39:00 09/11/2020
Dynamic Balance: Rehabbing Lameness Through Movement with Krista Jones and Steven Leigh 58:07 08/28/2020
Managing the Metabolic Horse: Dr. Jaini Clougher and Dr. Kathleen Gustafson of ECIR 50:20 08/14/2020
Mad About Forage: Feeding the Equine Athlete and more 44:06 07/29/2020
Mad About Hooves: A Peek at Equine Nutrition with Scott Cieslar 41:01 06/26/2020
Performance Horse Feet: An Interview with Shannon Peters Dressage 29:07 05/27/2020