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Arrows of Revival is a podcast series hosted by Bishop Omaudi Reid and Pastor Guerline Reid. The series includes teachings and discussions on the people and instruments of revival in these last days. The intent is to point every listener towards world revival. God is shaping us as arrows to hit the bullseye of His revival!


10 MARRIAGE Problems Needing Urgent Intervention:
In this week's teaching, we talk about ten red flags that indicate your marriage is in trouble. Essentially we are letting you know when your marriage needs help. Next week we will add eight more to make it 18 red flags. Learn about the situations that place your marriage in trouble and what actions you can take against it. Some are obvious but others, many have not realized. We also cover what to do in many of these situations. More Information: Website: and Get Our Books: and at Facebook Page: Tiktok: Instagram:
54:27 3/2/24
Stirring the Gift of Prophecy in Your Church
In this video, Bishop Reid answers: "How to Stir the Spirit of Prophecy in Your Church". He also goes through a video demonstrating the gift of prophecy and explains what was taking place. While doing this, he answers "how does a pastor know when someone in the congregation is about to prophesy?". You must watch this video if you are a pastor, church leader, or believer interested in the gift of prophecy. More Information: Website: and Get Our Books: and at Facebook Page:  Tiktok:  
30:58 3/1/24
Satisfy Your Wife
Aim for more than being together and learn how to satisfy your spouse to have a fulfilling and meaningful relationship. This is the second in a two-part series on How to Satisfy Your Spouse. In this second part, we discuss how husbands can satisfy their wives. In the first episode, we discussed how wives can satisfy their husbands.
34:50 1/12/24
Satisfy Your Husband: How to Satisfy Your Spouse
Aim for more than being together and learn how to satisfy your spouse to have a fulfilling and meaningful relationship. This is the first part of a two-part series on How to Satisfy Your Spouse. In this first part, we discuss how wives can satisfy their husbands. In the next episode with part 2, we discuss how husbands can satisfy their wives.
32:26 1/6/24
We continue on the Invisible War on Marriage. The two demonic spirits we deal with this week are the spirit of jealousy and the Jezebel stronghold. Learn how to identify the works of these spirits, and what to do about them. You have victory in your marriage by obeying God's word and resisting the devil. The Invisible War on Marriage Series: 3 Doors to Demons in Marriage:    • 3 DOORS to DEMONS in Marriage:  The I...   4 Demons Against Marriage:    • 4 DEMONS Against MARRIAGE: The Invisi...   More Information: Website: and Get Our Books: and at 
40:32 12/31/23
4 Demons that Attack Marriages
  We continue the teaching on the invisible war against marriage. In this episode, we talk about 4 demonic spirits that attack marriages today and how to identify and win against them. More Information: Website: and  Get Our Books: and at Facebook Page: Tiktok: Instagram:
49:37 7/17/23
3 Doors to Demons in Marriage
Starting a series on the Invisible War on Marriage, Bishop and Apostle Reid discuss three critical areas where couples can open the door to demonic attacks in their marriage. We can all deal with common marital issues through a commitment to marital duties, communication, and interpersonal skills. However, the moment one opens a door to demons, a wound is created in the marriage where the enemy can take a foothold. Learn how to prevent this from happening, and make a change if necessary.
29:46 7/10/23
8 Things Christians Should Not Say
Armani and Nyele present a Biblical case for eight things Christians should not say. They emphasize the fact that our words and speech should glorify God. SOCIAL ** Nyele’s Instagram Armani’s Instagram Shared Instagram ** CONTACT ** Email: Share your testimony to be in our testimony Tuesday's video. Send in 2 minute videos, a text or voice messages *WEBSITE* *OTHER CHANNELS* Arrows of revival: for powerful teachings    / @revivalarrows  
09:28 6/21/23
Special Episode - Father's Book Release - Episode 92
In this episode, Bishop Reid and wife, Pastor Reid discuss a chapter of our new book, Ten Fundamental Acts of Fathers. The discussion is about the importance of "Being Present". While there are ten Biblical and Practical tips in the book, we take the time to read from and discuss one of the ten fundamentals. This is for all fathers. You can get a copy of the book on at Get the book on at
23:40 6/18/23
Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Pastors?
Some religious people are ready to embrace artificial intelligence priests and other religious leaders. Artificial intelligence priests and rabbi already exist in our world today. These artificial intelligent robots can pray, recite scripture, and give 'spiritual advice. But is it God's will to replace spiritual leaders such as pastors with artificial intelligence?
40:11 11/26/21
Beware of the Digital Dreamworld
Can church service in a future metaverse replace gathering together in person? Can we have virtual gospel artists and pastors? With the increasing trend for tech and online companies to create more virtual tools and experiences for people to socialize, work, play, learn and explore, we must consider the impact this may have on religious practices. Are there any possible dangers of getting immersed in a digital dreamworld, and leaving the reality of the physical world?
54:27 11/18/21
Stirring the Spiritual Life of Others Around You
In this evil time, some have escaped to social media, internet browsing, video games, and virtual reality. But these avenues do little to stir a person's spiritual life in uncertain times. However, you can make a difference in the spiritual life of others around you in a time when church attendance is down and discouraging events are shaking society.
49:01 11/11/21
What Are the Arrows?
Explaining what the arrows are in the "Arrows of Revival". See the focus behind the program and why we cover the topics that we do.
43:26 11/4/21
The Ministry of Prayer
With tyrannical mandates and behavior increasing around the world, and our faith being challenged by external and internal forces, the ministry of prayer is needed more than ever. What is the ministry of prayer, and what is its purpose. We discuss this crucial arrow of revival.
51:57 10/28/21
The Case for Marrying Young
During a time where marriage is being downplayed and redefined by the popular culture, now more than ever, parents, pastors, and Christian leaders should encourage young adults to get married. See how we can make a Biblical case for marrying young.
59:16 10/21/21
Responding Biblically to Transgender Ideology
Use these Biblical arrows to stand against transgender ideology when it attacks your mind; but also, to show the Biblical view to those who have embraced the ideology. Furthermore, in the current society where this ideology is being pushed increasingly, you will need these Biblical arrows to strengthen others who are considering accepting the transgender ideology.
45:53 10/14/21
Overcoming Loneliness
From current news, we discuss a deadly activity that is causing many women to feel lonely. Then we look into Biblical Insights on overcoming loneliness.
40:55 10/7/21
Aware and Not Queer
Denial of absolutes brought humankind to confusion - escape the mistake of gender and sexual confusion by taking a hold of absolutes.
41:56 10/1/21
Born Again? What Does it Really Mean?
LGBTQ activists berate a church for expelling a practicing lesbian from membership. Learn about the born-again experience and what it entails? Is baptism a part of the born-again experience? Is church membership necessary to be born again? Finally, the actress Kimberly Elise speaks of her born-again experience in her recommitment to the Lord and recent baptism.
53:12 4/30/21
Too Spiritual for Their Own Good
How can one be too spiritual for their own good? Find out how to avoid shallow spirituality in today's episode. We talk about so-called ministers who are supporting planned parenthood and abortion. Plus, our daily confession concerning the will of God. Finally, we highlight a church from Canada that stood in the face of governmental church lockdowns.
57:02 4/22/21
A Tale of Two Rappers
What can we learn from two rappers that were recently in the news, Lil Nas X and DMX? Our daily confession is all about God being the object of our desire. The teaching in this video is "Exposing Demonic Construct", which exposes the tools the devil uses in an attempt to construct a house for demonic activity in your life. Today, we highlight a pastor and his church in Lebanon that was saved from an explosion through the voice of God.
51:02 4/12/21
Revolting Against the Suppression
CNN puts out an article saying there is "no consensus criteria for assigning sex at birth". Really, we no longer know the sex of a newborn baby? Get the Biblical insight into what is happening with these types of reports. Then, learn how you can get involved in a church planting revolution - planting churches to shine a light in the darkness. Learn different ways any believer can get involved in planting a church.
36:36 4/5/21
Unifying Amidst Divisiveness
Any doctrine that demonizes a particular race, or exalts one race above another, is false. Christian doctrine is contrary to such teachings. The foundational teachings of Christian doctrine provide the basis by which believers can unify amidst the turmoil of racial, economical, and political divisions that exist in society.
40:45 6/22/20
Cultivating a Joyful Marriage
In a world of chaos, confusion, and sadness, make sure that you are going home to a joyful marriage. A joyful marriage protects against adultery and divorce. Furthermore, it benefits your mental and physical health. Anyone can make outward expressions of happiness, but joy is internal and genuine. Cultivate a marriage that goes beyond putting up appearances, barely surviving, and only performing basic duties. Learn to enjoy your spouse, and have a joyous marriage.
56:21 6/15/20
Developing Biblical Convictions
Many believers are falling away from the faith because of a lack of Biblical convictions. Studies show that some believers who say they believe the Bible is true still do not believe in absolute truth. This disparity is because some Christians do not develop Biblical convictions. Learn how to cultivate Biblical convictions in your life and others.
63:15 6/11/20
Answering Injustice Through the Cross of Jesus
The cross of Jesus Christ is the ultimate symbol of justice.
55:18 6/8/20
Resist the Spirit of the Age
The United States and other parts of the world are bleeding from the death of George Floyd, the black man brutally killed by a white police officer, plus the deaths, job loss, and mental anguish from the COVID-19 pandemic. The church has a unique position to provide deliverance and spiritual healing through the anointing power of Jesus Christ. However, Christians must avoid getting caught up in the spirit of the age, the demonic siege that is taking the USA. Rather, we must resist the spirit of the age through the anointing of Jesus Christ.
74:01 6/3/20
Doing Ministry During a Pandemic: Ministry Basics for Every Believer
A pandemic, crisis, or any event does not prevent believers from doing ministry. If we think of ministry as activities within a building then it may seem ministry is impossible during a pandemic. However, there are ministry activities that all believers can be engaged in at any time and anywhere.
52:31 6/1/20
It's Coming - A Gathering Revolution
The president of the USA declares the church essential, and that the governors should allow churches to open. The governor of New York allows churches to open with 10 or less. These are opportunities for a gathering revolution to take place if the church takes hold of it.
37:03 5/27/20
Ten Tips for Breaking Prayerlessness
Get 10 tips for breaking out of prayerlessness. You may experience a prayerless period in your life and you find it hard to persevere in prayer. Get 10 tips to break the heaviness of prayerlessness so you can draw closer to God.
60:10 5/25/20