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Love, Life, Legacy: A Show About Sex

Sex is something just about everyone is interested in, yet it's so hard to find reliable, sensible information on how to create a healthy, fulfilling sexual relationship that lasts decades. Join Andrew and Sammy on their deep dive into topics like porn, masturbation, romancing your spouse, and anything to do with real, practical insight on healthy sexuality.


#161 - The Importance of Honesty & Self Awareness - Winter Program Series Pt.3
In this age of technology, where social media has become the open gate for people sharing or exchanging opinions on matters that may revolve around personal, social, or political ideas, one must practice how honesty is used in these situations. Whenever an issue pops up, people start to react, and that is the first thing most people share in their comments. Either positively or negatively, we react to what our minds tell us. People react to what they want to say, whether it is offensive or not. It creates a boundary on whether our opinion is truly ours or just based on what we hear from others. In a sense, our freedom to speak must be based on how we respond to things around us. When we respond, we observe how we address ourselves in the conversation. The awareness that we should consider, the response we should give to others, as well as whether or not we are being truthful in our response. This does not only convey how we engage with other people but also how we engage with ourselves. Listen to Episode 161 to learn more! Responding vs. Reacting [00:50] Freedom and Awareness [02:36] Stages of Self-Awareness: Still Cathing to Old Habits [04:55] The Blessed Couple Podcast [06:40] Stages of Self-Awareness: Acknowledge Progress [08:00] Stages of Self-Awareness: Getting Ahead of Yourself [08:46] The Different Areas of Our Lives [10:22] Reflecting on Oneself [13:48]
18:14 2/8/23
#160 - Having Courage & Trust - Winter Program Series Pt.2
It takes a huge step for all of us to be 100% honest with ourselves and with other people. The courage to believe in who we are bets on what the world considers acceptable and unacceptable. We tend to cover ourselves with blankets in order to avoid the judgments that other people might give us. But in reality, we are risking our relationships with other people. It is not just with our partners, but also with our family and friends. Being truthful is hard, but it is more satisfying knowing that we are courageous enough to believe in ourselves rather than what the world thinks is best for us. Listen to Episode 160 to learn more! The Possibility of Something Better [01:53] Bravery and Taking the Risk [03:14] The Blessed Couple Podcast [5:50] The Truth About Oneself [07:07] Being Truthful in Matching [09:26] The Real vs. Fake [09:34] Building that Courage and Trust [11:54]
14:54 2/1/23
#159 - Northstar: Creating a Clear Vision - Winter Program Series Pt.1
There is a deep sense of longing for most people, and it sometimes leads some to devour negative things or actions. The North Star Goal emphasizes its aim to help people build and understand their sense of identity. In these modern times, people struggle to understand that deep sense of meaning that defines who we are. Most of us wanted to instantly have the answers to our problems; some even sought to have these answers in an instant, but instead, this resulted in more problems. The North Star Goal wanted people to see how we can achieve happiness in life without relying on addiction; without relying on what we thought would be better for us but actually destroys us. Its mission is to assist people in discovering their healthy pleasures in life. Listen to Episode 159 to learn more! What North Star Goal Is [01:03] Looking for that Deep Sense of Meaning [03:26] Our Strong Desires [05:17] The North Star Goal Power [07:02] The Blessed Couple Podcast [08:10] Building Connections [12:09 Achieving to Be a Healthy Person [14:16]
20:07 1/25/23
#158 - Stages of Change
There is a saying that the only constant in this world is change. But some people think that change is a big risk to take. There are five stages of change that can help people become more fulfilled in life. The first stage is being trapped and unaware that people need change. Some people are predisposed to recognize the need for change in their lives. Their mindset is based on the idea that they do not have any problems right now, and even if they did, why bother to change the routine that they have? The second stage is slowly opening ourselves to the idea that change is possible and can have a more positive impact on our lives. The third stage points toward preparing ourselves for the change that we want. Most people who have opened themselves to change internalize the process of getting the change they need. The fourth stage is putting your best foot forward by starting with the change you want. It is a matter of pursuing ourselves so that this change can help us be better and have that progression in life. The fifth stage focuses on maintaining the change that you have made in your life. Being consistent in our actions establishes a new practice that ensures we will not revert to our old selves and will be purposeful in engaging ourselves in more positive aspects of life. Listen to Episode 158 to learn more! Building a Roadmap of Change [00:26] The Highnoon Roadmap to Sexual Integrity [04:03] Stage One: Trapped and Unaware in the Same Process [05:21] Stage Two: Open to Suggestions [16:37] The Blessed Couple Podcast [24:59] Stage Three: Edge of Change [25:35] Stage Four: Taking Action [31:35] Stage Five: Maintenance for Lifetime [39:12] The ASCEND Program [48:05]
50:51 1/18/23
#157 - Stress Management Will Save Your Life
There are so many hifalutin words we can use describe life, but if we do away with being metaphorical, we’d all agree with this direct description: life is stressful. Anywhere you go, no matter what you do, whether you’re rich or poor, no matter who you are, there is no getting away with stress. You’re bound to feel stressed in one way or another. In fact, it is a major contributor to many of the health problems people encounter. But stress is not only a culprit to many of our health hazards, it is also translated in so many things that we don’t easily recognize are effects of stress. Some develop anger issues, others resort to porn, to addiction, video games, social media, alcohol, drugs, and so many more distractions, ultimately leading to one thing—destruction. Life is designed to have stress. It’s a staple and it’s one of the many things that makes us humans. But how we respond is what either makes us or breaks us. Listen to Episode 157 to learn more! Experience of stress in relation to porn [2:52] Porn as a form of escapism [3:41] Stress is a response to a stressor [6:28] How you choose to interpret situations [12:20] Interpreting other people’s aggression [13:36] Preventative side of stress [14:02] The Blessed Couple Podcast [19:07] The importance of stress inoculation [19:35] Tips for managing stress [20:50] Anger as a form of coping mechanism from stress [29:10]
37:23 1/11/23
#156 - The Internal Nature of Sexuality | Chad Johnson
We have to admit it—the world we live in is fully subscribed to the idea of worldliness. We are now in a time where earthly desires are welcomed, masked and embraced with the idea of normalcy. And so oftentimes, we find ourselves rationalizing and saying: It’s normal. It’s what everybody does. It’s all around us. But normalcy isn’t synonymous with righteousness. No. The earthly things that we resort to in order to express our feelings of sexuality are not the proper channels. Rather, these could stray us into addiction and later on lead us to destruction. What we have to understand is that the external is always the manifestation of what’s inside. What you do is not only because of the external forces that trigger you. There is something deep in yourself that gets affected by these outside forces. And so inspecting the inner workings of your sexuality is a way to see how this translates to the external actions that you resort into doing. And in this introspection of yourself, your sexuality, your triggers, and your earthly desires lies the path to spirituality that fosters your connection to God. Listen to Episode 156 to learn more! What does the internal nature of sexuality look like in our hyper-sexualized culture? [7:33] How our nervous system is designed for love [12:17] Your path in harnessing your sexuality? [17:34] The Blessed Couple Podcast [24:45] Connection as the opposite of addiction [27:03] Sunsetting sex [37:47] Criminalizing extramarital sex in Bali and Indonesia [41:51]
49:19 1/4/23
#155 - Quitting Porn After 50 Years of Struggling | Jim Stinard
No matter how old we are, we still learn something new. That’s the beauty of life.  Jim Stinard joins us on this episode to talk about his journey with the Spartan program, a six-week program for sexual integrity. Jim has struggled with porn addiction all his life, and after fifty years he boldly faced his issues and opened himself up to learning new things, taking on new experiences, and making new connections with fellow program participants. More resources you might like: How to Be a Spartan Warrior & Defeat Porn Choosing Your Identity The "I Need to Release" Rumors Listen to Episode 155 to learn more! Why Jim decided to get serious about quitting [3:21] The Blessed Couple Podcast [6:27] The most impactful thing Jim started doing that helped him with his sexual integrity [8:44] What people with porn addiction can do to help themselves [10:14] The Six Segments of the Spartan Program [11:46] The High Noon Community: We are better together [12:52]
14:11 12/28/22
#154 - Why Single People Should Give Birth To Their Dreams
If you’ve been listening to this show for quite some time now, then you know how we often talk about our North star goals and why this is important. Each one of us has dreams and goals in life. And they may start out to be pure, innocent, bold, and audacious. But as we grow older, we tend to be disconnected from our goals because of the changes we encounter throughout the different phases of our lives. Some good, some bad, but altogether different. And these changes can somehow realign us from what we originally thought about where we would be and what we would achieve in our lives. This is why having a north star goal or dream in life is essential. It helps anchor us to the path we wish to take. It helps keep us grounded while also pushing us to achieve what we’ve set out for ourselves.  Listen to this episode to know why it’s important to give birth to something that’s important to you and how you can pour out the best of yourself to achieve your dream. Listen to Episode 154 to learn more! Make the best use of your time and avoid aimless activities [4:10] Build a list of what you need to do and achieve to stay the course [8:22] The Blessed Couple Podcast [10:32] Giving birth to something means pouring out the very best of yourself into something [12:20] The more you invest in a skill, the more it will flow through you [14:22] Having accountability brings you one step closer to giving birth to your dream [16:37]
19:09 12/21/22
#153 - The Addiction Cycle Explained
Too much of something is never a good thing. Whether it’s simple things like eating sweets or something more serious like being on social media excessively, there’s a huge chance that it will become an addictive habit or mindset. But why do we get addicted in the first place? Addiction to something is usually a result of the dependency on that rush or high that we get from doing that act or habit repeatedly. A bad habit can create a “rewarding” effect, but that reward is definitely short-lived - or worse - is only masquerading as a benefit but is actually harmful to us. Addiction can lead to many things, one of which is negativity. This negativity comes in different forms, and so it is a must that we unpack the cycle of addiction and trace it down to its core so we could find the way out of this vicious cycle. In this episode, Andrew and Benjy mapped out the stages of the addiction cycle and drilled down to its root cause. As important as knowing the reason why addiction happens is to understand that there is a pattern to it. Knowing your addiction pattern and what triggers it are helpful in breaking that destructive cycle. Listen to Episode 153 to learn more! Unpacking the cycle of addiction [3:55] Emotional trigger on the top of the addiction cycle [5:03] How to deal with stress in a productive way [9:46] Unpacking the emotional reason why we do anything good or bad [11:38] Craving as the second part of the cycle [14:36] Rituals as the third part of the cycle [22:08] The Blessed Couple Podcast [24:32] Using (as in substances) comes after the rituals [27:26] How do you break the cycle of addiction? [29:51] Shame or guilt is the last part of the cycle [30:40] The realization that despite your mistake, you are still worthy of love [34:28]
41:20 12/14/22
#152 - Standards vs. Ideals | Carina Cunningham
Gretchen Rubin’s #1 New York Times Bestselling book, The Happiness Project, started with a question that she asked herself:  “What do I want from life, anyway? I want to be happy.” We may have asked ourselves the same question at least a dozen times in our lives, often with different answers. But one factor that we can attribute to the absence of happiness is when our standards are disconnected or unaligned with our ideals. To achieve a life of peace, joy, integrity, and clarity, it is important to distinguish and delineate between standards and ideals while also understanding how one feeds into the other. When we are unable to distinguish between the two, we feel stressed and pressured to live a life that is not authentic to us. Think about it: do your standards reflect the person that you want to be in those areas that you'd be proud of being? Are your standards taking you closer to your ideals to live a life of harmony? If not, why are you settling? And how are you settling? What do you need to do to adjust your standards?  In the realm of relationships and marriage, always remember that sexual integrity is an active, lifelong pursuit of being in line with your ideals. Even into marriage, into old age, there's always work to be done. Listen to Episode 152 to learn more! What’s the difference between a standard and ideal? [4:09] When is it worth compromising your standards? Is it even worth it? [9:23] Why is it important to have these standards? [4:15] The Blessed Couple Podcast [16:31] In line with your ideal and standards, how do you decide what is worth fighting for or not? [18:06] Without the ideals and purely focusing on just your standards, you’ll be left with shame or justification [21:41] Misalignment with ideals and standards and not being open to work on it will cause that contradiction inside yourself. [24:34] Avoid making goals out of stress and stop and recalibrate instead. [28:51]
35:08 12/7/22
#151 - Why Suffering Isn't Always Bad
Suffering makes us human. We grow and learn through the pain and suffering life gives us. We cannot progress if we choose to stay in our comfort zone. Short-term suffering leads to great victories. When we allow short-term suffering into our lives, we are creating the space to flourish our minds and spirits and become the better version of ourselves. The more we try to avoid suffering in the short term, the more suffering we will have in the long run. In this episode, Andrew talks about the significant reasons why suffering isn't always a negative thing, the difference between short-term suffering and long-term suffering, and the long-term repercussions of how we choose to respond to the suffering that we are experiencing in the moment. Listen to Episode 151 to learn more! How people perceive suffering [2:40] Short-term suffering leads to long-term problems [4:33] Why it is important for us to sacrifice things that are not in our best interests? [6:49] The Blessed Couple Podcast [9:51] Avoiding suffering is avoiding its growth [10:46] The importance of starting our day right [13:07] Letting go of our inconveniences [14:00]
20:12 11/30/22
#150 - Why Curiosity Is Essential To Love
Curiosity is a strong desire to learn more about something. It is usually seen as a virtue as it helps us learn new things and grow as people. It's important for us to stay curious and learn how to be curious because if we never cease having the enthusiasm to truly know about something or someone, we'll continue to learn and connect with the world in a healthy way. In this episode, Andrew and Benjy talk about the significance of curiosity in eliciting emotions of love, and how curiosity can be a great way to develop meaningful and healthy connections with ourselves, the people in our lives, and, ultimately, with God. Listen to Episode 150 to learn more! Curiosity is a good precursor for love [2:25] Why is it important to be curious about ourselves? [5:50] Why should we invest in our North Star Goal? [7:56] Having curiosity is a spark to learn how to love a certain thing [10:52] The importance of having a curious mindset in your life [12:42] The Blessed Couple Podcast [13:35] The importance of being curious about God [14:02] Curiosity creates love in all areas of life [21:05] What is the impact of a lack of curiosity? [22:54]
27:24 11/23/22
#149 - God's Sexuality | Dr. Sandra & John Lowen
The expression of sexuality is a part of the perfect plan that God has for the world. When we look at sexuality in the realm of our hearts and mind, we will be able to become people who are genuinely sexual wherein our sexuality ultimately becomes an integral part of our mental processes, our emotional states, our life experiences, and most importantly, our spiritual beliefs. In this episode, we are joined by Dr. Sandra and John Lowen, a powerhouse couple that represents heaven and earth. They share with us the nature of God's sexuality as well as how sexuality manifests itself across the creation. Dr. Sandra and John Lowen also discuss the most significant challenge that the current generation faces in terms of romantic relationships, the actions that a single person can take to get ready for a loving sexual relationship, and the significance of spending time by ourselves to learn more about who we are rather than engaging in unhealthy habits such as pornography. Listen to Episode 149 to learn more! The spiritual nature of sexuality [4:07] The expression of sex without the genitals [9:10] The Cultural Manifestation of sex in Europe [10:27] Sexuality is powerful [12:51] The impact of the Industrial Revolution on sexuality [13:38] The hookup culture [18:43] The biggest issue regarding relationships that the present generation faces [21:22] How can a single person prepare for a loving sexual relationship? [23:26] The Blessed Couple Podcast [29:12] The significance of understanding the emotional sponsor of the act of sex [29:39] The difference between the written tradition and the oral tradition [35:36] How important is it to understand exactly what you want as opposed to arguing about what you don't want? [45:12] What causes our fear of being by ourselves? [50:27] Getting to know yourself is the replacement for pornography [55:21]
61:26 11/16/22
#148 - The "I Need to Release" Rumors
Each of us is on a unique path toward becoming the kind of happy and fulfilled person we see for ourselves in the future. But, the question is whether or not our habits align with the person we desire to become. Many people develop a habit that they have been led to believe is appropriate and acceptable. However, the reality is that their unhealthy habits, such as masturbation and watching porn, are what prevent them from connecting with the best version of themselves and with the people whom they truly love. It is important to keep in mind that sex and pornography are two very different things. While sex has the ability to bring people closer together, pornography has the opposite effect, isolating people from both themselves and the rest of the world. In this episode, Andrew and Benjy talk about the concept of "I need to release.." humor, during which they offer a counter-narrative to the idea that is natural based on scientific research. They discuss its impact on leading a life of sexual integrity which means leading a life of intentionality. Listen to Episode 148 to learn more! The Spartan Program [2:50] The importance of understanding how our actions impact our psychology [3:37] Having integrity is important in our lives [12:20] Why is it so important to understand God and our relationship with Him? [13:59] Pornography and absolute sex are opposite [14:50] The real reason behind sex drive [16:12] The purpose of sexuality [17:34] The Blessed Couple Podcast [19:39] What does absolute sex means? [20:06] The Pavlov’s Dog analogy [23:44] The biggest contributor to escapism in men [28:59]
38:10 11/9/22
#147 - How One Person Can Challenge Big Tech | Rafaela Diaz Byers
Pornhub is destroying humanity, the largest porn website in the world accountable for enabling and profiting off of the mass sex trafficking, rape, and exploitation of women and minors is destructive to humanity. Many groups are working together to shut down the website and hold it accountable for damaging the lives of countless individuals, particularly women and minors. We could ponder how a single person might compete with powerful technology. One person stands in front of such a large company and is confident that they should be held accountable for taking the dignity and worth of many women and children and turning them into something to be exploited for their own enjoyment and profiting off of them. In this episode, we are joined by Rafaela Diaz Byers. She is fighting to hold Pornhub accountable after seeing how horrifying what Pornhub was doing in terms of posting endless footage of people being raped and minors having sex. Listen to Episode 147 to learn more. What it’s like to be on the front line of the battle against power? [8:14] Why Pornhub is destructive [13:45] The movement to take down Pornhub [16:40] The problem with age verification on Pornhub’s website [18:33] The Blessed Couple Podcast  [22:21] God is in control of everything [25:54] The most important lesson about humanity [31:31]
44:08 11/2/22
#146 - Feeding the Beast
Whatever we expose ourselves to has the potential to either be beneficial or destructive for us. The beast inside of us can be cultivated by our habits and the information we feed it. The beast that, if handled improperly and not effectively fought, will tear us apart and eat us alive.  Relapse is the most difficult stage of the healing process, and although our own paths to recovery may differ, we all experience it at some point. When we put our attention on battling our relapse, we frequently find that we have unexpectedly moved in the opposite direction. A relapse is a challenging situation, but we don't have to take any action to address it. Instead, we should ignore it and let it go away on its own.  In this episode, Andrew and Benjy talk about what this beast is that we all have inside of us, how to deal with it when it comes out, and how to weaken it so that we're not feeding it and letting it run our lives. It is essential that we remind ourselves that we are the only ones who know ourselves better than anybody else and that we do not have to fight in every conflict that arises, as the strength of simply ignoring it is actually what will enable us to triumph over it and destroy it. Listen to Episode 146 to learn more! Feeding the beast [2:41] How do we know when we’re having a relapse? [7:15] Choose the right accountability partner [12:12] Watching violent content feeds the beast within us [15:16] The Blessed Couple Podcast  [16:56] Mantras are helpful in making micro decisions[18:39] The more we give power to something, the more it consumes us [23:51] The importance of being deliberate with your time [27:38] What is the beast within us? [33:27] What is High Noon Connect? [36:16]
37:52 10/26/22
#145 - Urges: Healthy vs. Unhealthy
Urges, whether they are healthy or unhealthy, are essentially a gift from God as they are the gateway back to realizing some areas of brokenness that exist inside us. It is not a bad thing to experience negative emotions such as stress, anger, or anxiety. In fact, having these emotions can be helpful in fully understanding what it is about ourselves that needs to be healed or fixed. If we take a moment to reflect on how we handle negative emotions, we can improve as individuals and handle them more effectively the next time they arise. Having healthy urges will inspire and motivate us to live a more intentional life, form more healthy, productive habits, and see life in a more positive light. Instead of escaping from our situation, take the time to figure out what our urges are trying to teach us about ourselves. Always remember that we are always worth the time and effort and that we should always give this to ourselves. In this episode, Andrew and Benjy talk about what it is to have urges, why having unhealthy urges is not inherently a negative trait, as well as the significance of identifying healthy urges in our lives. They also discuss how urges, whether they are healthy or unhealthy, are the key to understanding and loving ourselves. Listen to Episode 145 to learn more! Understanding our negative emotions [2:46] Noticing a limitation is informing and helpful [4:45] Understanding where our urges are coming from [8:37] The Blessed Couple Podcast  [9:42] Our subconscious fear of disapproval [10:56] Enjoy the process of getting to know ourselves [15:20] Why is it alarming when we lack strong positive urges? [16:48] How do we identify and indulge our productive urges? [23:52]
30:24 10/19/22
#144 - Meta Connected Sex | M.G. Tomasini, MD
Each of us possesses the neurological pathways that link our mind to the outside world. It is meant to connect with and serve others. Some people take advantage of it for their own gain, where they isolate themselves, which leads to porn addiction and masturbation, causing them to become disconnected from the world. It is necessary to develop principles that will guide our actions and beliefs toward other people. Only then can we grow and appreciate how wonderful life is and the significance of the connections we create. In this episode, we are joined by M.G. Tomasini, MD, author of Meta-Connected Sex: The Moral Case For the Power of the Brain's Chemistry and Connectivity for Sex. She devoted her life to understanding more about the science of human love, relationships, talents, creativity, and sexuality as they relate to worldwide success, happiness, fulfillment, and freedom. Dr. Tomasini shares with us what Meta-Connected Sex is all about, the significance of understanding the interconnectedness of our mind, body, and spirit, and the importance of developing principles in our lives. Even though some of us did not grow up in a healthy environment, which is what we need to shape our minds centered in principles, we can still find our safe places, like High Noon where we can blossom and develop our freedom to choose principles that will allow us to fulfill our greatest desires. Listen to Episode 144 to learn more! What Meta-Connected Sex is all about? [2:42] The Three Ps: Principle, Purpose, Plan [5:50] How does our prefrontal cortex work? [7:42] Freedom of choice of principles [11:09] Freedom in terms of sexuality [17:00] Creating clear sexual principles? [23:54] The Blessed Couple Podcast  [26:03] Our neurological pathways [26:32] What does meta-connectedness look like? [31:54] What do healthy meta-connected people look like?  [32:11] Why men and women are complementary? [36:48] Why is it important to have principles in our lives? [42:28]
51:37 10/12/22
#143 - Bringing Children Into The World
Being a parent is the most difficult job in the world as our children are completely dependent on us, and the way we bring them up has a significant impact on how they develop. It is a lifetime commitment that requires us to provide them with support, direction, and most importantly, love; yet, we cannot provide any of those things to them if we are self-centered, and we cannot even provide that to ourselves. Before we get married, it is important that we have already healed and made ourselves whole. This will ensure that we are able to provide for our families in any way they need and that we are prepared to put them ahead of ourselves. In our lives, selflessness manifests itself when people have sexual integrity. Because having sexual integrity also means having intentionality, which is a vital aspect for us to have in order to provide boundless love and care for our family. In this episode, Andrew and Benjy talk about the role that a husband plays in the birth of his child, as well as the support that he provides to his wife during her most difficult times, such as giving birth. They also discuss how important it is to deal with our emotions and deal with our sexual integrity while we are single. Listen to Episode 143 to learn more! Benjy’s newborn baby [1:25] A childbirth experience from a man’s perspective [4:25] The significance of sexual integrity in marriage [6:09] What kind of energy do we give to our wife while she's pregnant? [9:29] The importance of a strong support system in marriage [13:29] The Blessed Couple Podcast [15:03] What emotions does the husband experience while his wife gives birth? [16:15] The importance of intentionality in parenting [23:32] The difficulties of becoming a parent [25:13]
30:50 10/5/22
#142 - State of the High Noon Union Address
High Noon got its beginnings when there were just a select few people working for the organization who all had the same great desire to further its mission.  The world is in need of restoration and healing, which is why High Noon is working toward the goal of reaching every area of the world. They do this in the hope that they will be able to help more people in the process of healing, guide them in their journey toward sexual integrity, and ultimately create radiant, blessed families, couples, and individuals. From its humble beginnings, High Noon has come a long way. A great number of positive things take place within the organization, and the community continues to grow; yet, one thing does not change, and that is the unquenchable desire to help people quit porn and lead a fulfilled life.  In this episode, Andrew gives some insight into the workings of High Noon. He talks about the things that High Noon is aiming to do right now as well as the many things that they want to accomplish in their communities and all over the world. Listen to Episode 142 to learn more! Show Notes David, Mitsue, and Sammy are going to Asia. [1:28] High Noon is cleaning up its community [3:31] Why High Noon focus on sexuality? [5:53] Why do the Wolfenbergers spread the mission of High Noon even in their spare time? [7:21] What our European tour looked like [9:21] The Blessed Couple Podcast [10:55] How High Noon has evolved and where it is going [13:38]
22:50 9/28/22
#141 - Sensuality
We often spend our lives avoiding things that make us feel uncomfortable, but we should feel and experience those things instead because they will give us the opportunity to fully appreciate what life has to offer. Even if we long to experience sensuality in our lives, some of us don't seem to be able to because they only stay for the good things in life and leave the bad ones behind.  We should allow ourselves to have both positive and negative experiences because life is all about them. We need to quit trying to escape the inconvenient things God sends our way because these things are not sent to us only to cause us pain; rather, they are sent to us for a special purpose. In this episode, Andrew and Carina talk about the importance of understanding sensuality and how we may intentionally cultivate it to fully appreciate all areas of our lives. Listen to Episode 141 to learn more! Show Notes Sexuality impacts all aspects of our lives [5:31] What sensuality is all about? [7:00] The connection between sexuality and sensuality [9:44] Why we should understand and deal with our emotions [15:18] Allow ourselves to feel the negative emotions [25:43] The importance of experiencing [27:35]
42:37 9/21/22
#140 - Intolerant vs Allergic to Porn
A lot of people are going through a phase in which they believe that their unhealthy habits are valuable and that they benefit from them when, in reality, it is only causing destruction in their lives and preventing them from becoming the person they want to be. When we are aware that porn can have a bad impact on our lives and on our path to sexual integrity, we will not turn to it whenever we are feeling stressed or anxious; rather, we will learn to build a healthy habit that is genuinely valuable and from which we can significantly benefit. In this episode, Andrew and Benjy talk about the difference between being intolerant of porn and being allergic to it, the reasons why less porn leads to more porn, as well as how our small decisions can have a big impact on our lives. They also discuss the High Noon programs that can help us with our struggles, such as addiction to porn. Listen to Episode 140 to learn more! Show Notes The difference between intolerant and allergic to porn [4:46] Why is it important to be aware of which camp you belong to? [8:49] The Blessed Couple Podcast [11:38] Having a porn habit serves no purpose [12:07] Three reasons why less porn leads to more porn [13:04] Our micro decisions can have a macro impact on our lives [14:28] The blessing of our discomfort [18:38] Why is it vital to figure out how can we become allergic to porn [21:32] Ascend: Sexual Integrity Training
25:38 9/14/22
#139 - The Path to Become a True High Nooner
Many people are going through personal struggles and are ashamed to open up because their struggles make them feel like they don't belong. High Noon has been helping a lot of people in restoring their relationships with themselves, their partners or marriages, and their families in order to build a fulfilled life with God as the center of it and with sexual integrity by providing programs that aim to help in overcoming struggles such as porn addiction and becoming the best version of themselves. In this episode, Andrew talks about High Noon seeking to connect and engage with their audiences or listeners worldwide by creating a group called 1000 True Tribe members of High Noon and encouraging people to share their content with those who need it in order to create a great impact in their lives and inspire them to help others as well. Listen to Episode 139 to learn more! Show Notes What has been happening at High Noon? [1:23] What is the purpose of the book The Five Dysfunctions of a Team? [4:09] The true purpose of High Noon [5:40] The Blessed Couple Podcast [7:30] Building 1000 true tribe members of High Noon [7:59] Shame is a connectivity issue [8:47] High Noon as a worldwide movement [9:28]
14:30 9/7/22
#138 - How I Quit Porn So That I Can Have More Focus & Energy
Many people struggle to leave their comfort zones and hold onto beliefs that they consider to be true because they are afraid of growth. Growing requires acceptance, and in order to develop and change our perspective about ourselves and the world, it is essential that we understand the situations in which we find ourselves. It is important that we align our values with the kind of person we want to be—a person with sexual integrity—because when we are certain about our values and our NorthStar Goals, it will be simpler to act and grow.  In this episode, Benjy talks about the most significant things we can impart to our children, his own personal journey to overcome porn, and how he was able to mend his sexual relationship with his wife. He shares with us the growth equation, which enabled him to let go of beliefs that were detrimental to his growth, as well as how we can optimize the growth equation in our own lives to overcome our personal struggles such as porn addiction.   Listen to Episode 138 to learn more! Show Notes The most important lesson to impart to our children [3:31] The definition of growth [8:40] How to quickly overcome a porn addiction (Benjy’s growth equation) [10:08] The Blessed Couple Podcast [14:22] Why should we pay attention to the false beliefs we carry in our lives? [14:51] The significance of having a vision for ourselves [19:16] How to be fulfilled and happy in our marriages [20:09]
24:35 8/31/22
#137 - Eroding Values + Sexuality
Our beliefs about what is right and wrong are reflected in our values. They help us become the people we aspire to be and create the world we see for ourselves. Our beliefs and principles are embodied in the choices we make on a daily basis.  Social media can have detrimental effects when we rely too heavily on it. Porn is one type of social media content that can erode our values. Because excessive amounts of anything are unhealthy, we should make it a habit to take breaks from social media and redirect that time toward activities that have both a positive and meaningful impact on our lives. It is essential that our values are aligned with the kind of people we aspire to be, and a significant step toward realizing this goal is to surround ourselves with others who have similar perspectives. An organization such as High Noon is a great example of a healthy environment that actively practices values that are aligned with our greatest aspirations and ideals. In this episode, Andrew and Benjy talk about the significance of having values that are aligned with the kind of person we want to become, why is it important to understand them, as well as how social media is undermining our values. They also talk about the risks of excessive consumption of social media and the need of taking a break from it in order to break unhealthy habits. Listen to Episode 137 to learn more! Show Notes What does it mean to be a value-driven person? [2:36] The impact of cultural erosion [5:44] The influence of people around us on our values [11:01] How social media can promote false beliefs and social norms [11:58] The value that should guide our lives [14:30] The erosion of values [17:27] Why is it important to connect our values with the type of person we want to be and to surround ourselves with individuals who share these beliefs? [19:38] The Blessed Couple Podcast [21:09] The significance of integrating our best selves into our sexuality [21:38] How taking a break from social media can help us get rid of bad habits [22:50]
35:57 8/24/22
#136 - Sexual Imprinting
How we define sex is significantly influenced by how we first learned about it. People frequently learn about sex from porn and social media, which distorts their understanding of sex and leads them to believe that their destructive habits are normal.  Recognizing our unhealthy habits and determining if they are aligned with the person we want to become is fundamental. We must break old habits, change our perspectives on sex, and develop new, healthy meanings for ourselves that are based on the person we want to become—a person with sexual integrity. In this episode, Andrew and Benjy talk about how important it is to understand why we experience, think, and feel about sex the way we do, and how these things are influenced by the way that we were first exposed to sex. They discuss how we imprinted this and developed ideas about sexuality that we considered normal. Listen to Episode 136 to learn more! Show Notes What is sexual imprinting all about? [7:34] The harmful effects of porn on sexual imprinting [11:54] Why a person develops a bad habit [15:48] The difference between short-term pleasure and long-term pleasure [19:27] The Blessed Couple Podcast [20:16] Why does having an authentic identity matter? [20:46] How social media and pornography can distort our perception of sexuality [23:53] How the false meanings society gives to sex can have a bad effect on our sexual imprinting [27:09] Make yourself a new standard of sexuality that better reflects your ideal self [31:35]  
35:19 8/17/22
#135 - Sexual Integrity Fundamentals
When we want to learn something and achieve our goal, we need to focus on the fundamentals first. If we have the right sexual integrity fundamentals, our journey will be a wonderful experience. By fully committing to our journey, we will be able to recognize our old, unhealthy habits, allowing us to become the person we want to be by incorporating new, healthy habits into our lives.  Having an accountability partner helps us progress and understand our process. Reclaiming our sexual integrity is only possible if we are honest with ourselves and committed to becoming the person we hope to be. In this episode, Andrew talks about how important the fundamentals are on our journey to sexual integrity, and the benefits of starting our journey with the appropriate fundamentals that will pave the way for continued success. Listen to Episode 135 to learn more! Show Notes The importance of learning about the fundamentals [2:40] Why is being ALL in important? [5:07] The impact of having an accountability partner [5:41] Commit to the process of transformation [6:16] The significance of understanding our bad habits [6:51] A culture where there are no shadows [7:24] Focus on YOUR integrity [9:39]
16:19 8/10/22
#134 - How to Keep Moving When You Feel Stuck
Growing is a beautiful journey as it allows us to experience and learns new things not only from our surroundings but also, and perhaps most importantly, from ourselves. We get to learn unexpected things about ourselves that we didn’t know existed, but we embrace and enjoy this discovery nonetheless. Growing is also painful. When we see the progress that other people have made, we have a tendency to feel as though we are falling behind, that we are not making any progress, and end up right back where we started. Our journey to sexual integrity is both beautiful and painful, just like the process of growing. Like when we are embarking on a trip or adventure, we must be prepared, pack the essentials, and even anticipate what may occur so that we can be ready. Similarly, on every journey, we must be prepared from the moment we decide to set out on our path. We must determine what would be the biggest roadblock in our journey and be prepared to address and resolve it when faced. The beauty of our journey lies in part in our willingness to welcome discomfort along the way. Experiencing discomfort doesn’t necessarily indicate pain and suffering, but it only means that we are stretching our boundaries and being truthful with ourselves on this journey. In this episode, Andrew and Benjy talk about how to keep moving forward, the steps we should take to get out of feeling stuck without going back to where we came from, and what we should do with the framework of greatness we already have. They also discuss how important it is, to be honest, why our journey to sexual integrity should be enjoyable, as well as why we shouldn't be afraid to try new things. Finding an accountability partner is an essential aspect of our journey. High Noon is a community that cultivates sexual integrity. High Noon is an accountability partner that helps people in their journey toward sexual integrity by helping them in overcoming the things that they are reluctant to let go of - the things that are preventing them from moving forward. When you embark on a journey, it can be comforting and inspiring to know that you have someone by your side who will guide you and on whom you can rely. Listen to Episode 134 to learn more! Show Notes The importance of identifying the biggest roadblock of our journey [2:20] Why should we allow ourselves to feel uncomfortable? [06:40] We all have the framework for greatness; we just need to work on fixing our lives [9:25] Why shouldn’t we have high expectations for ourselves? [9:59] The Blessed Couple Podcast [13:43] We should STOP comparing our success to the success of others [14:12] Are we really fulfilling the purpose of sexual integrity? [18:09] The importance of enjoying our journey to sexual integrity [19:11] Don’t be afraid to try new things [22:58]
28:39 8/3/22
#133 - Your Relationship With Your Sexual Organ
In today's society, people are less likely to openly talk about our sexual organs. Because of the taboo that normally surrounds sex, there’s rarely a safe space to talk about our sexual organs in a manner that won’t elicit crass comments. However, our sexual organs play an important part in our lives - after all, this is how our DNA is passed on to the next generation, as well as where love is manifested. It is important that we develop a relationship with our sexual organs and treat them with care, and respect, and nurture them with a great deal of love as this reflects how highly we value ourselves and the kind of relationship we want to have with our future spouse. People learn about sexuality in various ways. Some learn it from their parents, teachers, or other people in their immediate environment. Some discover it independently. Each of us has a unique perspective on it; consequently, we each have a unique understanding of its true purpose. Our sexual organs are significant and sacred, so we must take care of them and develop a healthy relationship with them. Instead of associating our sexual organs with things that can only destroy our relationships with them, such as shame, porn, masturbation, and other bad habits, we should treat them with respect, love, and most importantly, in accordance with God's will. In this episode, we are joined by our special guest, Carina Cunningham, as we talk about the value of our sexual organs, the importance of building a healthy relationship with our sexual organs, as well as the habits we should avoid that can devalue our sexuality. We also discuss sensuality, which comes from the book Unwanted: How Sexual Brokenness Reveals Our Way to Healing By Jay Stringer. People who become addicted to things, such as masturbation or porn, do so because their relationship with their sexuality and sexual organs is unhealthy or misaligned. Discipline is key when we are breaking free from addiction, and it goes hand-in-hand with determining the cause of our broken relationship with our sexuality and reconnecting with it to form a much healthier relationship. It is of the utmost significance that we cultivate a relationship with our sexuality because it is connected to the relationship that we have with God and our future spouse. Listen to Episode 133 to learn more! Show Notes The value of our sexual organs [4:21] What do our sexual organs actually represent? [6:31] Create a healthy connection with our sexuality [9:35] True Parents' view of sexuality [13:13] Finding our own way to bridge the gap between our sexuality and God [14:03] How our interpretation of sexuality can be profoundly impacted by having a different worldview about it? [16:38] Our beliefs should be in line with our actions [20:17] The Blessed Couple Podcast [22:13] What is selfishness all about? [23:15] A “little porn” always leads to “more porn” [27:36] A must-read book: Unwanted: How Sexual Brokenness Reveals Our Way to Healing By Jay Stringer [29:26] Porn hinders us from seeing even the smallest beautiful aspects about people [29:48] Sensuality, sexuality, and sex are connected to absolute sex [32:40] Why do we need to prioritize sensuality in our lives? [33:48] The most important discipline [39:09]
41:34 7/27/22
#132 - Owner VS Renter Of Your Sexuality
When we own something, we treat it with respect, take care of it, are aware of when something is wrong, and we are able to fix it on our own. However,  when we have something that we don't own or are the "renter" of, we often have no knowledge about it, give it little attention, and have no understanding of how to fix it when anything goes wrong. Porn and sexual deviance are destructive habits that some people develop because they seek to escape from their traumas. These are areas of our lives for which we take no responsibility, so we are unaware of our ability to heal from them. When we fully own and begin reclaiming those broken areas of our lives, we can also begin to evaluate our lives, connect to the person we want to be, and get rid of those unhealthy habits. Owning our sexuality entails loving ourselves beyond all else. This means that we must always learn to treat ourselves with respect and kindness. We cannot fully love another person if we do not first love ourselves as we cannot really offer what we do not have. Our sexuality should be a reflection of who we aspire to become. When we learn to fully own our sexuality, we can see how valuable and beautiful we are and that we are the person we have been yearning for all along. In this episode, Andrew, Benjy, and special guest Eric talk about what it means to be an owner and a renter, as well as how to fully own and take control of our sexuality. They discuss different analogies of what ownership means and how we can use those definitions to apply them to why we should take control of our sexuality. A lot of us believe that everyone will eventually cross paths with someone who can mend the broken parts of our lives. Many times we are so focused on searching for that right person when all we really need is the courage and bravery to finally take control of our lives and our destiny as we are the only ones who can truly make us whole. Listen to Episode 132 to learn more! Show Notes The difference between an owner and a renter of your sexuality [2:07] The definition of ownership [7:26] Why should we claim ownership of our sexuality? [8:17] Why does unconditional commitment matter the most in a relationship? [9:54] The value of being accountable for our own lives [13:47] Why do some people enter marriage as ‘renters’? [15:08] Why should our sexuality mirror who we want to be? [15:42] Our limitation isn’t a burden but a gift [15:59] The limitations we impose on ourselves are all our responsibility. [17:12] Why should we take back control of the areas of our lives where we don't do so? [19:08] The essence of High Noon organization [25:13]
27:20 7/20/22