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Doctor Who: Prepare the Timelash!!

An in-depth look at different eras of Doctor Who. Each month, your hosts Ken Hart and Mike Ferguson celebrate the wonderful moments of the show, criticize the things that went wrong, and lament "what could've been". In Season 1, they covered the Sixth Doctor, and Season 2 looked at Leela's adventures with the Fourth Doctor! Now, in Season 3, it's an examination of stories featuring the Guardians of Time, including the Key to Time season and the Guardians trilogy!


Bonus Episode 3 - Gallifrey One 2023 Recap
In this special bonus episode of Prepare the Timelash!!, Ken & Mike talk about their recent trip to Gallifrey One, the largest Doctor Who convention in North America! It was the first time at this convention for them both, so besides talking about being Gally One newbies, they discuss the many panels that they attended, the performers they met, and reflect on just the overall positivity of every attending. (And the French Toast at the Marriott. It was AMAZING.)
47:32 3/13/23
Episode 33 - The Androids of Tara
Who likes a fancy hat? That's right, Ken & Mike are discussing "The Androids of Tara" this month ... and there's quite a lot to like about this story! In addition to Romana's absolutely fab outfit, they also cover why Count Grendel is one of the best villains in Doctor Who history, how the Fourth Doctor's silliness serves the story well here, and the weirdness of a society where peasants are well-educated and nobles aren't. It's a great story - so check out this episode, or else next time our intrepid podcast hosts will not be so lenient!
64:11 3/8/23
Episode 32 - The Stones of Blood
Back to talking about odd trials in Doctor Who? If that's the case, then Mike & Ken are discussing "The Stones of Blood" this month, and ... yeah. It's one of the weirder stories they've covered! Among other things, they talk about the awesomeness of Amelia Rumford, the unlikely ability of ten-ton sentient stones sneaking up on anyone, and the surprising name drop of Trenton, New Jersey! Besides the story, they also talk about the passing of Chris Boucher and his legacy on the show (and Blake's 7), and that Prepare The Timelash!! will be attending Gallifrey One in just a few weeks! Hope to see you there!
66:35 2/6/23
Episode 31 - The Pirate Planet
By the raging fury of the sky demon, it's time for Ken & Mike to talk about "The Pirate Planet", the only aired Doctor Who story officially credited to the one and only Douglas Adams! (Yes, we know about City of Death. And Shada.) Lots to talk about in this episode, including Romana's awesomeness in this story, the Doctor's surprising righteous anger in a comedic story, and the epic battle between K-9 and the inimitable Polyphase Avatron. So, have a listen, unless you want the Captain to make you walk the plank instead!
52:37 12/7/22
Episode 30 - The Ribos Operation
Hey, did you know that no one makes a fool of the Graff Vynda-K ... and lives? If you do, then you know that Ken & Mike are covering "The Ribos Operation" this month, as they begin their look at the "Key to Time" season of Classic Doctor Who! There's a lot to look at in this terrific story, including the introduction of Mary Tamm's Romana, the highly entertaining double act of Garron & Unstoffe, and Binro the heretic, who was indeed right. Good stuff this month, so have a listen!
56:27 11/29/22
Bonus Episode 2 - The Power of the Doctor
In this bonus episode, Ken & Mike take a look at "The Power of the Doctor", Jodie Whittaker's final story as the Thirteenth Doctor. There's a lot of great things to talk about - Ace! Tegan! Yaz! And quite a number of new and old faces! - and some other things that aren't quite so great as well. They also discuss Chris Chibnall's time overall as showrunner of Doctor Who, and why they think it's a well-meaning but very flawed chapter of the show's history.
60:10 10/25/22
Episode 29 - The Celestial Toymaker
It's a new "Prepare the Timelash!!" season, as Mike & Ken begin to cover Doctor Who stories featuring the Guardians of Time and other powerfully cosmic foes! In this first episode of the season, they look at "The Celestial Toymaker", which ... okay, yeah. The behind-the-scenes 'making of' drama for "Toymaker" is probably more interesting than the story itself! Still, besides talking about THAT craziness, Ken & Mike also discuss the story's similarities to a D&D adventure module, Dodo's way too trusting nature, and why they really like the First Doctor, even though he's barely in this one. So, join them as they cover this story from moves 1 to 1,023 - and no more clever tricks, if you please!
56:09 9/28/22
Bonus Episode 1 - Asylum of the Daleks
Surprise! In this very first bonus episode of "Prepare the Timelash!!", Ken & Mike decide to talk about a Doctor Who story that they both love ... and doesn't really fit the theme of their current season. In this case, it's the Eleventh Doctor classic "Asylum of the Daleks", where they discuss the very surprising first appearance of Oswin Oswald, Steven Moffat's uncanny ability to drop clues to a mystery in plain sight, and lament the criminal under-utilization of the Special Weapons Dalek. Get yourself some eggs and milk - it's time for soufflés, bow ties, sassy banter, and all sorts of bonus Doctor Who goodness!
39:23 9/15/22
Episode 28 - Warrior of the Sevateem
Ken & Mike say a final goodbye to Leela of the Sevateem (and the Fourth Doctor, for a little while!) in this final episode of Season 2. They look at several near-misses regarding potential returns of Leela to the TV screen, and then the many audio adventures of the character on Big Finish, including "The Sons of Kaldor" by Andrew Smith and "The Hourglass Killers" by Justin Richards. Farewell, Leela. You were one of the noblest companions of them all!
60:22 9/12/22
Episode 27 - The Invasion of Time
And the televised adventures of Leela come to an end on "Prepare the Timelash!!", as Mike and Ken reach her final story, "The Invasion of Time". Among many other things, they discuss the horde of troubles that plagued the production of this story, the awesomeness of this incarnation of Borusa, Leela's utterly TERRIBLE departure (you deserved so much better, Louise Jameson!), and Krazy Straws and swimming pools. AND a preview of our "Season 3!" It's a jam-packed episode, so be sure to check this one out! (We'll miss you too, Leela.)
75:58 6/21/22
Episode 26 - Underworld
The Quest is the Quest! Ken & Mike continue their look at the adventures of Leela and the Fourth Doctor with Underworld, and ... yeah. Besides the infamous dodgy CSO effects in this story, this one's got a lot of odd head-scratching moments. Still, there's plenty to discuss, even if some of the behind-the-scenes tales of the making of Underworld are more interesting at times than the story itself!
51:15 4/27/22
Episode 25 - The Sun Makers
Praise the Company! This month, Mike & Ken take a look at "The Sun Makers", and ... well, they are indeed gratified! Among other things, they discuss Leela's turn as being in charge with companions of her, the magnificent splendificity of Gather Hade, and Robert Holmes' prescient accuracy in naming Pluto as the ninth planet. Because, you know, it IS a planet. Help yourself to a raspberry leaf, keep your feet off the mahogany desk, and have a listen!
62:16 4/8/22
Episode 24 - Image of the Fendahl
Put kettle on! Because this month, Ken and Mike take a look at "Image of the Fendahl", one of the few Doctor Who stories involving cosmic horror ... and boy, do they have a lot to talk about! Among other things, they discuss whether or not Colby is the most annoying character in Classic Who, baby Fendahline plushies, and the plausibility of the Fendahl's plan to take over humanity. It's a good one this month, folks, so get yourself a piece of fruitcake, sit back, relax, and listen!
64:35 2/28/22
Episode 23 - The Invisible Enemy
"Contact has been made!" With THAT catchphrase, you know Ken & Mike must be discussing "The Invisible Enemy", and, well ... contact hasn't exactly been made with a Doctor Who masterpiece. Still, our hosts have much to discuss, including the debut of K-9, the dubious use of giant blast shields as a disguise, and why three-foot-tall silver prawns aren't exactly terrifying. It's a weird (and often dull) story, but Mike & Ken do their best with it!
56:26 12/29/21
Episode 22 - Horror of Fang Rock
This month, Ken & Mike are joined by Joy & Kyle from "Five Years Rapid" to discuss "Horror of Fang Rock", the Terrance Dicks-penned season opener from Season 15 of classic Doctor Who! Besides their mutual admiration of this story, they all discuss the improbabilities of a Sontaran/Rutan war, what makes "Fang Rock" good Gothic horror, and the character Vince. Oh, poor Vince. Some really great discussions and insights all around, so come on in from that cold fog and have a listen!
68:14 11/24/21
Episode 21 - The Talons of Weng-Chiang
Do YOU know the different sounds of death? If you do, then you must know that Mike and Ken are discussing "The Talons of Weng Chiang" this month! It's a story with some great characters, some incredible world-building ... and also has a whole bunch of problems involving racism. Sigh. There's a lot to unpack about this story, so help yourselves to some mutton (no forks or knives required!) and have a listen.
65:28 11/3/21
Episode 20 - The Robots of Death
Killer art deco robots on a sandminer, you say? Why, Ken & Mike must be covering "Robots of Death"! Among other things, this month they discuss the surprising diversity of the cast, Chris Boucher's knack for world-building, and why the titular Robots are, oh, a billion times better than the Quarks. Please don't throw hands at us - just sit back, enjoy a massage from a robot who couldn't possibly be homicidal, and listen to this month's episode!
67:01 10/6/21
Episode 19 - The Face of Evil
It's a new season of "Prepare the Timelash" as Ken & Mike travel further back into the time vortex to an era of scarves, jelly babies, and janis thorns! That's right, they're now covering the Fourth Doctor's travels with Leela, and they're starting with "The Face of Evil"! Besides talking about the first appearance of Leela on Doctor Who, they also discuss Caleb's Loki-ish role in the story, Neeva's impressive ability to wear a glove as a hat, and how Mike & Ken can't ever seem to escape Who-related trials!
59:25 8/25/21
Episode 18 - Ol' Sixie
It's the end - but the moment has been prepared for! In their final episode focusing on the Sixth Doctor, Ken & Mike take a look at two of his Big Finish audio adventures that they consider to be among his finest - "The Wrong Doctors" and "Static". They also recap their thoughts on both the character of the Sixth Doctor and on Colin Baker's performance in the role, and what they've learned from looking at this era of Doctor Who so closely for the past year and a half.
65:35 8/6/21
Episode 17 - Resolution of the Listeners
The listeners have decided! In a recent Twitter poll, Ken & Mike asked what Big Finish stories the listeners wanted to hear them discuss, and in the end, "Jubilee" and "Davros", um, exterminated the competition. And besides a number of Dalek-related topics, they also reveal what they'll be covering in Season 2 of Prepare The Timelash!!, which starts in July! Lots to talk about this month, so you won't want to miss this one!
56:44 5/26/21
Episode 16 - The Evelyn Experience
The foray into the Sixth Doctor's audio adventures continues as Mike & Ken look into two stories - "The Marian Conspiracy" and "The Spectre of Lanyon Moor", both of which feature audio companion Dr. Evelyn Smythe! Besides talking about Evelyn and the Doctor's relationship, Ken & Mike cover a few other topics, including the meeting of Six & the Brig, and why certain villains might've fit better in "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers". It's a fun discussion, so help yourself to some chocolate cake and join us!
43:06 4/28/21
Episode 15 - The Peri Redemption
This month, Ken & Mike finally start covering the Sixth Doctor's audio adventures on Big Finish with two Peri-centric (is that a word?) stories - "Peri & the Piscon Paradox" and "The Widow's Assassin", both of which focus on some of the issues regarding the character in her televised stories. Do they bring a certain amount of redemption to the oft-maligned character of Peri? Listen and find out! Also, Mike & Ken's discussion is FULL of spoilers, so be warned!
62:28 3/31/21
Episode 14 - The Wilderness Years
Ken & Mike wander this month into "The Wilderness Years", where they tackle various appearances of the Sixth Doctor - and (cough) "The Stranger" - in the late Eighties and early Nineties. Among other things, they examine the "Ultimate Adventure" musical production (yes, really!), novels from Virgin Books and BBC Books, and video cassette releases from BBV. There's also this thing called "Dimensions in Time" that they're obligated to discuss. Much to discuss for a time when Doctor Who itself was off the air!
72:14 2/24/21
Episode 13 - The Ultimate Foe
Court is adjourned! Yes, Ken & Mike have reached the end of "Trial of a Time Lord" as they get to "The Ultimate Foe". This month, they talk about how this season wrapped up, what worked well (the Master's boss mic drop!) and what didn't (pretty much everything else), and the continued troubles behind-the-scenes that plagued this story. Also, they discuss the future of "Prepare the Timelash!!" after they're done covering the Sixth Doctor! It's a jam-packed episode, so buckle up and have a listen!
70:16 1/27/21
Episode 12 - Terror of the Vervoids
Did you just hear an ear-splitting scream? Why yes, Mike and Ken sure did, which means Mel has arrived and they're talking about "Terror of the Vervoids"! Besides talking about Mel's first appearance, they also discuss the troubled behind-the-scenes making of this story, the Doctor's dubious choice of this adventure as his defense, and - plot twist! - what they're looking forward to with Doctor Who in 2021! There's a lot to chew on, so pull up a wicker lounge chair and have a listen!
76:16 12/30/20
Episode 11 - Mindwarp
Rombrom sabaluma sssSSSS!!! Great Morgo be praised, Ken & Mike continue their look at "Trial of a Timelord" this month, as they tackle "Mindwarp"! Among other things, they discuss the awesomeness of Brian Blessed, Sil as a second banana, and why the story's courtroom banter is something out of an argument clinic. Also, they say farewell to one Perpugilliam Brown - and the lovely and talented Nicola Bryant as well - as they take a closer look at her time on Doctor Who.
55:18 11/25/20
Episode 10 - The Mysterious Planet
Order in the court, Sagacity? Yes, Ken & Mike have finally gotten to "The Trial of a Time Lord" as they examine its first story, "The Mysterious Planet"! Among many other things, they talk about some of the inherent problems of the Trial concept, just what the "L" in the name of the L1 robot actually stands for, and just how darn nice it is to FINALLY see the Sixth Doctor & Peri getting along. So, join us as we tackle Season 23, one of the oddest seasons in this era of Doctor Who!
67:23 10/28/20
Episode 9 - Arc of Infinity
This month, "Prepare the Timelash!!" becomes "The Commander Maxil Show", as Ken & Mike look at "Arc of Infinity", featuring Colin Baker's first appearance on Doctor Who! Besides discussing things like why Nyssa is so awesome in this story, why Gallifreyan lore is better left mysterious, and the Castellan's complete incompetence, they also discuss how this Season 20 story differs from the darker tones of the Sixth Doctor's Season 22. All clips are copyright BBC and Big Finish. No infringement is intended.    
70:50 9/30/20
Episode 8 - Doctor in Distress
Penguin private eyes? Crazed computers? The worst New Wave song ever recorded? What in the name of Rassilon is happening here? Well, this month Ken & Mike take a look at the "Doctor in Distress" - the 18 month hiatus between Seasons 22 & 23 of Doctor Who, why it happened, and what it meant for the show. They also cover the oddities that occurred during that hiatus, and look back at the highs & lows for Season 22. It's a jam-packed episode this month, so wake the kids, phone the neighbors, and have a listen!
69:08 8/26/20
Episode 7 - Revelation of the Daleks
"Prepare The Timelash!!" hits a milestone this month as Ken & Mike reach the end of Season 22 with "Revelation of the Daleks", its final story! Is it a good story? Yes. Is it a good Doctor Who story ...? Well, that's a different discussion. Also discussed in this month's episode are the amazing number of double acts in this story, the brilliance of Davros, and the traveling Doctor Who Celebration exhibit that criss-crossed the US back in the Eighties, (Yes, we're old.) Also, Jobel? BACK OFF. Yeeesh.
59:42 7/29/20