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Being "Winsome," Limited, & Living By Design
4:12: “Winsome,” Doug Wilson, Kevin DeYoung and engaging culture.7:32: GK Chesterton on war.8:28: Our huge Christmas tree might fall over.13:36: Titus’ hunting success!17:46: Why Molly is stressed about the tree.19:35: Back to winsomeness and getting back to Biblical language.21:27: “Self-care” last week brought the noise!22:55: Men vs. Women, recreational habits and the necessity of moms in the first three years and psychological and emotional ties to children.28:39: The lot the good Lord has placed us in regards to self-care.39:36: Can we reframe the conversation around self-care in a Biblical understanding.30:54: Kelly Kapic, You’re Only Human31:38: JR blame shifts and Molly shuts him down.33:10: We were created with limitations that are a feature, not a bug.37:00: What will be true of us in the new heavens and new earth?37:43: “Self-care” is not in the Bible but living according to design is.40:00: Applications to Transhumanism and technological development.43:03: We are not our own but bought with a price and called to honor at the expense of ourselves.*44:03: Holding it all in tension.45:09: Molly’s Red Light Therapy purchase.46:39: Molly’s diagnostic on Biblical vs. sinful “self-care.”50:50: Roping your kids into what you love.54:08: Self-care for women is usually expensive.57:15: Video games, salad and Christmas stuff.58:53: Show CloseToo Busy to Flush Telegram GroupSend us a PostcardPique Tea - Referral Link (Website)Molly's Favorite Milk Brother (new version)
63:05 11/29/23
Shelving, Satisfaction, & Self-Care
Show Open: Birthdays, tea and coffee, the differences between.5:28: Titus, a game night, and his chocolate chip cookie.7:04: A new recipe for Thanksgiving, chocolate cookie pies and chess pie.9:46: Chess pie, vinegar pies, Momofuku.15:29: A running theme: kids’ room shuffling, Ikea hacks, and new shelving ideas.19:31: Joy and satisfaction in working with your hands, teaching your son to be a man.22:57: Doing things with your hands for mental health and a sense of doing what you’re created to do.26:19: Molly tees up J.R. On Ecclesiastes.33:47 Molly responds with some Hebrew lol and they discuss finding joy in the toil.40:35: Life seasons.42:53: Argentina's new President looks like his’s from the 60’s and The Byrds.45:15 An admonishment about self-care.45:48: Distinctions between self-care and rest and underlying heart conditions.50:43: A brilliant Bluey episode on mom needing 15 minutes.52:28: Modern lifestyles don’t lend themselves to healthy rest and rhythms in life.54:12: Some tips for better health and rest.59:20: Show CloseIt's a Wonderful (Brief) Life - SermonToo Busy to Flush Telegram GroupSend us a PostcardPique Tea - Referral Link (Website)Molly's Favorite Milk Brother (new version)
64:16 11/22/23
Eating Scrolls & Baking Rolls
A week of normal week, and daylight savings time.3:19: Timezone history and statistics.9:26: The electrifying of America.13:33: The Gray Haven’s new hymn record is fantastic and listening to music over and over again.17:11: Molly’s 3rd grade snack win, trying trying to find a link on our website like this Revelation sermon.23:20: Molly’s takeaways from said sermon: a pastor tones down his teaching on God’s wrath; there is no cosmic justice; Hilter, Stalin, Mao didn’t get what’s coming to them27:51: What it means to “eat this scroll”; alarming stats on Christianity31:40: Being prepared in the heart, Iran bigwig declares war on the US, a Montana lab had the covid virus a hear before it “got out.”37:58: A balm to the hurting heart41:27: Hymn of the week…oh my.45:46: A podcast highlighting the mysterious acts of the Lord47:27: Back to the hymn53:34: Taking something too far, too hard.55:48: The Battle Hymn of The Kingdom58:02: Christmas Open House!1:02:45: Show CloseToo Busy to Flush Telegram GroupSend us a PostcardPique Tea - Referral Link (Website)Molly's Favorite Milk Brother (new version)
67:03 11/17/23
The Joy of Experience & No Sad Funerals
3:40: Birthdays, growing kids, and judo tournament recap.10:54: Not seeing things in your kids and marveling at the joy of experience and gifting.18:XX: Excelling at craftsmanship.21:XX: Camille Paglia and there are no female Mozart’s or female Jack the Rippers.23:30: Driving your kids to do the thing and being a person that finishes things.27:19: A super-interesting conversation with the kids about choosing songs for funerals.29:30: There are no sad hymns at Christian funerals.39:40: A huge hymn at a Lutheran church we’ll never forget but don’t remember anything about.43:04: Sausage bites are so good. Molly’s two cooking fails.48:15: Applesauce based BBQ sauce.52:00: Molly’s third fail…oops - JR 😅55:00: The kids have their own rooms!58:16: Sourdough cinnamon twists.Too Busy to Flush Telegram Group Send us a Postcard Pique Tea - Referral Link (Website) Molly's Favorite Milk Brother (new version)  
64:30 11/11/23
Determination, Discouragement, & Doomscrolling
Show Open1:10: Winter is here and with it comes prep.4:10: Character qualities of hunters and athletes, getting butts kicked by those better than us11:45: Way off-topic volleyball rule changes13:19: “I don’t know why the other team doesn’t just give up”14:43: Titus leans some character building at the range and elk camp.23:03: Instant Pot Pumpkin Chili24:21: Zechariah and requiring the same evidence as non-believer.28:09: Reasons we’re discouraged and despising the day of small things.31:40: Don’t move into the scintillating and despise the little ways God is working.34:22: “Doomscrolling”34:55: Dismantling Christian worldview, The Brave Learner and the contrast between Zech’s 5th Vision and Julie’s giving into feelings.38:59: Coming out of the enlightenment and unstoppable human progress and the human heart remains unchanged.43:20: This is what God does, you end up like Nebuchadnezzar.43:56: A godless view of the world leads to a special kind of discouragement.45:18: Missions wax museum was cancelled and Tim Challies’ “Epic” documentary series on church history.59:54: Canavox online1:03:19: Show CloseToo Busy to Flush Telegram GroupSend us a PostcardPique Tea - Referral Link (Website)Molly's Favorite Milk Brother (new version)
65:49 10/26/23
Dentists, Israel and the Church, & Rethinking Taylor Swift
Show Open3:00: Lots of money spent on dental, reactive vs proactive dentistry, root canals, jaw alignment, long term problems.11:59: Body talk basics and talking to your kids about health and puberty.13:23 The stakes are incredibly high for ignoring joy in our sexed bodies and a sale code!17:28: Molly’s online Canavox group on masculinity (philosophical and natural law).20:30: Douglas Murray is an interesting character. The War on The West and his Joe Rogan conversation.23:05: Ponderings on Israel and Palestine, Zionism and Biblical Prophecy28:55: The kids thumbed up The Tuttle Twins.29:43 Let’s be real clear about who the Church is, what the church is and what our call is.32:19: Replacement theology, and a proper Biblical image from Romans.38:45: Differences between dispensationalism vs. covenantal theology.41:25: Molly’s experience growing up was different than JR’s.43:08: Humans want to know and control and it’s so bad for us.47:06: Rethinking Taylor Swift, the power of music on the soul.52:57: Molly made some really good muffins, we get distracted…55:04: …back to Morning Glory Muffins.58:35: Ear protection for your grain mill, guns, and garden work.1:01:52: Show CloseToo Busy to Flush Telegram GroupSend us a PostcardPique Tea - Referral Link (Website)Molly's Favorite Milk Brother (new version)
65:26 10/19/23
Taylor Swift, Leech Guy, & Kids’ Cultural Engagement
Show Open3:00: The Gospel Coalition, Taylor Swift, and a stretch at best, idolatry at worst.16:14: “Reformed Mum” and convening coven’s on stage, other writers’ opinions21:35: Nate Burnham’s “Firebird”23:23: One thing Molly likes about Dude Perfect and they have a trustworthy app.26:23: JR’s closing thoughts and “Echoes of Eden”29:08: Natasha Crain, (Ep: 32), living counter-culturally and raising kids who don’t resent Christianity32:22: Leech on the Beach Guy, and being so right about something so bad.36:11: Engaging kids about culture without ruining a thing37:34: Raising Conservatives Kids in a Woke City- Katy Faust40:03: Not in charge of saving our kids’ souls43:07: Contentious cultural issues: Halloween and Yoga; gateways for demon-entry and participating in Satanic ritual.47:16: Christians unintentionally participating in demonic activities.52:44: Reading Revelation with a good commentary or study guide like “The Return of The King”55:39: Discipline of mind, focus and making good decisions.58:34: Focus on adding good things, not removing bad things1:00:39: Are we making shallow substitutes or genuinely enjoying a good life?1:02:32: Distilling down the essence of manhood and manliness. Why Dad’s should wrestle with their kids. Manhood is achieved, Womanhood is inherent.1:07:55: Molly’s online group on the essence of masculinity and femininity1:11:49: Show CloseToo Busy to Flush Telegram GroupPique Tea - Referral Link (Website)
74:53 10/14/23
Generational Differences, Not Fitting In, & Waiting on God
Show Open: Lili’s birthday, bear rugs, failed birthday present orders.07:53: Is asking for devices to be left at home or in a car a sign of disrespect to millennials? Generational differences with technology.14:43 : Are we ever going to fit into the culture at our church? Parasites and disregulated nervous system.19:00: Sandra McCracken’s “Abiding City.” Constant death and the persistent breaking down of life and being a sinful monster.26:01: Walker Family Goods…wearing trending bags and interesting realities for brands.28:35: Sandra McCraken’s “Patient Kingdom”, Derek Webb’s deconstruction. Is that a Gen X thing? Is Gen X obsessed with their past?35:30: Molly’s bow on “Patient Kingdom.”37:04: We’d rather have an outright “no” then a “wait” from God.40:53: Molly’s disregulated nervous system, anxiety and neuroplasticity.48:35: Triggers, Atomic Habits and counter-acting the anxiety.52:03: Rogan and Stephen C. Meyer, The Return of the God Hypothesis and Why Christians Need Philosophy.1:00:43: Show Close"Abiding City" musicToo Busy to Flush Telegram GroupPique Tea - Referral Link (Website)
64:44 10/6/23
Middle-Age Metabolism, Concert Kids, & Small Groups
Show Open2:47: Middle-aged metabolism, sausage bite recipe, reflections on modern machinery11:42: Women’s hormones, eating protein in the morning and managing blood sugar and metabolism13:25: Protein deficiencies, diet discussions and maybe it’s a first world problem23:38: The kids go to their second concert, Rend Collective and it wasn’t as great as they were hoping; concerts with kids30:42: The Tophouse live experience was great, and encores.38:31: A few brief thoughts on last week’s Sabbath episode; Serious Sabbath;  Remember the Sabbath;40:28: Are small groups artificial attempts at organic connection in a disconnected modern American culture? Do they largely fail?48:53: Where small groups succeed, their various natures informing relationship51:12: Friendship, community and seasons of loneliness59:13: Introverts in small groups and teaching 3rd graders1:07:53: Show CloseToo Busy to Flush Telegram GroupPique Tea - Referral Link (Website)
70:44 9/28/23
Sabbath Rests, Self-Righteousness, & Getting Your Arm Ripped Off
Show Open1:40: Late night vs. early morning, weekend recap, Tophouse, we’re failing at consistently running now, creative focus, focused work time, latest food preservations14:12: Planning and discipline necessary for harvesting and sabbath rests19:05: Kamut muffins and Uncle Vernon’s latest, the big difference in what we’re able to grow.20:01: Sabbath views: Cultural considerations, making other people work by going out to eat. Westminster Standards, Qs 114-12133:27: Self-righteousness that comes from taking Christian liberty or holding to strict adherence. Where is your heart? Keeping things in their place.36:58: The kids’ current hymn study: Stand Up Stand Up for Jesus, it’s history, George Whitfield, and getting arms ripped off.45:01: Molly’s tour Scotland and England with Ligonier Ministries, Stephen Hawking is buried in Westminster Abbey and it’s secularization.48:12: Titus tells Molly a out William Wallace’s death, how do people get to the point of thinking things like this are okay and need to be done?50:53: War is an apologetic for God- Pastor Bryan Clark, Trinity Church, Bozeman, MT; Miroslov Volf (Exclusion and Embrace- PRE revision)55:09: Show CloseToo Busy to Flush Telegram GroupPique Tea - Referral Link (Website)
58:56 9/20/23
Political Ponderings, Life Recap, & Creating Good Habits
Open2:55: Molly’s did a reformed history trip with Ligonier Ministries European Tour, government monopolies on utilities6:12: Mr. Beast and Joe Rogan9:48: RFK, Jr., and being so far beyond what the founders intended13:09: 3-Letter Agency overstep18:19: Worldviews, public policies and political action20:37: Molly would consider voting for a Kennedy, should big issues like abortions be the issue of the day for a particular election?25:58: Should we trust Vivik? 26:42: A recap of our lives of the last three weeks or so 😆, Molly and Titus preps the van for a trip by themselves, Titus levels up in life, JR goes out on tour.36:09: Ty Walker & The Humanoids38:34: Jess Ray fronts a The Worship Initiative tune, Ancient Gates; The Lord's Prayer, Shane & Shane41:29: JR’s remix of Jess Ray’s “Best Friend”41:52: Atomic Habits44:13: Going 6 hours for grain- weird life values49:03: The Lucky Valentines50:57: The Missouri River and Lewis and Clark get sidelined52:54: Habits don’t create who you are, the they flow out of who you are; a sense of identity.56:15: Kids take their physical fitness cues from their mother, not their father.58:48 Identity creating habits is so Biblical.1:03:05: Cues, cravings, responses, rewards, temptations, dopamines and applying principles to life for better Christian living1:16:17: Molly working through sharpening her life and being a good steward with her time and resources.1:16:23: Model Health Show on Time Management1:21:06: Molly passionately hates wasps1:22:23: CloseToo Busy to Flush Telegram GroupPique Tea - Referral Link (Website)Montana Flour & Grains
87:20 9/11/23
Healthy Living, Sovereignty over Free Will, & Trauma as Identity
Show Open2:00: Lymphatic system, underwire bras, and natural living3:42: Natural fiber underwear and increased fertility6:43: Orthorexia and decreasing your toxic load9:31: Men’s merino wool benefits11:58: Girls bralettes and growing kids16:33: Pickleball!!17:47: How Pickleball ended up on our radar19:29: One of the big weaknesses in homeschooling21:10: The story of Pickleball continues26:03: Rules that make Pickleball relaxed28:48: Investments for family activity hopes33:34: God Reforms Hearts, and the tension of God’s sovereignty and human freedom comfort in the crucifixion46:30: Molly reviews “Rules of Civility” by Amor Towles54:25: Meaningful recalling of hard or difficult things59:16: The Body Keeps Score and processing difficulty and trauma1:00:22: Trauma as public identity and Courageous World Changers1:03:56: Not being defined by a single thing like your sexuality1:10:05: Show CloseToo Busy to Flush Telegram GroupPique Tea - Referral Link (Website)
74:40 8/18/23
Doing Hard Things, Depressing Things, & Making Good Decisions
Show Open3:45: Family running!6:40: Completing something difficult creates new neural pathways7:37: A sandbar disaster9:35: Your brain gets better by doing hard things12:30: The Spartan Race founder and brain pathways16:35: Molly’s new health kick and American shoes, Anya’s reviews and barefoot running.22:15: Kids’ fitness levels are tied to mom’s level, not dad’s24:19: Cat door and mouse update29:18: The most depressing thing we’ve ever done34:58: Podcast/Media appropriate for the day comments35:54: Molly’s thoughts on a failed garage sale39:06: An interesting time in culture44:33: Making decisions52:40: Thanking God for things and friends56:50: Show closeToo Busy to Flush Telegram GroupPique Tea - Referral Link (Website)
60:24 8/9/23
Aliens, Amazon, & Men Not Wanting to Work
Open: Life delays, music mixing technology6:00: UFO congressional hearings9:48: Kids playing violin11:58: Takeaways from the the hearings, did God create other lifeforms?13:28: End times, bad movies, and God letting his people suffer18:09: Don’t you dare say God won’t let his people suffer and don’t you dare lose hope.18:58: JR’s opinions20:13: Could God creating another being in the image of God in a different way?24:16: Skeptical at the end of the day and ultimate takeaway27:40: Molly’s Canavox weekend recap29:50: Amazon controls all.39:24: Efforts to distance yourself from government dependency41:05: Skills we want our kids to learn43:13: Helping men and boys flourish - Why do millions of men not want to work? Mike Rowe and Nicholas Eberstadt.46:00: Leonard Sacks- Boys Adrift recommendations47:02: Old Fashioned on Purpose podcast and rats who have to work for their Fruit Loops55:08: Molly needs Zucchini recipes, is JR denser? Engaged rat brains are denser and heavier.58:20: Molly also meeds cherry preserving recipes1:00:46: Show CloseWhy Gender Matters - Free on Audible for Audible  subscribersToo Busy to Flush Telegram GroupPique Tea - Referral Link (Website)
63:42 7/29/23
Rainbow Flags & Rubik's cubes
Show Open: Mouse Problems and a cat door11:15: Kids still doing school, restarting catechism14:06: Molly’s theological musing…or failing for the week- Faith can’t explain what a rainbow means. Failing to teach the younger kids18:00: Two things about the rainbow from the story of now Noah22:50: Pride rainbow flag discussion, variations and some history25:29: The ark and the small remanent of the faithful33:22: Rubik's cube documentary, Max Park's 3x3 world record, cube culture, autism and one of the nicest guys ever.Warren Hood: Songwriters Across Texas47:02: Titus signs up for his first website with Molly and marks a weird parenting milestone50:25: Single password management apps and cybersecurity1:01:17: Recipe: Fruit pizzaShow Close
69:52 6/21/23
Reunion Recap, Random Food Things, & Heart vs. Circumstancesq
Show Open: Kombucha vs. ginger beer, sun brewed tea vs. not sun brewed tea.4:20: Mayo jar discovery6:42: Reunion Recap, camper crowd and butter (roll recipe here)12:29: Molly’s grandpa and guessing how many pounds of butter is in his fridge17:51: Molly’s uncle butchers his own cows, Steak and USDA guidelines20:28: Statistic on cold vs. hot tea consumed in the US22:43: Mini composition notebooks24:01: JR wrecks Elese’s toy and Molly’s shares the blender roll recipe27:06: “My Worth is Not in What I Own” - The Gray Haven30:50: I am dust but also a little lower than the angels34:46: Heart orientation vs. circumstances37:00: Praying beyond the sickness41:11 How’s Molly doing with the kids? (They were a mess the last couple days of the trip).43:09: The kids are trending better though45:58 Titus and his friend just chillin’ and it was awesome47:38: Some latest news regarding JR’s music, tree trimming.49:42: Molly’s garden re-work, squash and sweet potato madness55:37: Molly’s weed nuke recipe58:26: Show Close
61:25 6/16/23
Life is Weird and Hard
Intro: Spray dye, teeth extraction, cereal growing up.14:23: Girl Interrupting, cheap dessert snacks at VBS, and discovering good food.15:03: Laramie trip, mixing ideologies when family gets together.24:17: Response to Telegram listener: Heroes of the faith are Re-reading OT in redemptive terms in the NT.29:19: The modern fascination with the anti-hero, Biblical storylines, craving for resolution.35:42: Molly’s God-related thoughts for the week: God’s goodness and navigating hard things.39:54: Knowing history brings us delight in the midst of it.46:43: Considering growth in the midst of little joys.50:10: Titus solves the Rubik’s cube.56:49: Bible studies with kids. Any ideas?58:13: Show CloseToo Busy to Flush Telegram GroupPique Tea - Referral Link (Website)
61:01 6/9/23
Life Catch Up, New Entertainment, & The Indwelling of the Spirit
Show Open1:50: Sleep issues…again3:27: The life catch up7:34: Levels of hell comments (last episode)9:40 Faith turned 5…and everyone got sick15:00 Lili’s ER visit21:43: Ninja Kidz and dumb Youtube shows24:43: JR didn’t get sick and attributes it to all the Pique Tea he’s been drinking 😁26:24: ER visit cost quiz28:18: Molly gets in a wreck31:55: Our awesome friend Marshall36:17: Something happened with our chickens37:15: Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves was really good40:30: Owl City’s new record is phenomenal45:15: Metal heads, Project 86’s new record is INCREDIBLE.48:35: Petra’s reunion tour54:49: A really cool playlist seed (at least on Apple Music): Strahan "Deliverance"56:49: Judges: The Spirit of the Lord being in and with people in the NT vs. the OT1:02:15: United to Christ and merging mind and hearts of Christ with indwelling1:07:25: The final question…1:13:40: A conversation with a friend, a burden of failing, and exhorting to love well.1:17:00: Sin will take your farther than you want to go…1:18:00: CloseToo Busy to Flush Telegram GroupGet $10 in Bitcoin! (Gemini App)Pique Tea - Referral Link (Website)
83:05 6/1/23
Coronations, Levels of Hell, & Locusts
Show Open4:00: Molly got too ambitious with her seedlings8:31: Building a shop10:18: Are there levels of hell requisite for levels of sin12:41: Watching the coronation with Grammy.16:08: Magna Carta and the end of Monarchy power20:07: Prime Ministers and doing away with Kings22:44: The difference between Canada and America28:51: America is not a Democracy29:58: Will punishment in hell be worse for some than others35:44: Jesus’ pre-existent being vs. post resurrected being37:12: Bad Christian pickup line37:42: Experience of Heaven as a someone saved from a lot vs. someone who wasn’t.40:57: …because if you If you exercise, you enjoy the journey and the goal more.43:00: Earning rewards in Heaven vs. earning God’s favor46:55: Spiritual food, earthy vegetables and doing things from joy than necessity and dandelion eating rabbits.47:41: Rabbits eating dandelions49:05: Dandelion ginger beer report50:48: Tea Report52:25: The Year of the Locust by Andrew Osenga53:35: Judges bible study and a swarm locusts and the link to being covenant breakers.1:01:07: Show CloseToo Busy to Flush Telegram GroupGet $10 in Bitcoin! (Gemini App)Pique Tea - Referral Link (Website)
66:55 5/7/23
Strength Through Adversity & The Eradication of Masculinity
Show Open1:50: A chicken update.5:00: Clark’s Fork, short history of Pompey’s Pillar and Lewis and Clark.7:40: Recap of Nat Geo’s special on Lewis and Clark.9:35: Recap of Chicken People documentary.12:50: We’re back and the Little Green Clean machine.15:30: Incoherency and seedlings and growing plants.18:57: Adversity stimulates growth and a study in James.20:33: JR’s shoulder injury, resistance and strength training.23:03: God designed us to make us strong through resistance.24:38: Violin recitals, kid failures, and mom differences.27:30ish: How hard do we push our kids?27:50: A liberal bias and the way men are floundering in America.30:28: High tolerance for spicy is a sign of high testosterone.34:XX: The eradication of masculinity in pop culture.36:35: Boys need the symmetry of men and women in the home.Too Busy to Flush Telegram GroupGet $10 in Bitcoin! (Gemini App)Pique Tea - Referral Link (Website)38:04: Tucker Carlson’s advice for young people.41:30: Show Close
43:59 4/28/23
No God, No Passport, No Problem?!
2:03: All-inclusive resorts are a perverted reflection of eternal paradise.3:53: True rest poem - John Sullivan Dwight.8:10: Leaving God out and the affect of luxury on the heart.11:35: Tower of Babel, weird things people people read, and dandelion wine.17:38: What happens when you don’t have your passport.28:00: Meanwhile, back in Minneapolis…34:08: Kids are sinners and Faith is going through some things.38:00: Homemade chicken fingers recipe.40:30: JR’s still nerding out on steak and beef, and wants his own cow.45:12: Garden Update.47:09: Philosophy of gardening- Ruth Stout and her method of planting potatoes.50:46: Changing diets, more tea and pre-making sausage.54:42 Interesting things we’ve learned about green tea.59:22: Reflections on God being glorified and Jesus’s outlook leading ip to the crucifixion. Sinclair Ferguson: Lessons from the Upper Room.Too Busy to Flush Telegram GroupGet $10 in Bitcoin! (Gemini App)Pique Tea - Referral Link (Website)
69:04 4/14/23
Reality Podcasting with a Redemptive Twist
1:48: Green Tea facts.5:06: Last show for probably three weeks.6:00: Molly’s running around like a chicken with her head cut-off.7:27: Our lives are kind of in seasons with work and things.9:30: Gardening plans and managing a greenhouse.11:08: Our kids love basil.13:12: Going non-stop, some housekeeping and our Telegram group.14:07: Snow conditions.16:04: Ski Patrol spring evac and a gnarly day.23:10: JR’s personal bible study/devotional - Be Thou My Vision.28:32: Molly’s personal bible study/devotional.34:24: Going slowly through Philippians and seeing it’s reality.37:03: Kids’ friendship update, 5th grade girls and enigmas in 2nd grade, shorter dates and more structure.46:44: “It takes meeting at a bar to be friends!”51:53: Walter at Goodwill schools Molly on reparations. Canavox vid.57:44: Chicken update!
67:16 3/24/23
Fulfilling Relationships & Satisfaction in God Alone
Show Open: Molly’s discombobulated, 4yo woes.3:53 Titus makes breakfast sausage and our recipe/process.7:48: Breakfast sandwich eggs differences.9:25: Telegram group and show updates.11:00: One pot pasta dinner from last night.13:02: Nifty facts about pasta.14:10: Chicken update, ideas about feeding them, fertilizer.17:28: SNL references, casts, Chris Farley died at the age JR and Molly are now.21:25: Judo complications with one of our girls, character development, taking’s seasons off.28:13 Molly shocks J.R. by watching someone else’s kids!32:06: Conversations with our girls about friendships- mankind is built for relationship with other human beings.35:15: The challenge of being in relationship with others while recognizing that what we need is God -satisfaction in God alone.39:15: God using seasons of relationships to shape our hearts and open our eyes to other outsiders and changing our perspective.42:09: How to communicate these concepts to our kids.44:45 JR responds with a few thoughts.47:55: A David Powlison quote to close the show.Too Busy to Flush Telegram GroupGet $10 in Bitcoin! (Gemini App)Pique Tea - Referral Link (Website)49:33: Comments about Josh Butler’s article removed article from TGC.54:23: Comments on the Chris Rock special comments on stuff that’s worth ingesting.56:43: JR voices Playstation’s new VR game, Zenith as the villain.
59:35 3/20/23
Chickens, Cats, & Dealing with Deliberately Mean People
Show Open3:30: Murdered chicken update, general baby chicks update.12:30: And this week our cats almost died.13:10: A fresh loaf of bread and a dead mouse.14:38: Back to the cats…22:21: Back to the chicks and processing guilt and shame. Issue of discipleship of the kids.23:28: Stories of hiding things from our parents.27:35: A kid comes forth.30:14: God works in our lives with themes, ours seems to be “handling the fact that I meant [the bad thing] I said or did.”32:00: A friend’s kid kicked another kid on the bus.33:47: How do you help a kid who correctly perceiving others being deliberately mean to them.36:18: Not underestimating the sin in people but training our kids to be confident in Christ, but not retreat.38:38: Baby chick is asleep, they chirp from their throats? and science doesn’t know how or why a cut purrs.42:18: How the human body stores emotional energy and the connection between our physical body and emotions.47:37: Rabbit thumping and wiggling legs in church.Too Busy to Flush Telegram GroupGet $10 in Bitcoin! (Gemini App)Pique Tea - Referral Link (Website)
55:08 3/5/23
Guilt, Fear, & Freedom to Live
Open: Phone issues, Visible, and saving money.4:00: A kid interrupts.6:39: We got chicks! But we’re missing one. Did a kid murder one?11:07: Browser tabs and marital humor.14:14: Being faced with a tremendous about of guilt.15:18: A question for Islam: What do you do with your guilt?18:18: How’s that anger working out for you?19:45: Wanting our kids to find out the sin early so we can guide to repentance and love.18:50: Responding to our kids when we know someone is guilty.21:34: Training our children in confession and receiving forgiveness and living in Christ’s righteousness.24:29: What we want our kids to hear from Psalm 51.27:09: An internal sense of fear we have to work out.30:34: Our 8yo asks, “What’s the most important verse in the Bible?”33:14: Our pastor’s answer…but it’s still adequate.34:14: Crystallizing the gospel message.36:14: Recognizing God helps us lead Godly lives and has benefits in this life and the life to come.39:16: One more thing: Ginger bugs and Ginger Beer results!43:29: Something Molly really appreciates about the Telegram.Best Nest BoxToo Busy to Flush Telegram GroupGet $10 in Bitcoin! (Gemini App)Pique Tea - Referral Link (Website)
38:41 2/26/23
Growing Sprouts & Growing Relationships
Intro, winter road travel.05:16: An appropriate view of animals vs. humans.07:30: Elese is outraged at the vet having scantily-clad women in the window.08:52: A child’s joy in her body and tankinis.10:27: Planning for chickens.12:36: Growing broccoli sprouts.15:24: Kid’s valentine boxes and an easy puff pastry snack, and another snack idea.17:56: Molly’s gardening heritage and what drove her from not wanting to garden to having a garden.20:59: Back to broccoli sprouts.22:08: Counter-cultural Spanish language lessons.24:51: The absurdity of gender fluidity and an Arkansas “woman.”26:28: A good friend is someone who makes you better for Jesus because you’ve been around them.29:13: Molly was frustrated playing tennis in high school against opponents who weren’t as good she was.31:22: Relationships that refresh and don’t drain.33:10: Trusting God with a legacy of work when short on resources.37:58: A microscope on the the swirling challenges of life of those around us.39:26: Being someone who sees people where they’re hurting and being a blessing to them.39:55: Someone who gave a more detailed answer.44:40: People don’t seem to thinking deeply or have the knowledge to respond well.46:47: Getting solid counsel from Scripture in the midst of disasters around us.47:39: Jesus’s answer to the question, “Who’s fault is this?”48:46: Living right with God.52:59: Two humorous stories from listeners listening to us.54:00: Some final random things Molly’s learning from homeschooling.56:54: Show close.Too Busy to Flush Telegram GroupGet $10 in Bitcoin! (Gemini App)Pique Tea - Referral Link (Website)
59:37 2/17/23
Sourdough Crackers & Seeing the World Accurately
:36: Canavox weekend recap.4:04: Introductions.7:19: Reality TV, a MILF reality TV show.9:10: People who listen from overseas and VPNs.13:19: Kids bring a lot of drama and Molly has no capacity for extra drama.11:50: Deemphasizing vegetables and adding more fruit to our diet.14:08: Trying to adapt palettes and grocery budgets.15:06: Crackers and cheese and food and crackers.17:04: Sourdough cracker recipe and preferred chip and cracker flavors20:46: Karl Barth and adulterous relationships23:45: Does it matter to his work as a theologian?25:55: An appropriate application of the Beatitudes?30:30: Does an impure heart prohibit us from seeing God accurately?32:52: How do we approach God with certainty?37:18: Difference in writing commentaries vs. launching a relationship.39:18: JR has a really good point.41:13: Francis Schaeffer’s crises of faith and the contrast to Barth.43:21: When we’re feeling distant from God, we need to move to Europe44:55: Show close, a couple of notes.Too Busy to Flush Telegram GroupGet $10 in Bitcoin! (Gemini App)Pique Tea - Referral Link (Website)
49:43 2/11/23
Tales from You
Too Busy to Flush Telegram GroupGet $10 in Bitcoin! (Gemini App)Pique Tea - Referral Link (Website)
11:15 2/5/23
Frosting, Vaping, & Encouraging Others
Open and some random updates.6:54: New chocolate cake recipe and 7 minute frosting.11:40: Titus chocolate chip cookie as a roll.14:03: Vaping health issues.17:51: Is vaping sin?23:36: Too dangerous sports?24:44: When you die is in God’s hands but also…26:53: A show idea for J.R. without Molly27:46: The parents don’t care.29:01 American culture is so stressed filled and pharmaceuticals for mental health issues.30:47: The Magic of Tidying Up lady now has kids.32:10: Commending parents for engaging with their kids.33:20: The opposite happened after Covid, people are doing more.34:51: Keeping touch with people who are hurting.37: Being able to freely grieve because things are not as they should.37:42: KLOVE is like frosting without cake.38:43: Broccoli is better with butter.39:12 Back to the encouragement of those grieving and brokenness.40:09: Reminders in a season of being burdened with a heavy soul.41:57: What you can do to reach out in faith to others.44:13: If you have a verse and an encouraging story with others, call us and get a free People Are Weird and Hard sticker and a baggie of butter lettuce seeds.46: CloseToo Busy to Flush Telegram GroupGet $10 in Bitcoin! (Gemini App)Pique Tea - Referral Link (Website)
49:40 1/30/23
Predestination, Prayer, & Really Good Beef
2:00: Last minute elk opportunities.3:34: Schatzker, The End of Craving, and The Model Health Show.5:28: Molly giggles every time she fills her car with gas.6:40: End of a Model Health podcast with Schatzker, the Dorito effect and tricking your tastebuds.9:06: Mark Schatzker’s “Steak” recap so far.14:10: Steakbites recipe.16:37: Cows, feedlots, and finishing beef 🥩22:39: Predestination and does it matter.24:37: The origins of Methodists.26:37: George Whitfield’s approach.28:07: Being humble enough to recognize we’re on the same team but have deep theological differences.32:24: Back to why predestination matters.33:54: Suffering as the result of our sinful choices.37:47: The ultimate point is comfort.39:14: It all falls down if God is not totally in control.40:41: Abimelech appealing to God and changing His mind.42:51: Paul: better to live or die and be with Christ?44:00 Paul’s deliverance and holding the tension of prayer and God’s omnipotence.Too Busy to Flush Telegram GroupGet $10 in Bitcoin! (Gemini App)Pique Tea - Referral Link (Website)
47:31 1/19/23