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A Glass Blower’s Companion with Jason Michael -Helping Today's Glass Artist Think Like an Artistic Entrepreneur

The WyzGuy Radio Show, hosted by 16-yr Lampworker J.Michael , journeys through the stories of today's top talents in the world of glass sharing their successes, failures , and their passion for this medium. Whether a glass artist, collector or retail owner, we have a ton of fun in store for you. .


GBC Ep.31-Burt Murphy: Selling through Amazon
                     GBC Ep.30-Burt Murphy: Selling through Amazon      For many glass artsit's 2020 creating an unexpected uptick in sales as the 2020 pandemic slowly brought retailers to a hault. For many, this dream slowly turned into a finacial nightmare as covid restrictions beagn to ease and reatilers opened their doors again to the public. While todays market place looks alot different then it did pre-pandemic ,new avenues have become available due to the push for online sales but the current state of the economy has caused budgets to become tighter and disposable income allocated to other financial responsibilities.      However for many consumers new habits were created now having the ability to order anything online and have it delivered same day in some cases. This includes glass art. Now you may be wondringing what this has to do with glass art sales, so in todays episode my guest Burt Murphy, will reinfiore the the importance of differentiating your lines of work but also the outlets at which you sell them. Burt Murphy links : Burt's TIKTOK Burt"s Instagram Burts's Amazon Store
108:16 10/12/23
GBC Ep.30- Amy Short and 2023 Glass Vegas
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
22:20 1/14/23
GBC Ep.29- Aaron Brown: From In-School-Suspension to Glass Vegas
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
130:24 3/1/22
GBC Ep.28- Ginger Ames: Treat Yo Self While Saving for Your Future
This week I sit down in the virtual studio and chat with Financial Life Planner and CPA Ginger Ames about the importance of saving for the future. You can contact Ginger at and sign up for a free one on one chat that she offers on Thursdays. Don't miss out on this great opportunity to get your financial house in order. My name is Ginger and I have sampled a variety of professions. From glassblower to property manager, I have lived as both an artist as well as a business professional. My work has evolved, becoming truer to my purpose: to stoke people’s creativity and to help them live into their meaning and values.  Bio:   I have worked in wealth management for several years. I am an Enrolled agent and have passed the CFP® exam. A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® is a fiduciary that serves your best interest over theirs.
88:33 1/27/22
GBC Ep.27- SALT: Celebrating 20-Years Behind the Torch and Polishing Door Knobs
Welcome to a Glass Blowers Companion Episode 27! It is finally time to kick off Season 6!  Thank you to everyone that has tuned in to the show, shared it with your friends and family, reached out to me with a comment and to all of the artists and guests who have taken time from their day to share their glass journey's.   Season 6 kicks off with one of my favorite artists and humans in the glass community SALT. For the last 20-years SALT has pushed the boundaries of borosilicate glass and shown true innovation when it comes to creating functional, smokable works of art.  In 2017 representing the pipe culture, the coning museum of glass invited Salt to demonstrate his craft on a streamed presentation and  eventually added the first pipe to its permanent  museum collection.  It was an honor to have SALT join me in the virtual studio and truly hope you enjoy this conversation.  Find SALT on Instagram @saltglass @salteyelens @glassgrabapp Wanna join our growing community, gain access to video tutorials, and One-on-One Coaching calls with me all while supporting the podcast??? Use this link to become a WyzA$$ and continue to grow as an artist! SUPPORT Follow WYZGUY MEDIA on Instagram @jmichaelglass @glassblowerscompanion @fyeah_disney @one_little_spice
167:58 7/14/21
GBC Ep.26- Kyle Geise: Finding Success as a Glass Vegas Rookie
A Glass Blowers Companion Ep.26-Kyle Geise With less than 6-years behind the torch Kyle has managed to diversify his lines of work allowing him to make a living and find success within his business. The 2021 Glass Vegas trade show was his first time vending outside of the typical craft fair scene and was able to find success with a little bit of organization and a ton of determination to make sure he prepared. He shares the lessons learned and how he could make next years show that much better. Find Kyle on Instagram ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Help Support the show by joining our community on Patreon. For as little as $1.00 a month you'll gain access to our community and grow as an artist. Stop in for a visit and see what it's all about! 
100:59 6/21/21
GBC Ep.25- Wesley Fleming (VETROPOD): It's All in the Details
Wesley and I sit down in the Virtual Studio to chat about his journey as a glass artist and how bugs became his main focus. The details achieved in a realistic scale give Wesley’s creations a realism that could be compared to the Blaschka family’s creations of glass specimens made for study at the Harvard Botatincal exhibit. “One of Harvard University’s most famous treasures is the internationally acclaimed Ware Collection of Blaschka Glass Models of Plants, better known as the “Glass Flowers." This unique collection was made by Leopold (1822-1895) and Rudolf Blaschka (1857-1939), a father and son team of Czech glass artists. Over fifty years, from 1886 through 1936, the Blaschkas produced 4,300 glass models that represent 780 plant species.” Join our Community and help support the show for as little as $1.00 a month!!!  
96:41 5/14/21
GBC Ep. 24- Ben (MTP) Barocas: Cat Butts, Monkey Poop, and Getting Fit
GBC Ep. 24: MTP- Cat Butts, Monkey Poop, and Getting Fit         In this episode I sat down in the virtual studio at WyzGuy Media with Ben Barocas aka MTP and have a great conversation covering everything from his humble beginnings as a glass blower, where the inspiration for his Cat Butt series came from and the origins of his Artists tag MTP. You can find Ben on Instagram @mtpglass   If you would like to help support this podcast you can by joining our Patreon community for as little as $1.00 a month. If you would like to become one of the early founders you can do so for only $10.00 a month and gain access to exclusive video tutorials and a monthly coaching call with me. For more information check out or growing community at _____________________________________________________________________________________   LEAVE A WRITTEN REVIEW ON ITUNES AND I'LL SEND YOU A "THANK YOU STICKER PACK" and give you a shoutout on the show!!!!   Here's How: Open up the iTunes Store. In the search box, type in the name of the podcast, show, movie, TV show, book, or app you'd like to review. Click on the correct item in the search results to be taken to its iTunes page. On the item's iTunes page, choose "Ratings and Reviews" from the top navigation. Click the button, "Write a Review." Write your review. Hit "Submit." Take a screen shot and send me an email Please include your full name and address and ill send your Thank You gift on its way plus Ill give you a shoutout on an upcoming episode. :))       Upcoming Glass Events     Glass Vegas Expo-  May 13-15th      
123:01 4/26/21
GBC Ep.23- Steven Randolph: Helping High Risk Companies Succeed
Episode 23-Steven Randolph: Helping High Risk Companies Succeed     In this episode I sit down in the virtual studio at WyzGuy Media with CEO of Aqua Payments, Steven Randolph. We discuss the issues a high risk business, like a Smoke Shop or Dispensary may face when it comes to receiving electronic payments. For many, loss of revenue and funds being confiscated by payment processing companies is a real issue. Whether you're a brick and mortar or an online business, being able to accept credit and debit cards as well as pay vendors is key to running a successful business.      Steven shares his insights and experience within this niche of high risk business plus he talks about why being honest about the type of  business that you run will save you from long term headaches.  If you are looking for a company to process your payments contact Steven and his team at Aqua Payments.* (Aqua payments is not affiliated or a sponsor of this podcast) GoFund ME links to help out @saritaglass and @blazingheartproductions who both lost their homes in separate incidences to fire. TOGETHER WE CAN HELP. Go give them a follow on Instagram and donate what you can afford. Even just  $1.00 helps. -Sarah "Sarita" Hancock  DONATE  -Joaquin Herrara: Blazing Heart Productions DONATE ______________________________________________________________________ LEAVE A WRITTEN REVIEW ON ITUNES AND I'LL SEND YOU A "THANK YOU STICKER PACK" Here's How: Open up the iTunes Store. In the search box, type in the name of the podcast, show, movie, TV show, book, or app you'd like to review. Click on the correct item in the search results to be taken to its iTunes page. On the item's iTunes page, choose "Ratings and Reviews" from the top navigation. Click the button, "Write a Review." Write your review. Hit "Submit." Take a screen shot and send me an email Please include your full name and address and ill send your Thank You gift on its way plus Ill give you a shoutout on an upcoming episode. :)) Upcoming Glass Events Glass Vegas Expo-  May 13-15th      
63:48 3/26/21
GBC Ep.22- Gina "BoOts" Gaffner: Finding Narrative Through Your Customers
Glass Blowers Companion Ep.22- Gina "BoOts" Gaffner: Finding Narrative Through Your Customers Bio: BoOTs was born on October 13th  in Green Bay, Wisconsin and started her glass career in Austin Texas in the fall of 2007. She has been refining her craft through experience and experimentations ever since. She finds inspiration in nature and daily life, with a heavy emphasis on clean fuel for our bodies. A person of dualities herself, Boots enjoys skirting the line between realism and stylized art with her work. She has enjoyed dedicating her time to teaching and fundraising with yearly events such as the Michigan Glass Project and Armadillo Art Glass Initiative, among others.  FInd BoOts on Instagram glassbyboots FInd me and the podcast on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook Other Instagram's @jmichaelglass, @jmichael_functionals JOIN THE PATREON COMMUNITYCome join the fun over at Patreon and Help Support the Show.By becoming a member you'll receive access to exclusive video tutorials, plus Monthly one on one coaching opportunities and virtual lessons with me. 
108:44 2/5/21
GBC Ep.21- Peter McPhillips: Pros and Cons of Social Media Groups
A Glass Blowers Companion Ep.21- Peter McPhillips: Pros and Cons of Social Media Groups Happy Fn New Year!!! For starters Welcome to the show if you are new to the show Hello and Welcome. 2020 was one hell of a year and I am excited for what 2021 has to bring. I hope you have evolved with the world as far as selling and marketing your work has gone. Current news • Mike Shelbo joins the collection of artists chosen for Season 2 of Blown Away airing now on Netflix. • Trade shows are going to be a thing again this year..hopefully…for now The first half of the year will feature: • CHAMPS kicks off 2021 with their first tradeshow being held in Orlando at the Gaylord Palms resort from March 9-11 The FAM (Functional Art Movement) will be co-hosting this years Glass Games which is themed GAME ON.. • Glass Vegas is back May 13-15th being help]d this year at Bally's Hotel and Casino. • Also check out mountain glass for updates on new product releases including new color and tools. click on the smoking products tab for dates and times for upcoming shows Stay tuned for further updates as the pipe community navigates the sea of tradeshows during this crazy pandemic
94:12 1/29/21
GBC Ep. 20- Quinn: Create, Hustle, and Save for the Future
GBC Ep. 20- Quinn: Create, Hustle, and Save for the Future "Quinn is a glassblower from Asheville, NC.  He has worked in nearly every aspect of the industry, from collector, to distribution, to managing a retail store.  Quinn works mainly with frit, using it as a basis for both production work and the occasional heady. " Find Quinn on Instagram @TLKQ Have any questions or just wanna say HELLO? find me on Instagram @jmichaelglass or @Glassblowerscompanion or EMAIL WANNA JOIN A DRAMA FREE GROUP OF GLASS ARTISTS AND GAIN ACCESS TO EXCLUSIVE CONTENT PLUS ONE-ON-ONE COACHING AND LESSONS????  COME JOIN THE FUN ON PATREON... JOIN TODAY
117:40 12/18/20
GBC ep.19- Austin Hensley: From Renaissance Boy to Business Man
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
116:02 12/4/20
Best of the Worst Injuries Vol.1(NEWLY REMASTERED)
A Glass Blowers Companion: Best of the Worst Studio Injuries VOl 1.  REMASTERED       In celebration of Halloween it's that time of year again to share to highlights of the stories, told by the artists, describing their horrific injuries of blood, burns, and mutilation. We are pleased to share these tales in hopes to remind you to always pay attention. Artists featured in this episode: -Rashan Jones, Lurch,  Boxfan Willy,  Joe Skar,  Lewis Wilson,  Mongo, and Bob Harley Dog Vol.II REMASTERED will be available soon and the the Premier of Vol. III      Stay tuned till next year when we bring you the traumatizing reflections of punctures, burns, and lacerations.      Until then.....HAPPY MELTING contact FInd me on social media Instagram twitter facebook Music credit  
16:06 10/21/20
GBC Ep.18- Madeline Rile Smith: Pushing the Personal Bubble Through Glassical Instruments
A Glass Blowers Companion Ep.18-Madeline Rile Smith      This episode features the talented Madeline Rile Smithwho's current focus is creating glass musical instruments that push the boundries of human comfortability. Merging the scientific glass blowing with creative instrument making, Madeline's has created a body of work that creates a intimate experience between glass instruments and the musicians who play them.  Find Madeline on Instagram @madhotglass Artist's Bio-Madeline Rile Smith is an American artist working in glass, specializing in flameworking and performance. She earned an MFA in glass at Rochester Institute of Technology, and a BFA in glass from Tyler School of Art. Madeline draws upon her musical background to create glass musical instruments which explore physical connection between players. She utilizes hot glass as a performative medium to consider notions of intimacy and compromise. Madeline started working with glass in 2007 as a high school student. At the time she was a dedicated musician, planning to become a professional violist. But her passion for glass took over and she decided to devote her life to glass art. Madeline’s sculptural glass work has been exhibited in venues throughout the US and featured in New Glass Review 41 and 35. She has instructed glassworking in schools and institutions throughout the east coast, including Salem Community College, UrbanGlass, The Crefeld School, and Rochester Institute of Technology. Support the show via Patreon  Follow us on the socials: Instagram Twitter Facebook
97:29 9/14/20
Glass Blower’s Companion ep.17- Robert Mickelsen: From Fine Art to Degenerate Art
GBC Ep17:Robert Mickelsen- From Fine Art to Degenerate Art This is a conversation  that I’ve wanted to have for years. For myself personally, Robert Mickelsen has been a major influence in my glass work with his refined details and proportions. With 45 years of dedication to this wonderful medium of glass, Mickelsen has a ton of knowledge to share while also understanding he still has a wealth of knowledge to gain.  Hope you enjoy this conversation and if you have any questions for Robert you can reach out to him on Instagram @ramickelsen   Other links referred to in the episode: - Robert’s Bio: Born Dec.12, 1951. Grew up in Honolulu, Hawaii and attended high school at Punahou (same school as Barack Obama, just ten years earlier). I went to Humboldt State University in Arcata, Ca for one year but dropped out. Started blowing glass in Greeley, Colorado in 1974. Moved to Florida in 1977 and continued glass selling my wares at street craft shows and flea markets. I made my living on the street exclusively until 1989 when I switched to wholesale craft shows. It was also around this time that I took a class at Penland with Paul Stankard that opened my eyes for the first time to the artistic potential of my craft. My work blossomed after that. I began my teaching career at Pilchuck in 1994 where I was deeply influenced by the artists that I met including Dante Marioni and Bill Morris. I continued doing wholesale craft shows, indoor art shows, and teaching for the next ten years. During that time I had several solo shows at prominent glass art galleries and attended SOFA in Chicago numerous times represented by several different galleries. I stopped doing wholesale shows in 2001 and shifted my focus to selling exclusively through high-end art galleries. This lasted until the great recession of 2008 when I found myself in a crisis when all my galleries closed and shows dried up. I struggled for about four years until 2012 when I was introduced to pipe-making by Salt and Kevin Ivey. I experienced a rebirth and a newfound enthusiasm for glass. The rest you already know.  I am proud to have my work included in some of the most prominent museum collections including Renwick Gallery of American Crafts at the Smithsonian Institution, the Corning Museum of Glass, The Toledo Museum of Art, The Museum of Arts and Design, The Carnegie Museum of Art, The Mint Museum, The Cleveland Museum of Art, and The Museum of American Glass at Wheaton Village. 
95:58 8/6/20
WyzGuy Minute Ep.14- Why and How You Can Stay Hydrated in the Glass Studio
WyzGuy Minute Ep.14- Why and How You Can Stay Hydrated in the Glass Studio Throughout the day as the outside temps rise, so does the temp inside your studio. As this happens your body temperature rises and you may begin to notice that you feel a bit foggy, your focus is lacking, and your eyes are burning from the salty sweat dripping in them.   These are a few physical signs that you need be aware of if you want to have a safe, productive day in the studio during the heat of the summer. If you continue to push yourself without proper rehydration your body can begin experiencing heat exhaustion. This increased heat production can result in an increase in body temperature, which above a certain temperature, can be difficult to control. Therefore, it is important to develop ways to cool down the body to help maintain core temperature and reduce the negative effects of thermal stress. For more info check out the resources in the links below. OSHA-NIOSH Infosheet: Protecting Workers from Heat Illness NIOSH Fast Facts: Protecting Yourself from Heat Stress NIOSH Workplace Safety and Health Topic: Heat Stress NIOSH Criteria for a Recommended standard: Occupational Exposure to Heat and Hot Environments  
12:45 7/28/20
GBC Ep 16.(remastered) Hannah Gibson: From a Love for Geology to Whispering Sweet Nothin's in Glass
My apologies for uploading the original file that was unfinished. When Hannah and I recorded I didn't realize the audio levels for my mic were turned down so low. It was quite the challenge to fix the issue and I'm still not 100% satisfied. However I felt the quality of the conversation was too good to redo so I hope you can bare with me and get through the entirety of the episode. Thank you for listening.   This episode features the talented Hannah Gibson who is a glass artist based out of the UK BIO: Whilst studying Geology at the University of Edinburgh Hannah became fascinated by the mineralogy and the reactions between various elements, metals and compounds. This led her towards a passion for the alchemy of glass.  Capturing the nostalgic imagery of childhood, exposing hidden narratives, through cast sculptural glass stands at the core of Hannah's work.  Passionate about sustainability and recycling, using only 100% recycled glass, and found objects. Sweet Nothings are a series of individual, unique Cast Glass figures. Usually found in pairs, whispering ‘Sweet Nothings’ to one another. What are they whispering?  ‘Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot. Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.’ (Dr Seuss, The Lorax).  Hannah Gibson BSc Geology  and MA Glass _____________________________________________________________________ Supported by the Following: Mountain Glass Arts- Use the link and stay up to date by signingup for their newsletter by visiting Listeners Like You- Help support the show by becoming a WyzA$$ over at Becpome a member and gain access to tutorial video series, one on one access to me for any of your glass nedds, pus much more. 
85:06 7/14/20
GBC Ep.15- Rashan Jones: Black Lives Matter, Even in the Glass Industry
Glass Blowers Companion Ep.15- Rashan Jones: Black Lives Matter, Even in the Glass Industry For starters Happy 5th Anniversary to the show!!! Now to what really matters. This has to be the single most important conversation Ive had on this show. Rashan returns to share his experiences as a black man working within the glass industry. We cover a lot and really hope you take away all the positive for our conversation. Right now we are at a crucial point in our society where we all need to come together and stand up for what is right and stand together against what is wrong. We all see things a little differently and as humans we can come together and have positive, healthy conversations about these topics and how we can work together to bring change to the world. You can find Rashan out there in the social media world on Instagram @jonesofig or Facebook just search for Rashan Jones. you can reach me on instagram @jmichaelglass or @glassblowerscompanion. Lets continue this conversation! Thank you to our sponsors Mountain Glass Arts. For up to date sales and info go online and check them out and also give them a follow on instagram @mountainglass
96:30 6/13/20
GBC ep.14- Blossom Knight: Tournament of Fire Season 3
Welcome to A Glass Blowers Companion episode 14 featuring Blossom Knight whom is the Season 3 Session 1 winner and will go on to compete for the prize of Grand Champion against the winner of session 2 and 3.  You can find Blosom on instagram @blossom_glass and The T.O.F. @tournament_of_fire. Thanks for listening and any questions or comments feel free to contact me at  or Instagram @glassblowerscompanion and @jmichaelglass  -Jason Michael Thank You to Mountain Glass Arts for their sponsorship. Check them out online for updated sales at or on Instagram @mountainglassarts
93:06 5/25/20
GBC Ep. 13- Scoz: Don't Let EGO Get in Your Way
A Glass Blowers Companion Ep.13- Scoz This weeks episode features the return of Scott Tribble aka Scoz whom has been a glass artist for the last 20-years. He is best known for his style of functional Dragon sculptures but has recently found a love for painting abstract art. He shares his personal struggles that he felt kept him from reaching his fullest potential with EGO being the culprit. This was a great conversation and hope you enjoy too. You can find Scott on the interwebs via Instagram @scozglass.     Sponsors: Mountain Glass Arts- They are currently running weekly sales instead of monthly so make sure you have signed up for their newsletter for updates. You can also stay up to date with Mountain Glass online or on IG @mountainglassarts  contact Jason : email Links mentioned In the episode:  Follow WyzGuy Media on Youtube My personal IG   My functional art IG Other podcasts produced by WyzGuy Media: Fyeah! Disney IG       
101:27 5/11/20
GBC Ep. 12- Eli Mazet: The American Shot Glass and the Glass Machine
GBC Ep. 12- Eli Mazet: The American Shot Glass and the Glass Machine     Jason and Eli start the episode off chatting about the current events(akaCovid-19) going on around the world and ways they are managing their time. They also share some ideas on how you can use Live Streams to your advantage. Then the meat and potatoes of the show Eli shares insights into his new book The American Shot Glass and The Glass Machine which is available through Eli. You can find him on Instagram @elimazet or use this link to purchase. Contact Jason via email or on instagram @jmichaelglass @glassblowerscompanion  Listen to FYEAH! Disney @fyeah_disney
68:38 4/4/20
EPISODE 13- WHY YOU NEED TO HAVE AN EMERGENCY FUND      So far in this series "Getting your Financial House in Order", we've discussed establishing a budget for your business and personal life and how to figure out baseline costs of goods you are producing. Now that you are beginning to create a different mindset when it comes to how you run your business its time to start thinking about putting money aside into an emergency fund for both your business and personal life. DOWNLOADABLE PDF      Small businesses can experience seasonal  down turns that they have to be prepared for  and one way they prepare is by creating a "squirrel fund".  Like the squirrel, a business has to set aside and save up funds in order to survive the slow times of the year. Like the squirrel who stores nuts away for the winter , we need to take on this similar approach and be prepared for the slow periods in our business or worse case we become ill or injured and are unable to work at all.       If the body is injured it is unable to perform at its highest ability hindering the artist from being productive and losing the ability to create their income.  Has this ever happened to you? Have you cut or burnt yourself so badly that you were unable to use your hands for more then a day? I have!! About 10-years ago while working late one night, trying to wrap up an order of inside out hand pipes. Instead of being in bed there I was, groggy, exhausted from the long hot day in the studio and lacking the focus that I had when the day started. As I finished laying the last few lines of stringers inside a section of tubing ,I heard a crack in the glass and before I knew it the section of tubing fell off of the blowpipe in my left hand exposing my naked fingers to 4000 degrees of unforgiving fire. The flame made a direct hit across the three middle fingers on my left hand with pointer and middle finger receiving most of the blow. My nail beds were severely damaged as were the first knuckles just below my nails. The became the most severe burn and injury I had received in the first 10-years of my glass career and still the worse to this day. Fortunately I had just finished a large commission that had allowed me to put a little extra cushion in my bank account and if it wasn’t for that I would have been screwed. I spent the next few weeks doing very little work allowing my fingers to rest and heal only because of the  financial luck I had on my side.  I was able to pay bills and survive. After 3-months my fingers were back to about 90% and so was my production speed.       This brings us to the importance of the emergency fund. The emergency fund isn't just there for the business to survive. It is also to help continuing to paying your personal expenses  while out of work..      Ideally you want to have a personal emergency fund of at least 3- months of expenses(food, water, shelter, etc) which by keeping a budget you can then see exactly how much you should have set aside to cover the essentials.  If you currently do not have anything put aside for emergencies then what do you do?   This episode isn't about solving that problem. My goal is to help you get proactive and understand how simple this can be as long as you are managing your finances like the CEO we talked about in the previous episodes. If you know how much it costs to run you studio then you should know how many pipes you need to sell monthly to be able to not only cover your studio costs, but also pay your business back the expenses in material that were spent to manufacture the items , pay yourself a little salary or piece work as well as have some left over that can be allocated towards an emergency fund.      When it comes to paying yourself you would know how much you need to make if you figured out your personal expenses and how much extra you would need to pay yourself so your not just making ends meet but also having leftovers for your emergency fund and living the lifestyle you want to live. Now this isn't just going to happen over night. This will take some time if you haven't started yet but all you have to do is start. Start with the personal budget first. Then once you’ve figured that out figure out your studio budget. Once you have that done then  figure out your baseline costs to manufacture everything you create and then, only then can you truly be able to start putting funds away for that necessary squirrel fund.  So lets figure out how to do just that. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contact  INSTAGRAM @jmichaelglass @glassblowerscompanion SPONSORS WWW.PATREON.COM/WYZGUYRADIO WWW.MOUNTAINGLASS.COM  
14:12 3/23/20
GBC Ep.11-Best of Kevin Beacher
Best of Featuring Kevin Beacher  Bio: Kevin was born In 1976 and has been blowing glass for close to 23 years. He learned the basics of lampworking in  Arcata, California before returning to Pennsylvania and continued to learn this art on his own.  FInd out more about Kevin in his interview. Follow Breaking Glass Podcast on Youtube follow  Instagram @breaking_glass_podcast  find Kevin on Instagram @kevinbeecherglass  Josh Mazet @cone12flat  Follow the entire MELT team while you're at it:  Paul Katherman @paullietwofingers  Josh Mazet @cone12flat  Todd Dunlap @tdunlapglass  Shawn Gold  East Coast Melt       Come spend five days at Independent Lake Camp in Northeastern PA on September 7th - 11th, 2020, surrounded with like-minded people. Not only will you get to see some of the best glassblowing in the country, but you'll also have access to as much torch time as you can handle. Learn from established artists through glass demonstrations and informative seminars. Come with a group and stay in one of the summer camp style cabins on site--complete with full baths and electricity. When you wake up, our kitchen staff will be prepared to provide you with three square meals a day, as well as late-night snacks. We will keep you fed, as you will need your energy to handle the many activities available at this camp. Including, but not limited to, a skate park, BMX track, paddle boats, canoeing and kayaking. To cap off each night, enjoy DJs throughout the week in the torch tent area. Be prepared for a couple great bands on Friday night and a spectacular fireworks display. Think of it as a summer camp for glass blowers. It's going to be the experience of a lifetime.  for more info about MELT goto          
116:26 3/7/20
WGM Ep. 12: How to Calculate Baseline Cost of Goods and Why
WGM Ep. 12: How to calculate baseline cost of goods and why In the previous episode I discussed the importance of setting a budget not Only for your personal finances but also for your business.  I really hope you take this information seriously as a business owner and creative.  The functional glass or pipe industry is going to eventually come into a territory where corporations might become the front runners of success when it comes to the American glass pipe.  Whether you’ve been a glass artist for a year or 20 if you haven’t started taking your business seriously now Is the time. print out and follow along  downloadable blank form for you to fill out   We need to think like a big business whether or not you are. All to often artists get stuck in the mindset that being a corporation has a negative connotation, but the reality is if you don’t change this mind set, one day in the near future you could be out of a job or even begin working for a bigger glass studio that has taken themselves seriously and has found success as a corporation.  If you want to survive as a business then you need to change your mindset and daily habits and start thinking and acting like the CEO of your company. It's the CEO Mindset that will Make Your Business Grow According to, "By thinking with this mindset from the get-go, and ensuring it’s at the heart of all the business activities, other people will view you differently. Even if it’s just you sitting around your kitchen table with a laptop, the outside world–including clients, suppliers and potential investors–don’t have to know this if you have an attitude and philosophy that screams ‘CEO’." When figuring baseline costs you will need to repeat this process for each item you're creating. This will give you a clear picture of what each item you produce costs, the time it will take to complete an order and the overall profits associated with your orders.  This might sound a bit confusing but bare with me… there's a link in the show notes that you can download and print so you can follow along at home and use for reference.  Plus a separate form that is downloadable too for your use to find your own baseline costs. So lets begin with a single basic item that a lot of us has made and are still making. A 3" wrap and rake spoon or hand pipe. Now when it comes to figuring out material costs this is how I do it. Go to and use their online catalog to figure out material costs. You'll see that this is a great reference point since they have already done all the work and broken each item of raw material down to costs/piece or gram depending on the material. Don't forget to estimate a small amount for shipping costs too. If a 48" tube  of 32x4mm of pyrex costs $8.00 that means it costs $0.17/inch. In this example to create a 3" single color wrap spoon I would use a 2"section pulled into a point . Whether you use a blowpipe or pull a point there will be an extra cost from that material being used. So consider the point handle being created from 1/2" of the 32mm. So the point being used is 2.5" at a cost ($0.43)  And you would be able to pull approx. 19 points from one tube of 32mm. Color used is approx.  1" or 10grams. An average 18" rod weighs ……. Now you need to do a time test to get a good approximation of how long it takes to make 3-or 1 item. The reason I say 3 is the first one is the warm up  the second is at full speed as is the third. For me a 3" wrap spoon takes approx. 15-minutes which includes the time to pull the point. Keep a notebook of all your times and estimates to refer back to. This will help you stay organized and then you can see progression when you recalculate these estimates annually which I recommend. Now that you have some general estimates for 1- item you will want to repeat this process for each item you create. When you do this I also recommend that you keep one of each item as a sample and with a marker write SAMPLE on the pipe or whatever the item is you are creating. You will also need to figure out how much you are spending on oxygen, propane, power, etc. to really figure out the costs per item. If you are renting space that is all inclusive then this can be a little easier to calculate. If you don't just go through your invoices or if you’ve done your budget use those numbers. If you spend 150.00 a month on oxygen and 75.00 on propane then add those totals and divide by 30 to figure out how much you spend daily. So as you can see if you treat your business like a business you pay the business first, then the government, then yourself and whatever is left over can then be allocated to a savings account for retained earnings. With this you can break it down even further and save a small percentage for your emergency fund in case you are injured and cannot work.   If you have taken the time to figure out both your personal and business expenses then you will have a clear picture of how much you need to have saved in emergency fund for both the business and your personal life. The business emergency fund is there to cover the costs of rent and other overhead expenses that will keep your doors open. The emergency fund for your personal is there to cover your bills and other personal expenses. If you take the time to figure out all of these expenses then you can have a clear mind knowing how much is coming in and going out and wont have to worry about how you will pay the next power bill. You can also use these calculations to begin scaling your business by bringing on an assistant or apprentice to begin helping you make some of the basic production items that you create and know how much you are able to afford to pay in piece work.   For example with the 3" pipe if you were to pay yourself $5.00 each then instead you can pay help $4.00 each and that artist can still make $16.00/hour.  Take all of this to heart and put it into action You will be ahead of the majority of the artists in the industry and grow your company bigger then you ever dreamed possible      
16:39 2/19/20
GBC. Ep.10- Chris Piazza:  Best Practices for Successfully Selling in Facebook Groups
Glass Blowers Companion Ep.10- Chris Piazza:  Best Practices for Successfully Selling in Facebook Groups      Welcome to A Glass Blowers Companion where my goal is to help you start thinking like the CEO of your glass company by helping change your mindset about how you manage the your business. This episode features Chris Piazza, @krispysglass on Instagram, where he shares tips and tricks for successfully selling your work in Facebook groups. Here is the link to the secret group if you’d like to join and start diversifying your sales! Come join the fun and diversify your sales revenue streams                            Glassblowers to Store Owners Contact Jason@ Instagram @jmichaelglass @glassblowerscompanion ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Support the ShowJoin the community and help support the podcast for as little as $1.00/month SPONSORSMountain Glass Arts SALES PAGE Glass Vegas Expo        
63:19 1/31/20
WGM Ep. 11: GETTING YOUR FINANCIAL HOUSE IN ORDER BY CREATING A BUDGETAs artists it's not always easy to change the way we think when it comes to financial topics like salaries, budgets, profit and loss statements, inventory, or sales.  My goal is to help you to start thinking, if you haven't already, like a CEO.   As a small business owner you have to wear a bunch of different hats which is not only exhausting but can be overwhelming. Link to worksheet  Over the course of the first quarter of 2020,  I will be breaking down each area of our business  such as  base line calculations, taxes and saving for a personal and business emergency fund. I want to help you change your mindset in regards to these areas.   In this episode we will begin this process by talking about the one word we all Dislike but all know the importance  BUDGET.  By creating a budget as John Maxwell says :"A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went."  Instead of making an order, selling the order, then spending the money or paying a bill or debt, you must learn to take the revenue earned from said order and immediately begin the allocation process of where it is going. We all have our personal bills, business expenses, and entertainment costs.  The only way you will be able to turn your business into a profitable one is by not only changing how you think about money but also by creating and implementing systems to manage the money. *** Remember first and foremost that when you receive payment for goods and services the business is to receive the money. If you pull any money out of this revenue you will do yourself a disservice. I remember the days of driving to a shop completely broke in hopes that the shop would buy everything or at least buy enough to allow me to put gas in my car, some food in my belly, and hopefully buy more oxygen to keep the ball rolling.  This struggle is real and if you continue to think on a day to day basis this struggle will continue. If you begin to change your financial habits not only will you grow your business faster you will also grow confidence in yourself as a business owner.  There's nothing worse for your creative spirit the standing behind your torch wondering how your going to pay a certain bill or worrying about your house getting foreclosed. *** Even though this is an audio format it'll much easier for you to visualize what I'm about to talk about if you use the link provided in the show notes and follow along at home. This is going to be an example budget but in the end you need to go through the motions of this process so you can then take the time to sit down and focus for an hour or so and calculate your own budget. Generally a budget takes 90-days to really fine tune it as expenses you may not have remembered come up or you have an area of importance like new tires for your car that might be an every couple of years issue but happen to rear its ugly head during the beginning phase of establishing your budget.   Estimated personal expenses. Write this dowen in the second column  thunk of all the areas that you spend money outside of the studio Rent/mrtg Car payment Car insurance Groceries Dining Misc entertainment Utilities Car repair Car fuel Clothing Child support Vacation Misc This will give you a clear view of your personal expenses and its important to see where your money is going. By having control of a budget you can then save in areas like vacation or those new tires for your car. Dave Ramsey refers to what is called a Zero based budget where you take your estimated monthly income and put it into catagories until you a 0.00 balance  so if you bring in 2k a month after your business expeses and taxes then you need to allocate where that 2k is going.  This will also give you a clear pictuee if you are even brining in enough income through the sales of glass and if not maybe you should conscidere getting a partime job in the meantime until your business consistanly brings in enough revenue to sustain the business and your personal budget. Now in the area for income write down your estimated income based on last years sales. Now if you don't have a number what you need to do is add up your total estimated business expense and times that by "3" to calculate a generic number of what you should set a your goal for that months total revenue.  If your expenses totals $500.00/month then you should shoot for $1500.00/month. That way your business expenses are covered leaving you $1000.00/month to be allocated to areas like your taxes, salary and retained earnings.(these 3-areas are of importance as well and will be discussed further in future episodes) Out of the $1000.00, which would be considered profit,  take 15-25% out and stick that into a separate savings account to later be used for your quarterly estimates. The remaining balance of $750.00 will then be paid to yourself in form of a salary.  Now obviously the more revenue generated the more business expense you will have but this will also give you the ability to pay yourself more. That being said if your personal bills total $1000.00/month and your paying yourself $2000.00/month you may want to think about cutting your salary back a little to then be used as retained earnings for the company.  The budget forms include savings for the business and for your personal.   By taking all of this into consideration and truly beginning the process of how you think in terms of how money can work for you, not only will you grow your profits, you will grow your financial IQ and have a drive to want to learn more about accounting and marketing.  The BEST way you can improve how you manage the expenses in your business and personal life is having everything on paper in front of you on a daily basis. This will help you begin to create DAILY financial habits that will resonate for the rest of your life allowing you to setup retirement funds, live the lifestyle you want to live and grow to your fullest potential as an artistic entrepreneur.  Start TODAY and  get out of your own way. Establish good habits, stay out of debt and financially have the ability to change the world.   
10:57 1/24/20
Ep. 9- Canadian Glass Artist Gibson: Build It and They Will Come
Ep. 9- Canadian Glass Artist Gibson: Build it and they will come  Welcome to A Glass Blowers Companion, where my goal is to help you become a well-rounded Glass Artist through the successes and failures of some of the top artists In the Art Glass Industry. This episode features the talented Gibson, from Gibson Glassworks, whom has an outside of the box approach when it comes to not only his style but how he approaches his business.  His philosophy of " If you build it they will come." Is how he was able to create a glass scene in his area that at one point was non-existent.     Gibson also shares some insights into how he was able to create a successful production line that DOES NOT require him to make the same piece over and over again. Something that many artists would like to be able do. He has found a way to create a specific style within his work that allows his glass to stand out amongst the masses. He considers himself to be a shaper and not a prepper when it comes to collaborations with other artists. Gibson has also been instrumental into helping organize The Great Canadian Glass Event which brings together Glass pipe artists of all level of skill together once a year for a large event. Recently he was invited to visit Scotland where he attended the second annual Scotland Glass Games and not only did he just make an appearance but also helped to setup a version of a Glass Olympics game that wound up being a huge hit amongst the artists.   Visit Gibson on Instagram @gibsonglassworks or his website where you'll find an array of glass and other merch representing his style at  Gibson's bio: I started melting glass in 2004 when I was 18 and haven't stopped since! The interest turned into an addiction and a love for the fire and molten glass and endless possibilities, nothing stopping me from creating whatever I please.  In the beginning I got to stand and watch one of my first glass mentors in his studio, paying hourly of course. I soaked up the information and then attempted the impossible once I got back to my "studio" in the forest.  My studio first consisted of a makeshift bench over the sink in an old camper on the back of my dad's property. I couldn't stand up, but I could melt glass and it was on!  Over the years I have built many glass workshops, some mobile some temporary, some still there today.  I have had the chance to work with many other talented artists collaborating to create amazing pieces that incorporate both of our styles.  I have taken on several students, taught private classes, done public demos, and also have had a couple apprentices. These are things that I really enjoy doing and hope to do more of.  Each piece I make is different but distinctly recognizable as a Gibson Original. Get yours today!  _____________________________________________________________________ Sponsors Patreon Members. .To gain access for as little as $1.00 a month sign up at Mountain Glass Artssales at Mountain Glass Arts GlassVegas Expoinformation    
103:58 1/11/20
GBC. Ep-8: Eli Mazet and the new documentary Pipetown USA
Episode 8- Eli Mazet and Pipetown USA This week I return with a conversation featuring Eli Mazet. He last appeared on Episode 177 where he shared his project The American Shot glass ..... This time around he teams up with Joaquín of @blazingheartproductions to create this inside look into how Eugene,Oregon became Ground Zero for the birth of the Pope Scene in the American culture.  I hope you enjoy this chat and please go follow the artists and everyone else involved in this project  Pipe Town USA is funded by @lefrancisstudios & @elimazet | Story idea by Eli, & @nezua | Shot, Directed, Edited by @blazingheartproductions | Starring Eli Mazet, @cone12flat, @lefrancisstudios, @bobsnodgrass1946, @jerome_baker, @delleneperalta, @hbombglass, @mphilpot1, @hammswaterworks, @kalebfolckglass, @coolhandsuuze, @emperial1, @julieriggsglass, @sethsims33 and more.... #pipetownusa #pipetown #glass #glassblowing #glassofig #glassblower #glasslife #glassfam #glassart #torch #torchlife #torchgang #eugeneoregon #indiefilmmaker #indiefilm #independentfilm #independentfilmmaker #videoproduction #videoedits #blazingheartproductions #hamm #jeromebaker #mazetglass #cinematography #cinematographer #borosilicate #boro #lampworking
73:56 12/13/19
WGM Ep.10- Selling Your Work During the Holidays
Episode 204: Selling Your work during the holidays   Show Sponsors Mountainglass Arts USE PROMO CODE "WYZGUY" FOR 10% OFF YOUR ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION   ______________________________________________________ Connect with me on social media: Instagram @wyzguy_radio and @jmichaelglass            This is the time to begin gearing up for the holiday rush . As we all know time disappears even faster this time of year between the studio time, holiday parties, family get-togethers and trying to find sleep amongst the chaos. Ideally if you are able to continue the momentum created throughout the year, the holidays can be highly successful. giving you the opportunity to add new items to an already large catalog. Try new ideas for items such an annual limited edition series or item. Personally I make and sell a limited edition ornament. Platforms like Etsy and BigCartel are a great place to sell and promote these items. Each platform has its own algorithm helping you promote yourself as an artist. They are flooded with a sea of others but with persistence and time dedicated to this process as well as consistancy you can find success. Social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram allow you to promote the items you are focused on selling during the holidays.      If you are selling different items you can showcase them individually throughout the weeks as well as promote the sales giving your tribe an advanced notice. Another important idea is to think of supply and demand or scarcity of your item. Let your tribe know that you are only making 20 or 50 of a specific item and that they are numbered and dated and signed. This adds to the hype and the need for your tribe to own your limited edition items. Remember if you do go this route that you have to stay true to your word and if you say you are only Making 20 of said item then you have to stick to that number. The item can change and vary over the years and seasons to keep this item a consistent collectors edition item and keep the scarcity mindset associated with it which will drive your tribe to feel the need to buy it now since they'll never be able to get that item again. This is why it is so important to stay up with your social media and stay consistent with your word and posts......      Here's a few tips when it comes to selling wholesale orders to your retailers: [ ] Shops are busy [ ] Visit or call in advance to see what the shop needs. Not wants. Make an appointment and hold shop to it [ ] Always make a few extra items that you want to sell [ ] Think retail 20-50.00 stocking stuffers. [ ] Put together a Christmas or holiday pack. Stockings with goodies [ ] Follow up before going to confirm appointment made [ ] Platforms to sell retail * Etsy * Shopify * Bigcartel * Social feeds These are just a few of the popular platforms of selling your work in a retail level. Most of these won't allow functional art so take advantage of this and make other items that still show your work and artistic expression as well as the ability to expose yourself to a different community that loves art and supporting the arts. links talked about in episode:
21:40 11/28/19

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