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Take Command: A Dale Carnegie Podcast

Welcome to Take Command: A Dale Carnegie Podcast, where we seek to uncover what leadership means in today’s world. Hosted by Joe Hart, CEO of Dale Carnegie, we’ll be talking to diverse leaders across various industries to help unlock your potential for success. We’ll be sharing real-life insights into leadership—which in turn can help spark the next level of your growth as a leader.


Fail Fast, Fail Cheap, and Focus on the Winners with Kevin Harrington 36:58 05/03/2022
The Passion for Leadership with Adam Mendler 42:12 04/19/2022
Building a Mindset to Succeed through Adversity with Robert Forrester 41:03 04/05/2022
Building Strong Relationships with Keith Ferrazzi 36:34 03/22/2022
Be Flexible, Nurture Relationships, and Allow Opportunities to Find You 48:13 03/08/2022
Never Walk Away From Integrity with Admiral Michael Mullen, Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff 48:11 02/22/2022
Focus, Perseverance, and Legacy with Dave Winfield 44:49 02/08/2022
Empowering Entrepreneurs to Save Our Oceans with Daniela Fernandez 41:43 12/14/2021
Building Relationships & Taking Risks with Ginny Clark 32:14 11/30/2021
Be Bold, Build Fast, and Make It Brilliant with Dr. Ali Parsa, Founder & CEO, Babylon Heath 40:56 11/16/2021
Sunk Cost Fallacy & Diving into the Deep End with Rachel Olney 39:45 11/02/2021
Purpose, Humility, Mentorship: Strategies for Life with Artis Stevens 47:27 10/19/2021
Redefining Success 36:24 09/21/2021
Encouraging Restless Curiosity with Jonathan Karp 38:49 09/14/2021
Building Confidence Through Adversity 41:37 09/07/2021
Unlocking Human Creativity 37:31 08/24/2021
Leading with a No Limits Approach for the Future 42:37 08/10/2021
Culture Transformation: Model, Coach, Care 39:05 07/27/2021
Cultivating Success with Healthy Habits 38:52 07/13/2021
Leading for the Benefit of Others 40:37 06/29/2021
Inspiring Curiosity and a Positive Attitude 39:52 06/15/2021
The Legacy of Giving Back 35:53 04/27/2021
Taking the Initiative with Carlos Cubia 33:34 04/13/2021
Transforming Ideas Into Businesses 35:41 03/30/2021
Empathetic and Humble Leadership 40:46 03/10/2021
The Courage of Innovation and Leadership 32:12 03/02/2021
Scaling Success Through Trust and Transparent Leadership 35:41 02/16/2021
Galvanizing Your “Why” and Unleashing Greatness 29:52 02/02/2021
Leaning in to the Upside with Lisa Shalett 35:12 01/19/2021
Discovering Empowerment Through Discomfort with Dr. Kevin McDonald 38:27 04/27/2020