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Tired of doing things the same. way. every. year? The Cause+Effect Podcast, brought to you by the Dunham Podcast Network, is a fresh voice that breaks down the latest fundraising trends, leadership lessons and the ups and downs of the nonprofit industry. Our host Trent Dunham talks to a variety of guests with effective strategies and stories that inspire us. The goal? Increased effectiveness for more impact.


Developing Mid-Level Donors with Erik Rogers 22:09 05/26/2022
Adapting to the Changing Landscape 38:15 05/12/2022
Welcome to the Metaverse! 28:22 04/28/2022
SPECIAL EPISODE: The Future of Dunham+Company 35:48 04/21/2022
The Changing Landscape of Digital Advertising 26:54 04/07/2022
Maximizing Cryptocurrency Donations for Good with Matt Hayes and James Lawrence 35:59 03/17/2022
Leading At Your Best with Carey Nieuwhof 30:03 03/10/2022
Finding Faith as an Exile with David Kinnaman 26:04 03/03/2022
Trends That Are Shaping 2022 38:17 02/17/2022
Leading Through Innovation with Steve McBeth 39:56 02/03/2022
Leading a Team That's Not Returning to the Office 28:10 01/20/2022
What to Expect in the New Year 21:33 01/06/2022
A Christmas Message from the Dunham Podcast Network 04:54 12/30/2021
Digital Privacy: What’s the balance? 34:20 12/23/2021
Using Video to Build Brand Awareness 25:43 12/09/2021
How Great Leaders Create Unity with Trent Dunham 25:07 11/11/2021
Position Yourself for Success this Year-End 29:14 10/28/2021
What to Expect from Donors in Q4 20:58 10/14/2021
Using Podcasting to Establish Your Platform 30:33 09/23/2021
NEW RESEARCH: Priorities of Christian Teaching/Talk Radio Listeners + Donors 40:44 09/09/2021
Marketing the Gospel without Losing Your Faith with Wes Gay 35:47 08/26/2021
Cause+Effect with Nils Smith 32:02 08/12/2021
New Name, Same Great Content: Cause+Effect Podcast 00:34 07/30/2021
[Classic Episode] Accomplish Your Goals through Innovation with Nils Smith 39:06 07/29/2021
[Classic Episode] Finding Deep Rest with Danny Forshee 40:11 07/22/2021
[Classic Episode] Elevate your Marketing and Brand Voice 55:03 07/15/2021
[Classic Episode] Leading from the Heart with Kevin Herrin 36:05 07/08/2021
[Classic Episode] The Magic of Company Culture with Brian Mountjoy 38:16 07/01/2021
How Can My Church Come Back Strong this Fall? 31:50 06/24/2021
Christian Radio P1 Listeners – Who are They? 24:34 06/17/2021