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Transforming Trauma

Transforming Trauma is a podcast about individuals and communities thriving after Complex Trauma. In a modern world beset by trauma and a legacy of suffering, conflict and disconnection, healing trauma can serve as a vehicle for personal and social transformation. Listeners will be introduced to the NeuroAffective Relational Model (NARM), a revolutionary approach for healing Complex Trauma (C-PTSD) and restoring connection to self and others. Interviews with NARM Therapists, and other prominent trauma specialists, will highlight how NARM fills a missing gap in our current efforts to address the legacy of childhood, cultural and intergenerational trauma. These leaders in the Trauma-Informed Care movement will guide listeners through the diverse ways NARM is applied to support individuals, couples, families and communities in order to actualize Post-Traumatic Growth. Whether you are a healthcare professional, an educator, a parent, a public policy maker, a trauma survivor, or someone interested in personal healing and social justice; this podcast will provide you with a map for increased resiliency, greater health outcomes, healthier relationships, personal growth and social change through transforming trauma.


The Importance of Being Human within the Complexity of Identity and Self-Worth with Crystle Lampitt 39:30 08/10/2022
NARM Inner Circle Presents: NARM & Intergenerational Love with Dr. Laurence Heller and Brad Kammer 47:47 08/03/2022
Personality and the Alchemy of Therapeutic Change with Nancy McWilliams, PhD 49:51 07/27/2022
BONUS: Sneak Peek of The Practical Guide for Healing Developmental Trauma with co-author Brad Kammer 15:31 07/18/2022
Understanding Historical Trauma with Ingrid Cockhren 43:39 07/13/2022
The Polyvagal Theory and Developmental Trauma with Dr. Stephen Porges 48:39 06/29/2022
BONUS: The Practical Guide for Healing Developmental Trauma with Authors Dr. Laurence Heller and Brad Kammer 45:47 06/22/2022
Creating Trauma-Informed Systems with Dr. Sandra Bloom 37:13 06/15/2022
Lostness, Trauma and Stories of Transformation with Bayo Akomolafe 43:41 06/01/2022
Professional Quality of Life for Trauma Therapists with Dr. Jennifer Vasquez 41:44 05/18/2022
Trauma Informed Transformational Medicine with Dr. Carrie Griffin 37:17 05/04/2022
Community-Based and Trauma-Informed Tribal Court with Judge Abby Abinati 37:10 04/20/2022
Trauma and Beyond with Drs. Joanne Barron and Lynne Friedman-Gell 42:50 04/06/2022
Trauma-Informed Leadership Coaching With Prashant Goel 51:18 03/23/2022
Peace with Self, Peace with Food with Galina Denzel 54:23 03/09/2022
Supporting Connection, Stability and Recovery with Muhammad Kathrada 31:43 02/23/2022
Integrating the Spiritual and Psychological for Healing Complex Trauma with Igal Harmelin 45:23 02/09/2022
Continuing the Conversation of Traumatic Narcissism and Recovery with Daniel Shaw 51:34 01/26/2022
Healing from Traumatic Love with Dr. Nadine Macaluso 49:30 01/12/2022
Supporting Connection, Capacity and Growth in the NARM Community with Marcia Black, Stefanie Klein, and Brad Kammer 59:32 01/01/2022
End of Year NARM Reflections with Dr. Laurence Heller, Brad Kammer and Emily Ruth 21:17 12/29/2021
Trauma-Informed Education and Theatre with Dexter Ellis and Jacqueline Russell 47:48 12/15/2021
Healing Trauma Through Curiosity and Compassion with Chaz Franke, LCSW 48:23 12/01/2021
Trauma Healing in the Black Community Through Play Therapy with Althea Simpson 48:03 11/17/2021
Supporting Women to Reconnect Back to Themselves and Their Bodies with Lara Eisenberg 48:32 11/03/2021
Men’s Groups, Toxic Masculinity and Developmental Trauma with Dr. Martin Lemon 47:11 10/20/2021
Mind-Body Healing with Dr. Lissa Rankin in conversation with Dr. Laurence Heller 52:29 10/06/2021
Healing Racial Trauma Through Embodiment with Becky Carter 45:09 09/22/2021
Trauma Healing and Spirituality with Dr. Julie Brown Yau 47:32 09/08/2021
Safety and Presence in the Therapeutic Space with Bonnie Badenoch 49:46 08/25/2021