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The History of Computing

Computers touch all most every aspect of our lives today. We take the way they work for granted and the unsung heroes who built the technology, protocols, philosophies, and circuit boards, patched them all together - and sometimes willed amazingness out of nothing. Not in this podcast. Welcome to the History of Computing. Let's get our nerd on!


Buying All The Things On Black Friday and Cyber Monday 09:55 11/26/2021
An Abridged History of Free And Open Source Software 22:34 11/24/2021
Perl, Larry Wall, and Camels 15:00 11/21/2021
The Von Neumann Architecture 12:24 11/12/2021
Getting Fit With Fitbit 16:18 11/05/2021
Our Friend, The Commodore Amiga 13:32 10/28/2021
All About Amdahl 08:47 10/24/2021
The Dartmouth Time Sharing System and Time Sharing 12:01 10/14/2021
eBay, Pez, and Immigration 09:46 10/07/2021
Ross Perot For President 10:56 09/30/2021
The Osborne Effect 09:43 09/26/2021
Chess Throughout The History Of Computers 12:58 09/16/2021
Sage: The Semi-Automatic Ground Environment Air Defense 18:10 09/09/2021
IBM Pivots To Services In The 90s 13:39 09/06/2021
Spam Spam Spam! 11:42 08/26/2021
Do You Yahoo!? 28:15 08/20/2021
The Innovations Of Bell Labs 22:18 08/15/2021
VisiCalc, Excel, and The Rise Of The Spreadsheet 17:01 08/08/2021
Microsoft's Lost Decade 21:38 08/04/2021
Babbage to Bush: An Unbroken Line Of Computing 14:28 07/29/2021
How Venture Capital Funded The Computing Industry 30:14 07/24/2021
Albert Cory Talks About His New Book, Inventing The Future 45:45 07/16/2021
Where Fast Food Meets Point of Sale, Automation, and Computing 24:59 07/16/2021
A broad overview of how the Internet happened 29:45 07/12/2021
The History of Plastics in Computing 19:21 07/05/2021
The Laws And Court Cases That Shaped The Software Industry 28:56 06/13/2021
Origins of the Modern Patent And Copyright Systems 17:03 06/07/2021
A History Of Text Messages In A Few More Than 160 Characters 16:09 05/16/2021
Project Xanadu 19:00 05/13/2021
An Abridged History Of Instagram 21:16 04/24/2021