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Prison Talk Podcast

Fresh Out has been the premier source of Prison related content on YouTube since 2013. With the rise in rules associated with other platforms, such as YouTube, we decided to start this podcast, so we can keep it real with you. No Sugar Coating, just pure Wigsplittin'!


Playing sports backed by Mafiosos! 25:46 10/17/2021
Shot Caller critiques the movie "Shot Caller" 35:16 10/09/2021
Body Armor, Riots & Medieval Sh!t 22:36 10/03/2021
Hierarchy, Wolf Tickets & No hands policies 16:38 09/26/2021
Do Black Lives really matter? 19:40 09/18/2021
You a gangsta? Why you kissing your homie on the mouth? 20:31 09/04/2021
Does your skin color hold you back from success? 20:09 08/28/2021
Kicking Heroin in the Pen 38:35 08/21/2021
Should Men compete in Women's Sports? 23:27 08/16/2021
Booty Bandits, Homicides and Buffin'... in the Feds 32:00 08/15/2021
Should I pay for Coochie? 24:10 08/10/2021
The new generation is fucked up the game 16:34 08/08/2021
Turning Street Game into Millions! 30:37 07/31/2021
Bringing LA Street Drugs to Missouri in 86' 23:56 07/25/2021
Federal Penitentiaries are full of Rats - Keep your circle small 11:32 07/18/2021
My wife wants to turn me into CUCKOLD - What do I do? 17:55 07/12/2021
My homie that did time was eyeing a tranny! What should I do? 14:55 07/05/2021
Why did Ice Cube catch so much shit for trying to help? 35:29 06/29/2021
Ladies, listen to your Man! 26:18 06/27/2021
I'm Black, but my brother in law is White 30:31 06/22/2021
Real game for those still living at Mom's House 18:16 06/20/2021
Hustle past the Haters and Losers! 23:03 06/17/2021
Only those worthy can wield the Hammer 18:34 06/06/2021
White Privilege, Black Excuses 37:29 06/01/2021
Running from the cops coked out & bleeding! 41:07 05/30/2021
Homie, you BLOWED out! 41:16 05/25/2021
First time I saw true Racism! 21:50 05/23/2021
How I created a business Detailing Cars for the Seattle Seahawks 40:56 05/11/2021
Making 6 figures from behind prison walls 27:20 05/09/2021
Being bi-racial in Arizona Prison 11:06 05/02/2021