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"Top 100 Small Business Podcasts 2014" -- Small Biz Trends. Former Clinton White House Writer John Corcoran shows you how to build relationships intelligently to get more clients, grow your income and advance your career. Discover how you can use win-win networking and intentional relationship-building with Influencers and VIPs, even if you "hate networking" or feel like you have "nothing to offer" people who are successful. Interviews with today's top entrepreneurs and authors such as Dan Pink, Michael Port, Gary Vaynerchuk, Marie Forleo and Guy Kawasaki, who reveal how they use relationships to grow their businesses and their incomes. Find out more at


Future of Synthetic Biology and Business by Dr. John Cumbers
Dr. John Cumbers is the Founder and CEO of SynBioBeta, a vibrant community and conference centered around the synthetic biology field. With a background in molecular biology, biochemistry, and bioinformatics, including a stint at NASA, he made a dramatic leap from science to creating a thriving industry community. Dr. Cumbers' efforts at SynBioBeta have led to an annual conference attracting thousands of global participants, whereas as a dedicated connector, he passionately facilitates introductions that result in significant scientific advancements. He retains a robust academic background with a PhD in molecular biology, yet his childhood entrepreneurial spirit has fundamentally shaped his career. In this episode… Ever wondered how a single idea can spark a global movement, bringing together innovators worldwide to revolutionize an entire industry? What if the key to pioneering change was not just the idea itself but connecting the right minds to make it happen? How did one man's journey from playing with conkers to shaping the future of synthetic biology exemplify this transformative power of community and connection? Dr. John Cumbers turned his childhood entrepreneurial spirit into a mission to build a community at the forefront of synthetic biology. His journey from selling conkers as a child to founding a premier biotech conference exemplifies how a vision can evolve into a dynamic, worldwide hub of innovation. Through SynBioBeta, Dr. Cumbers has created a platform where the brightest minds in biotechnology converge, sharing ideas and sparking collaborations that drive the industry forward. This episode dives into how he harnessed his passion for connecting people to foster an ecosystem where groundbreaking scientific advancements are the norm. Tune in to this episode of the Smart Business Revolution Podcast as John Corcoran interviews Dr. John Cumbers, the Founder and CEO of SynBioBeta, about building influential networks and fostering innovation in the biotech industry. They delve into Dr. Cumbers’ entrepreneurial journey, from his early days of selling conkers to leading a significant player in the synthetic biology arena, and how strategic connections and persistent vision can lead to monumental achievements in science and business.
37:37 4/12/24
Turning Childhood Dream Into Billion-Dollar Reality With Tomer London
Tomer London is the Chief Product Officer and Co-founder of Gusto, a comprehensive platform offering payroll, benefits, and human resource management for small to medium-sized businesses. By the age of 12, he had taught himself programming and created an inventory management system for his father's small clothing business, marking the beginning of his journey in software development. With an electrical engineering background from Stanford University, Tomer channeled his passion for technology into founding several successful ventures. He went on to co-found Gusto, which has grown into a multibillion-dollar enterprise that is changing the way businesses care for their teams. In this episode… From a young age, a boy's entrepreneurial spirit emerged as he used computers to solve real-world problems in his father's clothing store. His journey wasn't smooth; facing rejection and challenges, he crafted his path through technology and innovation. Could these early experiences have paved the way for a revolutionary business idea? Tomer London, CPO at Gusto, transformed these formative experiences into a thriving enterprise. His journey from a curious child in Haifa, Israel, to a tech entrepreneur in Silicon Valley is a testament to the power of resilience and innovation. At Gusto, Tomer and his team tackled the complex world of payroll and benefits, driven by a mission to simplify and humanize the process for small businesses. By focusing on customer pain points and leveraging technology, they reshaped how small businesses operate and manage their teams. Tune in to this episode of the Smart Business Revolution Podcast as John Corcoran interviews Tomer London, the Co-founder of Gusto, about the origins and evolution of Gusto. They explore how Tomer's early experiences with technology and entrepreneurship shaped his approach to business, leading to the creation of a company that profoundly impacts the small-business ecosystem. 
45:11 4/5/24
A Tale of Mentorship and Growth With Anthony A. Luna
Anthony A. Luna is the CEO of Coastline Equity, a firm specializing in commercial real estate advisory and property management. Growing up in a challenging environment in San Pedro, California, Anthony faced the hardships of gang violence and a single-parent upbringing. Despite these obstacles, he became the first in his family to graduate high school and pursue higher education. Anthony honed his leadership and mentorship skills at the Boys and Girls Club, transitioning from grant management to real estate under the guidance of Holocaust survivor George Mayer. Committed to community service, he continues his involvement with the Boys and Girls Club, writes on real estate for Forbes, and serves as a trusted industry thought leader. In this episode… Have you ever wondered how a challenging childhood environment shapes a person's future? How does one transition from such adversity to becoming a leading figure in the corporate world? Anthony A. Luna, growing up amidst economic hardships in San Pedro, California, transformed these obstacles into stepping stones for success. Through his journey from the Boys and Girls Club to the helm of Coastline Equity, Anthony's story is one of resilience, mentorship, and unexpected opportunities. His encounter with a Holocaust survivor, who became his mentor, fundamentally altered his career path and instilled in him a profound sense of purpose and direction. This pivotal experience catalyzed Anthony's rise in the real estate industry and significantly amplified his community contributions. Tune in to this episode of the Smart Business Revolution Podcast as John Corcoran interviews Anthony A. Luna, CEO at Coastline Equity, about navigating life's challenges and leveraging mentorship for success. They delve into Anthony's childhood and how his resilience and relentless work ethic led him to balance multiple jobs from a young age. They also discussed why George Mayer chose Anthony to take over his business, and how to overcome fear and embrace massive opportunities.
30:16 3/29/24
Overcoming Personal Tragedy To Achieve Business Triumph With Jeff Hill
Jeff Hill is a seasoned entrepreneur with an inspiring narrative of resilience and determination. He successfully established and grew a 1-800-GOT-JUNK? franchise into one of the most prosperous ones in the system, boasting over two decades of business experience with the brand. Jeff's early life was marked by challenges, including the loss of his father and personal struggles, yet his positive attitude remains intact, making him a tough and resilient figure. Currently semi-retired, he still plays a primary role in his company, always seeking new and sustainable ways to drive the business forward. Jeff is also the President of RePurpose Center, where he leads a network of diversion partners committed to redistributing reusable, recyclables, and donatable items to and with community partners. In this episode… In a world where setbacks often define our path, have you ever wondered what it takes to turn adversity into a launching pad for success? How can someone emerge from hardships not just unscathed but thriving, building a business empire from the ground up? Jeff Hill, a semi-retired entrepreneur, turned his challenges into opportunities, resulting in a successful 1-800-GOT-JUNK? franchise. Imagine a young boy cutting firewood to help his family make ends meet, navigating through personal and business failures, and battling cancer, all while maintaining a positive outlook on life. Jeff's resilience and entrepreneurial spirit remained steadfast as he navigated challenges and found joy and purpose in creating a business that reflected his values and commitment to community service. Now Jeff delves into the mindset and strategies that propelled him from adversity to success, offering insights into the power of perseverance, positive thinking, and strategic business acumen. Tune in to this episode of the Smart Business Revolution Podcast as John Corcoran interviews Jeff Hill, Franchise Owner at 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, about turning life's challenges into business success. They discussed how he evolved his company to an eight-figure success by adeptly managing young employees, implementing controls against embezzlement, and navigating economic hurdles.
56:53 3/25/24
The Art of Deal-Making and Business Growth With Jay Jung
Jay Jung is the Founder and Managing Partner of Embarc Advisors, a disruptive corporate finance advisory firm focused on supporting startups, SMBs, and middle-market firms. Over the past six to seven years, Jay and Embarc Advisors have become renowned for bringing Fortune 500 financial expertise to small and medium-sized businesses. An alumnus of the prestigious Wharton School, his career includes prestigious roles at Goldman Sachs, McKinsey & Company, and other leading companies across the globe.  Jay's entrepreneurial spirit was kindled by engaging in childhood business ventures. Before pivoting to corporate finance, he co-founded Evixar, a technology startup that raised capital from Softbank and other VCs. His journey from business owner to finance expert has given him a vantage point in financial advisory for cutting-edge startups. In this episode… Can childhood ventures reveal the blueprint of a future business mogul? From an early age, the knack for recognizing demand and seizing opportunity can set the stage for monumental success. How does a journey from selling pizza slices to advising firms on multi-million-dollar deals unfold? Jay Jung, starting with his early entrepreneurial ventures, transitioned from a clever youngster leveraging unit economics to a financial wizard at the helm of Embarc Advisors. His narrative includes stops at prestigious firms like Goldman Sachs and McKinsey, where he developed his corporate finance and M&A advisory skills. Jay's journey is not just about his ascent to financial expertise but also a reflection of his unique ability to apply his childhood lessons on value and investment to the complex world of business finance. Tune in to this episode of the Smart Business Revolution Podcast as John Corcoran interviews Jay Jung, Founder and Managing Partner at Embarc Advisors, about transforming early entrepreneurial instincts into a successful career in financial advisory. They delve into Jay's unique background, the importance of unit economics, and how he pivoted from co-founding a tech startup to finance. It covers the effects of travel on consultancy work, the joy of aiding startups and niche sectors, and the efficacy of hourly billing in M&A.
24:57 3/22/24
A Master’s Guide To Acquiring Millions of Customers With Dan Engel
Dan Engel serves as the Managing Partner and Founder of Santa Barbara Venture Partners, an early-growth VC firm focusing on technology startups. Renowned for his expertise in B2B and B2C domains, he has emerged as a luminary in devising customer acquisition strategies. Early in his career, he played a primary role in significantly growing Picasa, which Google later acquired before its public debut. Moreover, Dan co-founded FastSpring, a SaaS fintech platform that achieved remarkable revenue exceeding $100 million despite minimal funding. With a track record of successful exits, Dan's entrepreneurial journey traces back to his upbringing in New York, where he embarked on diverse side ventures ranging from neighborhood services to operating an ice cream truck. In this episode… In a world driven by the ambition to scale, attracting millions of customers becomes the ultimate quest for businesses aiming to leave a mark on the competitive landscape. What secrets fuel successful customer acquisition strategies? How does a company transform from a concept to a household name amidst market saturation and consumer indifference? Software entrepreneur Dan Engel unravels the complexities of customer acquisition with the precision of a seasoned strategist, offering a roadmap for capturing and retaining a vast customer base. Dan's approach, characterized by innovative thinking and relentless adaptation in the entrepreneurial battlefield, underscores the significance of deeply understanding market signals and customer behavior. Through his stories, listeners gain a front-row seat to the tactical maneuvers and strategic pivots that have propelled companies from the fringes of obscurity to the center stage of their industries. Tune in to this episode of the Smart Business Revolution Podcast as John Corcoran interviews Dan Engel, the Managing Partner and Founder of Santa Barbara Venture Partners, about attracting millions of customers in a saturated market. Dan shares his journey from childhood ventures to becoming a seasoned tech entrepreneur and venture capitalist, the power of community in entrepreneurship, strategies for scaling startups, challenges in B2B fintech, and how to navigate the evolving venture capital landscape.
70:32 3/18/24
Finding Fulfillment Beyond Dollars With Noah Rosenfarb
Noah Rosenfarb is a CPA and the Founder of Freedom Family Office, which helps entrepreneurs and affluent individuals achieve financial independence, build lasting legacies, and lead their ideal lives. Noah's entrepreneurial journey started in childhood, evolving from multiple jobs to a successful finance career, specializing in forensic accounting and running a family office catering to affluent divorced women. He is the author of numerous books and has extensive experience in real estate investment. Noah's unique approach focuses on creating wealth that transcends monetary value, optimizing lifestyles, and ensuring happiness for his clients. Tune in to this episode of the Smart Business Revolution Podcast as John Corcoran interviews Noah Rosenfarb, CPA and Founder of Freedom Family Office, about his early career, starting a family office before the great recession, which surprisingly was good timing. Noah’s move to Florida marked a pivotal point, prompting a broader reflection on life choices and financial goals. His new venture, Freedom Family Office, is dedicated to guiding entrepreneurs through their transitions to a life "rich beyond money." However, even someone committed to helping others find fulfillment isn't immune to societal pressures, as he addresses current events personally.
33:55 3/15/24
Harnessing Old School Tech for New Age Success With Vivek Khuller
Vivek Khuller is the President and CEO of Clearfly Communications, a leading voice services and broadband provider fully licensed with the FCC and catering to customers across the United States. An immigrant to the US, Vivek faced cultural adaptations and financial hurdles, including paying himself the minimum wage for three years while rebuilding his business. Under his leadership, Clearfly became a multimillion-dollar enterprise without relying on venture capital, solidifying his place as an ingenious business strategist. Tune in to this episode of the Smart Business Revolution Podcast as John Corcoran interviews Vivek Khuller, President and CEO of Clearfly Communications, about his remarkable journey in building a multimillion-dollar business in the landline industry. John delves into Vivek's early life in India, where he started his first business by lending comic books at Air Force bases. They discussed his immigration journey to the United States and his academic achievements, notably attending Harvard. Vivek also shed some light on critical turning points in his career. After the iPhone and Android emerged, his original business idea faced extinction. However, through a serendipitous partnership with a Montana-based company and a drastic pay cut, he reinvented his business model and guided Clearfly Communications to success.
46:42 3/11/24
Mastering Business Growth With the Power of Forums With Mo Fathelbab
Mo Fathelbab is the Founder and President of the International Facilitators Organization, a community of peer group facilitators dedicated to learning, growth, and development. As a best-selling author, he is well-versed in fostering meaningful relationships among CEOs. Mo, a TEDx speaker and moderator of SHRM Exec Network, played a pivotal role in the early growth of the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO), where he oversaw its expansion from 100 to several thousand members. Based in Alexandria, Virginia, Mo is recognized for his innovative work in creating and disseminating forum methodologies to a global audience, positively impacting leaders and organizations globally. Tune in to this episode of the Smart Business Revolution Podcast as John Corcoran interviews Mo Fathelbab, Founder and President of the International Facilitators Organization, to discuss the transformative power of business forums. Mo shares his backstory, including moving from Egypt to the United States and transitioning from door-to-door product sales to leading an organization that champions entrepreneurship through forums. They explore the significance of forums for entrepreneurs and business leaders, highlighting how these groups enable vulnerability, meaningful connections, and personal growth. Mo also provides insight into how forums have adapted to virtual environments and details the underpinnings of successful forums across cultural boundaries.
40:16 3/8/24
Crafting the Ultimate Customer Experience With Jason Friedman
Jason Friedman is the Founder and CEO of CXFormula, LLC, specializing in helping fast-growing, entrepreneurial companies gain a competitive edge through enhancing customer experiences. With a dynamic background that stretches from setting up his ventures to working with Fortune 100 brands, Jason's expertise in business development is proven and extensive. Recognized as Ernst and Young's New Jersey Entrepreneur of the Year in Business Services, his portfolio includes work with prestigious names like Footlocker, Adidas, Nike, W Hotels, Universal Studios, and Disney. Before diving into the world of customer experience, Jason turned a profit by creating solutions at a young age, from shoveling snow to building elevated beds for fellow college students, growing the venture into a million-dollar business. Tune in to this episode of the Smart Business Revolution Podcast as John Corcoran interviews Jason Friedman, the Founder and CEO of CXFormula, LLC, to discuss his multifaceted entrepreneurial experience. They talk about Jason’s early forays into business as a youngster who capitalizes on snow shoveling, transforming it from a solo gig to a team operation and learning the staples of managing and motivating a young workforce. He also describes his ingenious idea to maximize dormitory space by building elevated beds, an endeavor that grows into a million-dollar enterprise. Jason doesn't just reflect on the highs of entrepreneurship but also imparts valuable insights into building successful ventures through creating compelling customer experiences, the power of customization, and the efficiencies of a thoughtful business model. With a strong sense of mission and adaptability, Jason illustrates how to steer a business toward success while remaining true to one's roots and skills.
77:45 3/4/24
The MKG Marketing Model for Growth With Mike Krass
Mike Krass is the Co-founder of MKG Marketing, where he has leveraged his extensive experience in digital marketing to service cybersecurity and SaaS businesses effectively. As an avid pilot, Mike brings a unique perspective to his business, emphasizing procedure and risk management. His entrepreneurial journey includes learning valuable lessons from youthful ventures, such as his car washing business. Mike is also the facilitator of the What's the Problem? podcast, which explores pressing issues in the tech and marketing space.  In this episode, John Corcoran hosts Mike Krass, the Co-Founder of MKG Marketing, to discuss how Mike took the bold step of firing himself as CEO to better serve his company's growing needs. The conversation unravels his entrepreneurial roots, from a neighborhood car washing business to establishing MKG Marketing as a leading agency in the cybersecurity and SaaS realms.
39:39 3/1/24
Revolutionizing the Private Security Industry with Anna Redmond
Anna Redmond is the Founder of Braav, a trailblazing company set to transform the private security industry through innovative AI technology. Having transitioned from an investor to an entrepreneur, Anna brings a wealth of experience in venture capital — an expertise she cultivated after graduating from Harvard — to her current role. She previously co-founded and led HIPPO Reads, a thought leadership platform for Fortune 500 companies that facilitated interaction between the academic and business communities. In this episode of the Smart Business Revolution Podcast, John Corcoran sits down with Anna Redmond, the Founder of Braav, as they explore Anna’s unconventional path from investor to entrepreneur. Anna shares the inspirations that led to the founding of Braav, provides insights into the specifics of AI adoption in security tasks, and emphasizes the significance of empowering clients and employees through enhanced security practices.
36:18 2/23/24
Dave Dumoulin | From Paper Routes to Office Furniture Powerhouse
Dave Dumoulin is the President and CEO of LW Office Furniture Warehouse, a nationally recognized leader in the field of office furniture liquidation and resale. Approximately five years ago, Dave pivoted his career to purchase the used office furniture company, Liquidators World. Under his leadership, he successfully rebranded the company, opened additional locations, and expanded the business through difficult economic periods, including the pandemic. Dave has led diverse businesses in the lumber, flooring, and software sales industries. His experience spans leadership roles in companies such as Talpx, JP Flooring Systems Inc., and RFMS Inc. Tune in to this episode of the Smart Business Revolution Podcast, as John Corcoran sits down with Dave Dumoulin, President and CEO of LW Office Furniture Warehouse, to delve into Dave's entrepreneurial journey of buying a used office furniture company, transforming it into a thriving venture, and doubling its revenues even during a global pandemic. He provides insights on expanding a product lineup, offering customizable solutions, and adapting to the changes in the business landscape.
30:56 2/16/24
Cameron Madill | From Candy Reseller to Employee-Owned Entrepreneur
Cameron Madill is the Founder and Advisor of PixelSpoke, a web design and marketing agency specializing in credit unions. Cameron’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to focus exclusively on creating specialized solutions for progressive businesses, which proved pivotal for PixelSpoke's success. In recent years, he made a bold decision to transition PixelSpoke into an employee-owned cooperative, emphasizing social responsibility as a certified B Corp. Today, Cameron is actively involved in guiding and coaching entrepreneurs, particularly entrepreneurial couples, using the Gottman method. He also co-hosts The Remarkable Credit Union podcast, exploring the trends and challenges in the credit union space. In this episode of the Smart Business of the Smart Business Revolution podcast, John Corcoran hosts Cameron Madill,  the Founder and Advisor of PixelSpoke. Madill discusses his entrepreneurial journey and the nuances of transitioning PixelSpoke into an employee-owned cooperative during the challenging landscape of the global pandemic. He also shares his current focus on coaching entrepreneurial couples, blending anecdotal wisdom with the Gottman method.
40:42 2/9/24
Entrepreneurship, Journalism, and Testifying Before Congress With Dan Grech
Dan Grech is the Founder, CEO, and Lead Instructor at BizHack Academy, which provides digital marketing training to corporations, marketing executives, and businesses nationwide. Before starting the academy, Dan was the News Director at WLRN Public Media, worked as a correspondent for NPR’s Marketplace, and was part of a Pulitzer Prize-winning team at the Miami Herald. He also co-hosted Miami's first podcast, Under the Sun. In this episode of the Smart Business Revolution Podcast, John Corcoran interviews Dan Grech, the Founder and CEO of BizHack Academy, about his journalism career and how he became an entrepreneur. They also discuss entrepreneurial and journalism challenges, the effects of AI on businesses, and Dan's experience testifying before Congress.
45:20 2/2/24
Strategies for Growing a Software Company Through a Recession With Brad Griffith
Brad Griffith is the President of Buckeye Innovation, a software engineering and design agency with a passion for creating dynamic digital experiences. The company helps growing businesses utilize software and design to amplify their impact on their communities. Brad founded Buckeye Innovation in 2009 after graduating from Ohio State University. He has several years of experience in web application development and has worked with JPMorgan Chase, Qualcomm, and the Go Big Network.  One of Brad's first projects involved building a website in sixth grade, developing the same robust skillset he still uses. He is also a member of the Entrepreneurs' Organization chapter in Columbus and serves as the EO Accelerator Chair. In this episode of the Smart Business Revolution Podcast, John Corcoran interviews Brad Griffith, the President of Buckeye Innovation, about his strategies for growing a software company in a difficult season. Brad also explains the concept of a self-imposed downturn, the effects of technology and AI on businesses, and how he built a company during a recession.
34:22 1/26/24
How To Escape Founder-Led Sales for Agency Owners With Corey Quinn
Corey Quinn is a self-employed Fractional CMO and Go-To-Market Strategist at Corey Quinn, Inc. He is also a seasoned entrepreneur, sales leader, and marketing executive with a mission to empower agency founders through mentoring, consulting, and coaching. Corey graduated from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and has been an entrepreneur for 25 years. His focus is on helping agency owners to get out of founder-led sales.  Before starting Corey Quinn, Inc., Corey was the CMO at Scorpion, where he helped grow the agency's revenue from $20 million to $150 million in seven years. He hosts the Vertical Go-To-Market Podcast and is the author of the upcoming book, Anyone, Not Everyone.   In this episode of the Smart Business Revolution Podcast, John Corcoran sits down with Corey Quinn, a Fractional CMO and Go-To-Market Strategist at Corey Quinn, Inc., to talk about how agency owners can escape founder-led sales. They also discuss Corey's tech background, the challenges agency owners face selling to lawyers, and the benefits of building a niche business.
36:27 1/19/24
Hiring and Recruitment: Finding and Keeping Great Talent for Your Company With Teresa Murphey
Teresa Murphey is the Founder and CEO of Hire Ventures, a company that provides HR and recruiting consulting services specifically tailored for early-stage tech ventures. Based out of the Atlanta area, Teresa founded Hire Ventures in 2001 to provide businesses with human resource consulting, recruiting, and other talent-related services. She is a member of the Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO) Atlanta chapter and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).  In this episode of the Smart Business Revolution Podcast, John Corcoran is joined by Teresa Murphey, the Founder and CEO of Hire Ventures, to discuss hiring and recruitment strategies. They also talk about the importance of workplace safety, the business development challenges new entrepreneurs face, and how the 9/11 tragedy and the pandemic impacted Teresa's business. 
36:31 1/12/24
Knowledge Sharing and Networking Strategies With Aaron Conant
Aaron Conant is the Co-founder and Chief Digital Strategist at BWG Connect, a leading platform for executive strategy and networking sessions. He is also an e-commerce expert with over a decade of experience in digital commerce, providing advisory services to brands on Amazon sales strategies, retail media, direct consumer platform selection, and SEO. BWG Connect, in conjunction with BWG Strategy, has built an exclusive network of over 125,000 senior professionals and hosts over 2,000 virtual and in-person networking events annually.  Before starting BWG Connect, Aaron was the Head of eCommerce Sales and Business Development at Perrigo and a Research Scientist at Pfizer. He is also the host of the Digital Deep Dive Podcast.  In this episode of the Smart Business Revolution Podcast, John Corcoran interviews Aaron Conant, the Co-founder and Chief Digital Strategist at BWG Connect, about knowledge-sharing and networking strategies for e-commerce sellers. Aaron shares tips for evaluating event speakers, how to balance family with building a business, and strategies for organizing a business dinner.
38:23 1/5/24
Strategies for Leveraging AI in Your Business With Nicole Donnelly
Nicole Donnelly is the Founder of AI Smart Marketing, an AI-powered marketing agency that helps brands create personalized and effective marketing campaigns. Through AI courses, workshops, and services, the agency teaches people how to leverage cutting-edge AI tools to create effective AI solutions. Nicole has over 18 yrs of experience as an entrepreneur, having founded and built her company, BabyLegs, into a global brand. By 2009, she had grown it to around $5 million in sales with 24 employees and expanded to 85 countries before selling it.  BabyLegs won the industry Design Excellence award for 12 years, was named one of Seattle’s Best Places to Work, and received a national award for Workplace Flexibility." Nicole is also the Founder of Emotionality, a former professional snowboarder, snowboarding instructor, and author of Rash to Riches: How I Grew BabyLegs from a Home Business to a Global Brand. In this episode of the Smart Business Revolution Podcast, John Corcoran interviews Nicole Donnelly, the Founder of AI Smart Marketing, about strategies for leveraging AI in business. Nicole also shares her experience building and selling BabyLegs, the benefits of AI, and how to stay on top of AI developments.
43:28 12/29/23
The Intersection of AI and Creativity With Helen Todd
Helen Todd is the Co-founder and CEO of Creativity Squared, a platform that explores how creatives collaborate with artificial intelligence. She is a seasoned entrepreneur, award-winning marketer, and international speaker. Helen is also the Co-founder and CEO of Sociality Squared, a women-owned, full-service social media agency founded in 2010 and headquartered in New York City. In this episode of the Smart Business Revolution Podcast, John Corcoran interviews Helen Todd, the Co-founder and CEO of Creativity Squared and Sociality Squared, about the intersection of AI and creativity. They also discuss the concept and use of synthetic media, how businesses can leverage AI, and why Helen started a social media marketing agency.
31:07 12/22/23
Building a Startup Coffee Brand and Transitioning To Coaching With Chase Damiano
Chase Damiano is the Founder of Human At Scale, a leadership development company that empowers purpose-driven leaders to elevate their teams and scale their businesses. Under his leadership, the company has served a wide range of leaders and executive teams, representing about $100 million in annual revenue.  Before founding Human At Scale, Chase served as the COO of Commonwealth Joe Coffee Roasters and was a Co-founder at Barometer Interactive. He is an alumnus of Virginia Tech and the Goldman Sachs 10k Small Business Program. In this episode of the Smart Business Revolution Podcast, John Corcoran sits down with Chase Damiano, the Founder of Human At Scale, to talk about entrepreneurship and building a coffee brand. Chase shares the challenges he faced finding a distributor, overcoming burnout, and how he became a coach.
33:05 12/15/23
How To Build a Purpose-Driven Brand With Tamara Loehr
Tamara Loehr is the Co-founder of Beusail Academy, a marketplace and community where conscious consumers use their purchasing power to make a collective positive impact. She became an entrepreneur at 19 years old when she started a digital marketing agency. Tamara is also the Co-founder of Concertina Team, an outsourcing agency that helps entrepreneurs scale by finding the right team for them. She is a member of the Young Presidents' Organization (YPO) and an advocate for female entrepreneurs and net-positive brands.  In this episode of the Smart Business Revolution Podcast, John Corcoran interviews Tamara Loehr, the Co-founder of Beusail Academy and Concertina Team, about how to build a purpose-driven brand. They also discuss the concept of ethical offshoring, how to raise entrepreneurial kids, and Tamara's inspiration to start Beusail Academy. 
37:48 12/4/23
Scaling a Healthcare Business Through a Pandemic With Kenny Schiff
Kenny Schiff is the Director of Analytics at Lone Star Communications, a Texas-based healthcare solutions company that provides technology services to hospitals. A healthcare industry veteran with over 25 years of experience, Kenny is also the Founder of CareSight, an analytics-as-a-service platform. He hosts the newly launched CarePoints Podcast and is based in Naples, Florida.  In this episode of the Smart Business Revolution Podcast, John Corcoran sits down with Kenny Schiff, the Director of Analytics at Lone Star Communications, to talk about scaling a healthcare business. They also discuss the difference between service and technology companies, changes in the healthcare technology field over the years, and how to find a strategic acquirer.
42:01 12/1/23
How To Grow Your People To Scale Your Business With Nick Thompson
Nick Thompson is the Co-founder and President of VEA Office Professionals Inc., a virtual services provider helping businesses scale. He has over 25 years of experience in leadership and executive management, having co-founded and led several companies, including one that he scaled up to over $100 million in revenue. Nick is a member of the Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO) and the author of  LOOK OUT! You're About to Get F**ked!: The 13 Biggest Pitfalls of Business and How to Avoid Them.  In this episode of the Smart Business Revolution Podcast, John Corcoran interviews Nick Thompson, the Co-founder and President of VEA Office Professionals Inc., about his strategies for scaling a company to over $100 million. Nick also talks about his merger and acquisition formula, how the dot-com bubble and the 9/11 tragedy affected his company, and tips for working with your spouse. 
56:38 11/27/23
How To Intentional Grow Your Business With Ryan Tansom
Ryan Tansom is the Founder of Arkona and the Creator of the Intentional Growth Framework. He started his entrepreneurial journey at his family business, where he helped turn it around and enabled it to be sold for eight figures to a local competitor. At Arkona, Ryan helps entrepreneurs grow the value of their company through educational training, fractional CFO services, and strategic planning. He is also a speaker and host of the Intentional Growth Podcast.  In this episode of the Smart Business Revolution Podcast, John Corcoran sits down with Ryan Tansom, the Founder of Arkona, to talk about intentional growth strategies. Ryan also explains how business valuations work and shares his experience working at his family's business and selling the company.
58:09 11/24/23
Rise25 Acquisition Plans With Dr. Jeremy Weisz
Dr. Jeremy Weisz is the Co-founder of Rise25, a company that helps B2B business owners connect with their ideal prospects, referral partners, and strategic partners through a done-for-you podcast service. Dr. Weisz has been involved in podcasting for 11 years and was a senior producer for one of the early business podcasts; he assisted in putting all of their systems in place and helped them add volume, feature, and edify various business leaders. Dr. Weisz has also been running the Inspired Insider Podcast since 2011. He has featured top entrepreneurs, founders, and CEOs of companies such as P90X, Atari, Einstein Bagels, Mattel, the Orlando Magic, and many more through video interviews. He also founded a nutritional supplement business and continues to run his own chiropractic and massage facility, Chiropractical Solutions & Massage. In this episode of the Smart Business Revolution Podcast, John Corcoran is joined by his business partner, Dr. Jeremy Weisz, the Co-founder of Rise25, to talk about their acquisition plans. They share Rise25's company values, their criteria for evaluating businesses to acquire, and their preferred revenue range.
07:22 11/20/23
How To Leverage Sales and Speaking to Grow A Business With Barrett Cordero
Barrett Cordero is the President of BigSpeak, a speaker’s bureau representing motivational and keynote speakers. Under his direction, the company has generated exponential growth and has been listed in Inc. Magazine's 5000 fastest-growing companies for six years. Before joining BigSpeak, Barrett was an Account Representative at CJ (formerly Commission Junction) and a Manager at the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. He is a member of the Young Presidents' Organization (YPO). In this episode of the Smart Business Revolution Podcast, John Corcoran interviews Barrett Cordero, the President of BigSpeak, about leveraging sales and speaking to build a business. They also discuss tips for working with high-profile individuals, how to thrive as a dyslexic, and how the 2008 economic recession and the pandemic impacted the speaking industry.
37:30 11/17/23
How To Build a Niche-Focused Podcast Network With Glenn Hebert
Glenn Hebert is the Founder of the Horse Radio Network, the largest online podcast network for horse lovers worldwide. Glenn, aka Glenn the Geek, began niche podcasting in 2006 and started the Horse Radio Network in 2008. With over 15 years of experience, he has hosted and produced over 10,000 podcast episodes centered around horses. These include Horses in the Morning, which has produced over 3,300 episodes in 14 years. The Horse Radio Network was sold to Equine Network in Oct of 2022, and Glenn took over the role of Director of Podcasting.  In this episode of the Smart Business Revolution Podcast, John Corcoran is joined by Glenn Hebert, the Founder of the Horse Radio Network, to talk about building a niche-focused podcast network. They also discuss strategies for producing quality podcasts, tips for starting a daily show, and how the pandemic impacted podcast growth. 
32:32 11/13/23
How To Unlock Opportunities and Become a Better Version of Yourself With Joel Gandara
Joel Gandara is the President of Joel Gandara Coaching. Born in Cuba, he and his family immigrated to the United States in 1980. He started buying and selling products in fourth grade and later built an apparel business to eight figures and beyond.  Joel was the Founder and CEO of Morro Capital, which focused on investing in apparel brands. He is now a renowned life and business coach dedicated to empowering men to be the best versions of themselves. He is also the author of 31 Days to Become a Better Man: Level Up in All Areas of Your Life! In this episode of the Smart Business Revolution Podcast, John Corcoran interviews Joel Gandara, the President of Joel Gandara Coaching, about his entrepreneurship journey and tips for becoming a better version of yourself. Joel also shares his background, the challenges he faced settling in a new country, and the business lessons he has learned over the years. Stay tuned.
39:21 11/10/23

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