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Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2022-12-8
news birthdays/events quirky holiday traditions do you regularly buy food from the dollar stores? news game: mindtrap ashley and brad welcome santa in studio!! Part 1 ashley and brad welcome santa in studio!! Part 2 news game: getting to know you we are so impatient at the end of year...what will you admit to? holiday safety shopping tips news ways to make the season surprisingly simple things we shouldn't do in public goodbye/fun facts....National Brownie Day. Warm, chewy and gooey...or for me...the crispy edges.  or maybe you like the  blonde brownie is made with brown sugar and no chocolate and is often called a blondie.  several myths have gained popularity over the years regarding the creation of the brownie: 1...In an accidental mixing of ingredients, a chef added melted chocolate to biscuit dough.  2...A forgetful cook left out the flour when mixing the batter. 3...When a housewife did not have baking powder, she improvised to create this new treat. The wife decided to serve her guest flattened cakes. 4...a prominent Chicago socialite whose husband owed the hotel, asked a pastry chef for a dessert suitable for ladies attending the Chicago World’s Columbian Exposition.
49:18 12/09/2022
Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2022-12-7
news birthdays/events if you thought egg nog was gross...just wait... guess who else overeats during the holidays news according to and worst foods to buy canned game: general trivia you gov poll...most hated holiday songs... news job perks that no one cares about game: totally 80's trivia what are your favorite and least favorite tv special.. news the rule of 4 when it comes to gift giving best comfort foods for december goodbye/fun facts....National Cotton Candy Day...the sweet delight that dates back to the 1400s in Italy.  The old fashioned way of making cotton candy - or spun sugar as it was called - was to melt sugar in a pan and then use a fork to make strings of sugar over an upside down bowl. The sugar would then dry in strings and be served as a dessert.  Obviously very time consuming...only the wealthy could afford spun sugar desserts...until 1897, when Dentist William Morrison and confectioner John C. Wharton invented machine-spun cotton candy....they introduced it at the 1904 World’s Fair as Fairy Floss. Fairgoers loved it and bought over 68,000 boxes for 25¢ a box.
45:25 12/08/2022
Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2022-12-6
news birthdays/events what's your favorite holiday scent? what's the worst holiday gift you ever got? news game: what year was it? how to get a response from santa how to get a response from santa part 2 news game: everybody knows 4 holiday scams to be on the lookout for 2022 world's most expensive cities to live in news worst habits this time of year which holiday foods do you love so much you have to ration yourself? goodbye/fun facts....national microwave oven day...Quite by accident, self-taught American engineer Percy Spencer discovered a way to heat food safely with microwaves. While working with an active radar in 1945, he noticed a melting chocolate bar in his pocket. The high-powered microwave beams created a heating effect ideal for cooking.  Spencer, employed by Raytheon, continued experimenting with different methods of heating food safely with microwaves. Raytheon filed a United States patent application for Spencer’s microwave cooking process on October 8th, 1945.  In the United States, there were around 40,000 microwaves in use in 1971, rising to one million by over 90% of homes in the u.s. alone have a microwave
43:13 12/07/2022
Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2022-12-5
news birthdays/events america's most watched christmas movies and tv shows/tv specials worst things about winter news game: quiz game: feud do you drown your food in condiments?  which ones? news if a friend or family member gave you holiday decor that you didn't like...would you feel obligated to put it up? how to clean and care for your delicate ornaments are you an "attendon't"? news when do you reach your boiling point each holiday season? great neighbor story (funny) goodbye/fun facts....International Volunteer Day...a day that recognizes the efforts of volunteers in transforming their societies, economies, and environment.  The goal is not just to get others to volunteer for one day but to change people’s mindsets and attitudes so they become agents of change and work as partners to build a better world.  The first instance of volunteerism dates back to medieval Europe, where hundreds of hospitals were run by churches so religion and care for the sick went hand-in-hand. By the 18th century, volunteering had more to do with military service...In the U.S., volunteerism started during the Revolutionary Wars. It was more about ordinary people showing love for their country and supporting the war effort.  Following the Great Depression in the 1930s, homeless shelters and soup kitchens became a standard part of life in the U.S.  There are dozens of volunteer organizations in every community in can get involved today and start making a difference for tomorrow.
41:02 12/06/2022
Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2022-12-2
news birthdays/events sounds your kids have probably never heard before what holiday songs are the most popular? news do you tip more during the holidays? great gift ideas (maybe for a secret santa) game: geneva reads song lyrics to ashley news how average is your sofa you should make your 'resolutions' NOW game: almost 5 year old trivia news maybe you can get some great gifts by dumpster diving! did your parents ever 'turn this car around' when you were on vacation as a kid? goodbye/fun facts....National Fritters Day The first historical record of the fritter dates back to 1665...However, it is believed that fritters were first consumed by the ancient Romans, who later introduced them to Europe.  They are easy to cook, and they exist in different forms in cuisines all across the world. They can be sweet or savory. They can be an appetizer, dessert, or entrée. the french call them beignets, in greece the're called loukoumades, in japan; tempura, India; pakura and the U.S. fritters...Another specialty is the flower fritter, which is basically deep-fried edible flowers like acacia, elderflower, and squash blossoms.
46:56 12/03/2022
Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2022-12-1
news birthdays/events how long do you spend preparing for the holidays? how to keep your heart strong news cities/states with the most annoying co-workers how kind are americans? game: movie password news would you take a remote job if you actually had to work and not goof off? how to be truly thankful during the holidays game: password news worst food trends of 2022 biggest energy suckers in your house goodbye/fun facts....On Peppermint Bark Day, we celebrate the seasonal treat we cannot wait to get our hands on!  In 1998, Williams Sonoma debuted The Original Peppermint Bark, which is now often copied.  It took Williams Sonoma more than 20 rounds of testing before they landed on the perfect recipe for their Peppermint Bark....we love our bark!  33% of eat it as is...23% of us melt in our hot chocolate...and 9% hide it from our family and eat it secret so we don't have to share it!
47:08 12/02/2022
Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2022-11-30
news birthdays/events what are you NOT going to do this holiday season? do you 'wash/clean' your christmas tree? news game: scattergories what non-physical gift do you wish you could give someone? what's one of the geekiest things about you? news game: who wants to be a fake millionaire would you avoid a holiday party because you didn't know what to wear? do you pick up after yourself when you're at an event/concert/movie etc? news if you skipped out on work...where would you go? how to free up space on your phone so you don't have to buy a new one goodbye/fun facts....national mason jar day.  Mason jars have been popular for decades. They were originally invented with a patented screw top that allowed people to safely can and pickle fruits and vegetables grown in the garden. Today, we also use them for drinking glasses, vases, and even candle holders!  Preserving food in sealed containers became popular but the wax-sealed method was complicated and often ineffective. so in 1858 John Landis Mason invented and patented the glass jar to make canning foods safer to eat.
48:10 12/01/2022
Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2022-11-29
news birthdays/events greatest tv theme songs (continued from news) how long do you leave your lights up? news would you trade a relaxing vacation for the stress of the holidays? game: guess that mystery voice how to ramp down your seasonal anxiety news would you be ok if you got paid in gift cards? game: 5 second rule how to mess with people during the holidays (funny not mean) news are you more or less competitive when playing board games with family during the holidays? would you notice if someone made simple dietary swaps for the holiday food? goodbye/fun facts....Electronic Greetings Day is on November 29, and we celebrate by sending e-cards to every person on our contact list that we haven’t chatted with in a while.  While the telegraph, invented in the late 19th century, marked the beginning of innovation in communications technology, it was when the internet arrived a century later that social media became possible. Judith Donath created the first electronic greeting card site in 1994 at the MIT Media Lab. It was called the Electric send a message of happy holidays to those on your e-list!
48:59 11/30/2022
Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2022-11-28
news birthdays/events cyber monday...have you ordered more online over the last few years? game: general trivia news holiday decoration injuries most searched slang words 2022 according to quillbot game: speak out news ok to ask for super specific item for kids for the holidays? game: quiz game: feud news when the customer isn't always right thanksgiving was going great until______ goodbye/fun facts.... National French Toast Day.  You know — that thick, sweet, savory dish that’s become a staple of the American breakfast.  The base consists of eggs and milk whisked together. Bread is dipped into the mixture and fried until golden. Many people also add some sugar, vanilla, and cinnamon to the base.  The French do not call this French toast. It’s called “pain perdu,” or “lost bread,” because you can literally use stale bread to make it.  Food historians believe the term “French” does not even mean France;  instead, it refers to the verb “to French” which means “to slice” in Old Irish. So, “French toast” is actually “sliced toast.”  Irish settlers traveling to the U.S. and Canada may have brought the term with them.  however, if you travel toHong's called "Western toast" 
41:38 11/29/2022
Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2022-11-25
news birthdays/events game:  outburst black friday by the generations news game: think n sync if you had your druthers...would you cook everyday, order delivery, or go out (if money were no object) what emergency gifts do you keep on hand news game: mindtrap define too much holiday decorating never buy someone a ____ for the holidays news game: everybody knows leftover thanksgiving food goodbye/fun facts....National Parfait Day is on November 25 every year...Parfait, meaning “perfect” in English, is a dessert of French origin consisting of cream, egg, sugar, and syrup.  These basic ingredients are boiled together to create a custard-like puree. This is different from the American parfait, which contains granola, nuts, yogurt, and liqueurs, with fruits or whipped cream toppings. Parfait is usually served in tall clear glassware, with a long spoon called a ‘parfait spoon.’  In the Middle Ages, sugar was a rare product in Europe and was only enjoyed by the rich and the aristocrats...but the industrial revolution transformed dessert from a meal for the elite to something easily accessible to the masses.  While some parfaits contain a high sugar that may be unhealthy, the parfait recipe is flexible enough to allow healthy iterations....especially if you're trying to eat a bit healthier after yesterday's huge feast!
42:33 11/26/2022
Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2022-11-24
news birthdays/events "cheers" thanksgiving almost 5 year old trivia news larry the cable guy thanksgiving turkey facts last year 1-3 first thanksgiving script news food trivia  thanksgiving facts stan freberg's thanksgiving news indivdual calorie count of thanksgiving food swanson's tv dinner history goodbye/fun facts....Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is one of the biggest and most anticipated events.  The parade was first introduced in 1924 and has continued to grow and develop since then.  Rowland Hussey Macy was a businessman born in 1822 in Massachusetts. In 1843, Rowland Macy opened four dry goods stores to serve the mill industry.  1858, moved to New York City, renaming his store “R.H. Macy Dry Goods” 1902 Macy’s flagship store moves to Herald the way...The famous Macy’s logo is inspired by the founder Rowland Macy’s tattoo of a red star (either on his hand or forearm), which symbolizes the time when he was lost at sea while working as a whaler
41:22 11/25/2022
Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2022-11-23
news birthdays/events thanksgiving topics to avoid at the table thanksgiving you clean up after yourself when you're a guest in someone's home? news game: what year was it? butterball turkey talk line butterball turkey talk line news game:  the acroynm game how to get the non-cooks out of your kithcen! 2022's 10 worst toys list news game:  pyramid the 5 types of holiday drivers goodbye/fun facts....national espresso day...What’s the difference between espresso and just plain coffee? According to professional baristas, it doesn’t really matter what kind of bean you use, or how it’s roasted  which forces pressurized water through finely-ground coffee beans produces a concentrated brew with its signature delicate foam called crema.  in Italian, espresso means ‘quick in time.’  Espresso powder (concentrated coffee granules), can be added to many cake and cookie recipes, such as brownies and chocolate chip cookies, for a delicious mocha flavor twist​.​
43:31 11/24/2022
Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2022-11-22
news birthdays/events surprising chores your kids like to do how to find good bargains this holiday season news game: is ashley as smart as 5th grader most common cooking disasters why would a successful, young, healthy nfl linebacker suddenly retire mid-season? news game: slogan game what behaviors do flight attendants find most annoying about passengers we're STILL mis-managing our passwords news do you stack up to other americans things you wish you appreciated more as a kid goodbye/fun facts....Go For a Ride Day urges you to just get up and get out...We’ve become a pretty sedentary bunch — a far cry from the people who discovered countries, oceans, and animals simply by getting off the couch and exploring...planes, trains, and/or automobiles...But it wasn’t always that way. When President Jefferson asked Lewis (and, eventually, Clark) to explore the American West in 1804, there were no nonstop flights...they met up with an amazing woman named Sakagawea who helped them in their exploration.  Nevertheless, the approximately 8,000-mile journey was deemed a huge success and provided new geographic, ecological and social information about previously uncharted areas of North America.” get out and explore on your way to thanksgiving
48:11 11/23/2022
Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2022-11-21
news birthdays/events would you postpone your healthy eating til the new year? when was the last time you dropped your phone? news game: quiz game: feud guy in the uk has a brilliant??? way to save on his electric/heating bill news martha stewart's "must haves" for thanksgiving unspoken rules about america thanksgiving pro-tips news most commonly misspelled words crazy thanksgiving turkey recipes goodbye/fun facts....national stuffing day...Stuffing is a major player in the world of Thanksgiving...stuffing comes in all shapes and sizes. There are no hard and fast rules about what constitutes it—it can be bread, any kind of bread, rice, quinoa, and even matzo. you can also add: sausage, hamburger, tofu, oysters, egg, rice, apple, raisins, or other dried fruits. the difference between stuffing and dressing is that stuffing is stuffed inside the bird and cooked that way and dressing is cooked in a separate dish.  
43:51 11/22/2022
Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2022-11-18
news birthdays/events how many calories are we actually eating on thanksgiving? what positive changes are you wanting to make this holiday season? news how NOT to gain the holiday 7 this year game: prison commissary price is right things kids thought made them look rich (ashley actually believed the grey poupon commercial!) news how long do you hold on to your clothes? game: geneva reads song lyrics little things that make us happy all day news what's the kindest thing a stranger did for you? have you ever caught something funny on your security/ring doorbell (LOTS of people farting) goodbye/fun facts....Apple Cider Day...They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but a glass of apple cider at the end of a long day can rejuvenate the soul.  Apple cider is made from freshly harvested apples that are mashed and made to resemble applesauce. This is then pressed to extract fresh juice and fermented.  The origin of apple cider dates back to 3,000 B.C. when the Celts in Britain made the beverage using crabapples. Unlike the cider we know today, this beverage was bitter because it used the local crabapples that grew in small shrubs. Apple cider (not hard cider) contains protein, fiber, potassium, calcium, iron, vitamin A, and vitamin C! 
45:30 11/19/2022
Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2022-11-17
news birthdays/events funny movie scenes that make you laugh every time we used to have to wait in line all the time...what do you still wait in line for? news what is something you will not buy second hand how many 'free' drink refills will you get when you eat out? game: getting to know you news how many times in a day do you say "thank you" if you're asked to bring a side you make one or buy one and try to pass it off as homemade? game: think n sync news dog names can you drive in complete silence? goodbye/fun facts....goodbye/fun facts....National Baklava Day fills the kitchen with an aroma of a sweet and flaky pastry. Baklava’s sweet layers of texture and flavor are created between sheets of filo pastry filled with chopped nuts and drizzled with syrup or honey.  in 700 BC the Assyrians create earliest-known version of's origins are in turkey, greece, italy, the middle east....many countries prepare the dessert in a variety of ways. you can find baklava with Walnuts, pecans, pistachios, or almonds and the filling can be composed of raisins, dates, prunes, and even figs.  but if you've never tried is the day!
42:25 11/18/2022
Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2022-11-16
news birthdays/events world's best cities...some u.s. cities even made the list do you deck all the halls? news game: totally 80's trivia is thanksgiving a good time to make an announcement things millenials and gen zers agree with boomers on news game:  everybody knows great life hacks celebs who were impersonated on snl...did they love it or hate it? news best comedies of the 21st century according to rolling many of these have you seen? some companies wind down the last 6 weeks of the do you look busy when there isn't much to do? goodbye/fun facts....International Check Your Wipers Day.  According to the FHWA, about 21% of all accidents in the United States are weather-related. As travelers plan for road trips, it’s important to remind them to proactively check their wipers.  Standard recommendations suggest we change our wiper blades every 6 to 12 months.  wiper blades were invented by an alabama woman visiting new york in 1903.  Mary Anderson was riding a streetcar and it was snowing...the streetcar driver had to get out and continually clean off the windshield...Anderson went back to Birmingham, made a sketch of her device, and wrote up a description of it. Then she applied for a patent.  Anderson didn't get any money for her invention, at least she finally got some credit. In 2011 she was inducted into the Inventors Hall of Fame.
45:05 11/17/2022
Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2022-11-15
news birthdays/events would you rather have a package sent in 2 days no matter what or pick the time it's delivered? best and worst toilet paper for the planet news what's your favorite "flavor" of thanksgiving dressing? game: password things to do when the thanksgiving party gets boring news what do you absolutely have to do before you can go to bed? game: movie password are stretchy thanksgiving pants a joke or a seriously good idea news don't skip these 5 car repairs buzzfeed...advice from 20 years ago that doesn't work in today's world goodbye/fun facts....National Clean Out Your Fridge Day...Of course, ideally, we’d all clean out our fridges far more often than once a year, but let’s be real...who has the time?  But we need to make room for all the holiday food!  From 1911 to 1922, the technological advances of home refrigerators and refrigeration technologies increased at the rate of speed rivaled only by smartphones.  technically...A refrigerator needs a deep clean every three to four months. Clear out everything in your fridge, and wipe down everything, including the doors and drawers with hot soapy water. 
43:19 11/16/2022
Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2022-11-14
news birthdays/events holiday decorations that make noise how much do you spoil your pet during the holidays? news what tastes better a little burnt? game: quiz game: feud news when you see someone get you laugh first or ask if they're ok? how to stay fit during the holidays the "right" way to hold a glass during a toast news feel good story do you have thermostat battles? goodbye/fun facts.... National Seat Belt Day...No matter where you sit in a vehicle, wearing a seat belt is proven to save lives.  Just over 90 percent of Americans buckle up, saving an estimated 15,000 lives each year.  The first vehicle in the U.S. to offer seat belts as a safety option was the Nash Rambler, back in 1950 when seat belts were still a novelty.  Then in 1959 Nils Bohlin — Volvo’s first chief safety engineer — patented the three-point seat belt....and he donated the patent to all car manufacturers to use.
39:33 11/15/2022
Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2022-11-11
news birthdays/events do you believe in friends at first sight? do you get 'vacation stress'? news how many outfits do you buy for the holidays but then only wear them once?  game: pyramid would you be offended if someone asked you to bring something for thanksgiving...even this? news 2022's best sports cities game: scattergories great secret santa gifts news crazy expensive hotel prices which holiday movies have you already seen...which ones are on your yearly calendar? goodbye/fun facts....International Origami Day celebrates this unique art form that originated in Japan.  The original term is orikata, which means folded shapes.  Folding images from paper became a vital skill for aristocrats and high-ranking Japanese soldiers. Because paper was very expensive, only those in the upper class did origami.  Along with encouraging relaxation, origami strengthens eye-hand coordination and develops fine-motor skills.
41:12 11/12/2022
Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2022-11-10
news birthdays/events food you can and cannot take on an airplane ashley has a "whipersnaper" story news game: 4 year old trivia cold weather comfort foods do you use spf in the winter news game: 5 second rule have you ever dug a hole to relieve stress? are you "travel cursed" news what would you personally advise the younger generation about? listener feedback break goodbye/fun facts....This November 10th is Sesame Street Day! It debuted on this date in 1969...Did you know that Sesame Street is the most widely viewed kids’ show in the world? Sesame Street has been broadcast in more than 120 different countries. The seed of the idea that would become Sesame Street was first planted in talks between the television producer Joan Ganz Cooney and Lloyd Morrisett, the vice president of the Carnegie Foundation...there is a wonderful documentary called How We Got to Sesame Street
39:02 11/11/2022
Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2022-11-9
news birthdays/events epic cake fail why should you not be a bagel at a party? news listener feedback break annoying things people say...even at a holiday table what one item would you cut from the thanksgiving table news how to help yourself deal with the last quarter of the year...BREATHE! battle of the sexes part 1 battle of the sexes part 2 news real or fake tree? fast food is healthy...IF you do these things goodbye/fun facts....national chicken sandwich day...Chick-fil-A claim they invented the fried chicken sandwich sometime in the 1940s...But historians says that's great marketing it's just not historically accurate.  It was Scottish chicken frying techniques (lard and no seasoning) and West African chicken pan frying techniques from the antebellum South.   In fact, ads found in newspapers for fried chicken sandwiches also pre-date the 1940's chik fil a claim...but they certainly have perfected it!  As have many other fast food chains...thus sparking the "chicken sandwich wars".
43:52 11/10/2022
Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2022-11-8
news birthdays/events favorite movie theater candy we all have things about other drivers that annoy us...but what's your worst driving habit? news do you give in this time of year when your kids browbeat you in wanting things? game: general trivia what are kids good at that adults seem to struggle with? news what does one of the top google searches have in common with being a holiday guest? game: is ashley as smart as 5th grader funny oxymorons news do you prefer in stadium or at home football watching cheap things to do for fun over the holidays goodbye/fun facts....National S.T.E.M./S.T.E.A.M. Day. The day inspires kids to explore and pursue their interests in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. Of the U.S. Labor Department’s predicted 10 fastest growing occupations, nearly all of them are S.T.E.M./S.T.E.A.M. careers.  Whether it's astronomy, computer gaming, woodworking, photography, or sudoku, chances are that many of your favorite activities have roots in STEAM subjects.
44:31 11/09/2022
Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2022-11-7
news birthdays/events what are your must haves for or otherwise? linguistic scientists determined the most beautiful sounding names news super mario bros. hack what do you deal with neighbors with messy exteriors do you think you could cram a weeks worth of clothes in a carry on? news game: quiz game: feud thanksgiving on the cheap news how are you adjusting to the time change so far? how have you been fired? goodbye/fun facts....Notary Public Day is celebrated on November 7 and was first observed in 1975 to recognize the service of notaries to national and international commerce. The practice of the notary public dates back to ancient Egypt 2750 B.C., a time when recording official transactions became important to humanity.  Only individuals of character and high moral standing were appointed to the notary public.  November 7 was specifically chosen as Notary Public Day in recognition of Thomas Fugill, the man who first took the title when he was appointed by the Colony of New Haven on November 7, 1639.
46:03 11/08/2022
Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2022-11-4
news birthdays/events what would you fill your dream advent calendar with? if you have anxiety...doctors in uk are prescribing surfing and dancing news uk woman still can't get halloween sticker/tattoo of face no wonder it's so hard to find employees!  check out these resume "fails" on career builder game: what year was it? news aren't you supposed to make sure you have all the ingredients before you cook? how to be a good thanksgiving guest game: slogan game news famous people's names we've been prouncing wrong (chrissy tiegen and now adele) how do you untrain a dog/animal goodbye/fun facts....national easy bake oven day...The early models of Easy-Bake Ovens utilized the excess heat from incandescent bulbs to heat the oven.  At Kenner Products, a salesman named Norman Shapiro returned from a sales trip with the inspired idea...he saw street vendors keep pretzels warm using a contraption that employed light bulbs.  In 1963, the iconic Easy-Bake Oven quickly became the hottest selling product...they sold 500,000 the 1st year.  By 2013, 30 million Easy-Bake Ovens had been sold!  The first Easy-Bake Ovens were sold for $15.95 and it  received a place in the Toy Hall of Fame in 2006.
41:35 11/05/2022
Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2022-11-3
news birthdays/events are black friday deals really deals at all? how often do you apologize for tech issues at work? news fun gifts ideas from buzzfeed game: mindtrap what are you most and least looking forward to for thanksgiving? news how much do you plan on spending on gifts this year? game: speak out if you dress your dog up for halloween do you buy them a holiday gift too? news best/favorite holiday coookies dangerous things our parents let us do goodbye/fun facts....national sandwich day...The sandwich is believed to be the namesake of John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, following the claim that he invented the first ever sandwich.  In the United States alone, we have some pretty delicious sandwich inventions: the blt, the club, the dagwood, the french dip, the pb&j, the grilled cheese...all thanks to a man who needed one hand free while sat for long hours at a gambling table in the 1700's!
44:08 11/04/2022
Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2022-11-2
news birthdays/events do you pick out your favorite nut in that giant can of nuts? favorite things to do in winter...motel 6 poll news game: wanna be a fake millionaire? would 4 extra hours a day be enough this time of year? would you put up a thanksgiving tree? news game: outburst has som great gift ideas what's are some items that we all seem to have lying around the house but we never use them? news are you happy with your height? cities where americans smile the most goodbye/fun facts....National Deviled Egg Day features a favorite hors-d’oeuvre or side dish for parties, holidays, family reunions and potluck dinners.  Designers have even created specially designed carrying dishes and plates just so you can deliver your deviled eggs safely and in style.  Depending on how you make them, it may be possible to satisfy just about every palate. From the traditional paprika garnish to crunchy bacon, or a little caviar.  One egg has six grams of protein
45:41 11/03/2022
Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2022-11-1
news birthdays/events dst is this can you prepare? how long do you leave halloween decor up? news how to not be boring setting holiday boundaries game: everybody knows news let the holiday competitions begin what hobbies/interests were passed down to you and what will you pass down? game: think n sync news meeting your partner's family for the first time this holiday season what upgrades are worth it goodbye/fun facts....national cinnamon day.  It’s the spice that ushers in a season while being versatile all year long.  It sweetens apple pies and is the base for pumpkin spice.  Hot, cold, savory, and sweet cinnamon fills our memories throughout the holidays. Cinnamon is obtained from the dried inner bark of several tree species in the Laurel family...and it's been used for over 4,000 years....but nothing says holiday like cinnamon!
42:47 11/02/2022
Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2022-10-31
news birthdays/events do you try to "out-gift" people? halloween is so high tech! news have you ever pretending not to be home on halloween? game: quiz game: feud news where to donate leftover halloween candy favorite guilty pleasure diner foods do you wear your halloween costume to the office/wear it all day? news www (wack weird websites) listener feedback break goodbye/fun facts....National Doorbell Day will have doorbells ringing more than any other day of the year.  today recognizes J.Ralph Corbett, who is credited as the inventor of the first NuTone brand melodious door chime during the great depression...which replaced the buzzers and door knockers from days of yore....Corbett was actually the founder of NuTone which is a manufacturing company.  He backed an inventor from Dayton, Ohio who was marketing a doorbell that could replace door buzzers. The inventor defaulted on Corbett's loan, and Corbett marketed the product under the NuTone brand.
37:57 11/01/2022
Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2022-10-28
news birthdays/events how to avoid the holiday hangover why is a librarian visiting so many cemetaries? news game: pyramid how many of your family members would you choose to be friends with? is your kid's halloween costume safe? news game: movie password do you prefer talk or text things that don't sink in until you're at least 25 years old news what do you wish you could write off on your taxes? are you dressing up as person from history or an animal or an object for halloween? goodbye/fun facts....National Frankenstein Friday, on the last Friday in October, recognizes author Mary Shelly, the novel Frankenstein..In a little competition to see who could write the most epic horror story, Mary Shelley, her husband, Percy, and other creative friends such as the famous poet, Lord Byron, created some stories. And Mary Shelley’s story about Frankenstein’s monster was the most captivating.  First published anonymously in 1818, it wasn’t until the second edition in 1823 that Mary Shelley’s name appeared on this gothic work.  While many people have seen the Frankenstein films, it might be time to read (or re-read) this famous gothic novel written by Mary Shelley.
45:26 10/29/2022