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The Next Level Guy Show, a podcast where I interview experts to learn the hacks and tips to better our own lives. The website URL is and previous guests have included Gary Vaynerchuk, Tom Bilyeu, Diamond Dallas Page, Mark Bell, Aubrey Marcus, Jay Morton, Jay Cutler, Josh Barnett, Mark Beaumont, Forrest Galante among others.


Episode #116 Rick Ellis on how to level up your BJJ as an older athlete 76:28 10/15/2021
Episode #115 Blaine Anderson on how to level up your dating life! 73:36 10/09/2021
Episode #114 Dr. Mahmoud Ghannoum on how to Fix Your Mycobiome for Complete Digestive Wellness 72:26 05/27/2021
Episode #113 Tom Davey on the benefits of competing in BJJ 95:18 05/21/2021
Episode #112 Violalovescycling on artistic cycling, learning tricks and overcoming fear 56:46 05/13/2021
Episode #111 Trent Ward on creating a new forme of fitness 80:55 05/05/2021
Episode #110 Kari Pearce on Cross-Fit, training and why you need powerabs! 80:24 04/29/2021
Episode #109 Tripp Advice on attracting and connecting with women 60:28 04/25/2021
Episode #108 Michael Bernoff on why being Average sucks 69:00 02/27/2021
Episode #107 Alice Little on how to level up your sex life 74:02 02/12/2021
Episode #106 Steve Murphy and Javier Peña on Escobar, Narcos and Manhunters 87:27 01/28/2021
Episode #105 Neuro Co-Founders Kent Yoshimura & Ryan Chen on how to build a lifestyle brand 70:48 01/22/2021
Episode 104 Greg Nelson on MMA, coaching and beating life's toughest opponents 89:39 01/14/2021
Episode 103 Mark Beaumont on discovering the endurance you need to succeed 82:12 01/07/2021
Episode #102 Mark Mathews on overcoming fear and riding the big waves in your life to success 76:28 12/03/2020
Episode #101 Scott Young on learning, developing and mastering skills via Ultralearning 78:05 11/20/2020
Episode #100 Rafael Lovato Jr on how to become a Next Level martial artist 120:11 11/06/2020
Episode #99 Elle Russ on how to be as confident as f**k: find it, build it and use it! 116:32 11/01/2020
Episode #98 Stephan Kesting, on BJJ, transplants and challenging yourself 80:47 10/23/2020
Episode #97 Dan Dworkis, MD on thriving under pressure and performing when it matters with the Emergency Mind 97:46 10/16/2020
Episode #96 Bobby Holland Hanton on stunt-work, skills and success 33:33 10/09/2020
Episode #95 Jay Morton on how That’ll do… will never do 72:27 10/02/2020
Episode #94 Alvin Law on not allowing labels to define you 89:37 09/25/2020
Episode #93 Leah Shutkever on eating your flaws on the way to success 100:17 09/18/2020
Episode #92 Brian Cain on Mental Performance Mastery 46:45 09/11/2020
Episode #91 Miko Hytonen on transforming your life through your passion 70:47 09/05/2020
Episode #90 Cody Mclain on how he went from Foster Care to Millionaire 92:38 08/28/2020
Episode #89 Pablo J. Rosario on how to build your self-confidence, accept your flaws and attract women 97:17 08/21/2020
Episode 88 A. J. Jacobs on why you need experimentation and discovery in your life today 75:56 08/14/2020
Episode #87 Bobby Maximus on how to smash your goals every damn day 67:46 08/07/2020