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The Future Of Work

Pasadena City College presents The Future Of Work. We are leading the conversation of how to begin closing the gap between what our students are learning and what the demands of the workforce will be once they enter. We’ll be talking to policy makers, business owners, educators and the students we are advocating for. We’ll explore topics like how education can partner with industry, how to be more equitable and how to attain one of our highest goals, more internships. This conversation impacts the future of all of us.


Partnering With Education To Ensure Long Lasting Employer/Employee Relationships With Donald Bradburn, Director Of HR Strategy Design, Workforce Planning & Analytics At Kaiser Permanente Episode 75 29:52 08/02/2022
The Key To Aligning Higher Education With The Current Workforce, With Dr. Su Jin Jez Executive Director At California Competes Episode 74 27:08 07/19/2022
Why Technical Education & Post Secondary Career Programs Will Change The Future Of Work With Jennifer Zeisler Senior Program Director Of Career Readiness At ECMC Foundation Episode 73 25:00 07/05/2022
How Integrating New Media In Education Can Realistically Prepare Our Workforce With Rob Greenlee VP of Podcast Content & Partnerships at Libsyn Episode 72 28:40 06/21/2022
How Educating Existing & Future Workforce On Green Technologies Can Change The World, With Jaime Nack President At Three Squares Inc. Episode 71 28:13 06/07/2022
SPOTLIGHTING-Diversity and Inclusion: How to Turn Dialogue into Action with Dr. Kari Bolen Episode 70 34:54 05/24/2022
How Developing Successful Fundraising Partnerships Can Provide Competitive Advantages For Students, With Bobbi Abram, Executive Director Of Foundation At Pasadena City College Episode 69 35:06 05/10/2022
How We Can Take Steps Towards A Zero Emissions Reality Through Workforce Development With Dr. Noel Hacegaba Executive Director Of The Port Of Long Beach Episode 68 29:06 04/26/2022
How To Mobilize A Community Of Partners To Overcome Economic & Workforce Barriers With Salvatrice Cummo Vice President of Economic and Workforce Development at PCC Episode 67 35:28 04/12/2022
Expanding The Success Of Community Engagement Through Local Business, With Kelly LoBianco Executive Director, Economic & Workforce Development at County of Los Angeles Episode 66 36:02 03/29/2022
The Impact Of The Los Angeles Regional Consortium On The Future of Work With Dr. Audrey Childers, CEO of EducateX Episode 65 31:51 03/15/2022
The Best Way To Revitalize Your Corporate Culture With Rodney Evans, Org Designer and Leadership Coach at The Ready Episode 64 37:53 03/01/2022
Happy Holidays From The Future of Work & PCC! 00:52 12/14/2021
How To Close The Gap On IP Education With SMC Faculty & Awardees Of The Michelson IP Educator of Excellence Award Episode 63 33:04 12/07/2021
How Anyone Can Achieve Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion In The Workplace With Conference Keynote Speaker Dr. Vijay Pendakur, Chief DEI Officer At Zynga Episode 62 56:57 11/30/2021
Why Prioritizing DEI in the Workplace is Imperative With Dr. Kari Bolen Chief Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Officer At Pasadena City College Episode 61 29:23 11/16/2021
What You Can Do To Create A Culture Of Inclusion With Jonathan Mayes Senior Vice President & Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer Albertsons Companies Episode 60 11:04 11/09/2021
How Equitable Public Transportation Can Mobilize Our Future Workforce With Naomi Iwasaki Senior Director of Office of Equity and Race, LA Metro Episode 59 19:27 11/02/2021
How To Create Justice With Attorney Sylvia Torres-Guillen Episode 58 22:51 10/26/2021
Expand Your Value Proposition With Dr. Vijay Pendakur, Chief DEI Officer At Zynga Episode 57 18:25 10/19/2021
How To Close 100% Of Statewide Equity & Achievement Gaps By 2027 With PCC President Dr. Erika Endrijonas Episode 56 10:28 10/12/2021
How To Advance Equity, Inclusion & Diversity: Beyond The Benchmark with Salvatrice Cummo & Leslie Thompson Episode 55 18:35 10/05/2021
Why We Must Change Our Approach To Leadership with Greg Apodaca the CEO of Community 2.0 Episode 54 26:32 09/28/2021
How To Create a Community of Authentic Diversity for All Students with Raquel Torres-Retana Dean of Pasadena City College’s Rosemead Satellite Campus Episode 53 28:37 09/14/2021
How You Can Be A Part of Innovating Education For The Future with Executive Director of NCCET Ed Harper Episode 52 34:04 08/31/2021
The Actions & Awareness You Need To Lead When Failing Up Isn’t An Option with Dr. Rocky Cifone, Executive Coach at The John Maxwell Team Episode 51 29:28 08/17/2021
How The Relationship Between Education & Economy Divides Us & How You Can Help Make a Shift with Dr. Anthony Carnevale of The Center on Education & the Workforce at Georgetown University Episode 50 32:23 08/03/2021
What Is Student Success & How Can You Be A Part of Creating It? with Josh Wyner of The Aspen Institute Episode 49 35:31 07/20/2021
Why We Must Build Systems That Stop Forcing Students To Choose Between Learning & Living with Joel Vargas Episode 48 32:27 07/06/2021
Jason Barquero, Director of the PCC Career Center: Bridging The Gap Between Students & Industry Episode 47 36:59 06/22/2021