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What does it take for you to start your own small business? Where can you gather inspiration and information to get you started on the right foot? Can you make a living from selling handmade items? After 10 (official) years of handcrafting my business, Willow and Bee, I have gathered every tip you'll need to get started on your hand made business. Armed with the knowledge of running a small business, and a mountain of side hustles later, I'm here to share everything that it takes to get You on your journey. Every Wednesday, you'll hear from Handmade CEOs and industry experts. These guests will share their personal stories, insider tips, and special offers with you. I'm committed to sharing all there is to know to help you get from point A to point B with the least amount of obstacles! This podcast, sharing inspirational stories, and teaching you, has been a lifelong dream. I can't wait to someday interview you! Now it's time to get some inspiration, take action, and start handcrafting your dreams! For show notes and links:


Ep 90 How to Increase Sales 3 Seconds at a Time - The Loft 325 24:38 10/20/2021
Ep 89 Does Your Business Have a Successful Marketing Plan? - Rialto Marketing 19:43 10/13/2021
Ep 88 Etsy Tips for Success - Lisa Mayhew 26:31 10/06/2021
Ep 87 Are You Struggling With Perfection? 07:07 09/29/2021
Ep 86 How to Rank Higher on Google-Eric Seropyan 33:40 09/22/2021
Ep 85 Tips for a Successful Rental Property Business 24:27 09/15/2021
Ep 84 Tips to Improving Your Marriage and Finances-Living Lucrum 30:53 09/08/2021
Ep 83 Email and E-commerce Essentials 29:37 09/01/2021
Ep 82 Do You Know Your Work Style? 05:13 08/25/2021
Ep 81 Finding Success Selling Stickers 05:13 08/18/2021
Ep 80 Tips for Sharing Your Message With Confidence - Sean Tyler Foley 38:50 08/11/2021
Ep 79 Tips for Becoming Unstoppable 34:10 08/04/2021
Ep 78 How a Label Printer Changed My Life! 07:13 07/28/2021
Ep 77 Is Your Business Ready for Affiliate Marketing? 30:32 07/21/2021
Ep 76 Empowering the Underdog - Hello Woofy 20:59 07/14/2021
Ep 75 The Simple Brand Necessities 28:20 07/07/2021
Ep 74 Do You Remember When...? 07:24 06/30/2021
Ep 73 A Holistic Approach to Reaching Your Potential - MAKS Lifestyle 25:34 06/23/2021
Ep 72 Is Your Business Buyable? - Steve Preda 24:30 06/16/2021
Ep 71 Actionable Tips From the Brand Doctor - Henry Kaminski 33:30 06/09/2021
Ep 70 Finding Solutions Through Adventure-Kellie Okonek 25:00 06/02/2021
Ep 69 The How and Why of Embracing Failure 06:28 05/26/2021
Ep 68 Q&A With My Favorite Attorney - NH Legal 30:56 05/19/2021
Ep 67 How to Pursue Your Passion - Filippo Giusti 34:38 05/12/2021
Ep 66 The Secret to Writing a Book-Ashley Mansour 22:05 05/05/2021
Ep 65 When to Go Deep and When to Go Wide 05:22 04/28/2021
Ep 64 What Your Website Needs - Fortuna Design 26:59 04/21/2021
Ep 63 Don't Quit...Find Your Community Instead! 06:24 04/14/2021
Ep 62 The One Social Media Tool I Wish I Had Sooner-Rise Up Creatives 40:14 04/07/2021
Ep 61 Is Spilled Milk Limiting Your Growth? 10:24 03/31/2021