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Climb Aboard the Psychological Emancipation Railway! We are your source for atheist news, comedy, personal stories, and more..... We are an atheist podcast supporting the rights and needs of the secular community and exposing the harm done by religion through satire and commentary.


Station 28: Moless Station
Explore the creepy relationship between religion, sex, and abuse as the train arrives at Moless Station! Random Rider  Gustavo explains why he's an atheist Don't Touch Me There  Sex scandals span the spectrum of world religions  Marcia's Journey One woman's tale of religion, rape, incest, and recovery Watch the full documentary "The Process of Recovering" on Vimeo  The Limericists  Dirty Dick The Leprechaun contributes! ....And More!  
57:22 8/3/22
Station 27: Singularity Circus
In Singularity Circus: Random Rider:  Dan went from Catholic bookstore owner to rational thinker! Godless Gab:  Grumpy Jim has a physics degree...what does he remember?! Big Bang Britt:  Beloit College's resident astronomer takes us across the universe.
51:31 9/9/21
Station 26: Avenue 51
As the train pulls into Avenue 51 station, we examine the pseudo-science of Alien Origins Theory. In This Episode: Random Rider:  Tony B tells his tale Chariots of the Gods: The gang discusses the book that started it all... The Limericists:  Mickey Mouth regales us with his Limerick, Space Junk. T-Rexpert:  Paleontologist Thomas Carr Explains how life really began on rocky planets. Weather Jesus:  A redox of the Area 51 report.
58:34 3/4/21
Station 25: Conspiracy Corners
In this episode: Random Rider Eric...  notices prayer doesn't produce What Counts as Conspiracy? with Balloon-animal Jason Meta-humanist    Interview with the Friendly Atheist, Hemant Mehta Rest in Particles  Farewell, James Randi. Plus More!  
51:42 11/29/20
Sidetracked: The Covidiots! and BLM
The train is sidetracked for months by Covid crisis, and now the riots have taken hold of our hometown!  In this episode: America, O Shame On Thee  a stirring rendition of the classic The Covidiots!  Conservative or Liberal, who cares?...Where is the leadership? Grumpy Jim  Will a libertarian be in favor of mandatory masks? Atheists Less Likely To Die From Coronavirus  research finds! Kenosha Burns for BLM Observations from Ground Zero Blacks Bop vol. 1!  The AU Train goes Soul Train with the Ghost of Don Cornelius  plus more!  
29:55 9/22/20
Station 24: Darwin
In the midst of Covid-19, with a team of science-deniers leading the American response, the train pulls into to Darwin Station, with a big dose of medicine for the un-evolved!  Get on board and help us bring Science back into vogue.... with Special Guest....Aron Ra! In Darwin:   Random Rider  Josh thinks it's wrong to lie to kids... Darwin-Diggety  These monkeys weigh in on the atheist hero and his legacy. Ra-Volution  Interview with Creationist Wras'ler Aron Ra Secular News and Events....and Commentary .....and More!!! 
55:58 5/1/20
Station 23: Church and State
Two streets that should never intersect!  Why are Christian civic planners trying to bring them together?  And how can we stop them? At Church and State: Random Rider:  Steve, Steve, could never believe The Panel:  Religiots vote as a bloc.  So should we. Welcome to the Family: A report on the Netflix horror documentary Separation Anxiety:  The great secular constitution just doesn't quite work for everybody. Secular News and Events..... Vouchers in Montana; Mormons are big bizz! Plus More!  
57:08 2/26/20
Sidetracked 4: Satan's Leftovers
Too much to eat at Satan's Village for the holidays;  we have leftovers!  On this Sidetrack: CoS v ST  Church of Satan was first, but Satanic Temple gets the headlines these days The Fall Guy  The original Super-villain's true origin story  Plus More!  
21:52 2/1/20
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
03:30 1/28/20
Station 22: Satan's Village
Fuck Santa... we're going to Satan's Village for the holidays this year! In Satan's Village: Random Rider:   Madd Maxx tells his story The Devil Down Under  Max Townsend explains the origins of the Church of Satan Hellmos Underworld  Nicholi on Science guests with the 9 Satanic Statements The Magister  Bill M tells us about the Church's Structure The Devil's Prayer  Tasmanian Devil-worshippers!  Now that's loony The Pentagram  5 Points of Satan's Star. Plus....Secular News and Events
56:11 12/23/19
Sidetracked 3: Pro-Life Atheist!
In our never-ending quest to uncover every kind of secularist, everywhere, we examine that rarest of chimera...the Pro-Life Atheist!  Plus some gab from Femberg that we couldn't just leave on the cutting room floor. On this Sidetrack: Pro-Life Atheist  Activist Laura Picallo explains her particular point of view.  Visit her FB page at Atheist and Agnostic Pro-life League for more info. Femberg Extras  Do women face pressure from society to keep the family in church? Will more science for girls mean less religion for women?  The panel weighs in.
33:44 12/10/19
Station 21: Femberg
The train rolls into one of our favorite stops...where women rule! In Femberg:  Random Rider:  Nancy E just couldn't buy the bullshit.  Lilith! The legend of the lost goddess lingers. Church-Ladies:  The panel decides if women are to blame for church-going. Group Creep:  What's it like to navigate the sausage-fest of local groups? Lilandra!  A big episode for women whose names start with "Li".  The active secularist lends a globetrotting perspective. plus...Secular News and Events
57:36 11/26/19
Sidetracked: Dirty Money, Clean Money
Sometimes, the train gets sidetracked on the way to the next stop, by something we just can't ignore...   This time on Sidetracked!:   Dirty Money:  A local government awards taxpayer money to Fundy Christian Bigot Group! Clean Money: A 1950 $10 bill that conspicuously lacks a certain obnoxious addition...
11:25 10/26/19
Station 20: Nonland
The train stops where people have no religious affiliation, to try and ascertain why they can't just take control.  If "Nones" are on the Rise, then why do we live under the tyranny of a nascent theocracy?   In Nonland:   Creepy Donald's Neighborhood.  Won't you be my hater? Nons Anonymous Why do we tolerate religiously zealotry in government?  Godless Billy Z  Activist and former lobbyist Bill Zingrone Grumpy Jim's Libertarian Minute  Rituals! and Secular News and Events....and commentary! plus More!!  
51:57 10/21/19
Station 19: Grief Street
The train makes the final leg of our 3 part swing through Adversity, Death, and Grief as we examine how atheists mourn.   Is it easier or harder without the comfort of myth?  In Grief Street: Random Rider  Swiss immigrant "Tina" gives us a yodel. Group Gripe  The gang relates personal grief experiences Do the MAAF  Jason Torpy helps atheists in foxholes find support Physicist at the Phuneral  Alternative Eulogy for the Secular Stiff Grumpy Jim's Libertarian Minute  Insurance is anti-Christian! plus... Secular News and Commentary!  
48:28 9/16/19
Station 18: Mortality Lane
The second of our triad of shows on adversity, death, and grief, Mortality Lane deals with the grim reaper head on. So jump on the train and tell Joe Black to fuck himself!  The only thing dead around here is dusty ol' religion...   In Mortality Lane:   Random Rider:  Alex takes a philosophical approach. Group Death:  How do you face death as an atheist? Weather Jesus: Stormy Jo checks in from Illinois' Baha'i Temple! Grumpy Jim's Libertarian Minute: In his debut bit, Jim's triggered by funerals... plus... Secular News and Events!
44:14 8/9/19
Station 17: Adversity Avenue
To whom do you turn in moments of despair when there's no god there?  We examine how atheists deal with bad times as the train pulls into the Adversity Avenue station. In Adversity Avenue: Random Rider Mark M de-converted so hard he wrote a book!  Group Gripe What do you do when no god is there to help? The Limericists  Sir Hugo presents a dirty little verse about Buddha. Carpe the Fucking Diem Diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's Disease, Ex-Pastor and Atheist Dave Warnock plans to go down swinging. Plus...  Secular News and Events...and Commentary!
56:33 7/6/19
Sidetracked: Seidel-tracked!
We travel to the world headquarters of atheism, Freethought Hall in Madison, WI,! On this Sidetrack: Andrew Seidel tells of his new book The Founding Myth, why Christian Nationalism is un-American, with help from Dan Barker himself. plus...Why are Jewish chickens being murdered in the streets of New York?.....Find Out!!
26:33 6/22/19
Station 16: Atheistown
In Atheistown: Random Rider  Jim Kirby's offended, dammit! Group Gripe  Christians boo Pence, and Notre Dame gets lit up... Big Fish  American Atheists' Nick Fish describes the future of his, the OG atheist org... News and Commentary...and More!
56:56 5/27/19
Sidetracked: Rationality's Fool and Game of Groans!
The debut of Sidetracked!  Inter-stop impromptu  intercourse, tackling trending topics... Sometimes when things happen that can't wait for the next scheduled subway stop to talk about....we get Sidetracked!   On This Sidetrack: Rationality's Fool: You-tuber "Rationality Rules" does something so irrational, he sets the atheist web ablaze with backlash... Game of Groans: GoT writers feel their own backlash from fans, in a missed opportunity to burnish the legend of a great, great show.
28:53 5/26/19
Station 15: Brainford
We get back into science as the train arrives in Brainford, home of lots of atheists who think they're reeeeeeally smart, but are mostly just smug. In Brainford: Random Rider  Brandon bounces around Group Gripe  Carnage in Christchurch at the hands of more haters The Religious Brain What goes on there when they do their wacky thing The Neurotheologist Dr. Andrew Newberg shares insights on his research. plus... Secular News and Events...and commentary!
60:30 4/28/19
Station 14: New Age Square
Head Bumps? Sacred Crystals? Tarot?  Whichever Woo is You, Do do that Voodoo that you do so well.  The train pulls into New Age Square, where spiritualism is the order of the day.  Can one still be an atheist?  Decide for yourself...we're just taking the piss.   In New Age Square:   Random Rider  Mara tells it like it is, ya know? New Age Natter  Superstition, Pseudoscience, Homeopathy.  The train gang disses all of it. Weather Jesus  Globetrotting Weather-person and Savior-chaser Stormy Jo visits the center of the metaphysical universe: New Hope, PA  God of Memes  Author Sid Brixton discusses his futuristic, atheistic, science-fiction literary creation.  plus... Secular News and Events.....and more!
39:05 3/7/19
Station 13: Agnosticenter
Nobody Knows Shit!   The train rolls into the very heart of indecision as we examine the preferred euphemism of the fence-sitters In Agnosticenter: Random Rider:  Sid Brixton Godless Gab: The gang weighs in on the word, and whether ugly sweaters are actually creepo uniforms! A Man Named Cass:  Interview with Everyone's Agnostic podcast host Cass Midgley! plus...  Secular News and Events...and Commentary!  
46:06 1/30/19
Station 12: Solstice Village
In Solstice Village: Random Rider - Surprise celebrity appearance! Godless Gab - How does an atheist spend the holidays? Weather Jesus - From the North Pole! The Limericists - A filthy holiday poem...from Sir Hugo and the gang! Sister Josephine - The Secular Nun..with advice for the season. Hellmo's 12 Days of Christmas - What did the Bible give to you?? Plus Secular News and Events...And More!  
41:58 12/25/18
Station 11: Reasonville
If only we had a reason for the stupid shit that goes on.  If only we had a government guided by reason.  If only it were still the Age of Reason.  Give us One reason to stay get the gist. In Reasonville: Random Rider  Sandra is leaving the country! Kavanaughty  What's the reason they wanted this asshole so bad, instead of simply finding a less rapey candidate? Age of Reason  Young Bobby Science has some thoughts on the brain, as always... Pennsylvania Blues The Keystone State hits a rough patch  The Limericists   Guest Limerick by Chicago's Johnny Dupa  Secular News and Events.... and more!!
26:50 11/24/18
Station 10: Doubtington
The train pulls into the cynical suburb of Doubtington, where everything is suspect...Check your own naivete levels with a trip through the town where folks just don't believe shit, even their own long held assumptions... In Doubtington: Random Rider: Sharon just couldn't buy it. Group Gripe: What's the first thing you remember doubting? Book Report:  Merchants of Doubt Doubting Lorence:  The Atheist Sunday School teacher breaks down the most famous doubter in western culture. Secular News and Events:  with commentary! and more...
36:48 10/27/18
Station 9: Los Datos
The all-Hispanic stop!  The group discusses a potential Mexican president, Weather Jesus checks in from Mexico City, and HAFREE founder and America's top Latin Atheist rides the train!... All this plus Jason and Rob's snark spicing up the news... In Los Datos: Random Rider: A Latino atheist tells his story. Group Gripe: An Atheist sewing circle discusses the issues. Weather Jesus:  From Mexico City! David Tamayo:  An Interview with the nation's top Latin atheist. Secular News and Events:  This time with commentary! and more...  
55:32 9/16/18
Station 8: Freethinker Falls
Is "Freethought" a viable term for the movement?   In Freethinker Falls: Masterpiece cake cluster-fuck More dead-ass atheists Hellmo's ABC's of Faith Sir Hugo Presents The Limericists plus... Secular News and Events!   
29:17 8/2/18
Station 7: Secularia
The train pulls into the completely fictional town of Secularia, where they still have to fight the government to stay free of religion.   In Secularia: Sally B Goode:  Sally B Hunt is fighting the real fight by attacking In God We Trust!  Weather Jesus checks in from Stonehenge on those who would wield the power of Merlin! Jason and Rob grouse about some shit plus... Secular News and Events ...and more!  
46:44 6/17/18
Missing Pieces - Circumcision In America
The story was was big it had to be split into three chapters over the last three podcasts,   Now all 3 parts, The Tip, The Head, and The Shaft, come together as one hard piece!   Informative and listenable, you are guaranteed to learn much about the penis!
59:49 5/25/18