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Featuring interviews with our friends and favorite people. We share success stories and wild details about the real estate business in the 2020's.


Katie Frazier
Touchstone Showcase Season 5, episode 14 featuring another new face around here, Touchstone Attorney Katie Frazier! As Jack O'Donohue says in this episode, Katie "has the best background of anyone I've ever talked to for doing what we do."  From being in family law, to becoming a certified mediator, to time spent as a realtor to rock star residential real estate attorney - this is one to listen to!  Katie's infectious energy and personality will have you locked in until the end. We cover a lot of ground from Katie's time being a D1 soccer player to recently being named Super Lawyer. Couldn't be happier that Confetti Katie is part of this team! Listen / Download to hear how this busy mom of two shines.  #touchstoneshowcase #podcast #realestate #superlawyer  #closewithtouchstone
31:15 4/10/24
Chad Goetz
Touchstone Showcase Season 5, episode 13 featuring Chad Goetz of CrossCountry Mortgage, LLC. Chad has been in this business for almost 30 years and we’re going back to the early days and how things have changed during the course of his career. Including how people pronounce his last name. In this episode Chad admits he doesn't consider himself a "sales person" but instead he leans into his commitment to learning, incredible communication skills and problem solving which has worked for him time and time again.  This busy dad of three makes time to get uncomfortable and puts himself out there on social media and it's working.  We hit some hot topics and his professional (and personal) pet peeve may be the best one we've heard yet.  Subscribe / Listen in for more. #touchstoneshowcase #podcast #realestate #yourmortgageguy #topproducer  #closewithtouchstone
32:34 4/3/24
Allison Mazer & Max Vigliotti
TouchstoneShowcase Season 5, episode 12 featuring The Mazer Group at Compass. Arguably, one of the best "energy" episodes in #showcase history.  We're catching up with SVP Allison Mazer and Agent Max Vigliotti both of whom are part of the Sports & Entertainment Division at Compass. In this episode we learn that Allison's love of real estate started as early as Elementary School and has only grown over time. She has seen incredible success over the years in Boston, Nantucket and beyond. The "people" of this industry keep her excited and she credits much of her success to being a fantastic listener and a problem solver. Max who's family (and colleagues) agree he's got #thegiftofgab is a connector and is excited about the creative marketing he and the team are launching this year. The Mazer Group has worked with some of the best and always find time to give back to their community. This team sticks together, has a strong team culture and their contagious energy will have you listening all the way to the end. #touchstoneshowcase #podcast #realestate #mazergroup #topproducers #closewithtouchstone 
42:07 2/28/24
David Martiroso
TouchstoneShowcase Season 5, episode 11 featuring David Martiroso, co-founder of DNA Realty Group with Keller Williams. David has worked tirelessly to get where he is today. From Barber, to YouTube aficionado, he and his business partner (his brother Arthur) have put in the work. Even as they gained momentum, David continues to put the work in on himself and his team, attending seminars and learning from the very best in the industry. He loves what he does and continues to spread his knowledge and experience to help others through his strong YouTube presence. #touchstoneshowcase #podcast #realestate #familybusiness #topproducer #closewithtouchstone
30:04 2/14/24
Adam Dellemonico
#TouchstoneShowcase Season 5, episode 10 from Providence, RI with the #1 Loan Originator in RI Adam Dellemonico of Movement Mortgage. Adam went straight into this business after being a college athlete and brought two essential skills with him: be coachable and be competitive.   He hired a coach right away to provide a road map as he learned this business. He rose in the ranks and has seen tremendous personal and team growth. He still gets excited each time when hitting "clear to close" and he vows to never make the same mistake twice. Adam is on track to being the #1 LO in the Country under 30 and he isn't stopping there. Talk about #goals. We are rooting for you, Adam, and highly recommend our followers listen to this episode.  #touchstoneshowcase #podcast #realestate #topproducer  #topunder30 #closewithtouchstone
23:06 2/7/24
Kara Ross
#TouchstoneShowcase Season 5, episode 9 with the Top Realtor in Andover, MA 2023 - Kara Ross. Her career started as an Industrial Engineer, transitioned to home while raising her children and then to follow in her mother's footsteps of real estate.  A lifelong Andover resident with over ten years in this business, Kara is a force to be reckoned with.    Kara thrives on the excitement of this profession as "no two days are the same." She really listens to her clients, is always willing to help a colleague and lives by the golden rule.  Kara loves to read, hit the beach and enjoys golf with friends and colleagues. This episode is not to be missed! #touchstoneshowcase #podcast #realestate #theandovers  #topproducer #closewithtouchstone
42:54 1/31/24
Lacey Faria
#TouchstoneShowcase Season 5, episode 8 with Lacey Faria, Sr. Mortgage Loan Originator at Cross Country Mortgage. A "numbers girl," excellent at problem solving and nurturing relationships, she excelled as a real estate paralegal.  Determined to take those skills to her own business, she took a leap and went all in to mortgage originating. Smart decision, she has been named a Scotsman Guide Top Originator for the last four years! Lacey thrives on strong communication and shares thoughtful and relatable content to her growing social media audience. She loves the tough deals and doing whatever it takes to make the deal happen for her clients!  She also has been known to throw some killer partner appreciation parties. Listen in for more! #touchstoneshowcase #podcast #mortgages  #topproducer #closewithtouchstone
24:47 1/24/24
Alissa Christie
TouchstoneShowcase Season 5, episode 7 with Alissa Christie, Owner/EVP at RE/MAX Bentley's. A luxury specialist and Top Agent in Newburyport, Alissa takes us through the recent partnership with the luxury arm of RE/MAX.  Formerly a Maritime Attorney, Alissa's skills prepared her very well for a career in real estate. #courtroomtoclosingtable. This busy mom of two girls and two goldens absolutely loves what she does and it  shines through during this conversation.  She loves to organize her day and set out her goals of what she can make happen for her clients. With the recent partnership with the Remax Collection underway, 2024 has been off to an exciting start! Listen in for more! #touchstoneshowcase #podcast #realestate #luxuryrealtor #newburyportma #topproducer #closewithtouchstone
22:12 1/17/24
Benjamin Lincoln
Season 5, Episode 6 with Ben Lincoln, VP at Compass. Ben went full time into real estate in 2020 and has been off to an impressive start. A Scituate native, he was exposed to real estate early on as his father was a General Contractor. After high school, Ben held a six-year tenure as a United States Marine where he learned invaluable skills that are the cornerstone in his success today. He credits: Consistency, Time Blocking and Focus as non negotiables. In 2023, Ben's team grew and he launched Benjamin Lincoln & Associates. He leans in to being persistent and not taking things personally and those tools have served him very well.  When he's not working, you can find Ben walking his dog Cisco, traveling to Nantucket with his fiancé or spending time on his boat. At 6'8" and with a fierce work ethic - sky's the limit. Subscribe/ listen in for more on Ben Lincoln! #touchstoneshowcase #podcast #realestate #compassboston #southshore #topproducer #closewithtouchstone
24:16 1/9/24
Carmen H. Vega
An extra special #TouchstoneShowcase this Thanksgiving Week. 🙏 Season 5, episode 5 features Carmen H. Vega the Executive Director of Lazarus House Ministries. Carmen was born and bred in Lawrence and when joining Lazarus House in 2018, she "felt like she was home." Her rise from Program Director of the Shelter to the top at this organization is an incredible story. 💫 Lazarus House has been proudly serving the Greater Lawrence community for more than 40 years with their food programs, thrift store, housing programs, community resources and so much more. She stays clear and focused on their mission and areas of impact. Her favorite part of her job is that she can serve a true need in the community. Carmen shares that revenue and giving has been down in these challenging times so we encourage you to listen to the important work Carmen is doing. No donation is too small and you can easily find ways to get involved. Subscribe/ listen in. #touchstoneshowcase #podcast #realestate #communitycares #lovehopeservice #lazarushouse #closewithtouchstone
32:59 11/21/23
Mian LaVallee
#TouchstoneShowcase Season 5, episode 4 with Mian LaVallee of The Wilson Group. Mian is a Sr. Partner with an incredible reputation, ferocious work ethic and prides herself on her Follow Up game. She is the queen of an old school To Do list that keeps her organized both in work and family life. She has been called a "miracle worker" by her clients and not only thrives in finding the right house but also offers her expertise on great wine, throwing a killer party and cooking for your family. Her IG is a ton of fun and you can see how Mian doesn't take herself too seriously. Her favorite part of being in Real Estate.. is "being right." #justlistentome In all seriousness, being in real estate isn't just a job to Mian, she takes it so much further than that. Listen IN for all the tips and perhaps the longest segment of Personal & Professional Pet Peeves - this one is not to be missed! Subscribe/ listen in for more! #touchstoneshowcase #podcast #realestate #thewilsongroup #kwchestnuthill #heaveninheels #closewithtouchstone
40:29 11/15/23
Nathan Sho'Nuff Carroll
#TouchstoneShowcase Season 5, episode 3 is live! One of our most highly aniticpated episodes yet.. featuring Nathan Sho'Nuff Carroll.  Nathan is the top agent and investor with The Echelon Group and Echelon Investments. With a unique style, outrageous taste and killer instinct he is taking Fall River by storm. He surrounds himself with the right people, stays incredibly disciplined and consistent and no matter the market - his strategy works.  Forget the humble brag, Sho'Nuff #soldmorehousesthanyou and he's not afraid to say it. Unlike any other episode, take a listen on how Nathan not only runs Fall River but finds time to give back as well. Subscribe/ listen in for more! #touchstoneshowcase #podcast #realestate #TheEchelonGroup #LionGateRealEstate #southcoast #closewithtouchstone
36:02 11/7/23
Mackenzie & Leah Cormier
Touchstone Showcase Season 5, Episode 2.. with @the_cormiersisters! Mackenzie and Leah Cormier are agents on the Lucci Team that are redefining real estate. The sisters grew up in a family of real estate developers with a work hard work ethic. Mackenzie gave LA a shot but found her way back to Boston and learning from the exceptional Deb Lucci. Leah watched her sister learning the industry but wanted to try a slightly different path and aligned with powerhouse Samantha Stumpo before ultimately joining the #lucciteam as well. This sister duo knows the power of a family business and while they handle certain listings solo they also know when two can be better than one. These social media savvy sisters are learning from each other everyday and have a mutual goal of helping as many people as possible. They are taking risks on social media, sharing inspo on their strategy and seem to be aligned when it comes to best vacation spots. Subscribe/ listen in for more! #touchstoneshowcase #podcast #realestate #cormiersisters #lucciteam  #closewithtouchstone
48:57 10/31/23
Linda Grahovec
Touchstone Showcase Season 5, Episode 1.. here we go! We are thrilled to have Linda Grahovec, a Senior Vice President and the National Agency Director of Communications, Education and Marketing Strategy for Fidelity National Financial to kick things off. She has an incredibly diverse background in this industry and is truly an expert in her field.  One of Linda's favorite parts of her job is teaching. Her love for education and training beats strong everyday. She prides herself on having learned invaluable customer service and people skills from her early days supporting her parents in the restaurant business. For Linda, "face to face" is always best. Uncomfortable with public speaking? Hear how Linda honed her skills and now thrives on being in front of a crowd. Want to start a chatbot? Here how she got creative, got internal buy in & got this up and running.  She's got incredible tips for anyone in the industry and you'll have to listen in for more! #touchstoneshowcase #podcast #realestate #fnf #lindagrahovec #closewithtouchstone
33:52 10/24/23
Final Offer
#TouchstoneShowcase Season 4, Episode 6 showcasing Final Offer. Led by Co-CEO's Kevin Caulfield and Tim Quirk, this Boston-based tech company and online platform is revolutionizing the industry. We talk about how Final Offer came to be and how it is re defining the standard of transparency in real estate negotiations.  A top agent himself, Kevin takes us through the process and expansion plans for Final Offer. Tim, who is no stranger to successful start ups is here to educate agents on how their product will help agents get the most for their sellers' homes while providing ultimate clarity to buyer.  After a successful rollout in Washington DC, Final Offer is now live in Massachusetts. You've got to listen in for more! #touchstoneshowcase #podcast #realestate #byagentsforagents #finaloffer #closewithtouchstone
39:44 5/23/23
Person + Person Group
#TouchstoneShowcase Season 4, Episode 5 featuring another mother/daughter duo... Dolores and Rachel Person of Person + Person Group.  When Dolores entered the industry she thought it would be temporary and she fell in love with all of it including the highs & lows of the industry. Rachel's journey started with attending art school and she brings her creativity to her real estate career every day. In fact, the digital creativity these two have used over the years has set their business apart. With Dolores showcasing the history of Newburyport and Rachel tackling some controversial (and funny) topics and taking risks on a variety of social platforms - these two are a must follow!   What also differentiates Person + Person is the concierge approach to customer service. Dolores built her brokerage on two main principles: integrity and customer service. Having her daughter join the team was a natural fit as she is like minded in that approach. Rachel notes her patience and follow up with all her prospective buyers and sellers is something you truly can't put a price tag on. Their humor, connection and trust in one another is pretty special. Who is the first one to bring up work over dinner or on vacation? And what are their favorite spots in Newburyport, MA. You've got to listen in for more! #touchstoneshowcase #podcast #realestate #person+person #persongroup #motherdaughter #closewithtouchstone
43:13 5/3/23
The Gundersheim Group
Touchstone Showcase featuring mother/daughter duo... Margie and Melanie Gundersheim of the Gundersheim Group. Margie shifted from teaching in a classroom to teaching real estate and has never looked back. Melanie learned many behind the scenes tips from a young age while watching her mom pave the way and after studying advertising and entrepreneurship in college - jumped in with two feet to the Gundersheim Group! They balance each other out and share on this episode what strengths they both bring to this dynamic team.  We also dive into what made them align with Real Brokerage in early 2023. These two are all about helping their clients, have some exciting things in the works (podcast!! women's groups!! and more videos!!) so keep an eye on this powerful duo. We hit the fun stuff too. Favorite foods! and Biggest Pet Peeves "if you know what I mean?!" Subscribe/listen in for more! #touchstoneshowcase #podcast #realestate #gundersheimgroup #motherdaughter #closewithtouchstone
37:32 3/22/23
Christine Bernardini
The TouchstoneShowcase featuring our first female partner at Touchstone... @chrissyb8 aka Attorney Christine Bernardini. She started her legal career working summer jobs for a law firm during her undergraduate work at Bentley University. She spent invaluable time as a title examiner, paralegal and then ran her own successful practice for 17 years before joining Touchstone in 2020. By day she is #closing deals and by early morning or evening running her other true love - also a career fueled by helping people - a CrossFit gym in North Andover.  Chrissy always over delivers and her client relationships (or friendships) are built on honesty, wanting to get the deal closed and all parties enjoying what they do. We dive into some fun stuff too. What keeps Chrissy up at night? How does she handle that? What stations is she listening to on the regular.. and favorite restaurant locally (that is bulldog friendly, of course.) Subscribe/listen in. This is a fun one! #touchstoneshowcase #podcast #realestate #touchstonestrong #closewithtouchstone
39:48 2/7/23
Mike Urban
#TouchstoneShowcase Season 4, Episode 2 featuring award winning realtor with eXp Realty and YouTube extraordinaire, Mike Urban! Mike comes with a background in electrical contracting - which is useful daily - in his real estate business. He's been asked for expert commentary on Boston25 and other news sources multiple times and you can find him rolling out new YouTube content weekly. His social media strategy is strong, keeps him engaged, allows him to stay relevant and credible.  We dive into his YouTube presence including where the inspiration comes from and why this is his social platform of choice. (and isn't going anywhere anytime soon!)Providing information in a professional way is a huge differentiator for Mike. He offers incredible tips throughout this interview! Listen in/Subscribe! #touchstoneshowcase #podcast #season4 #digitalcreator #youtuber #exPrealty #topproducers #closewithtouchstone
42:01 1/25/23
Kristen Karshis
Season 4 Kicking off with Team Lead Kristen Karshis of Karshis real estate team of Keller Williams Realty. Kristen shares how her masters in social work, 17 years of coaching cheerleading and bartending skills = a killer combination for working in real estate. This team is as close as they come, take risks on social media and always stay solution focused. A simple yet effective strategy Kristen uses on the regular is "listening" to her clients and team. This busy mom of four shares a special bond with host Jack O'Donohue over their love for Disney Vacation Club! Having sold in over 40 towns, Karshis team is in growth mode and setting some high goals for 2023 and beyond!  #touchstoneshowcase #podcast #season4 #karshisteam #karshis&co #realestate #topproducers #closewithtouchstone
44:08 1/10/23
Larry & Nicole Rideout
Our final Touchstone Showcase "Summer Series" features Gibson Sotheby’s International Realty's dynamic father/daughter duo: Larry Rideout, Chairman/Founder, and Nicole Rideout, Chief Strategy Officer. Listen in to learn how The Rideout’s went from three offices to 25 (!!) and are leading one of the most prestigious real estate brands that is recognized worldwide. Their growth and legacy has been built on the foundation that relationships matter, innovation, strong culture, and commitment to their communities. The Rideouts treat all of of their staff and agents like #family. This episode is one we've been waiting for and you don't want to miss it. Subscribe/Listen In. #touchstoneshowcase #closewithtouchstone #podcast #gibsonsothebys #rideout #bostonrealestate #fatherdaughter #interview #boston #realestate #relationshipsmatter 
32:39 9/8/22
Kosta Ligris
Touchstone Showcase Summer Series featuring the CEO and Co-Founder of @stavvyhq, Kosta Ligris. Kosta hosted Jack O'Donohue on their podcast "FinSide Chats" earlier this summer and now the tables have turned! Kosta shares his back story, Stavvy's early days and the passion he has for Stavvy to transform the mortgage industry with a digital platform that increases efficiency for all involved. A visionary, innovator and entrepreneur he has grown Stavvy to over 150 employees in just a few years.  We talk a lot about culture within the workplace, his impressive community involvement and #petpeeveswithkosta!  Subscribe/Listen in! #touchstoneshowcase #podcast #summerseries #digitalclosings #realestate #bostonrealestate #closewithtouchstone
29:35 8/24/22
Shant Banosian
Touchstone Showcase Summer Series featuring the #1 Loan Officer Nationwide - Shant Banosian. We get a market update from Shant, his take on how more housing inventory creates opportunity and what being available 24/7 means to him and the team. He shares insight into their social media strategy which is to provide educational, informative content that builds trust and like-ability. And to throw in some personality and fun; and it's working. Shant is even getting recognized by his Uber drivers! Team Banosian is heavily involved with many charities in the community and the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Walk/Run in Boston is coming up. Follow his team below for more info and how to join in the fun! IG: @mortgagelife_shantbanosian Facebook: @ShantBanosianGR LinkedIn: @shantbanosian TikTok: @teamshantbanosian #touchstoneshowcase #podcast #summerseries #teamshantbanosian #stjude #bostonrealestate #realestate #closewithtouchstone
35:42 7/27/22
Deborah Collins and Cathy Angelini
Today's #TouchstoneShowcase comes to you from the stunning St. Regis Residences, Boston. We're featuring two powerhouse women, Debbie Collins and Cathy Angelini, who have dominated the Boston luxury real estate scene for decades. Enjoy hearing how this duo navigated their incredible careers and have come together to tackle sales, marketing and operations for the exquisite waterfront St. Regis Residences.  Special #touchstoneshowcase guest host Ashley Bernon takes us through their stories, and Boston's unparalleled harborside experience.  #touchstoneshowcase #podcast #stregisboston #luxuryliving #bostonrealestate #livesxquisite #closewithtouchstone
19:03 7/7/22
Tony Thompson
Season 3: Episode 22 featuring an extra special guest, Founder + CEO of @nammbaorg, Tony Thompson. The National Association of Minority Mortgage Bankers of America (NAMMBA) is a national trade association dedicated to the enrichment and betterment of women and minorities who work in the real estate finance industry. Tony has a passion for helping people and professional development and has made it Nammba's mission to educate, develop, and support minorities in the mortgage (and related) industry. Touchstone officially teamed up with Tony & NAMMBA earlier in the year and they are doing incredible work. #proudpartner!  To hear more about Tony's mission to leave this industry better than he found it and how you can get involved listen in.  Subscribe/Listen in! #touchstoneshowcase #podcast #nammba #proudpartner #inspiringchange #getinvolved #closewithtouchstone
28:26 6/23/22
Dmitriy Khesin
Season 3: Episode 21 featuring Dmitriy Khesin aka @notyouraveragerealtor of The Khesin Group with Coldwell Banker. Like his IG handle, he stands behind if you are going to do something - then do it really well. #dontbeaverage We talk about his early days and how he navigated to steering his own team. He credits a large part of his real estate style to his earlier career in personal training. He's doing more video than ever and running multiple social channels but always making sure it's valuable content. Dmitriy credits consistency is key and we dive into his daily / weekly rituals which include fitness, meditation and also apple cinnamon pancakes.  To hear more about Dmitriy's path to success... and what Boston steakhouse earned his business for life. Subscribe/Listen in! #touchstoneshowcase #podcast #Boston #realtor #notyouraveragerealtor #trustedadvisor  #closewithtouchstone
41:00 6/7/22
Caroline Madison
Switching things up for today's #TouchstoneShowcase. We're featuring Caroline Madison (aka the Queen of Positivity) straight from the top floor of OneDalton. Caroline is a native of Boston, a private wealth advisor for Rockefeller Capital Management and has a passion for helping others. Caroline has a wide range of experience including research, lending, venture capital/private equity and wealth management. She has lived all over the country and even overseas in Thailand. She shares some powerful tools on how to do things with intention and truly be present. She is on a roll.. and coming soon adding Author to her BIO! The book, wait for it, will be: Goals Gone Wild.  One not to be missed. Listen/Subscribe now! #touchstoneshowcase #podcast #financialservices #wealthadvisor #author #queenofpositivity #closewithtouchstone
39:30 5/25/22
George Sarkis
Episode 19 featuring George Sarkis comes to you from The Parker in Boston. George is the Partner & CEO of @thesarkisteam, the #1 producing group at @douglaselliman Boston and a dominant force in Boston's real estate community. We cover everything from humble beginnings, to working alongside his brother @mannysarkis and what his favorite holiday is... easy answer, Celtics playoffs. George gives us an inside look into where the Sarkis team is heading, how much of a factor social media is in this business, and how he makes sure every client gets the attention, devotion and top service they deserve. His commitment to excellence, unrivalled work ethic, integrity, out-of-the-box ideas, and key relationships – have been fun to watch - and helped him become one of the area’s top residential brokers. Subscribe/Listen in! Episode also available on our YouTube page. #touchstoneshowcase #podcast #thesarkisteam #sellitlikesarkis #douglaselliman #ellimanboston #bostonrealestate #realestate #closewithtouchstone
42:49 5/17/22
Elizabeth Bain
Season 3: Episode 18 featuring Elizabeth Bain of Commonwealth Standard Realty. Elizabeth brings a unique perspective to the #realestate business having worked at Urban Edge Boston previously. Her level of care and experience with crisis management helps her daily when working with clients on one of the biggest financial decisions they will make.  Elizabeth isn't tied to one community in fact her coverage zone is wide ranging across MA and she loves that. Always a unique spot to find the perfect latte. Video series on the horizon? This new mom, dog mom and travel enthusiast brings responsiveness and an honest approach to every single relationship. To hear more about Elizabeth's path to success... and also her guilty pleasure (!) Subscribe/Listen in! #touchstoneshowcase #podcast #Boston #realtor #bostonrealestate #suburbs #closewithtouchstone
29:28 5/10/22
Susan Gormady
Season 3: Episode 17 featuring Susan Gormady aka @the_reading_realtor. Susan has helped hundreds of buyers and sellers in the Reading area for years. She previously worked in luxury sales in #Boston but pivoted to real estate with the plan of  being a "hyper local agent."  Her success didn't happen overnight but she has seen exponential growth over the last few years.  She now leads the Susan Gormady Group and draws inspiration from them and vice versa. Susan's foundation to success lies with her moral compass, her high energy, (+ fun!) and the attention and service she gives to every single client. To hear more about Susan's path to becoming #thereadingrealtor... LINK to Subscribe/Listen in our Profile! #touchstoneshowcase #podcast #realestate #ReadingMA #northofboston #burbs #closewithtouchstone
36:32 4/27/22