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Conversations with the people that make the Movies, TV shows and Entertainment you love. If you're looking to break into or move up in the entertainment industry OR you're a fan of content and want to hear about how it's made...this is the podcast for you.


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Executive Producer: Bill Fritz
Bill Fritz is an Executive Producer on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Bravo. He oversees the post department which includes the Editors and Story Producers. Bill and his team take the hundreds of hours of raw footage and craft it into the compelling stories you see on television. Bill shares his story about starting in radio, writing feature films, and ultimately landing in reality TV where he has thrived for many many years. Bill is an incredibly smart and thoughtful producer, and his intelligent approach to storytelling will fascinate you regardless of what part of the business you work in. Bill is also a magician, and got me into magic so we talk a little about that too. 
87:56 3/13/20
Reality TV Development Executive: Karrie Wolfe
Karrie Wolfe is the Executive Vice President and Head of Development at Kinetic Content, a television production company specializing in reality TV. Kinetic produces Married at First Sight and Little Women on Lifetime, Spy Games on Bravo, Man vs Bear on Discovery, the new show Love is Blind on Netflix and many more. Karrie's job is to create or find new ideas for shows and then sell them to networks.  Karrie and I talk about how reality shows are developed and sold, what makes a good pitch, how someone who has an idea should go about getting it seen and by who. We also reminisce about our time together working at United Talent Agency a bajillion years ago. 
50:29 2/28/20
My Wife: Carrie Smith...Follow Up Interview
When Carrie was on the podcast last year she had just put notice in at a job that was making her miserable and had NO idea what she was going to do or where she was going to end up. In this follow up interview Carrie shares what she's been through since she left the corporate world and where she is now. Spoiler alert, she's MUCH happier. 
38:46 2/17/20
Production Company Founder: Doug Ross
Doug Ross is the Founder and President of Evolution Media, one of the most prolific production companies in television. Doug and his team at Evolution produce Real Housewives of Orange County, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Vanderpump Rules, Botched, Botched by Nature, Bug Juice and many more reality and non-fiction television series. Doug and I talk about the incredible journey he took from writing cue cards and shopping for groceries to leading a highly successful production company. Doug shares his advice on how to break into the entertainment industry, how to excel in entry level positions, and how to build the foundation for a long lasting career in the business. Doug tells the incredible story of how Evolution produced Big Brother season 1 on CBS, created and launched Fear Factor on NBC and then had both shows taken away. 
70:57 5/14/19
Captain Marvel Co-Producer & Marvel Studios Vice President of Production: David Grant (SEASON 1 FINALE)
SEASON 1 FINALE. David Grant is the Vice President of Physical Production at Marvel Studios as well as a Co-Producer on all their films. He's worked on pretty much every Marvel movie that has come out including Iron Man, Spider Man, Black Panther, Thor, Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain Marvel and Avengers. David is on the team that oversees the budgeting of the films, the hiring of the department heads and crew that make the movies, and he makes decision about where and how the films will be shot.  Hear David's story of starting out as an unpaid intern at the Orlando Film Commission, making $50 a day on his first feature film, and then ultimately landing a full time job at one of the most successful movie studios in Hollywood. This is the last episode of Season 1 of the podcast. I have to take a break so I can focus on production of Vanderpump Rules Season 8. I will be back with new episodes starting again in the Fall of 2019. Please SUBSCRIBE on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen so you'll get alerts when I start publishing Season 2.  Follow the podcast on Instagram and Facebook Follow Jeremiah on Instagram and Twitter
57:16 5/14/19
SPECIAL GUEST My Wife: Carrie Smith
Are you working in a job that you hate, that doesn't bring you joy, but you feel trapped because you need the money or benefits you earn? My wife Carrie Smith was in that exact position and she decided to do something about it. Today's episode is a little different because Carrie doesn't work in the entertainment industry, but I think people that have ever worked in a job they don't love will relate to her story. Hear Carrie's inspiring story about how she chose to prioritize her joy and quality of life over a paycheck. Follow the podcast in Instagram or Facebook Follow Jeremiah on Instagram or Twitter
50:53 5/5/19
The Flash & DC's Legends of Tomorrow Director: Viet Nguyen
Viet Nguyen is a television editor and director. Viet edited on shows like Party Down and iZombie before making the transition to director on shows like The Flash, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and Lucifer. Viet shares the story of how he went from a nerdy, video camera obsessed teenager, to a post PA on Veronica Mars, to a working film maker in Hollywood.  Viet's Short Film Crush The Skull Follow the podcast on Instagram or Facebook Follow Jeremiah on Instagram or Twitter
71:20 4/27/19
Vanderpump Rules Director of Photography: Jason Eksuzian & Actress/Writer: Kincaid Walker
Jason Eksuzian is a Director of Photographer and Camera Operator. He's worked on reality shows like Little People Big World, Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, Vanderpump Rules and The Hills: New Beginnings. He also has written and directed several of his own projects. Kincaid Walker is an actress who has a recurring role on Speechless on ABC starring Minnie Driver. Kincaid also created, wrote and starred in the award winning digital series Hug It Out.  Jason and Kincaid tell their stories of how they got into the entertainment industry, and we also discuss the short film they are producing called The Grown Up Mermaid, which is a live action spoof of Disney's The Little Mermaid.  Here are links to The Grown Up Mermaid's IndieGoGo campaign as well as the various other projects Jason and Kincaid discuss in the episode: Grown-Up Mermaid on IndieGoGo: Hug it Out: DINKS: I Miss Drugs:   Follow the podcast on Instagram or Facebook Follow Jeremiah on Instagram or Twitter
59:55 4/21/19
Sound Editor, Designer & Mixer: Ric Schnupp
Ric Schnupp is a supervising sound editor and re-recording mixer at Soundtrack New York. Ric does audio engineering, recording, and mixing for film and television. He has worked on a boat load of movies but one of his bigger, more recent credits was the Academy Award winning documentary feature Free Solo. Ric talks about mixing Free Solo alongside audio guru Tom Fleischman, and every job he's had in sound from intern, ADR, Foley, editing, mixing, to supervisor and what comes along with each position.  Soundtrack Group Website Ric's Impressive IMDB Follow the podcast on Instagram and Facebook Follow Jeremiah on Instagram and Twitter  
48:35 4/15/19
Marvel Television Vice President of Comedy & Programming: Grant Gish
Grant Gish runs comedy development and programming for Marvel Television. When you think of Marvel you may not think of comedic television shows, but Grant is about to change that. Marvel just announced a big deal with Hulu for 5 adult animation shows: M.O.D.O.K., Hit-Monkey, Tigra & Dazzler, and Howard the Duck. These four original shows will then culminate in the team-up special Marvel’s The Offenders. Grant helped put this sale together and is now overseeing the shows as they go into production.  Hear Grant's story of how he got started and moved his way up through the entertainment industry, and Grant's great advice to anyone looking to build a career in Hollywood.  To watch the video of this interview go here:  Follow the Podcast on Instagram or Facebook Follow Jeremiah on Instagram or Twitter
67:22 4/8/19
Funhaus Editor & Content Creator: Jon Smith
Jon Smith is an editor and content creator for Funhaus, a popular YouTube channel. Funhaus has more than 1.5 million subscribers, puts out 7 videos a week, and has a full staff of on camera talent, producers, and editors all dedicated to filming dudes playing video games and cracking jokes. Jon is one of the channel's main video editors and he also appears on camera frequently in their videos. Jon is also my brother, so press play and enjoy the brotherly love.  Here's Jon's video resume he talked about that helped him land the Funhaus job: Follow the podcast on Instagram or Facebook Follow Jeremiah on Instagram or Twitter
60:02 3/29/19
Triple Frontier Producer: Andy Horwitz
Andy Horwitz produces movies for Atlas Entertainment the film production company behind massive hits like The Dark Knight, Wonder Woman, and Justice League. Some of Andy's projects include the Oscar Nominated film American Hustle starring Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper, and Christian Bale...Suicide Squad, and the recently released Netflix Film Triple Frontier that stars Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac, Pedro Pascal, and Charlie Hunnam.    Andy shares his story of how he went from film school graduate to film producer and some lessons he learned along the way. Andy also goes into detail about how a movie gets made starting with the idea all the way through theatrical release.  Follow the podcast on Instagram or Facebook Follow Jeremiah on Instagram or Twitter
66:59 3/25/19
Vanderpump Rules Showrunner: Bill Langworthy
Bill Langworthy is the Executive Producer and Showrunner of Vanderpump Rules on Bravo. Before finding his way to #pumprules he worked on The Hills and The City on MTV and before that he cut his teeth as a producer on The Late Show With David Letterman and The Ricki Lake Show.  Bill tells the story of how he got into show business, and shares some great behind the scenes stories from The Hills and Vanderpump Rules. Bill also takes some questions from Vanderpump Rules cast members Stassi Schroeder, Tom Sandoval, Ariana Madix and Tom Schwartz.  Follow the Podcast on Instagram or Facebook Follow Jeremiah on Instagram or Twitter
118:20 3/17/19
Head of Music at Dreamworks TV Animation: Alexandra Nickson
Alexandra Nickson runs the music department at Dreamworks Television Animation, the studio that makes shows such as KUNG FU PANDA, TROLLHUNTERS, 3 BELOW, BOSS BABY, CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS, DINOTRUX and many more. Alex oversees music placement, acquisition, and original scores and compositions for every show that Dreamworks does. She tells the story of how she went from a high school show choir geek to successful Hollywood music executive.  Alexandra began her career in feature films working in music production at MGM Pictures, where she participated on such films as BE COOL, BEAUTY SHOP, and THE PINK PANTHER.  After leaving MGM, Alexandra went on to become a music coordinator at Format and coordinated source music and soundtracks for various films including THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA, ATL, EPIC MOVIE, and AUGUST RUSH. After her departure from independent supervision, Alexandra jumped over to DreamWorks Pictures where she helped create the music team that oversaw all of the live action films. Alexandra worked all aspects of music on films such as TROPIC THUNDER, REVOLUTIONARY ROAD, THE KITE RUNNER, TRANSFORMERS, and THE SOLOIST. After DreamWorks Pictures, Alex oversaw all of the music for ABC Family’s television series and original movies and was head of A&R for Persimmon Grove Music. Under her tenure , projects she oversaw were: THE FOSTERS, SWITCHED AT BIRTH, BUNHEADS, MELISSA AND JOEY, BABY DADDY, TWISTED, 25 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS (featuring The Band Perry and Colbie Caillat), TEEN SPIRT, and THE MISTLE-TONES: THE MUSICAL.  Alexandra holds a BS in Music Industry from the Thornton School of Music at the University of Southern California. Follow the podcast on Instagram and Facebook Follow Jeremiah on Instagram or Twitter
64:58 3/11/19
TV Post Producer: Jamie Vega Wheeler
Jamie Vega Wheeler is a post producer for scripted television. She's worked on a ton of shows like Rome on HBO, Bates Motel on FX, and LOST on ABC just to name a few. Jamie oversees post production which means her department is responsible for the actual footage from when it leaves the camera on set, through the editing process, to actually getting the final episode to the network so they can air it on TV. Jamie talks all about the post process including foley artist recording, loop groups, and sound mixing and editing. Jamie also gives some great advice for anyone who wants to or is currently working in post production, and what it takes to succeed in the industry.   NOTES FROM THE SHOW Follow the podcast on Instagram or Facebook Follow Jeremiah on Instagram or Twitter Here are the post production houses Jamie talks about in the episode: Deluxe Company 3 MTI Film  
49:19 3/4/19
Animator: Zac Moncrief
Zac Moncrief is a producer, director, writer, and animator for some of the coolest animated TV shows to come out in the last 20 years. He's worked on Johnny Bravo, Hey Arnold, Dora The Explorer, Family Guy, Phineas and Ferb and many others. In this interview Zac talks about how he came from New Jersey to attend CalArts, and then broke into the animation industry from there. Zac also talks in detail of what producers and directors in animation do from storyboarding, animatics, to final animation.  Don't forget to follow the podcast on Instagram or Facebook Zac's Website California Institute of the Arts is where Zac went to school and is known for being one of the top animation programs in the country. Watch the trailer for The Pagemaster, the feature film where Zac got his first job in animation. Here are some links to some of the work has done on his series through the years: Story Board for Episode of Family Guy Zac Directed Story Board Zac Did For Phineas & Ferb Animatic From Woodstump
68:10 2/25/19
TV Writer & Showrunner: Matt Nix
Matt Nix is a television writer and Showrunner who is responsible for some truly fantastic shows. He created and ran Burn Notice on USA, The Good Guys on FOX, The Comedians on FX, and most recently The Gifted on FOX. Matt was a screenwriter for films for 8 years before he sold Burn Notice and transitioned into television. Matt has some great stories from the early days of his careers and his advice for people who want to write for television is priceless.  Don't forget to subscribe, rate, and leave a review for the podcast. Follow the podcast on Instagram and Facebook. 
81:27 2/18/19
Costume Designer: Mona May
Mona May is a costume designer for film and television with a career that has spanned the last 25 years. Mona broke onto the scene with the 1995 film Clueless, and has worked on countless movies and TV shows since. Some of her other credits include Romy and Michele's High School Reunion, The Wedding Singer, Disney's The Haunted Mansion, Enchanted, and the Netflix series The Santa Clarita Diet. Mona talks all about what a costume designer does from getting the script, meeting with the director, to creating the wardrobe elements for the film or show. If you want to know more about Mona check out her website Follow the podcast on Instagram or Facebook Please subscribe, leave a rating, or write a review on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to help get this podcast into more people's ears who can benefit from the interviews. 
48:52 2/11/19
Vanderpump Rules Fan Proposal: Post-Engagement Interview With Howard & Samantha
A few months ago I got an email from Howard, a Vanderpump Rules super fan who was planning on proposing to his girlfriend Samantha. Howard was hoping for some kind of video from one of the Vanderpump Rules cast members that he could play for Samantha when he proposed to her. He was expecting something simple like a "Hey Samantha, Howard has a sexy unique question for you" but I took his idea and ran with it. Along with cast members Stassi Schroeder and Brittany Cartwright I shot a fake Vanderpump Rules scene where Stassi and Brittany started talking about Howard and Samantha by name. Howard surprised Samantha by swapping in this fake scene while watching an episode of the show before popping the question. This podcast episode is the audio of an interview I did with Howard and Samantha after she said yes. I wanted to hear Samantha's perspective of how it all went down, and what she was thinking when Stassi and Brittany started talking about her on the "show". I also wanted to hear more from Howard about how he kept the secret from Samantha while filming his proposal on hidden camera. Before you listen to this go watch the full story of their proposal here:   If you want to watch the video version of this interview so you can see Samantha's ring as well as the greeting card Howard used to hide one of the cameras click here:   Follow me on Instagram and Twitter If you like this video subscribe to the podcast to hear great interviews with people working in different positions within the entertainment industry, as well as plenty of behind the scenes Vanderpump Rules talk. 
22:52 2/7/19
Reality TV Showrunner: Brady Connell
Brady Connell has been producing and directing reality TV since before reality TV existed. He worked on the first seasons of Survivor and Amazing Race on CBS. He was the showrunner on Extreme Makeover Home Edition on ABC for 5 seasons. He runs The Great Christmas Light Fight which is going into its 7th season on ABC. HGTV Recently announced that they are rebooting Extreme Makeover Home Edition with 10 new episodes this year, and Brady is going to be showrunning this new version of the show. Brady speaks publicly for the first time about his involvement in the show as well as how the show will be different both creatively and from a production perspective than the original version on ABC.  The best part about Brady is that he's been able to have all this success while also being one of the nicest guys you've ever met. Brady shares his story of how he got started and has thrived in the business with some entertaining stories about the early days of reality TV production. Brady shares some incredible words of wisdom for anyone that is in entertainment or wants to break into the business.  NOTES FROM THE SHOW Follow Working Class Hollywood on Instagram or Facebook Brady's Website Announcement about the reboot of Extreme Makeover Home Edition
62:33 2/3/19
GUEST HOST Vanderpump Rules Producer: Lyndsey Burr
The host becomes the guest. Today's episode is a bit different as I hand the reigns of the podcast over to Vanderpump Rules producer Lyndsey Burr. Lyndsey was listening to the podcast and kept wondering what my story was so she reached out and asked if she could flip the script and come on the podcast to interview me. I tell my own origin story from one fateful encounter at the Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back movie premiere in 2001 to becoming Co-Executive Producer on Vanderpump Rules.  NOTES FROM THE SHOW Please follow the show on Instagram or Facebook or follow Jeremiah on Twitter During the interview I couldn't remember the name of the producer I'd interned for in college and it was Laura Ziskin. She was an incredible film producer who did movies like Pretty Woman and Spiderman with Toby Maguire. She passed away in 2011 from breast cancer. 
75:37 1/27/19
Vice President of Comedy Central: Adam Londy
Adam Londy is the Vice President of Talent and Development at Comedy Central. He develops new shows for the network and oversees production of existing shows such as The Jim Jefferies Show, Corporate, and a new show coming out this year starring Awkwafina. Adam shares his story of starting as an agent's assistant at CAA to working for a film producer, to producing his own films, to his current job at Comedy Central. Adam is a Vanderpump Rules super fan so he asks me all his burning questions about how we make that show. Adam is a really smart, charismatic guy, and his tips and advice for anyone working in the entertainment industry are priceless.  NOTES FROM THE SHOW Follow the show on Instagram or Facebook Here is the Aquafina Video "My Vag" that first caught Comedy Central's attention
93:44 1/20/19
Reality TV Challenge Producer: Mike Miller
Mike Miller made a career in television creating games, stunts, and challenges for shows like Hell's Kitchen, Big Brother and Amazing Race. In this episode of the podcast Mike tells the story about getting a late start in the entertainment industry, his first job as a PA on the movie American Pie, and how he ended up getting into this very fun position within reality TV. Mike talks a lot about the production of Big Brother and Amazing Race both on CBS, and talks about the process of putting those massive shows together. Mike is now an Executive Vice President at The ATS Team, a company that builds specialty stunts, rigging, and obstacle courses for shows like American Ninja Warrior, The Bachelor, Amazing Race, and Biggest Loser.  Please go onto iTunes, Spotify, or wherever you are listening and subscribe, rate, and leave a review for the podcast.  Also follow the show on Instagram or Facebook or email Jeremiah at  Thanks for listening. 
70:10 1/14/19
Television Writer: Rashad Raisani
Rashad Raisani is a writer for television, specifically dramas. He worked on Burn Notice and White Collar both on USA and has since been developing and working on the staff of shows under overall deals at NBC Universal and Twentieth Century Fox. Rashad tells the story of how he went from being an assistant to a literary manager, to taking over that manager's office as a development executive, to ultimately following his true passion for writing.  Rashad is one of the smartest and nicest guys working in Hollywood today, and he gives some priceless advice that will help anyone trying to break into writing or any area of the entertainment industry. Follow the show on Instagram or Facebook Email Me If you like the show please subscribe, like, rate, and leave a review wherever you listen to help build the audience of the podcast.  Thanks for listening!
69:08 1/7/19
ABC Studios Development Executive: Zack Olin
Zack Olin is the Vice President of Creative Development for ABC Studios, the television production arm of Disney. ABC Studios produces shows like Grey's Anatomy, Criminal Minds, black-ish, and The Kids Are Alright which Zack developed for the studio. Zack tells his inspiring story of moving to Los Angeles, starting as a PA on an HBO Film, and then rising the ranks to the position he has now. Zack shares a lot of great information about how TV shows are developed and sold as well as the roles of development and current executives at the studios and networks.  NOTES FROM THE SHOW Follow me on Facebook or Instagram ABC Studios Website Watch The Kids Are Alright Pilot Episode
78:41 12/24/18
Special Effects Supervisor: Tom Bellissimo
Tom "Brooklyn" Bellissimo is a special effects engineer that has worked in film and television for the last 30 years. Some of Tom's biggest credits include The Mask, Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, From Dusk Till Dawn, Charlie's Angels, Saw, Mad Men, and so many more. Tom does mechanical effects which are real, in camera effects not visual effects done on green screens or with computers. Tom tells his story of breaking in as a PA in music videos, transitioning into special effects, and building a career and reputation as the guy productions call when they want to blow things up.  During the interview Tom tells several outstanding stories including how he partied with George Clooney and Harvey Keitel on the set of From Dusk Till Dawn, and how he got fired by Quentin Tarantino off of Kill Bill because of an argument over fake snow. Tom also spills a secret from the set of From Dusk Till Dawn that he thinks Quentin Tarantino will kill him for.  NOTES FROM THE SHOW Follow the podcast on Facebook or Instagram Email Jeremiah at  Tom's IMDB Page Tom's first production job was on this Madonna Music Video Don't forget to subscribe to the show, rate it, and leave a review wherever you are listening to the podcast.
61:47 12/17/18
Jim Jefferies Show Producer: Andrew Wantuck
Andrew Wantuck is the Supervising Producer on The Jim Jefferies Show on Comedy Central. Andrew shares his story of getting his first job in LA by knocking on the door of a comedy club, to becoming a producer on Tosh.0 also on Comedy Central, to overseeing the field production team for Jim Jefferies. Andrew turns the tables and asks Jeremiah about producing reality TV and we do a deep behind the scenes dive into how the episodes of Vanderpump Rules are put together in post and what it's like working with that cast 7 years in. Jeremiah tells the story of how Jim Jefferies was at a comedy club when Vanderpump Rules was filming. Jim mooned the Vanderpump cast and cameras while they were rolling and then almost got into a fight with Jax Taylor.  NOTES FROM THE SHOW Follow Working Class Hollywood on Facebook or Instagram If you like the Podcast please go to Itunes and subscribe, rate it, and leave a review Watch Clips of the Jim Jefferies Show HERE See what became of the scene on Vanderpump Rules where Jim and other comedians were heckling the cast and producers HERE The Super Bowl Commercial for Doritos Andrew produced that won the $1 Million Dollar Grand Prize Andrew's first job was at the Comedy & Magic Club in Hermosa Beach
76:38 12/10/18
Disney Film Publicist: Megan Wasserman
Megan Wasserman is a Senior Publicist at Walt Disney Studios. She handles global publicity for all the Marvel movies (Avengers Infinity War, Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America, Black Panther) and other live action Disney films. Megan shares her story about how she went from a researcher at The Doctor Phil Show to traveling the globe promoting the biggest movies in the world.    LINKS FROM THE SHOW Walt Disney Studios Megan's college North Eastern University Entertainment Temp Agency Comar   If you enjoy the podcast please subscribe, rate it, and leave a review as it will help get the word out so more people can listen. You can connect with me at the show's Instagram or email me at   
50:55 12/2/18
Culinary Producer: Kim Seeley
Kim Seeley is a culinary producer for television. She has worked on shows such as Hell's Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, Food Network Star, and Nailed It on Netflix. She's also worked for YouTube channels such as Rosanna Pansino's Nerdy Nummies. Kim shares her story about how she went from restaurant chef to a highly sought after producer in the entertainment industry. 
57:03 11/26/18
Reality TV Editor: Bri Dellinger
Bri Dellinger is an editor that has worked on some of the biggest reality shows on TV including Project Runway, Top Chef, Hells Kitchen, and Vanderpump Rules. Bri shares her story of how an oboe scholarship led to an internship which led to a successful career in television. Anyone interested in editing, post production, or reality TV should give this one a listen. 
56:06 11/17/18