Show cover of Restauranttopia: A Show for Local Independent Restaurants

Restauranttopia: A Show for Local Independent Restaurants

We love locally owned independent restaurants. These businesses build strong communities by linking neighbors in a web of economic and social relationships. The more the independent restaurants are thriving, the healthier the community will be! We want to help restaurant owners and operators hone their competitive edge through effective marketing and business practices. Restauranttopia focuses on all things related to restaurant management and operations from hosts David Ross, Brian Seitz, and chef Anthony Hamilton. We feature interviews and restaurant success stories, along with insights on cost control, marketing, management and personnel issues. Tune in for marketing ideas and tactics from restaurant business experts, gathered from lessons from restaurants around the US.


How to Make Your Restaurant More Profitable with Roger Beaudoin 24:03 08/14/2022
Building a Friendly Ghost Kitchen with Shawn Walchef 30:33 08/06/2022
How multi-unit restaurants can market to their local community with Susie Liberatore 16:53 07/30/2022
How to build an all-star restaurant team with Roger Beaudoin 29:36 07/23/2022
Courage – Restaurant Entrepreneurs embracing digital marketing with Shawn Walchef. Get out your phone and Record! 36:01 07/16/2022
Reducing Restaurant Turnover, Best Practice 22:50 07/09/2022
Founder’s Disease 13:38 07/02/2022
The Lost Episode 02:04 06/30/2022
Episode 115: Transforming vendors into raving fans with Josh Kopel and Natasha Miller 12:01 06/18/2022
Episode 114: Developing a SWOT Analysis for Your Restaurant 31:36 06/11/2022
Discounting VS. FREE 18:51 06/04/2022
Menu Costing, the Best Way, the Easy Way and What You’ll Need to Get Started 22:49 05/28/2022
The Art and Science of an LTO Limited Time Offer 27:02 05/21/2022
Celebrating your Restaurant's Anniversary 14:44 05/15/2022
What you need in a Letter of Intent / Term Sheet when Buying a Restaurant 27:13 05/09/2022
What if you stopped publishing your marketing content? 09:11 04/30/2022
How Do I Prepare To Sell My Restaurant 12:26 04/23/2022
How to keep restaurant customers coming back over and over again with Matt Plapp 58:59 04/16/2022
How to build a restaurant customer database 38:50 04/09/2022
Learn How To Attract Customers With Matt Plapp 42:11 04/02/2022
How to get 2000 LinkedIn connections in 45 days 40:11 03/26/2022
Make Changing Your Menu Easier, Quicker and More Effective 25:55 03/19/2022
Never think you deserve it. 13:44 03/12/2022
Episode 100, a look back at all our great guests! 20:48 03/05/2022
How can I make dietary restrictions part of my marketing strategy? 18:04 02/26/2022
3 Challenges that Face Restaurants in 2022 and How to Handle. 34:36 02/19/2022
How to Get Off On the Right Foot When Starting a Restaurant Management Job 32:02 02/12/2022
Pro Tip: Send promo codes to your customers. 01:34 02/10/2022
96 Now is the time to be aggressive. 28:15 02/05/2022
95 Having the Difficult Conversations with Staff 12:58 01/29/2022