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Welcome to The 7-Power Contractor® Radio, a radio show for plumbing, heating, cooling, electrical and other service contracting business owners. Our mission is to help run your contracting business with less stress and more success. I'm your host, Al Levi, business consultant, All episodes are under 10 minutes so you can listen and learn on the fly. Enjoy and if you have any questions or comments I'd love to hear me at Love the show? Please leave us a review wherever you listen.


Why 7 Power Contractor Radio 08:01 02/04/2020
The Right Way to Cut Business Costs Part 1 07:22 02/11/2020
The Right Way to Cut Business Costs Part 2 09:38 02/11/2020
How to Know if it's a Bad Employee or Bad Fit 09:05 02/11/2020
Mitigating Bad PR 08:46 02/11/2020
What to do if Employees are Always on Social Media 07:20 02/11/2020
Chief Executive Communicator 09:41 02/11/2020
Right Way to Say Goodbye to a Bad Employee 07:27 02/12/2020
90% Chance Nothing Bad Will Happen 08:24 02/12/2020
No Such Thing as Accidental Company Culture 09:27 02/12/2020
Who Goes to Training and Seminars? 08:44 02/28/2020
What to do When the Work Family is Fighting 07:24 02/28/2020
Actions Speak Louder than Words—Fix Your Own First 06:53 02/28/2020
Beware Actions Born of Boredom 04:57 02/28/2020
Leading with Humor 05:44 02/28/2020
Stepping over Dollars to Pick Up Dimes 07:36 02/28/2020
Cleanup, Reorganize or Move Your Shop 08:57 02/28/2020
Difference Between a Leader and a Manager 06:18 02/28/2020
Goals, Beliefs and Actions: The Foundation of Leadership 08:58 02/28/2020
The Importance of Getting Away From Your Business 07:28 02/28/2020
It's Not All About the Work 08:06 02/28/2020
Mastering the Top 30 and Top 5 List 07:05 02/28/2020
Writing Your Game Statements 08:07 02/28/2020
Office Politics and Gossip 07:53 02/28/2020
Making It Okay for Your Employees to Ask for Help 08:02 02/28/2020
Police State or Permissive Where Anything Goes? 08:55 02/28/2020
What Are You So Busy Doing? 07:19 02/28/2020
Attitude vs. Behavior: What's the Difference? 05:42 04/01/2020
Back to School 09:14 04/01/2020
Creating a Business to be Thankful For 09:11 04/01/2020