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Here at Transformation Church we believe in Representing God to the lost and found for Transformation in Christ. We are a multi-ethnic, multi-generational, and multiplying church committed to progression not perfection. We are led by Lead Pastors Michael and Natalie Todd.


Fresh House: I Love My Church… Again // Fresh Fruit (Part 3) // Charles Metcalf
The church is not just a physical place; it’s a people. WE are the people! In Week 3 of the Fresh Fruit Sermon Series, Pastor Charles preached a powerful message that reminded us of the power of the church. Our presence is needed to keep the church FRESH. We pray that this message causes you to walk in your authority as the church, invite people, and be formed in a local church so that you can produce fruit.Scripture References:Matthew 16:13-18 NLT
52:20 2/25/24
Fresh Vision: The Power of Shared Vision // Fresh Fruit (Part 2) // Michael Todd
In this year of fruit, God is pruning and cutting us in areas that do not bear and areas that He desires to see more fruit. To keep from perishing, we have to receive vision to keep us ALIVE. In Week 2 of the Fresh Fruit sermon series, Pastor Mike shared fresh vision for Transformation Church with us and taught us how to have a vision for fresh fruit. This year our focus will be on having tested faith, trusted friends, and being in a space of training for spiritual formation. Let’s commit ourselves to this new level of faith, friendship, and formation, trusting that God is going to cause us to bear MORE FRUIT!Scripture References:John 15:16 NLTHabakkuk 2:2 NKJVJohn 15:1-2 NLTJames 1:2-4 NLTProverbs 17:17 NLTActs 2:42 NLT
86:32 2/18/24
It’s Not New, It’s Fresh // Fresh Fruit (Part 1) // Michael Todd
What if the next thing God wants to do with you isn’t new but fresh? Pastor Mike challenges us to consider that the next phase of God's work may not be entirely new but rather a fresh perspective on what already exists. We’re encouraged to make space for expansion and growth in order to fully embrace the fresh blessings God wants to impart. At the end of this message, Pastor Mike shares with us the gateway to a fresh perspective; gratitude. We pray this message encourages you to receive the freshness that God has in store for you.Scripture References:John 15:16 NIV2 Corinthians 5:17 ESVMathew 9:14-17 NLTPsalms 100:4 NLTPsalms 100:4 MSG
43:10 2/11/24
What Happens With A Word // Anniversary Sunday 2024 // Michael Todd
In celebration of 25 years as a ministry and 9 years under the guidance of Pastors Mike & Natalie Todd, we reflect on the impact of a single Word from God. From Bishop Gary's directive to "Reverse the Curse" in North Tulsa, birthing Transformation Church, to Pastor Mike's revelation that "The Spirit Bank Event Center would be Transformation Church," guiding our acquisition of our current space, we are reminded of the power of God's Word in shaping our future when we believe it in faith. As we embrace our 2024 Word of the Year, "FRUIT," we anticipate it to be the catalyst for an amazing year ahead.Scripture References:Isaiah 40:8 NIVJames 2:26 KJVProverbs 18:21 NIV
62:19 2/4/24
Fit To Finish // Start Sharp (Part 4) // Michael Todd
Are you fit to finish what God has called you to do? In Week 4 of the Start Sharp Series, Pastor Mike preached a word that is 7 years in the making. As he shared his fitness journey, he made the connection of how it was truly a journey of spiritual growth as well. God has a plan and purpose for each one of us, and we will only be able to fulfill it to the level our body can take it. God wants us to have a healthy heart - spiritually and physically. We pray this message causes you to get your heart aligned with God’s will for you in every aspect. Stay tuned for our upcoming walking challenge - a practical step towards staying sharp all year long!Scripture References:1 Samuel 16:7 NIVRomans 12:1 NIVRomans 12:2 NIV1 Corinthians 6:19-20 NIVHebrews 12:11 NLT1 Corinthians 9:24-27 NIV
65:51 1/28/24
Check Your Settings // Start Sharp (Part 3) // Michael Todd
It’s time to check your settings! To get the best out of any device you own, your settings must be up-to-date. In Week 3 of the Start Shap Sermon Series, Pastor Mike shows a powerful illustration of the settings we need to check and how they impact our transformation. If you’re ready to start sharp and stay sharp, it’s time to check your settings of faith, friends, and spiritual formation. In order to flourish this year, what settings do you need to update?Scripture References:Psalms 92:12-14 NIVEcclesiastes 4:9-12 NIVProverbs 18:24 NIVActs 2:42-47 NLT
74:48 1/21/24
Strengthen Your Strength // Start Sharp (Part 2) // Michael Todd
Pastor Mike has a mandate to push us out of complacency! In Week 2 of the Start Sharp Series, God directs Pastor Mike to share a personal word with us all: Strengthen Your Strength. There are areas of our lives that we are already gifted in that God is asking us to stir up and stand strong in. This message will give you confidence to become a student again, come out of agreement with the lies you believed and nurture the greatness on the inside of you. We’re starting sharp by sharpening our strengths this year!Scripture References:2 Timothy 1:6-7 NKJVJames 1:17 NIVProverbs 22:6
64:23 1/14/24
I'm Getting My Edge Back // Start Sharp ( Part 1) // Michael Todd
Are you feeling spiritually dull, lacking sharpness in your life? Pastor Mike draws from the tale of the young versus the older lumberjack to illustrate the significance of a sharpened ax. This message serves as a reminder: it's time to get your edge back! The pathway to staying sharp this year lies in the practice of prayer and fasting. This sermon delves into techniques for regaining your edge: embracing food exit, engaging with the Father, forfeiting entertainment, and directing our focus toward the eternal. Welcome to your best year yet!Scripture References:Ecclesiastes 10:10 NLT2 Kings 6:1-7 NLT
57:06 1/7/24
Triumph Wrapped In Trauma // End in Triumph: Damaged But Not Destroyed (Part 13) // Michael Todd
Merry Christmas, TC Nation! This week, we wrap up our series-within-a-series, End In Triumph, with Pastor Mike, who invites us to revisit the story of Christmas with a new lens that God is with us even in our mess. Pastor Mike teaches us three key things from the Christmas story: Triumph is usually wrapped in trauma, favor can be wrapped in foolishness, and promises can be wrapped in pain. Christmas is the beginning of evidence that Christ is willing to do anything to get us back. If you need an encouraging word this Christmas, this message is for you!
62:08 12/24/23
Next Year Starts Now // End in Triumph: Damaged But Not Destroyed (Part 12) // Charles Metcalf
What if today could be one day that changes all your days? What if you didn’t wait to be the person that God has called you to be? Pastor Charles helped us realize that we can start our new year NOW. As we remove our entitlement of tomorrow, we can live presently in today. This message will show you how to utilize vision, values, your voice, and your investments to live tomorrow, TODAY.Scripture References:James 4:13-17 NLTProverbs 27:1 AMPLamentations 3:22-23 ESV
56:32 12/17/23
There’s Triumph In Trying Again // End in Triumph: Damaged But Not Destroyed (Part 11) // Michael Todd
Trauma wants to steal your ‘try,’ but there’s triumph in trying. On this Crazy Faith Offering Sunday, Pastor Mike ignites our faith to walk in obedience even when it feels crazy. We dived into the story of Naaman, who had leprosy and received instructions for his healing that seemed abnormal. Sometimes, small changes can activate something supernatural in our lives. Let’s end & begin our year in crazy faith to try again!Scripture References:2 Kings 5:8-17 NIV
86:10 12/11/23
A Sudden Switch // End in Triumph: Damaged But Not Destroyed (Part 10) // Michael Todd
The way you end a thing is the way you start a thing. This year we are going to END in TRIUMPH! In this mini-series of the DBND Sermon Series, Pastor Mike gives us a faith boost to believe in the SUDDENLY. Oftentimes when we hear “suddenly”, we think “quickly” but what if your “suddenly” is connected to something slow? Pastor Mike walks us through biblical examples that remind us that the suddenly often comes with a season of steady. Perhaps the blessing that God wants to manifest in your life will come as a result of a subtle shift. We pray this message shows you how to stay steady to prepare you for what’s to come!Scripture References:Isaiah 43:15-20 NLTRomans 8:28 NLTAmos 9:13-15 MSG
86:43 12/3/23
Greater Is In Me // Damaged But Not Destroyed (Part 9) // Tye Tribbett
In Week 9 of the Damaged but Not Destroyed series, we revisit session 5 of VIIID conference, where Tye Tribett takes a Master class approach on bondage, warning us to be cautious of what we take in during moments of vulnerability, for during these times the enemy will use deception as a tactic toward your desires. Prayer is essential to become acquainted with the right voice to guide you in helpless times. Are there moods, spirits, and ideas you've accepted that God needs to check? We encourage you to bring them before God, not by your might or your power, but by God's Spirit in which deliverance comes.Scripture References;Romans 8:3 KJVRomans 7:5 NIVHebrews 4:12 KJV2 Corinthians 10:5 KJV
60:00 11/26/23
The Breaking Point // Damaged But Not Destroyed (Part 8) // Dr. Dharius Daniels
Oftentimes we expect damage to come from our own unfortunate experiences, decisions we’ve made, or situations that harmed us. However, sometimes our damage can come from the backside of a blessing. In Week 8 of the Damaged but Not Destroyed series, Dr. Dharius Daniel masterfully expounds upon the story of Jonah. While Jonah was blessed to be a Prophet, trusted to carry God’s messages, he found himself running from an assignment. He got himself into a problem that only God could get him out of. In God’s grace, He used Jonah’s mistake as transportation into his future. If you’ve ever found yourself stuck in a problem or been in a space of intentional disobedience, we pray this message guides you toward God’s redemption!Scripture References:Jonah 4:1-3 NIVJonah 3:1 NIV
59:02 11/19/23
How To Date For A Counselor // Damaged But Not Destroyed (Part 7) // Michael Todd & Panel
What does the Bible say about counseling? In Week 7 of the Damaged but Not Destroyed, Pastor Mike sat down with part of his community counsel to help us remove the scare from counseling and remind us that it is SAFE. This dynamic panel walked us through the scriptures, taught us about the different types of counsel, and shared their experience with licensed therapy. Counseling is not just to get rid of trauma but it allows you to uncover your God-given treasure. Pastor Mike leaves us with a call to action to attend at least 3 counseling sessions by the end of April 2024. Will you accept the challenge to go from trauma to triumph?Scripture References:Proverbs 12:15 ESVProverbs 15:22 ESVJames 5:16 ESVProverbs 11:14 ESVIsaiah 45:3 NLTJohn 16:7 AMP
77:14 11/12/23
Patterns That Prophesy // Damaged But Not Destroyed (Part 6) // Michael Todd
In Week 6 of the Damaged but Not Destroyed Series, Pastor Mike highlights the pivotal role that our patterns play in shaping our future. He guides us in identifying the destructive sin cycles or patterns that often lead to a product inconsistent with God's promises. However, we are reminded that God has given us the power to transform these patterns.As Jacob wrestled with God, we know that confronting these patterns might require a struggle. Yet, this wrestling can ultimately lead to experiencing God's blessings and change the trajectory of our future. The message encourages us to acknowledge the patterns in our lives, encouraging us to align with God's unchanging patterns, which always yield a great reward.Scripture References:James 1:12-15 NLTPhilippians 2:13 NLTGenesis 32:22-32 NLTRomans 12:2 NIV
68:32 11/5/23
When Men Mend: Dealing With Our Damage First // Damaged But Not Destroyed (Part 5) // Michael Todd
What happens when men mend? We all win. Pastor Mike shared a powerful word TO men and for everyone who has ever been impacted by a man or their absence. In a generation that would rather replace than repair, this message calls men to mend 3 relationships: his relationship with God, his relationship with others and his role in helping others mend their relationship with God. This message is a call to humble ourselves, acknowledge God, and operate in meekness. This is a message that every man needs to hear.Scripture References:Mark 1:14-20 NKJVEphesians 2:1-9 NIVPsalm 139:13-14 NIVEphesians 4:25-27 NLTGalatians 6:1 NIV2 Chronicles 7:14 KJVJames 4:10 NLTProverbs 3:5-6 NASB
90:41 10/29/23
Between Yes & Next // Damaged But Not Destroyed (Part 4) // Michael Todd
Do you want to be made whole? In Week 4 of the Damaged but Not Destroyed Series, Pastor Mike asks us the same question that Jesus asked the lame man in John 5. Oftentimes our damage causes us to answer God’s calling with excuses and explanations however, the only reasonable response is “Yes Lord.” Pastor Mike teaches us 4 Things to do Between Our Yes & Our Next. We pray this message encourages your faith to STAND UP, take up your mat and walk in your healing.Scripture References:John 5:1-9 NLTHebrews 11:1 KJVHebrews 12:11 NLT2 Corinthians 9:10 NKJV
88:55 10/22/23
The Scene Of The Fall // Damaged But Not Destroyed (Part 3) // Dr. Anita Phillips
Get ready to be inspired in the third week of the Damaged but Not Destroyed Series, where the brilliant Dr. Anita Philips highlights the power of embracing our emotions as a key element of a healthy and fulfilling life. Drawing a striking comparison between thriving gardens and purpose-driven lives, this message reminds us that just like soil needs essential nutrients, our hearts require love and care to bloom. Dr. Anita combines her extensive experience as a trauma-informed therapist to magnify the power of what God’s truth concerning our internal makeup. Get ready for a revelatory word!
81:19 10/15/23
What Can God Do With Damage? // Damaged But Not Destroyed (Part 2) // Michael Todd
In Week 2 of the Damaged but Not Destroyed Series, Pastor Mike emphasizes the significance of surrendering your damage to God. Drawing inspiration from 2 Samual 9:3-13, this message urges us to recognize and acknowledge our damage. God is calling for your damage, he wants us to bring it to him so he may carry it, cover it in his grace, and transform it into our destiny. So we may share our testimony.If you're ready for your damage not to be your identity but for it to lead you to your destiny, we invite you to take a step of faith and bring your hurt to God.Scripture ReferencesEphesians 2:10 NLT2 Samuel 9:3-5 NLT2 Samuel 4:4 NLTZachariah 4:6 NKJVPhilippians 1:6 NIV2 Samuel 9:8 NLT2 Samuel 9:9b-13 NLTMark 16:15 NKJ
49:21 10/8/23
Snitches Get Stitches // Damaged But Not Destroyed (Part 1) // Michael Todd
In Week 1 of the Damaged but Not Destroyed Series, Pastor Mike challenges a common cultural belief that discourages honesty, suggesting that those who speak the truth might suffer harm. Drawing on the childhood saying, "Snitches get stitches," he encourages a different perspective. This message will cause you to reframe this idea, emphasizing that when we are honest and transparent about our shortcomings, it allows God to bring healing to the areas where we've fallen apart. He reminds us that God doesn't bless who we pretend to be but who we really are. We pray this message gives you the courage you need to honestly share where you are so that Jesus can come and make you whole.Scripture References:John 8:36 NIVJohn 8:32 KJVJames 5:6 NLTJohn 20:19-29 NLTJohn 20:26 NLTHebrews 12:2 NIVIsaiah 53:5 KJV1 Timothy 1:15 NKJV
73:26 10/1/23
The Departure Of Partnership // Kingdom Kouples (Part 3) // Michael Todd
In Week 3 of the Kingdom Kouples Series, Pastor Mike delves into the sensitive topic of knowing when it's time to end partnerships. Using the journey of the Apostle Paul’s experience in navigating his partnerships with Silas and Barnabas, this story gives us valuable keys. Pastor Mike outlines several ways we can discern the departure of a partnership: when the season changes, we sense the same cycle persists, when storm is coming, or simply if Holy Spirit says go. If you are navigating your relationships, watch this sermon to gain insight and understand how Holy Spirit can partner with you in this season.Scripture References:Acts 15:36-40 NLTActs 15:37-38 NLT2 Corinthians 11:23-28 NIVActs 16:16-40 NIVJohn 16:13 NLTEphesians 2:10 NLT
68:37 9/24/23
How to Pick a Partner // Kingdom Kouples (Part 2) // Michael Todd
Embracing the power in the partnership can be a journey and we all need wisdom on how to pick the right partner. The pathway to powerful partnership is in the pick. In Week 2 of the Kingdom Kouples series, Pastor Mike shows us how Jesus picked his partners and showed us what to look for in a powerful partner. We pray you become a partner and find partners that master the art of the pump-up, principles and presence.Scripture References:Ephesians 4:9-12 NLTLuke 6:12-16 NLTEphesians 4:29 NLTEphesians 6:18 CSBJohn 1:6-8 NIV
71:03 9/17/23
The Power Of The Pair // Kingdom Kouples (Part 1) // Michael Todd
Are you ready to uncover the transformative Power of pairing with people in your life?In Pastor Mike’s first sermon back from sabbatical, we dive into what it takes to have thriving relationships as we begin our new “Kingdom Kouples” series.In this message, we address isolation's impact and the need to seek partners and friendships for purpose, ON purpose. We’re reminded the power lies not just in working together, but in PAIRING together. Your destiny is linked to your friendships. As you tune in, discover the profound impact of right fit partnerships and the support they provide during life's falls. Scripture References:Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 (NLT)Ecclesiastes 4:9 (NLT)James 1:14-16 (NLT)Mark 6:6-7 (NLT)Mark 6:8-13 (NLT)
68:14 9/10/23
From The Window To The Fall // Robert Madu
Could it be possible that we don’t always know when we are spiritually asleep? Pastor Robert Madu walked us through the story of Eutychus falling from a window during one of Apostle Paul's teachings. Not only does this story show us the danger of sitting near open windows (symbolizing exposure to sin), it shows us that we need people in our lives who will nudge us when we get weary. We pray that you have community in your life that can identify signs that you’ve become spiritually sleepy and that they help awaken you and reposition you to avoid falling into sin.Scripture ReferencesActs 20:7-12 NIVActs 20:8 NIV1 Thessalonians 5:5-6 NIVRomans 13:11-12 NIV1 Peter 5:8 NIVLuke 9:32 NIVActs 20:10 NIVRomans 13:11-12 NIV
58:04 9/3/23
I Refuse To Be Alone // Holy Rebellion: The Kingdom Is Here (Part 4) // Charles Metcalf
Holy rebels are willing to take the risk of relationships. In the final week of the Holy Rebellion series, Pastor Charles reminded us of our need for community. While relationships come with beauty and brokenness, there is nothing like having friends who will pull you, protect you and pour into you. We are created with the purpose and the power to stand up and stand out for PEOPLE. We pray that this message sparks you to pray that God sends you the friends that align with your purpose.If you’re looking for community, join an online or local Belong Group near you at: ReferencesRomans 1:16 NKJVGalatians 3:28 NIVGenesis 2:18 NIVDaniel 3:24-25 NIVDaniel 3:16-18 NIVJohn 15:15 NKJVEphesians 6:12 NIVProverbs 18:24 NKJV
65:11 8/27/23
I Refuse To Be Powerless // Holy Rebellion: The Kingdom Is Here (Part 3) // Charles Metcalf
In today’s culture, we have become obsessed with knowing our purpose. In Week 3 of the Holy Rebellion series, Pastor Charles challenges us with this question - What good is it to know your purpose if you don’t have power? We are not the source of our own power. Pastor Charles walks us through how to get our power from God by calling on Him, connecting with Him, and understanding the cost. We pray this message helps you connect or re-connect with the power of God so that you can walk confidently in your purpose.Scripture References:Job 12:4 NLTMark 16:15 NLTRomans 1:16 NKJV2 Timothy 3:1-5 AMPMatthew 28:18-20 NLTActs 1:1-8 NLT
64:23 8/20/23
The Root Of Rebellion: I Refuse To Be Bitter // Holy Rebeliion: The Kingdom Is Here (Part 2) // Charles Metcalf
In Week 2 of the Holy Rebellion Series, we delve into the essence of the Root of Rebellion. While the previous week ignited our drive to embrace our created purpose, the current week compels us to pause and introspect, posing a critical question: What is the root of our rebellion? This message equips us with insight on how to confront bitterness, through allowing Holy Spirit to highlight our own personal roots. As we navigate through our personal journey of Holy Rebellion, may this message empower us to refuse bitterness and choose to be a blessing.Scripture ReferencesRomans 1:16 NKJVIsaiah 53:2 NKJVHebrews 12:14-17 NLTPsalm 34:8 NIVPhilippians 2:12-16 MSG
52:39 8/13/23
Shame Ain’t My Name // Holy Rebellion: The Kingdom Is Here (Part 1) // Charles Metcalf
Pastor Charles kicks off Week 1 of the new sermon series, “Holy Rebellion: The Kingdom is Here” by reminding us that we were not made to be regular but to rebel against the status quo and what culture has dictated. Whether your first word was “no” or you decided that you wouldn’t follow the traumatic patterns of your childhood, we are all rebels. The enemy's biggest goal is to use SHAME to convince REBELS that they are REGULAR so they end up RETREATING.Allow this message to ignite your faith, remove shame from your name and follow the greatest rebel we know, Jesus. You were created with the purpose & the power to stand up and stand out!Scripture ReferencesRomans 1:16 NKJV1 Thessalonians 5:18 ESVProverbs 11:14 ESV
56:29 8/6/23
You Need H.E.L.P // H.O.T. Girl Summer (Part 4) // Brie Davis
This message is for the Independent….You Need H.E.L.P!Paster Brie Davis reminds us that everything in the kingdom is turned upside down and maturity in Christ means acknowledging our absolute need for God.As you journey towards spiritual transformation, remember to root yourself in LOVE, not fear. Enter a new phase in your spiritual walk, equipped with four major keys:Heal your headEncounter EmpowermentLean into LovePray for Purity. We invite you to communion with us, asking God where he needs to purify your heart and motive, then create a silent space to hear his response.May this message serve as a guiding light for the next steps in your transformational journey. Embrace the H.E.L.P. you need and continue growing in Christ!Scripture ReferencesROMANS 7:15 NLTJEREMIAH 17:9-10 NLTROMANS 7:15-17, 21-25 NIVROMANS 8:5-6 NLTROMANS 8:11 NLTROMANS 8:38-39 NLTPsalm 121: 1 KJV
70:20 7/23/23

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