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Hear Rabbi Yaakov Menken and guests discuss today’s issues, our upside-down world, and the return to the nation’s ethical and Biblical foundations. Rabbi Menken is the Managing Director of the Coalition for Jewish Values, representing traditional Jewish values in public policy.


The Squad’s Afghan Silence; Nothing Sacred about Killing a Baby
My piece in Town Hall about the Silence of the Squad, and a leftist "rabbi" claiming abortion is a "sacred choice."
18:36 9/5/21
Tragedy in Afghanistan
The scenario in Afghanistan is made worse by US abdication of responsibility, and lack of concern from those supposedly their advocates.
16:58 8/18/21
Inversions on Israel, Judaism, and Orthodox Secular Success
Yaakov Katz has a problem with Judaism, and Miriam Shaviv with Orthodox women, and both refuse to confront their biases honestly.
13:45 8/6/21
The Reality of #MyOrthodoxLife
What Netflix didn't tell you, and the falsehoods that it told.
22:00 7/28/21
Demonizing America vs. American Exceptionalism
American Exceptionalism, and the effort by the Left to destroy all that makes America great.
14:32 7/6/21
Fake News and the Jews – Redefining Orthodoxy
"Fake News" is but one method used by progressives to tear down Torah-observant Judaism.
19:16 6/29/21
Defending the Indefensible in Foster Care
In which supposedly-educated professors contradict basic economic theory in service of a bigoted agenda on foster care.
13:14 6/10/21
Marjorie Greene’s Mask-Holocaust Madness
Our response to Rep. Marjorie Greene's inappropriate Holocaust comparison, and reaction to our response.
16:27 5/27/21
President Biden Passes on Antisemitism in America
In which I discuss my recent piece Fox News, discussing why President Biden passed over discussing antisemitism while discussing many other forms of hate.
13:45 5/2/21
We’re not calling J Street a hate group… yet
J Street is doing its level best to deserve the title.
15:54 4/23/21