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Captain Roy's Rusty Rocket Radio Show: THE UK Geek Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Doctor Who, Hammer, Etc. Podcast

Welcome to the greatest show in the multiverse! Fasten your seat belts for a rocketship ride to Altair City Spaceport's Rusty Rocket Tavern, where I discuss science fiction, fantasy, and horror books, comics, movies, TV, games, and toys. Powered by alien technology, eldritch abilities, and caffeinated beverages, since a summer night in 2012 fuelled by two double gin and tonics. Expect a multi-topic geek-life zine or a single topic review or revisit of classic media, e.g. Doctor Who, Hammer, etc. I'm at,,, and @RoyMathur on Twitter until it goes fazoom! Please support me at


CRRRRS 534 Hammer House of Horror: Children of the Full Moon
34:19 4/22/24
CRRRRS 535 The Wrath of Thoth
What a Week, Careers in the Dune Universe: Part Two, Dune: Part Two Pirated, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, 3 Body Problem, Invincible, Beacon 23, Scavengers Reign, Echo, The Marlow Murder Club, Ripley, This Town, Another Rant About Physical Media, Fountain Pen Beginners, London Walk, Jibes
47:12 4/17/24
CRRRRS 533 Doctor Who: The Awakening
30:34 4/11/24
CRRRRS 532 What Would You Be in Dune?
Tired Tired, Goldberry Follow-Up, Dune: Part Two, Careers in the Dune Universe, Monkey Man, The Acolyte, Digital Planet Listeners Reunion, Climatey, Cheesy, Revisit Revisit
35:54 3/30/24
CRRRRS 531 Goldberry
Bears on a Pedalo, Happy Holi, A Sound Change, Tardis Prison, Tolkien Poll, The Marvels, Top 10 Organ Playing Villains of All Time, 3 Body Problem, The Biederbecke Trilogy, Job Unfair, Fountain Pen Ink Colours, Paper Mountains and Princess Aura, Remember, Remember..., The Mauritian Goodbye of Podcasts
39:35 3/26/24
CRRRRS 530 Ride a Magic Carpet Instead
Why So Soon?, The Wolfen, Communion, The Hunger, The Last Vampire, Lilith's Dream, Haunted London, The Green Man, Wasp, Le Weekend Ruined by Thinking About Cars Instead of Playing Role Playing Games, Honda Monkey Z125 Motorcycle, Zyair Circus, What Is the Moral of This Story?
29:46 3/18/24
CRRRRS 529 Hole Walking Man
Last Saturday's Flaneurie, Neil Cross's Burial Novel vs The Sister TV Series, Missing Link, Mr Benn, Catweazle, Constellation, Even Better Sound, Free Code, Snaffle Yourself a Bargain, More or Less?
41:20 3/16/24
CRRRRS 528 Hammer House of Horror: The Silent Scream
30:19 3/12/24
CRRRRS 527 More Towers
Where Am I?, The Two Towers, I Am Writing Another Time Travel Short Story, The Core, My Upcoming Film Watch List, Harry Potter Gone From ITVX, The X-Files, Under the Banner of Heaven, Things You Should Have Done, My Upcoming TV Watch List, New Podcast Cover Art Made With AI, Obnoxious Podcast Pre-Roll, Post Office Tower, Repairing Kitchen Cabinet Doors, Car Revisit, Happy Screaming
37:32 3/6/24
CRRRRS 526 Doctor Who: Warriors of the Deep
35:55 3/5/24
CRRRRS 525 Blue Moon
Multiversal Malaise, Rebel Moon, Moonfall, Jonathan Creek, Vinyl, Music Stand, Singles Club, Car, Podcast RSS Feed Diet, Are You Enjoying My Shows?
49:55 2/23/24
CRRRRS 524 Hammer House of Horror: Charlie Boy
34:15 2/17/24
CRRRRS 523 Shaggy Game Story
A Welcome Distraction, Domino Day, Mr Stink, After the Flood, Mr Bates vs The Post Office, Dominoes, Solitaire, Tarot, The Great Dalmuti, London Trundle, The Life, Death, and Life of My Journal, The Midnight Journal, Vignette
27:22 2/14/24
CRRRRS 522 Doctor Who: The Five Doctors
30:23 2/8/24
CRRRRS 521 A Fistful of Nerd
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
54:09 1/25/24
CRRRRS 520 Hammer House of Horror: The House That Bled to Death
29:31 1/19/24
CRRRRS 519 Doctor Who: The King's Demons
32:32 1/17/24
CRRRRS 518 Burn It All Down
Happy New Year!, The Observer, Dark Harvest, Dirty Filthy Love, A Murder at the End of the World, For All Mankind, Rick and Morty, Quentin Blake's Box of Treasures: Zagazoo, Quentin Blake's Box of Treasures: Jack and Nancy, Doctor Who: Wild Blue Yonder, Doctor Who: The Church on Ruby Road, The Famous Five, Yes Minister, The Thick of It, Columbo, Blake's 7, JLab Rewind Wireless Retro Headphones, A Hash of Things, New Year's Resolutions
58:01 1/5/24
CRRRRS 517 Doctor Who: The Church on Ruby Road
42:22 12/29/23
CRRRRS 516 You Wouldn't Believe
A Welcome Distraction, The Creator, Mayfair Witches, Platform 7, Ray Badbury Theater: The Town Where No One Got Off, Doctor Who's Bi-Generation, Guillermo del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities: Graveyard Rats, The Killer, Mr. Monk's Last Case, Vigil, Slow Horses, TechXplore, Voyage to Mars: The Longest Goodbye, Smart CIty RObotic Challenge, Thirty-Three Percent
48:42 12/23/23
CRRRRS 515 Doctor Who: The Giggle
29:48 12/15/23
CRRRRS 514 Doctor Who: Wild Blue Yonder
34:30 12/5/23
CRRRRS 513 Hammer House of Horror: Growing Pains
35:53 12/2/23
CRRRRS 512 The Adventure of Escaping the Killer Star Monster
Escape Room: Tournament of Champions, Totally Killer, Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, Doctor Who: The Daleks in Colour, An Adventure in Space and Time, Doctor Who: The Star Beast, Whoniverse Non-News, The Official Doctor Who Podcast, Return of the Revisit
39:47 11/27/23
CRRRRS 511 The Key of Destiny
Not All Old Wizards Are Gits, The Flash, Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One, Rick and Morty, The Fall of the House of Usher, Invincible, Doctor Who: Fires of Pompei, Doctor Who Children in Need Special 2023, Doctor Who: The Daleks in Colour, Doctor Who: The Missing Episodes, Even More Updates About the Whoniverse, Hammer House of Horror, London, The Show Will Go On Forever
53:59 11/23/23
CRRRRS 510 Make Ready the Calash
I Have Risen, Vampyres: Lord Byron to Count Dracula, Gretel and Hansel, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, Werewolf by Night in Color, Talk to Me, The Flash, Blackberry, Goosebumps, Cowboy Bebop, Loki, Whoniverse on iPlayer, Life Without a Car Is Hell, Gin and Tonic, Chicken Tika Masala, Coronation Chicken, Roy's Double Devil Dogs, A Goth Explanation for a Solo Podcast, Hammer House of Horror
43:23 11/13/23
CRRRRS 509 Hammer House of Horror: Rude Awakening
30:38 11/2/23
CRRRRS 508 Hammer House of Horror: The Thirteenth Reunion
19:41 11/1/23
CRRRRS 507 Hammer House of Horror: Witching Time
27:27 11/1/23
CRRRRS 506 Happy Halloween Eve Eve
Before Halloween, Loki, Thunderbird Supernova Permanent Downgrade to 102.15.0, London, Halloween
18:41 10/30/23

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