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Aaron Mahnke's Cabinet of Curiosities

From the creator of the hit podcast Lore comes a new, bite-sized storytelling experience. Each twice-weekly episode features two short tales that take listeners on a guided tour of the unbelievable, the unsettling, and the bizarre.


Advertising Artifacts
History is marked by many unusual achievements. Some are delightful, and others are sad. Today we'll look into examples of both.See for privacy information.
09:34 9/26/23
Stories can drive people to do some unusual things, as these two additions to the Cabinet will show you.See for privacy information.
10:34 9/21/23
Solitary Science
Everyone wants to leave their mark on the world. How some folks have managed to do that, though, is more than curious.See for privacy information.
10:55 9/19/23
Combing Through History
One of the most curious things about humans is the ways in which we communicate. Today we'll explore two stories in that theme.See for privacy information.
09:31 9/14/23
Life, uh, Finds a Way
Mysteries and conundrums abound on this tour through the Cabinet!See for privacy information.
10:42 9/12/23
Salty Sweet
For some, a little oddness can make them stand out. Whether that's good or bad, though, is up to you to decide.See for privacy information.
09:43 9/7/23
The Miracle Cure
Tales of medical marvels are on offer today, but be careful--things get a bit dangerous.See for privacy information.
10:00 9/5/23
Curiosity can be found in the strangest places. Let's go exploring today.See for privacy information.
10:43 8/31/23
What's In a Name
Even something as simple as a name can be a curious thing, as today's tales demonstrate.See for privacy information.
09:52 8/29/23
Make It Count
Unique people who notice curious things in the world around them often leave a lasting mark, as these stories show so well.See for privacy information.
11:19 8/24/23
Hold Still
Some trends are more curious than others, as this tour through the Cabinet will prove.See for privacy information.
10:12 8/22/23
Comet Cures
Odd behavior and dangerous stakes. All that and more is included in today's tour through the Cabinet.See for privacy information.
09:52 8/17/23
On My Own
Sometimes the most curious thing we can do is live differently, as these stories demonstrate today.See for privacy information.
10:00 8/15/23
When the Vow Breaks
Today's tour through the cabinet lands us in court for a variety of things, with curious results.See for privacy information.
11:51 8/10/23
Dishing It Out
Some create, and some destroy. Either way, their journeys can be very entertaining.See for privacy information.
11:35 8/8/23
War and Savior
War can bring out the best in some people, leading to curious these.See for privacy information.
09:23 8/3/23
White Whale
Unbelievable tales always inspire a bit of curiosity. We think you're going to love these two new additions to the tour.See for privacy information.
10:45 8/1/23
TRAILER: That's Just Weird with Aaron Mahnke
TRAILER: That's Just Weird with Aaron Mahnke Get ready for a weekly tour of our weird and wonderful world! Each Friday, That's Just Weird with Aaron Mahnke explores unusual news stories from yesterday and today, then dives deeper into one bigger historical tale.  Because everyone needs a little weird in their life! Visit to learn more, or search for "That's Just Weird with Aaron Mahnke" in your favorite podcast app!See for privacy information.
01:35 7/28/23
The Slow and the Furious
It's curious just how far some people will go to make a point—both literally and figuratively.See for privacy information.
12:06 7/27/23
Finder's Eaters
Some folklore is meant to leave us in awe, and others are really good at delivery laughs. Today's tour features one of each.See for privacy information.
09:38 7/25/23
Home is where the heart is. And it's also frequently a curious place. But none can hold a candle to this pair of weird homesteads.See for privacy information.
09:36 7/20/23
Willigan's Island
Two strange individuals, two curious accomplishments. Both are on tour today in the Cabinet.See for privacy information.
09:28 7/18/23
Birthday Boy
Humans have a curious habit of making a big deal out of certain things. And the stories about those moments are always entertaining.See for privacy information.
09:37 7/13/23
Training Wheels
Unexpected changes often generate curious tales. Today's tour will feature some that stuck around, and some that didn't.See for privacy information.
10:42 7/11/23
NOC Yourself Out
Living creatures that defy our expectations are always the perfect recipe for curious tales.See for privacy information.
09:03 7/6/23
Up and Atom
Modern or ancient, there are all sorts of things to be found out there. And all of it is so, so curious.See for privacy information.
10:14 7/4/23
Sole Survivor
Human behavior is often a source of curious observation. Today's tour will help you see how that's never not true.See for privacy information.
09:31 6/29/23
Vote with Your Feet
Curious things can happen when you least expect them, as these two tales so perfectly prove.See for privacy information.
09:26 6/27/23
Myth and legend hold a lot of curious elements. Hopefully the journey will be a bit more entertaining then the truth. See for privacy information.
09:53 6/22/23
Heavy Lifting
Two tales of curious strength. One that inspires delight, and the other...dread.See for privacy information.
10:20 6/20/23