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The Bitcoin Magazine Podcast is on a mission to stay on top of what's happening with everything Bitcoin, guiding listeners through the major stories shaping the price, philosophy and community around the financial revolution. The show will also feature brief interviews from leading experts in the space.


How Bittr Reopened in Europe with Ruben Waterman 37:13 06/15/2021
The Epic of Bitcoin with Allen Farrington 60:13 06/10/2021
The Pleb’s Bitcoin Development Fund with Ben Price 56:03 06/09/2021
Greg Foss On Bitcoin In The Macroeconomic Landscape 66:19 06/09/2021
Surfing the Bitcoin Wave with Bethany Hamilton and Adam Dirks 49:53 06/03/2021
Why Playmate Jessica Vaugn is Coming to Bitcoin 2021 46:49 06/02/2021
The Institutional Landscape for Bitcoin with Cathie Wood and Anthony Scaramucci 53:41 06/01/2021
Onboarding the Masses to Lightning with Desiree Dickerson 50:27 05/27/2021
The Future of Banking with Kevin Lehtiniitty 53:24 05/25/2021
Bitcoin in Congress with Warren Davidson 51:50 05/20/2021
The Promise of Bitcoin w/ Bobby Lee 51:23 05/18/2021
When Cities Embrace Bitcoin w/ Mayor Scott Conger 39:49 05/13/2021
The Bitcoin Bull Market w/ David Puell  62:34 05/11/2021
Bitcoin Mining in the USA w/ Mike Colyer 39:01 05/06/2021
Reflections on Satoshi with Adam Back and Pete Rizzo 47:54 05/04/2021
Making Bitcoin Easy w/ Simon Lapscher 45:38 04/29/2021
Turning Data into Value w/ Eric Weiss 52:08 04/27/2021
Sustainable Mining in North America with Peter Wall 50:58 04/22/2021
How to Understand the Bitcoin Market With Rafael Schultze-Kraft 60:59 04/20/2021
The Philosophy of Bitcoin with Professor Craig Warmke 65:09 04/15/2021
Escaping the Cloud with Bitcoin Sign Guy 48:56 04/13/2021
All In On Bitcoin w/ Gary Leland 60:58 04/08/2021
Fed Watch - Central Banks Update Q1 2021 - FED 48 48:09 04/07/2021
Bitcoin Smart Contracts with Ben Carman 41:27 04/06/2021
Banking on Bitcoin with Max Carjuzaa 39:59 04/01/2021
Optimizing Bitcoin with Gloria Zhao 53:52 03/30/2021
Bitcoin Failure Scenarios with Keagan McClelland 57:16 03/23/2021
Looking Forward to Bear Arms N’ Bitcoin with Ragnar Lifthrasir 36:49 03/18/2021
Conviction in Bitcoin w/ George Mekhail 49:22 03/16/2021
Why Bitcoin Matters With Hong Fang 47:51 03/11/2021