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The Shot Put: Theology + Psychology Podcast | with Brian Kay

The Shot Put podcast travels in the fascinating and sometimes dangerous border country between theology and psychology, between contemporary psychotherapy and much older forms of soul care. If you’re a provider or a consumer of any form of curative talk (we’re looking at you psychotherapists, pastors, and counselors of every type), and you suspect that both Scripture and neurobiology might have something to teach you about how human beings tick, then this show is for you. Your host is Brian Kay (PhD theology/MA psychology).


Ep. 12: Humans!: A Model, Part 2
Part two of a model of human functioning which suggests that our core spiritual-psychological diagnosis is idolatry, that is, looking for solace from the pain of broken relationships with the wrong rescuers.
92:06 11/13/2016
Ep. 11: Humans!: A Model, Part 1
An introduction to a model of human functioning that makes heavy use of the words covenant, love, and the pretentious phrase "relational domain." This is part one a two-part MANIFESTO.
99:43 04/30/2016
Ep. 10: What's a Theoretical Orientation?
Theory is what guides counseling, but how do secular theories jive with the Christian view of personhood? And what is the Christian view of personhood? And what does all of this have to do with Fiestaware?
30:27 01/30/2016
Ep. 9: Counselor Competencies
Hey therapists: The American Counseling Association thinks you should know a few things about religion.
25:15 01/15/2016
Ep. 8: Christmas Bonus (Me Reading You the Newspaper)
Where I read you someone else's op-ed on the Incarnation using a poor mic in the family bathroom. Still, seemed worth it.
08:38 12/26/2015
Ep. 7: May Licensed Therapists Talk God?
The old answer was "No. Please, we're modern people here." The new answer is "yes", or even, "Yes, or else! "
25:45 12/20/2015
Ep. 6: The Two Book Theory
The old, trusty Two Book theory of knowledge gives us a helping hand in navigating the border country.
17:55 12/08/2015
Ep. 5: Exploring the Border Country
The border country is where citizens of two countries can meet to exchange ideas, but watch out for the land mines.
13:57 11/30/2015
Ep. 4: What's in a Name?
How a literal shot put became the name of a theology/psychology podcast.
23:47 11/19/2015
Ep. 3: The Problem of Reductionism
The third introductory fly-over of the show. Why reducing human experience to just a couple of explanatory models in sadly limiting. Don't be a reductionist, be a maximalist!
18:07 11/05/2015
Ep. 2: The Tertullian Question
For us, "what does Athens have to do with Jerusalem?" translates to "what does psychology have to do with theology?" Another show teaser.
05:53 11/05/2015
Ep. 1: Luther Meets Freud
Introducing a new podcast where a Christian theology of people is hashed out in the presence of unlikely voices from the world of psychology.
03:40 11/05/2015