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The Ben and Skin show airs live from 10a-2p weekdays on 97.1 The Freak in Dallas/Fort-Worth. It’s a hilarious, chemistry-rich, nut-kicking, stroll though the biggest stories each day. Content includes everything from pop culture, to pranks, to local news, to sports, to parody songs, to game shows, and more.Ben Rogers and Jeff "Skin" Wade have been friends since they were 12 and have been hosting radio shows together in DFW since 2001. Their popular show also features guitar-playing super producer Krystina “K-Ray” Ray and Stripmall Steve Shackleford.Follow the gang on Twitter: @benrogers@skinwade @krystina_ray & @stripmallsteve


Just the Opening Tip September 20, 2023
A look ahead at the BIG night at TK's Comedy hosted by KT, with Paul Varghese, Michael Pasvar, and our very own STRIPMALL STEVE!!
18:31 9/20/23
Ryan Vaughn - the Fentanyl Crisis
We have Ryan Vaughn on to tell us about his own personal experience with the fentanyl crisis. He shares his story of losing his own daughter to the drug, educates us all on how dangerous the drug really is, and the ongoing fight to bring awareness to it. For more information go to
20:03 9/20/23
Trending in Ben
We recap the powerful segment with Ryan Vaughn on the fentanyl crisis before Trending in Ben - where we preview the next prank interview, the Sports Inferno. Don't miss it live Thursday at 11:30 am!
18:23 9/20/23
Scorching Hot Predictions
A discussion on Vanna White's salary and age before SCORCHING HOT PREDICTIONS - It's Ben's turn to predict whatever he wants, will any of these predictions come true?!
18:20 9/20/23
Super Sports Nooner
We're joined LIVE by Marc Stein of the SteinLine to talk some Dallas Mavericks!!! It's almost that time again, Marc gives us an update on Luka's status, what the Mavs have been up to over the summer, and of course, we're gonna talk some Dirk!
23:44 9/20/23
The Today Game September 20, 2023
Trevon Diggs, Pepperoni Pizza, George RR Martin and MORE are all candidates in the Today Game for September 20, 2023!
17:24 9/20/23
Weekday Update
We're joined by the talented Gina Miller with an FC Dallas update before we get into the Weekday Update - Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift are official?! Or are they? Also, would you get a divorce if this happened at your wedding?
19:57 9/20/23
1:40 Shorty
We discuss the on-goings of the biggest lottery winner ever - Edwin Castro. He's already bought three houses (mansions really), how much longer until he's completely out of money?
18:07 9/20/23
Just the Opening Tip September 19, 2023
X (formerly known as Twitter, whatever) is about to start charging it's users, will people pay it? Is it actually worth it?
18:41 9/19/23
Deion Sanders
60 min ran a piece on Deion Sanders Sunday night, and we discuss not only the interview, but the greatness of Deion (with audio!!!)
19:34 9/19/23
Trending in Ben
How did we lose an $80 Million plane?! Also, Ben proves once again he's the best at interneting by sharing some incredible audio with us, from a kid being bullied to Logan Paul taking on a troll
18:39 9/19/23
What’s Going on in Dallas Ft Worth
We have more HEB's on the way!!! Also, there's way too much poop in Dallas, what're we going to do about it? And a quick story on Sylvester Stallone know why
24:36 9/19/23
Super Sports Nooner
We discuss the awful Nick Chubb injury, which leads to other awful NFL injury talk. Also, was it right to not show it on TV?
18:30 9/19/23
The Today Game September 19, 2023
Adam West, Moneyball, and Pirates are all part of the Today Game for September 19, 2023
18:47 9/19/23
Weekday Update
There's more info on what Chris Rock had to deal with after the infamous slap, and a Dallas County public defender accused of having a relationship with an inmate
19:52 9/19/23
1:40 Shorty
We discuss prank interview options before finishing up the list of fastest growing food chains!
24:49 9/19/23
Just the Opening Tip September 18, 2023
Starting off the week with the biggest news stories - A COWBOYS WIN! Russell Brand in some very hot water, and the lady who was farted on by Arnold Schwarzenegger has a new memoir out
20:14 9/18/23
How 'bout them Cowboys!
The Cowboys are 2-0!!! And it's looking to stay that way for a while! A discussion on McCarthy's coaching decisions and other differences this year that's keeping us optimistic.
20:04 9/18/23
Trending in Ben
Ben gives three examples of when he's learned the hard way to never trust a fart, one of which happened years ago and he's just now admitting to everyone. He then begins the story on how he exploded a porcelain toilet over the weekend
20:02 9/18/23
Lazy Susan
Ben finishes the harrowing tale of him exploding a toilet over a weekend (literally!) before we play a fun game in the Lazy Susan - the top 10 restaurants that have expanded the most in recent years
22:45 9/18/23
Super Sports Nooner
We HAVE to talk more Cowboys on a winning Monday!!! We discuss Parsons' impact on the team, and how our kicker has surprised us all. Also, do we currently have the top players in every big sport right here in DFW?
20:24 9/18/23
The Today Game September 18, 2023
James Gandolfini, Jason Sudeikis, Fred Willard and more are all candidates in the Today Game for September 18, 2023!
18:14 9/18/23
Weekday Update
How Vegas strippers are helping those affected by the Cyberattack, one lady is being sent thousands of condoms and no one knows why, and El Chapo's wife is out of prison!
22:07 9/18/23
1:40 Shorty
Skin has tried the Portillo's in Allen, and gives us his review! Also, why is Halle Berry pissed at Drake?
23:31 9/18/23
Just the Opening Tip September 15, 2023
Cavalcante is still in the news, we get into how he survived on the run for so long. Also, Stripmall Steve has an incredible song to debut, and Diggs has given a response to the Bills reporter caught talking about him on a live stream
20:25 9/15/23
What’s Going on in Dallas Ft Worth
We're at Andrew's American Pizza Kitchen, which just happens to be next to a School of Rock. K-Ray talks about her history of teaching there, and also gives a recap of an incredible Tenacious D concert at Texas Trust CU Theatre in Grand Prairie!
18:36 9/15/23
Trending in Ben
Danny of the Downbeat joins us to celebrate a new Bastards of Soul song! Also, Ben shares some more incredible audio of a Wendy's training video and an old Mr. Microphone commercial
21:35 9/15/23
Wireless Skin
Always gold, especially when Skin's mom Gator is in the audience!! Gator and K-Ray enjoy a pizza sampler while Skin intrudes on some nice women celebrating a birthday
22:46 9/15/23
Super Sports Nooner
Rangers are on a hot streak!!! And a look ahead at Cowboys vs Jets - How will Dak handle their defense? Who's currently on the injured list?
20:03 9/15/23
The Today Game September 15, 2023
Tom Hardy, Dan Marino, and Jason Terry are all candidates in the Today Game for September 15, 2023!
21:54 9/15/23