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90-second messages highlighting Biblical principles and pointing listeners to Jesus Christ


To every creature
The great commission for every disciple of Christ is to preach the gospel to every creature. That command is presented in this Mark 16:15 audio devotional.
01:33 12/30/23
The first commandment
Jesus answers a question about the first commandment in Mark 12:30-31. We discuss the first and second and why they are no burden in this audio devotional.
01:34 12/29/23
No more twain
Male and female and our connection through marriage are discussed in this audio devotional. Jesus is answering a question about divorce in Mark 10:6-8.
01:33 12/28/23
He began to teach them
Jesus reveals, in Mark 8:31, that He will be killed and raise from the dead. As this audio devotional explains, His disciples struggled with understanding.
01:32 12/27/23
And were filled
Jesus took a small lunch and made it a very big lunch in Mark 6:41-42. We explain Jesus’ habit of delivering more than we expect in this audio devotional.
01:32 12/26/23
Even the wind and the sea
Jesus, with a few words, calms a storm on the Sea of Galilee. In Mark 4:41, His disciples ask what manner of man He is. We explain in this audio devotional.
01:33 12/25/23
They that are sick
This audio devotional from Mark 2:17 is about the answer Jesus gives to the scribes and Pharisees that ask why He would eat with publicans and sinners.
01:33 12/24/23
They were fishers
Simon and Andrew leave their nets to follow Jesus in Mark 1:16-17. This audio devotional is about their transition from ordinary fishers to fishers of men.
01:32 12/23/23
Ye bring more wrath
In an era of mostly good news for Israel, we find them disobedient regarding the sabbath in Nehemiah 13:18. This audio devotional examines that problem.
01:34 12/22/23
On the sabbath day
The people of Jerusalem were working on the sabbath day in Nehemiah 13:15. According to this audio devotional, they were to sanctify that day unto the Lord.
01:33 12/21/23
And confessed their sins
In Nehemiah 9:2, the people of Israel separate from foreign people and gods. This audio devotional is about their confession of sins and turn back to God.
01:32 12/20/23
The people were attentive
Ezra reads the law before the people in Nehemiah 8:3. We begin to understand how this wall project has brought Jerusalem together in this audio devotional.
01:33 12/19/23
A faithful man
As the wall and gates are completed, new leadership is appointed in Jerusalem. This Nehemiah 7:2 audio devotional is about one of those faithful leaders.
01:33 12/18/23
Wrought of our God
When Israel’s enemies saw that Jerusalem’s wall was rebuilt in 52 days, they perceived God was involved. This is the subject of today’s audio devotional.
01:34 12/17/23
Strengthen my hands
In Nehemiah 6:9, false accusations are made against Israel and against Nehemiah. We focus on his prayer for strength to persevere in this audio devotional.
01:32 12/16/23
Remember the Lord
When enemies are approaching Jerusalem, Nehemiah tells the people to remember the Lord. This Nehemiah 4:14 audio devotional encourages us to do the same.
01:34 12/15/23
Had a mind to work
The people of Israel made remarkable progress on Jerusalem’s wall according to Nehemiah 4:6. This audio devotional explains the opposition they are facing.
01:33 12/14/23
Over against his house
This audio devotional is found within a list of locations and names. In Nehemiah 3:28, we discover details about Nehemiah’s plan to repair Jerusalem’s wall.
01:34 12/13/23
Grieved them exceedingly
Sanballat and Tobiah voice their displeasure in Nehemiah 2:10. They are described as the enemies of Israel and Nehemiah’s mission in this audio devotional.
01:32 12/12/23
That I may build it
God has placed Nehemiah in a privileged position in Nehemiah 2:5. This audio devotional explains his circumstances and how they are vital to his mission.
01:33 12/11/23
Grant him mercy
Nehemiah asked God for mercy in the sight of Artaxerxes in Nehemiah 1:11. We discuss his prayer, next steps, and what they mean in this audio devotional.
01:34 12/10/23
Hear the prayer
In his prayer and fasting, Nehemiah shows his deep concern for the people of Israel. We focus on a few of the details in our Nehemiah 1:6 audio devotional. 
01:34 12/9/23
Affliction and reproach
Nehemiah is concerned about the people and the city of Jerusalem. He is told of their condition in Nehemiah 1:3, which is the text of our audio devotional.
01:34 12/8/23
The heart melteth
God’s adversaries in Nineveh are being judged in Nahum 2:10. Their hearts melt with fear. This audio devotional describes the consequences of their rebellion.
01:34 11/28/23
The day of trouble
The day of trouble comes for everyone. When it does, God is our strong hold. This is the theme of our Nahum 1:7 audio devotional on trusting our good God.
01:31 11/27/23
The Lord hath his way
Nahum draws a picture of God in this pronouncement of judgement against Nineveh. Our Nahum 1:3 audio devotional reveals a God who is patient and powerful.
01:32 11/22/23
Life is in his Son
The popular teaching of the world about eternal life is wrong. In this I John 5:11-12 audio devotional, we learn that eternal life is in Jesus Christ alone.
01:33 11/20/23
If a man say
This I John 4:20 audio devotional tells us we can claim to love God, while exactly the opposite is true. If we say we love God, we must love our brothers.
01:33 11/19/23
Love is of God
This audio devotional from from I John 4:7 is all about love. The passage tells us love is of God and we examine what this means for believers in Christ.
01:33 11/18/23
Try the spirits
This I John 4:1 audio devotional urges believers to walk with Christ daily, educating ourselves in His word, so that we may try the spirits in the world.
01:33 11/17/23

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