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90-second messages highlighting Biblical principles and pointing listeners to Jesus Christ


All they that wait
Our Lord is a God of judgement, according to Isaiah 30:18. This audio devotional explains His grace and mercy toward those who will wait on Him.
01:29 01/18/2022
In perfect peace
God gives peace to those who trust in Him. As we struggle to carry the heavy loads of life, this audio devotional from Isaiah 26:3-4 points us to the Lord.
01:31 01/13/2022
The Lord hath spoken
The future is secure for those who embrace the Messiah, Jesus. This Isaiah 25:8 audio devotional describes these matters on which the Lord has spoken.
01:29 01/12/2022
I will ascend
Lucifer, son of the morning, sought to be like the most High. This audio devotional from Isaiah 14:13-14 explains the pride and emptiness of this desire.
01:32 01/11/2022
God is my salvation
Isaiah 12:2 makes it clear that God is our salvation. Men who trust in Him, according to this audio devotional, may have courage in this world of danger.
01:30 01/10/2022
A root of Jesse
This prophecy of "a root of Jesse" speaks of the Messiah. We are reminded in this audio devotional from Isaiah 11:10, that He is revealed to us as Jesus.
01:30 01/09/2022
A child is born
This Isaiah 9:6 audio devotional is about the prophesied Messiah, His incarnation, His reign as king, and the meaning of the names Isaiah lists for Him.
01:32 01/08/2022
The Lord himself
The miraculous sign of a virgin-born son would be given according to Isaiah 7:14. This audio devotional focuses on Immanuel, Jesus, "God with us."
01:31 01/07/2022
I am undone
Isaiah's vision of God in Isaiah 6 is revealing. Confronted with God's holiness in Isaiah 6:5 he cries "Woe is me!" This audio devotional explains.
01:32 01/06/2022
Darkness for light
Men often contradict God, calling evil good and good evil. This audio devotional from Isaiah 5:20 explains how we can do right with joy in their midst.
01:31 01/05/2022
Reward of his hands
Men will have the reward of their doings according to Isaiah 3:10-11. This audio devotional reminds us that God deals righteously with men at all times.
01:32 01/04/2022
The lofty looks
In the day Isaiah 2:11 speaks about, lofty looks will be cast down. This audio devotional focuses on the rule and reign of God and the humbling of men.
01:30 01/03/2022
White as snow
In this Isaiah 1:18 audio devotional, the people of Israel are offered forgiveness for sin. Isaiah makes it clear they are stained, but can be cleansed.
01:32 01/02/2022
Ye might have life
John 20:30-31 admits much more could be said about Jesus, but as this audio devotional emphasizes, what John says about Him is of primary importance.
01:30 01/01/2022
Peace be unto you
The hope of the gospel is confirmed in Jesus' resurrection. He is seen alive by His disciples in John 20:19, which is the focus of this audio devotional.
01:31 12/31/2021
No power at all
In this audio devotional from John 19:10-11, we discuss the authority God grants men and assert that none of us can wield that power without His consent.
01:32 04/12/2021
And they smote him
The sinless Savior placed Himself, willingly, in the hands of men who would punish Him as though He were a criminal. This John 19:1-3 devotional explains.
01:32 02/11/2021
I spake openly
In John 18:20-21, Jesus answers a question from the high priest about His disciples and His doctrine. This audio devotional explains His response.
01:32 02/09/2021
Whom seek ye?
A band of men have come looking for Jesus when He asks "Whom seek ye?" This audio devotional from John 18:4-5 explains a little more of the situation.
01:32 02/07/2021
Thy word is truth
Jesus is aware of all the difficulties His disciples will face, but He does not pray for our escape. This audio devotional from John 17:15-17 has more.
01:30 02/05/2021
Be of good cheer
Jesus speaks words of peace to His disciples in John 16:33. This audio devotional is about tribulation and believer's ability to have good cheer.
01:32 02/03/2021
Remembereth no more
After Jesus' resurrection, the sorrow of the disciples becomes joy. That transition is compared to child birth in this audio devotional from John 16:21.
01:32 02/02/2021
Not of the world
We should not be surprised if the world hates us. We are not of this world. This audio devotional from John 15:18-19 provides an explanation.
01:31 02/01/2021
Abide in me
This John 15:4 audio devotional explains why our Christian life cannot be successful without abiding in the vine. Jesus describes himself as the true vine.
01:31 01/31/2021
But the Comforter
Jesus has spoken for several verses about a Comforter. In John 14:26 we learn He is the Holy Spirit. This audio devotional tells us more about Him.
01:33 01/30/2021
Prepare a place
There is no need for Christians to be troubled, Jesus is preparing a place for us. This audio devotional from John 14:1-2 explains the subject further.
01:30 01/28/2021
Shall all men know
When we have the kind of love Jesus talks about in John 13:34-35, we resemble Him. As this audio devotional explains, it is a love the world notices.
01:31 01/27/2021
What shall I say?
Jesus looks ahead to the cross in John 12:27-28. This audio devotional explains how a voice from heaven confirms His mission, which will glorify the Father.
01:31 01/26/2021
By reason of him
The story of Lazarus being raised from the dead is making an impact in John 12:10-11. This audio devotional explains the circumstances in more detail.
01:30 01/25/2021
Because of the people
Jesus is about to call Lazarus forth from his grave in John 11:41-42. Listen to this audio devotional as He strengthens the belief of those nearby.
01:30 01/24/2021