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Max Mooseman and HarperTheFox answer dirty, frivolous and often horrifying questions that would ruin any party.


Make Crack Great
Harper and Max release a Bonus Episode into the public feed. Max asks: can you defend the idea that smoking crack is a great decision?
26:34 4/6/23
Goofy Rape
Harper and Max release a favorite Bonus Episode into the public feed! Max asks: a cartoon character from your childhood is secretly guilty of rape. Who did the dirty deed?
19:45 3/30/23
Butthole Tube Technology
Harper sent Max a video of a woman shitting a double-ended dildo into another woman's gaping asshole. Why would she do something that?
21:19 3/23/23
Drop Ass Like It’s Hot
What is the most embarrassing thing you could imagine falling out of your asshole? HarperTheFox hosts with a guest, the entrepreneurial maven herself, the Sloppy Drunken Donkey Witch Ho.
21:20 3/21/23
Infidelity Donuts
If your spouse eats more than six donuts in bed per week, do you have the right to cheat on them? And are they actually encouraging it?
25:00 3/16/23
Homosexual Ice Cream
What is the most homosexual flavor of ice cream? And why does Max get horny when he eats Rocky Road?
21:50 3/14/23
I Hate That Baby
At what age do you just know that a human being is garbage? Is it wrong to deeply and in your soul hate a baby?
25:00 3/9/23
Alien Buttfuckery
Do aliens probe for science, or to get off? This simple question leads into a rich discussion of ButtScience and FuckScience, and where they overlap.
27:34 3/7/23
Tail Pipe Blow Job
Max Mooseman asks his wife, Harper the Fox, "Why did you send me a video of a man inflating his penis on a dirtbike tail pipe?"
22:38 2/28/23
Do you do Scooby Doo?
Max Mooseman asks: Is it wrong to have sex with Scooby Doo if he asks you to? This one gets gnarly as he and Harper the Fox disagree, diving deep into the ethics of dog-fucking.
25:01 2/28/23
The End of Muff Munching
What popular sex act should be outlawed forever on pain of death? This might end Max Mooseman and Harper the Fox's relationship.
24:30 2/23/23
Damsel in Bowel Distress
What would it take for you to HAPPILY let a beautiful woman shit in your mouth? Captain Save-a-Ho enters as a guest as Harper the Fox and Max Mooseman discuss.
21:17 2/21/23
Opera Yeast Infection
Max, Harper, and a special guest passionately get to the bottom of the question: is opera good? Coming to you live-ish from a brand new and deeply sad location.
24:29 1/27/23
Spit or Swallow
What is the worst thing that could crack inside your mouth? In this episode we learn that Harper doesn't know how to spit.
24:09 12/28/22
Eat the Uggos
You have to eat an entire person. Do you choose someone lean, so it goes by faster, or do you choose someone fat, so it tastes better, but takes much longer?
28:31 12/13/22
Where are the Clowns Hiding?
HarperTheFox learns something new about her sexual proclivities and Max Mooseman has theories about the origins of that fucking nose.
31:01 11/23/22
Storytime Ep 2: The Curse of the Sex-Goat
Written by Max Mooseman and Mr. Computer. A Disney vacation turns foul when a man is seduced by a lovely woman with terrible, terrible plans.
37:15 11/7/22
Storytime Ep 1: The Bus Stop of DOOM
This episode is a sweaty, gritty, eau-du-crackhead tale of lust. HarperTheFox reacts along with you to the sordid scenes.
26:15 11/1/22
Bus Stop Sex– What Went Wrong?
What would have to go wrong in your life for you to be the woman at the bus stop getting fucked by a one-handed black man in an Animal t-shirt?
24:40 10/18/22
Whiners Get Cancer
How much cancer would you give your beloved in order to avoid losing your pinky toe?
24:45 10/3/22
Do Do Drugs
The episode in which we find out we were drug addicts. What are the scariest 2 drugs? Which one would you rather do for 2 months?
25:48 9/17/22
Dick Chicken
You have to legalize one sex crime that is currently illegal. What do you choose? Does it change your answer if you have to do it?
24:13 9/2/22
You must bang one of two people: an exact clone of your mom with a different mind, or a 10/10 sexy woman with the mind of your mom trapped inside. What do?
24:37 8/26/22
How Many Licks Does it Take?
How many dicks do you have to suck before you are automatically and undeniably gay? Max Mooseman and HarperTheFox bring you the truth.
25:48 8/19/22
The Billionaire Buttfuck Challenge
An eccentric billionaire has made you an offer. You get an exponential payoff for the biggest vegetable you can fit in your butt. You can only try one vegetable, and if you fail, you get nothing at all. What do you pick?
27:43 8/11/22
Eat Shit and Cry
You've made the decision to sample human shit for sexual gratification, but you aren't into it. In the aftermath, is the rest of your life more like recovering from a car wreck, or losing a limb?
22:30 8/4/22
Slavery is OKAY?
You're going down on a woman you are excited to bang. Suddenly & distinctly, a voice inside her pussy starts talking to you. What do you do?
26:10 7/28/22
“Get the Scoop, Take the Schlong” starring Morgan Freeman’s Cock
Morgan Freeman has agreed to play the lead in a new rom com, only if his co-star is the disabled shock-comic "Donovan CrippDaddy."
25:01 7/5/22
A Time-Traveling Chimp’s Asshole and Johnny Depp
A Chimp from the future has come to 2022 with an important mission, but in a terrible scuffle his asshole becomes fused to Johnny Depp's arm.
23:34 6/14/22
FISTING LINCOLN Pt 2– Bigger Fists, Smaller Midgets
"Honest Abe" honestly loved fisting and midgets, and in the second half of our first two-parter we find our pre-presidential hero in New Orleans, looking for his next great night of fucking.
23:37 6/6/22

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