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How's Your ePresence?

Welcome to “How’s Your ePresence?” hosted by Mark Galvin, Founder and President of ePresence.  (  We talk about social media #news, #tips, and #hacks with fresh news and cool guests! The shows run live on Tuesdays at 10AM EST and Thursdays at 3PM EST on Facebook (, YouTube (, and LinkedIn ( Where do we publish our podcast? At all of the icons below. Catch the video version of episodes at: YouTube ( and the best file to share on social media) COPYRIGHT © ePresence, LLC, 2021


What's Going on With Facebook? with Mark Galvin 33:51 10/08/2021
SPIRE Special: John F. Dilworth of Motivation for the Masses 31:23 10/07/2021
How to Ensure Strong SEO with Ryan Williams of The Websuasion Group 36:05 10/01/2021
How to Ensure Cybersecurity with Alon Manstur of Cybrella 31:34 09/24/2021
How Can Music Help in Business? with Bronkar Lee 31:54 09/17/2021
How to Achieve Organic Growth with Caleb Roche of CRoche Consulting 34:04 09/10/2021
How to Achieve Your "Bigger Life" with Jeff Bartholomew of Everest Business Coaching 31:34 09/09/2021
How to Utilize Influencers and User Generated Content with Paul Benigeri of Archive 37:04 09/03/2021
How to Optimize YouTube with Augie Johnston of VIDChops 33:51 08/27/2021
How to Convert Followers to Dollars with Aleya Harris of Flourish Marketing 37:46 08/20/2021
How to Build a Better Website with Jeff Smith of Code Conspirators 31:20 08/13/2021
How to Ensure Cybersecurity in Your Business with Bill Courtright of mPowered IT 33:01 08/06/2021
How to Leverage Social Media in the Financial Services Industry with Ed Castner of McGriff Insurance 36:03 08/05/2021
How to Build a Website in Two Hours with Nathan Bynum of Reach Fuel Potential 34:05 07/30/2021
How to Leverage Live Streams with Amani Roberts of The Amani Experience 35:36 07/23/2021
PART 1: How to do SEO Better with Dr. Ty Belknap of Port Bell SEO 33:30 07/16/2021
PART 2: How to do SEO Better with Dr. Ty Belknap of Port Bell SEO 32:00 07/16/2021
MAY ROUNDUP: How to Optimize Your Video Production and SEO 39:45 07/09/2021
How to Make and Use Landing Pages with Alyson Lex 37:48 07/02/2021
How to Optimize Your Camera Presence with Elsewine Rietveld of Presence Training 38:35 06/25/2021
How to Use the Marketing Strategy Model with Tracy Roberts of COX Media Group 29:52 06/18/2021
How to Build a Great Email List with Jennie Wright 41:08 06/11/2021
How to Make the Most of Your SEO Strategy with Liam Carnahan of Inkwell Content 37:35 06/04/2021
APRIL ROUNDUP: How to Utilize the Power of Video, Audio, and Motion Graphics 30:38 05/28/2021
How to Utilize the Power of Sound with Voice Actor Jodi Krangle 43:05 05/21/2021
How to Work Less and Make More with Tyler Sullivan of BombTech Golf 38:04 05/14/2021
How to Manage & Leverage Storytelling with Erin Goodier of Goodier Creative 32:38 05/07/2021
How to Create and Utilize Motion Graphics with Jennifer Pradhan of 098 Productions & Design 33:48 04/30/2021
How to Optimize Dental Practices and Marketing with Chris Pistorius of KickStart Dental Marketing 38:34 04/23/2021
How to Scale eCommerce Shops with Daniel Stafford & Robby Switzer of Shopanova 35:39 04/16/2021