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Project Management Office Hours

Project Management Office Hours explores the humanity and reality of Project Management. You get to know the leaders in the Project Management industry and understand their story. Hosted by Joe Pusz, PMO Joe, Project Management Advocate and CEO & Founder of THE PMO SQUAD and The PMO Leader.


E108 The Power of Listening with Ruth Bedingfield 53:59 08/10/2022
E107 Now that's Smart with Melissa McDonald 50:40 07/27/2022
E106 Getting More from LeSS with Robert Briese and Konstantin Ribel 53:05 07/18/2022
E105 Wartime PMO Leadership featuring Mariia Abdullina 57:33 06/20/2022
E104 The Amazing Project Management talent in Latin America and El Salvador 59:02 06/07/2022
E103 Finding Your Project Management Purpose with Ricardo Sastre Martin 56:49 05/24/2022
E102 Project Management Research, Key Findings with Louise Worsley 57:38 05/11/2022
E101 Reimagining Work With Tim Creasey 60:35 04/28/2022
E100 Celebrating 100 PMOH Episodes with Asya Watkins and Kim Essendrup 60:23 04/13/2022
E99 Don’t be a Waiter with Ben Peters 54:54 03/24/2022
E98 Getting (Sh)It Done with Bruno Morgante 51:25 03/09/2022
E97 Building your Network with Kandis Porter 58:19 02/27/2022
E96 Finding Passion in Your Work with Louise Gardner 53:26 02/09/2022
E95 Bridging the Strategy-Execution Gap with Annmarie Curley 57:03 01/25/2022
E94 Learning Productivity Hacks for Project Managers with Nigel Creaser 58:20 01/12/2022
E93 Meet the Award Winning OneLink PMO Family 58:34 12/22/2021
E92 Business Playbook with Chris Ronzio 58:26 12/07/2021
E91 Transitioning from the Military to Project Management with Art García, Curtis Brown, Cathy Christian 61:40 11/24/2021
E90 Citizen Development with Matt and Mario 67:36 11/09/2021
E89 Passion from Project Management with Ricardo Vargas 59:42 10/14/2021
E88 Putting Agility into Governance with Fatimah Abbouchi 61:41 10/12/2021
E87 The Story of The Lucky PM with Marisa Silva 55:52 09/21/2021
E86 Understanding Change Management with Tim Creasey 58:13 09/08/2021
E85 PMO Community a Global Perspective with Americo Pinto 59:17 08/23/2021
E84 Channel Your Curiosity with Carsten Ley 56:12 08/12/2021
E83 Breaking Through Barriers with Erika Flora 59:24 07/18/2021
E82 Strategic Implementations with Antonio Nieto Rodriquez 52:09 07/18/2021
E81 Gamification with Daniel Zitter and Hamutal Weisz 56:58 06/25/2021
E80 Dancing with Fire with Danielle Torley 55:08 06/11/2021
E79 The Benefits of Diversity in the Project Management Community with Alana Hill 54:25 05/20/2021