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Stress will come and stress will go, but sailing through a tense situation is something that we all need to learn. In this podcast, Sonal Kalra, Managing Editor - Entertainment at Hindustan Times, will be your guide on how you can be a better version of yourself. So, relax and Tension Not!


Ace director, Imtiaz Ali shares his mantra to Tension Not!
If your favourite movie bucket list consists of flicks like Jab We Met, Highway, and Rockstar, you are a true blue Imitiaz Ali fan. We all know how intense this maverick filmmaker is, and it goes without saying that this art comes with its own set of tensions. But how does Imitiaz Ali stay chill all the time? Come and join Sonal Kalra, as she asks Imitiaz his mantra to stay stress-free.
18:53 02/04/2022
Actress Raveena Tandon shares how to Tension Not!
The life of celebrities is not a cakewalk. Being public figures, they have to deal with a lot, may it be paparazzi or social media trolls. All this can give them a heavy dose of tension for sure. But how do they deal with so much pressure? Well, to reveal that, Raveena Tandon is in the house people! So tune into this episode of Tension Not and catch Sonal Kalra in conversation with this B-town beauty.
14:43 01/28/2022
Sleeping over your problems is not a solution. Face them head on and Tension Not
Why do you want to keep a problem pending when it can be sorted right away? Listen to this episode of Tension Not where Sonal shares how not resolving your problems can lead to a bigger mess.
10:21 10/01/2021
Got a toxic boss? Tension Not and use these tips to deal with the situation
It’s said that people don’t leave bad jobs, they leave bad bosses. Having a toxic boss can make your professional life miserable. In fact, it can also hamper your growth trajectory. Hence, it is important to address this issue. Tune into this episode of Tension Not and hear Sonal Kalra share some tips to handle a toxic boss.
14:37 09/18/2021
Concerned about the rising number of heart attacks? Tension Not and listen up
The death of actor Sidharth Shukla has left everyone shocked. It also brought to focus something which we take for granted, that's our health, specifically, our heart health. What is more problematic is that young people are paying the price of it. In this episode of Tension Not, Sonal Kalra wants to address the issue and give you some important tips as well. Come and listen up!
13:46 09/03/2021
Fear of public speaking? Keep these tips handy and Tension Not
Many of us fear public speaking. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t deal with this devil. Listen to this episode of Tension Not, where Sonal is tipping you with some easy ways to speak out loud.
12:54 07/24/2021
Scared of online frauds? Tension Not and learn how to stay safe
The virtual world comes with its own pros and cons. You might have come across people on dating sites, who meet, develop a bond, become vulnerable and get conned--especially financially. Today, Sonal is telling some similar kisse-kahaniya that might keep you posted about such people that are out there, so that you can stay safe from all such malpractices.
12:23 07/09/2021
Make your WFH to office transition easy with these three simple tips
No one likes transitions. Two years ago we were worried about how we were going to cope up with this work from home situation. We were literally missing going to our offices. But in these two years, our mind and body both have got attuned to this WFH culture. To an extent that now we are paranoid to move back to our offices. If you are one of them then relax as in this episode of Tension Not, Sonal Kalra is telling you three simple tips that will make this transition a cakewalk.
07:28 06/25/2021
How cautious should you be post Covid-19 to stay tension free
We are surrounded by information as well as misinformation when it comes to Covid-19. The problem is that bifurcating between the two is a little tedious. That's why Sonal Kalra got in touch with an expert in this episode of Tension Not to reveal what you should believe, and what you should ignore
17:27 06/11/2021
Here's what NOT to say to the women in your life
Guys, please be ears because you are getting the hack of your life by none other than Sonal Kalra on the occasion of women's day. In this episode of Tension Not Sonal is sharing some really exciting tips that you can use to make the women around you feel safe, loved, and stress-free. So, listen to what all Sonal has in store for you.
05:58 03/10/2021
32: This Valentine's Day, Break Away From These Kinds of Partners And Tension Not
It's the month of love and Valentine's Day is here. But not everybody has a soulmate by their side. Many women are trapped in unhappy relationships. And FYI, these relationships are not mentally and emotionally healthy. That's why Sonal Kalra is listing the kinds of partners you should break up with this Valentine's.
07:20 02/12/2021
31: Want To Let Go Of Toxic People? Then Take Sonal's Advice And Tension Not
Sonal is back and this time she has great new year resolution to share with you: In 2021, she is letting go of toxic people. And for that a fabulous plan. If you want to follow suit, then tune into this episode of Tension Not and take tips from Sonal. 
07:22 01/15/2021
30: Lost A Loved One? Tension Not Because Life Will Help You Deal With It
Unfortunately, Sonal has lost someone very precious and close to her. And it is not easy to deal with it. But in life we don't have a choice but to make our peace with certain situations. In this episode of Tension Not, Sonal wants to share her own experience to deal with a loss of someone you love. 
12:09 12/12/2020
29: Positivity Is In The Air, So Tension Not!
After a long haul, Sonal air-travelled amid covid-19. She noticed that life and the temperament of the people have changed drastically. She finds more positivity now than ever before. Come and listen to this episode of Tension Not, where Sonal Kalra is sharing her experience in adapting the 'new normal'.  
07:51 11/20/2020
28: Put That Phone Down, Help Others, And Live In The moment Instead Of Capturing it!
We are so busy in capturing the moments that we forgot to enjoy them. At times, when someone needs our help instead of putting our hand out we take out our phones to capture the scene and to make it go viral. This can lead to anxiety and stress. Listen to this episode of Tension Not where Sonal Karla talks about how life behind your camera phone can have big repercussions.    
07:42 11/06/2020
27: Tension Not Because Ekta Kapoor Just Shared 5 Golden Rules For Life Post Covid-19
If your hair is turning grey thinking how you will cope with life post covid-19, then tune into this episode of Tension Not, where Ekta Kapoor is giving tips for setting up life post pandemic.
19:36 10/23/2020
26: Make Every Moment Of Your Life Worth It And Tension Not!.
At times we find ourselves dealing with a very precarious state of mind, that keeps us figuring out our true priorities. If you find yourself in this mess, then hear this episode of Tension Not, where Sonal Kalra is sharing some simple tips to make every moment of your life worth it.  
08:00 10/09/2020
25: Raging Arguments With Neighbours Getting Unbearable? Then Tension Not, And Listen To This
There are two types of people in the world. Those who love animals and who think that they are a nuisance. If you fall under the first category and love to feed them, especially stray dogs, then you know the kind of trouble you can find yourself in with your neighbours. Know what we mean? Listen to this episode of Tension Not as Sonal has some advice for you.
08:56 09/25/2020
24: Information Overload Making Your Head Spin? Tension Not And Let These Tips Help
We are overloaded with information these days. Not to mention,  seeing one thing repeatedly at times gives us a headache. That's why in this episode of Tension Not, Sonal Kalra is telling you how to stay stress free in this 24X7 news overload world. 
05:20 09/11/2020
23: Feeling Guilty About Not Spending Enough Time With Your Parents? Tension Not!
If you are living under the guilt of not spending enough time with your parents then don't--because they need you to be happy and that's about it. Listen to this episode of Tension Not, where Sonal Kalra is sharing what elderly parents actually think and want from their kids. 
08:29 08/28/2020
22: Ideological Differences? Tension Not! Learn How To Deal With Them
Have you ever been a part of a discussion that eventually turned out to be a heated debate? If yes then that's because you might have a difference of opinion with one another. But rather than stressing over it you should learn the way to deal with it. And Sonal Kalra will help you out with just that in this episode of Tension Not.
10:06 08/15/2020
21: Online Classes Ka Stress? Tension Not Because This Is How You Can Deal With It
For students, teachers, and parents -online classes are stressing everyone out. But in today's episode of Tension Not, Sonal Kalra is telling you how to deal with it.
08:55 07/31/2020
20: Whatever Your Board Result Might Be, Tension Not And Take It Easy
Kitna percentage aaya? If you are also tired of answering this question for yourself or for your kids then listen to this episode of Tension Not where Sonal Kalra talks about how revealing marks is not an obligation and why you need to take it easy.  
06:13 07/17/2020
19: Can't Say No? Tension Not! Here's Why Sometimes Saying NO Is Important
Saying yes to everything might keep everyone happy but somewhere down the line, you will have to pay the price of it. That's why in this episode of Tension Not, Sonal Kalra will share the subtle ways of saying no because at times it's worth it. 
07:03 07/09/2020
18: Ayushmann Khurrana Says Finding Success Is Hard But Keep At It And Tension Not
Ayushmann Khurrana is one of the most sorted (and talented) film actors we have today. And in this episode, he is sharing his mantra for success with Sonal Kalra. So, listen to what he has to say and Tension Not.
15:37 06/25/2020
17: It's okay if you can't speak up. Deal with depression the right way
Sushant Singh Rajput's demise has left us all stunned. In this podcast, Sonal Kalra is sharing her tryst with depression. She wants everyone to know it is not that easy to deal with it and how you can be supportive towards someone who is dealing with it. 
10:57 06/18/2020
16: Shaadi Karne Ka Pressure? Tension Not! Here Are A Few Tips To Deal With It
You are settled in your career now so why don't you get married? You might have encountered this kind of pressure from your parents and relatives after a certain age. And if such questions stress you out, then let Sonal Kalra tell you how to deal with it. 
13:37 06/11/2020
15: Just Trust Them & Tension Not! This Is How You Can Help Your Doctor Help You
Thanks to Google, each one of us considers ourselves to be a doctor. We think we know it all and the truth be told that really annoys our doctors when we trust the internet over them. But it is time to trust them 100% so that they can serve you better and that's exactly what Sonal Kalra is sharing in this episode of Tension Not.
14:24 06/04/2020
14: Feeling Low? Tension Not and Let Akshay Kumar Tell You How To Stay Motivated
There are days when you wake up feeling low. When recently Sonal Kalra woke up with low spirits, she called her friend Akshay Kumar for a pep talk. Tune in to this episode of Tension Not to know whether Akshay was able to lift up Sonal's mood and what's the actor's secret to staying motivated during these tough times. 
12:46 05/28/2020
13: Struck By Inferiority Complex? Tension Not! Don't Let These Things Make You Feel Inferior EVER!
At some point in time we all must have felt inferior in our lives due to some reason or the other. Listen to this episode of Tension Not, where Sonal Kalra is pointing out the things that you should never feel inferior about.    
19:03 05/22/2020